How to draw a dandelion

How to Draw a Dandelion – Create a Realistic Dandelion Drawing With Us

Dandelions are wonderful plants, great to eat, and even better for sending a wish out into the world. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to create a realistic dandelion drawing in 15 simple steps. We show you how to shape the dandelion flower, and then how to add colors and details in a realistic manner. If you want to learn how to draw a dandelion, then join us!



Step-by-Step Dandelion Drawing for All Artists

When we come to learn how to draw realistic flowers, the trick always lies in making sure that you start with the correct shapes and proportions. In order to ensure that we can create a realistic dandelion drawing, we begin our tutorial with a series of construction steps. These initial steps help us to create a round dandelion head and give us plenty of space on our canvas for the whole drawing. You can see an outline of the whole dandelion drawing tutorial below. 

realistic dandelion drawing

Although dandelions are mostly white, we do add some color to this dandelion drawing. For these coloring steps, you are welcome to use any medium that you feel most comfortable with. Our tutorial is written for a painting medium, but if you prefer to use coloring pencils then you can simply adapt the steps to work for you. You can also use a digital drawing tablet for this dandelion sketch, and again, you can simply adjust the steps in any way necessary. 

Once you have your tools and are ready to go, we can begin creating our dandelion drawing. 


Step 1: Draw the Main Seed Pod of the Dandelion

We start our dandelion sketch by drawing a single oval construction step. Find the center of your canvas and draw a small oval shape that is ever-so-slightly angled down to the right. For these first construction steps, we recommend that you use a medium that is easy to erase. For physical mediums, use a light pencil that can be easily erased, like a 6H. 

If you are working with a digital tablet, then use a separate layer for the construction steps. 

dandelion drawing 01


Step 2: Shape the Seed Head Outline

Now that we have the main seed body constructed, we can now outline the base shape of the dandelion seeds or ‘flyers’. Around the first construction oval, you can now draw a large circle. We will use this circle as a guide for how far out each seed should protrude, ensuring that we can create a symmetrical dandelion drawing. 

dandelion drawing 02


Step 3: Plan the Seed Lines of Your Dandelion Sketch 

Now that we have the seed pod and the outline of the seeds constructed, we can start to plan out the actual seeds of our dandelion drawing. From the central pod, you can now draw several lines that extend out towards the perimeter circle. You do not want these lines to extend all the way out to the edge of the second construction circle, as we still need to add the ends of the seeds. 

To finish this step, you can draw a few curved leaf-like shapes on the bottom left side of the circle, as we will draw the stem extending down from here. 

dandelion drawing 03


Step 4: Begin Adding the Dot Details 

We can now begin adding some of the seed head details with a few scattered dots. Just above the ends of some of the seed lines, add small dots that will act as the head of each of the seeds. These little dots should be noticeable. 

dandelion drawing 04


Step 5: Fill in the Dandelion Drawing Details

This is a time-consuming step, so a little patience will go a long way. The more accurately and carefully that you do this step, the better your final dandelion sketch will be, so take your time. From each of the dot details that you drew in the previous step, you can now start to draw small curving lines outwards. Try not to go too far outside the larger construction circle. 

Each of the hairlines should curve up and slightly inwards. 

dandelion drawing 05


Step 6: Outline the Stem of Your Dandelion Drawing

Now that the head of your dandelion flower is pretty much outlined, we are now going to draw the stem. Overlapping the perimeter circle, draw two stem lines that curve gently down and to the left of your canvas. 

dandelion drawing 06


Step 7: Draw Your Flying Dandelion Seeds

A dandelion drawing would not be complete without some flying seeds. Around and extending to the upper right side of the canvas, begin drawing several individual seed hairlines. These seeds should include a hairline, a small elongated oval base, and little hairlines. 

Tip: as the seeds get further away from the main dandelion drawing, they should become smaller in size. 

dandelion drawing 07


Step 8: Begin Coloring Your Seeds 

We are now going to begin adding color to our dandelion drawing, starting with the base of the seeds. Find some dark brown paint, and use a small blending brush to carefully fill the center of your dandelion flower with this color. Then, you can use a very small brush and the same color to fill the bottom of your floating seeds. 

dandelion drawing 08


Step 9: Adding A Base Color to Your Stem

For this step, you are going to need a light olive shade of green and a small blending brush. Fill the stem of your dandelion drawing, and then add this same color to the sepals that we drew much earlier. 

dandelion drawing 09


Step 10: Trace the Seeds With Color

For this step, you will need a very sharp brush and some white paint. Carefully, you can now trace over the very top hairlines for each of the seeds. 

dandelion drawing 10


Step 11: Enhance Your Seeds With Color

In the previous step, we used white to trace the hairlines on the ends of your dandelion seeds. Now, we are going to trace the lines of your seeds with a shade of cream paint. This difference in color will allow the ends of your seeds to stand out. 

With a very fine brush, trace each and every line of your dandelion seeds, filling the space within the larger construction shape.  

dandelion drawing 11


Step 12: Darkening the Center Lines 

Now that we have the cream base, we can trace the centerline of each seed with a darker color, to differentiate between the different elements. With the same sharp brush and some black paint, trace over a good portion of each centerline, to create the effect that you can see in our example below. 

dandelion drawing 12


Step 13: Darkening Your Floating Seeds

We are now going to darken the floating seeds even more. Use a very sharp brush and some black paint, and carefully trace the entire main body of each of the floating seeds. 

dandelion drawing 14


Step 14: Enhance the Hairlines on the Floating Seeds

In our second last step, we are going to use some cream paint to trace the fine hairlines on the ends of the floating seeds. 

dandelion sketch


Step 15: Finishing Your Realistic Dandelion Drawing

Our finishing step has two parts. Firstly, we are going to finish the stem by adding some highlights and texture lines. With a small blending brush and some yellow, then white paint, gently highlight the center of the stem. Next, to finish your step and create a seamlessly realistic dandelion drawing, we are going to remove the outlines and construction lines. Use a sharp brush to trace over the outlines and erase the construction lines. 

dandelion drawing


Well done! You have now completed your very own beautiful and realistic dandelion drawing. You can see that creating a dandelion drawing that is soft, delicate, and realistic is actually very easy when you approach it with a few simple steps. 



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Frequently Asked Questions


How Do You Create a Realistic Dandelion Drawing?

Creating a realistic dandelion drawing may seem difficult because it is such a dainty and fragile flower. It is also very light, so it can be difficult to get the right colors on a white canvas. With our dandelion drawing tutorial, however, you can easily achieve a very realistic dandelion sketch in a few steps. 


What Is the Hardest Part of Creating a Dandelion Sketch? 

The hardest part of creating a realistic dandelion drawing is definitely making sure that your white flower tips are visible on the white canvas. If you want to try to draw a dandelion sketch on a darker canvas, then this can be a good way to practice the technique first. 


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