Easy Drawing Ideas

Easy Drawing Ideas – Our Own Collection of Drawing Inspirations

Maybe you are at a loss for drawing ideas, and you need to seek some inspiration. This is where we help you with some simple drawing ideas. Some of these easy drawing ideas are simple line drawings, while there are more colorful and detailed options also provided. So, after reading this article, you should have at least a few ideas to help start the creativity flowing.



Beginner Drawing Ideas

Whether you want to doodle or practice your drawing skills, the easy drawing ideas below are what you are looking for. Have a look to find some old and maybe a few new ideas to kindle your imagination. We will be starting with easy things you can do and will then move on to simple drawings that are slightly more challenging.

Easy Sketches


Easy Sketches and Simple Drawings

When it comes to easy and simple sketches, it is about getting your ideas down on paper, you should not worry too much about the details and it does not have to be picture-perfect. When doing easy sketches, is the first step in the whole drawing process. 

Below are a few suggestions you might want to try out.


Sketching Simple Forms

Drawing different shapes and outlines can be an easy way to begin sketching, as they form the basis of all you will be drawing. This is, therefore, an essential part of the drawing process and as you develop your skills. You can move on to simple forms like cones, or spheres, which can contain more shades and tones.

Easy Ideas to Draw Sphere


Geometric Shapes and Patterns

These can be as simple or more complex, depending on what you feel like doing. These can be in a simple block form or taken and applied to an image. For example, a geometric shape wolf or lion head. You could try a flat, more two-dimensional design, or go for something that appears more three-dimensional. The sketch could be abstract or have a recognizable form. 

You can also use tools for this, for example, a compass, a ruler, a T-square, or geometric stencils.


Bubbles and Balloons

Bubbles are fascinating to watch as they float, with their multi-colored shifting surface. This would be an excellent idea to draw as bubbles are easy and great for beginners. You can draw a few or cover an entire page. Another great idea is to draw balloons, which are just as easy and fun to draw.

Balloon Easy Sketches


Line Drawings

These are becoming quite popular and are being used as wall art, or as a design on different items like t-shirts or mugs. The name describes exactly what it is, a line using various weighted strokes and angles to create an image, sometimes not even leaving the page until the design is complete. 

line drawings

This can be anything from a butterfly, or flower, to a body and face, music notes, animals, and leaves.



Doodling can be a way to free the mind as there are no rules or guidelines. You can be watching the television or just relaxing, and by taking a pencil or pen, you can begin moving your hand and create any shapes that naturally come forth. This can help to relieve stress, and it can also help you to find new ideas.

Doodle Easy Sketches


Drawing Ideas From Nature

There are many nature drawings you can do. Consider rocks or stones and leaves and draw them individually or stack them for a more challenging experience. go bigger with trees, forests, and other scenery. There are many types of trees, each with its own character and it can be quite challenging to capture them. Some other ideas you may want to try can involve the following.

  • Bridges
  • Ocean views and beaches
  • Meadows
  • Mountains
  • Palm trees
  • Wheatfields
  • Windmills
  • Lakes or rivers
  • Tree swing
  • Seasonal sketches of fall, winter, spring, and summer
  • Mushrooms
  • A piece of tree bark
  • Pinecone


Animal Sketches

Most people love animals and many of us have had family pets in our homes. So, what is easier than sketching your beloved pet? This could be drawing your cat, dog, bunny, hamster, or even reptile. These can be a way to learn about simple components in a sketch and then put them together in various poses and positions.

Animal Simple Drawings

When you are out and about in nature, you can also quickly sketch the animals you find there. For example, draw a swan, a fox, a deer, a horse, a squirrel, or you could learn to draw a mouse, birds, or if you are at the zoo or aquarium, any number of different animals. 



If it is a lazy sunny day, with some clouds in the sky, why not sketch the clouds. Sometimes, you can even get more ideas to form the different cloud shapes. Start drawing clouds in our cloud drawing tutorial.

how to draw realistic clouds

You can draw only clouds or add some rain and lightning to the picture.


Drawing Flowers

You can easily sketch flowers, but then you need to add more details and color for the finished drawing. We have covered all popular flowers you can draw. Choose a flower you love the most and begin drawing with us:

Flower Easy Sketches



Feathers are quite popular and easy to draw, however, the more detailed you get, the more challenging the sketch. There are also more creative sketch ideas that can bring on other elements. For example, sketching one side as a normal feather, while the other half consists of flowers and leaves. Join us with our feather drawing tutorial.

how to draw a feather

There are also different shapes and size of feathers, one of the more popular feather types are peacock feathers.


Planets and Stars

You can draw planets, stars, or an entire galaxy. Create a simple line drawing of the sun setting or the moon rising over a hill or water. You could also sketch the moon and stars. You could also bring planets and stars and other features into the drawing. For example, incorporating a planet image into a tree, planets circling a person’s head, or sketching stars and planets visible within the eye. You can use your imagination for many more unique combinations and ideas. Follow our Moon Drawing Tutorial.

Moon Simple Drawings



This falls into the category of simple drawing ideas, as a rainbow is pretty easy to capture. Not only that, but this is also a great opportunity to use colored pencils to bring life to the drawing. You cannot have a rainbow without color. 

easy drawing idea rainbow

You can also add other elements like clouds, flowers, or whatever you can imagine.


Herbs and Wildflowers

If you love walking in nature, then there are many different wildflowers and herbs you can identify and sketch. The wildflowers will depend on what area you live in. When sketching herbs, many of us keep some on the kitchen windowsill or outside, so you do not have to go far to get an example to draw. Consider all the more common herbs like rosemary, basil, lavender, and thyme. Another option is to find a book or a photo and sketch from this. 

Herbs Easy Sketches



Have you ever gazed at a spiderweb and marveled at the intricate design these small insects can achieve? Why not try to capture these designs yourself by drawing them. 

drawing idea spiderweb

You can leave it at the web, or you can include the spider as well.


Sea Creatures

If you have already drawn some land animals and you are looking for something different, consider sea creatures. There are many ideas, so choose your favorite and get drawing. You can go for the more common subjects like a shark, dolphins, whales, and turtles, or why not sketch a cute penguin or seahorse. You also do not have to draw an entire creature, for example, how about just the image of a whale tale emerging from the water.

Simple Drawing Ideas Shark


Sea Shells

There is a diverse range of sizes, colors, and types of shells. You can draw single shells or gather a collection and draw the different types. If you are on vacation and you are lucky enough, you might even be able to sketch a live sea creature inside its shell. 

Sea shells are wonderfully intricate to draw, posing a challenge for beginners and experienced artists alike. 



There are many forms of water you can choose, some more challenging to capture than others. You can start with ice cubes or water drops and then move on to the more challenging movement of water. For example, water coming from the faucet, waterfalls, or pouring water from a glass. Ocean waves can also be an interesting option. A good starting point is our waterdrop drawing tutorial.

Water Easy Sketches



Dinosaur drawings can be child-like or you can draw them more realistically. There is also a diverse range to choose from, but dinosaurs like the T-Rex are high on the list. Another idea can be to draw a dinosaur egg. 

easy drawing idea dinosaur

This could be whole or a baby dinosaur emerging from the depths of the egg.



When we talk about Dinosaurs, it’s a good time to also talk about dragons. There are endless types of dragons you can draw – also easy ones to start with, like this one:

How to Draw a Dragon



We have already covered spiders, however, there are countless insects you can draw. The more common ideas are bees, caterpillars, dragonflies, ants, flies, beetles, grasshoppers, and ladybugs. You could also think about something more exotic like a giant moth or stick insect. A good starting point is our Bee Drawing Tutorial.

Easy Ideas to Draw Bee


Household and Food Items

If you have no idea what to sketch, then just look around the house for something. We have already mentioned food items. Other easy ideas to draw can include a vase of flowers, drawing lightbulbs, kitchen kettles, any crockery and cutlery, an umbrella, or your house and car keys. 

How about drawing a coffee mug or teacup, water in a glass, or a doorknob?



Everybody has some books at home, so sketching them can be quick and easy. You can attempt sketching a single book that is open or closed or take an entire stack of books on a shelf or lie them on top of each other. You could also capture an open book with the impression of pages moving. Again, you can use your imagination to create more unique ideas, for example, an open book with birds flying out from the inside. If you find the cover of a book interesting, why not try and draw it yourself?

Book Simple Drawings


Bottles or Containers

There are many different shapes and sizes of bottles you can draw from a simple wine bottle to a more intricate perfume bottle. Wine glasses with wine bottles are classic ideas. You could also be more imaginative in your drawing, like taking an image of a bottle and drawing another image within it. For example, a ship in a bottle. There are also various containers you can draw, a simple box or a more detailed jewelry box, or even something like a basket. 

drawing idea wine glass

You can also think of drawing various gift boxes.


Food Sketches

If you are looking for easy ideas to draw, then look no further than the food you eat or have in the house. Try out the traditional fruit bowl idea, which is usually a great way beginners can learn to sketch, as the subject is stationary, easy to see, and can teach a lot about light and shading effects. If you are not up to an entire bowl of different fruit, sketch each one individually. Take a simple egg and place several onto a table and make sure they are overlapping. This is a great way to observe things like changes in the shade as well as tone.

This could be bananas, grapes, apples, pineapples, oranges, strawberries, or any fruit you have at hand. You could also sketch other food items like burgers, fries, potatoes, other vegetables, or a dessert pie you made. Maybe you would like to learn how to draw a donut or how to draw an apple? Here are more food sketching ideas below.

Donut Easy Sketches

  • Candy and chocolate
  • Peanuts
  • Popcorn
  • Donuts
  • Sugar cubes
  • Ice-cream
  • Milkshakes
  • Bacon and eggs
  • Cupcakes and cakes
  • Pizza


House Plants

Besides flowers, there are other types of house plants you can draw. There are ever-popular succulents and other leafy plants that can inspire some ideas. 

A plant in a pot, which could be on the ground or hanging in the air.


Clothing Sketches

Fashion designers will make use of this idea a lot, whether it is in clothing, shoes, handbags, hats, or other accessories. You could even sketch glasses. You can choose to simply draw the clothing alone, or why not try adding to a model. Interesting fact, this model is known as a croquis in professional design. Want a little help, here is a tutorial on how to draw shoes. There are various types of shoes you can choose from boots to high heels and things like ballerina shoes.

Shoes Easy Sketches



Clocks can be an interesting item to draw as there are many different types. You can sketch your wristwatch or the kitchen wall clock. Maybe you have an old grandfather clock or cuckoo clock? There are also alarm clocks or go big and try sketching a church or tower clock. 

It does not matter if it is a traditional clock or a more modern digital clock, try them all.



To enhance your drawing skills, something as simple as drawing a candle can be effective. You can start easy and draw a candle in the daytime, without the wick being lit. To make it more challenging, wait until it is dark, then light the candle and draw. If you have an elaborate candle holder, this will make it even more interesting. We have you covered with our own Candle Drawing Tutorial.

Candle Simple Drawings


Garden Tools

For those who have a shed full of tools, this is a great opportunity to draw some still-life objects. From shovels to garden gloves, watering cans, wheelbarrows, work boots, and garden clippers. 

There are a plethora of other options that may be available to you.



Furniture might seem to be a bit more challenging, but it can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. You can choose a simple wood chair as an example, or if you have a vintage couch, it could make a beautiful and unique drawing. There are also various couches or even beds or think about drawing an entire living area or bedroom. Start Drawing with our Chair Drawing Tutorial.

Furniture Simple Drawings


A View Out a Window

You can easily get inspiration by simply gazing out of your window. Whatever it is, should make an interesting idea. You could also do the opposite of gazing out and capturing the window from the outside. 

Many houses have colorful shutters and plants, which can be quite attractive.


Boats, Cars, and Buildings

A sailboat leisurely sailing across the water is a popular drawing idea. You could also consider a row of sailboats sitting in the harbor. There are also larger sailing ships or more modern cruise ships. You may even have an interest in something like a tugboat.

Boat Simple Drawings


Ladders and Stairs

Ladders can be interesting to draw as they can involve drawing something in three dimensions. There is a variety of ladder types and sizes. You could draw it as you see it or use your imagination and sketch a ladder ascending into the sky or the stars. We have a detailed stair drawing tutorial for you.

how to draw stairs

If you do not have a ladder nearby, you could always try drawing steps or imaginary pathways.


Modes of Transport

You may love automobiles and mechanical things, so it is natural to want to draw these things. There are many different types of cars for you to draw from your vintage vehicles to your modern sports cars. There are also motorcycles, buses and trucks, and tractors. Then there are trains, which also have quite a few options available if you want to draw something from locomotives and steam trains to modern electric trains. Lastly, if you just want something simpler to draw, why not choose a bicycle or a skateboard?

Skateboard Simple Drawings



Depending on where you live, there are many sketching ideas, for example, skyscrapers if you live in the city, or a cottage by the sea. A city skyline can also be interesting to create. Maybe, even draw your own house. Older houses are sometimes interesting to draw as they have more architectural significance. You can also try church buildings, or simply sketch the corner café that is nearby. We have a separate tutorial on how to draw a house or how to draw a skyscraper for you.

how to draw a house

Whether you are traveling or see something in a book, try sketching a famous building like the Eifel Tower, or the leaning tower of Pisa.


More Simple Drawing Ideas

We have already gone through some wonderful beginner drawing ideas. If you have not already found some inspiration, carry on reading to discover even more easy drawing ideas you can try. By the time you are through all these ideas, you can always work from your imagination and draw something unique.

Simple Drawing Ideas


Fantasy Creatures

If you love fantasy stories, then you will enjoy drawing the amazing worlds and characters in them. You can start with cool drawing ideas and learn how to draw a sword or a crown. You can then move on to something more challenging like how to draw godzilla or unicorns, mushroom houses, and castles. 

How to Draw Godzilla


There are also science fiction ideas from spaceships to aliens.


Sketching Body Parts

For some, this can be a challenging idea, as things like faces, and drawing hands and eyes can be challenging to capture if you are a beginner. The title for these beginner drawing ideas, says body parts, so it is focusing on a single area. We have already mentioned a few, other ideas that can also include lips and mouth, nose, feet, just the head, and face, or an arm. This can help you with getting body proportions right. Full body sketches, on the other hand, are difficult to do and require a lot of practice as you also have to get the lines and proportions correct. We have you covered with a complete list of our own human anatomy drawing tutorials.

Beginner Drawing Ideas Ears

Here are our drawing ideas:



Character or Cartoon Sketches

There are many of these types of drawings you can try, especially if you have kids. There are many Disney characters from Mickey Mouse to Elsa, Minions, SpongeBob, Yoda Spiderman, and Pikachu. Follow our tutorial on how to draw comic characters.

how to draw comic characters


Anime Drawings

Anime is a whole world in itself and diving into this drawing niche can be really inspiring. We have you covered with a wide range of anime drawing topics, such as:

anime hairstyles


Abstract Drawings

Abstract drawing is truly something that can be left to the imagination. You can try everything from a Picasso-style drawing, straight lines, curved lines, and different patterns. These designs can be simple or as intricate and complex as you can think up. You can then add paint or some other form of color to make them pop! Get inspired with our abstract painting ideas.

Abstract Easy Sketches


Changing Perspective

Sometimes, you can use an old idea to come up with a brand-new idea, by simply changing your perspective. You can choose a common item that is around the house, for example, a plant or vase, and to change the perspective, you can zoom in to draw more detailed images of what you see. See our perspective drawing tutorial.

perspective drawing

Climb a ladder and look down onto a scene from above or lay on the ground for a lower angle.


Balls and Sport Simple Drawing Ideas

You can start with trying to draw a simple sphere and move your way up to more challenging ideas. When it comes to sports, there is any number of balls you can choose, for example, how to draw basketballs or baseballs. Whatever sport you enjoy, you can find something to sketch. For example, golf sticks, bats, tennis rackets, baseball gloves, or sporting outfits. If you have more drawing skills, you could also try sketching your favorite athlete in action.

Soccer Ball Simple Drawing Ideas


Copying a Favorite Artist

This can be done if you do not take any credit for your work and are copying to simply improve your own skills. Copying an artist you like can also help you imagine more creative ideas yourself. 

drawing ideas favorite artist

These days, it is quite easy to find a piece of art that inspires you online. 


Musical Instruments

If you love music, then this is a natural idea you can give a try. You can choose to draw your favorite instrument or create a collection of different instruments. You can also try drawing music notes as an alternative idea. Here are a few instruments you can draw: From guitar drawing to drums, trumpet or even a didgeridoo, everything is possible.

Easy Sketches Guitar


Now that you have gone through all of these amazing beginner drawing ideas, we hope that you are ready to begin drawing yourself. Each of these simple drawings can help you to improve your drawing skills, so why not get yourself a sketchbook and begin to try something of everything?


Using Charcoal

Charcoal can be a very inspiring medium to sketch and create drawings. Learn everything about in our charcoal drawing tutorial.

charcoal drawing ideas


View our Simple Drawing Ideas web story here.



Frequently Asked Questions


How Can You Find Easy Drawing Ideas?

You can search online for interesting ideas, or you can join a drawing workshop or class. Social media can also help out as you can sometimes find a drawing challenge, which can provide some interesting ideas. The trick is to look out for certain hashtags like #drawingchallenge or similar words.


What to Learn First When Starting to Draw?

The first step would be to become familiar with shapes and forms, as anything you draw will likely possess these aspects. You can begin with a circle and move on to a more three-dimensional form like a sphere. A square will become a cube in its three-dimensional form. One of the essential skills for drawing is gaining perspective if you wish to draw in three dimensions.


What Pencils Can You Use to Begin Drawing With?

There are many pencil sets you can buy, but in many cases, you only need a few of these pencils for drawing. The most popular selection, to begin with, are the HB, 2B, 6B as well as 9B pencils. At a later stage, you can think about getting a larger set.


What Are Some Easy Drawing Ideas to Start With?

To break the ice, you could consider doodling a little, as there are no expectations with this form of drawing. Once you have gained some confidence in shapes and form, you can move on to things like animals, flowers, food, trees, and things you can find around you.


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