How to draw a magnolia flower

How to Draw a Magnolia Flower – A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Named after French botanist Pierre Magnol, magnolia flowers have been around since before bees evolved! This ancient genus of flower comes in a wide variety of colors, most notably pink, purple, yellow, cream, and different combinations of these colors. In today’s drawing tutorial, we are going to show you how to draw a magnolia from the very beginning using our easy instructions! Select the drawing supplies that you will be using and let’s get started!



A Step-by-Step Magnolia Flower Drawing Tutorial

Join us and learn how to draw a magnolia flower the easy way, using our step-by-step tutorial! In our guide below, we cover the basic steps needed to create the magnolia outline, as well as the steps used to add color and texture to your drawing.

Our drawing guide is great for both beginners and experienced artists alike, so there is no need to feel intimidated by the steps of the drawing process!

drawing magnolia flower

The above collage shows each of the 14 steps taken to achieve your final result and demonstrates what your magnolia illustration should look like every step of the way.

No matter if you are creating a physical or digital drawing, grab your relevant supplies so that we can start learning how to draw a magnolia flower today!


Step 1: Construct the Main Petals of Your Magnolia Flower 

To start your magnolia flower drawing, you will need to draw the main petals of your flower. Locate the middle of your drawing area (whether it is on paper or a tablet) and draw the first arching petals of your flower.

magnolia flower drawing 01


Step 2: Add the Secondary Petals to Your Magnolia Illustration

As the main petals have been drawn, you can add the secondary petals in our magnolia flower sketch. Draw the next set of petals to the left of the main ones, making sure to attach them. 

When adding your secondary petals, draw one petal in full view while the other is only partially visible.

magnolia flower drawing 02


Step 3: Draw the Side Tepals of Your Magnolia Flower Sketch

At this step, we will be outlining the tepals of your magnolia flower. A tepal is one of the outer parts of a flower and is named this when it cannot be easily identified as either a sepal or a petal. Make sure to stretch these sideways from the main petals, and add the side tepals to your drawing.

magnolia flower drawing 03


Step 4: Outline the Final Tepals of the Magnolia Flower

Following on from the previous step, we are still adding the tepals to our magnolia illustration. Moving onto the secondary petals, draw another set of tepals attached to this section. This will make up the final petals needed for the drawing.

Most importantly, be sure to wrap your final tepals around the visible petals!

magnolia flower drawing 04


Step 5: Sketch the Stem of Your Magnolia Flower Drawing

Now that all of the petals have been added, we can move on to the stem in our magnolia flower sketch. At the bottom of the petals, draw some lines to create the impression of a closed flower, continuing downwards with slight curves until the stem is completed. Add some extra curving lines within the stem to make it look as if petals are wrapped around it.

magnolia flower drawing 05


Step 6: Add Your First Coat of Color to Your Magnolia Flower

As the drawing steps have been completed, we can now add some color to our magnolia flower drawing! With a regular paintbrush and a light shade of purple paint, begin to color the entirety of the petals and tepals evenly.

Make sure that you leave the stem tops uncolored in this step.

magnolia flower drawing 06


Step 7: Color the Stem of Your Magnolia Outline 

Moving onto the stem in your magnolia illustration, select a regular paintbrush and a dark shade of olive green or brown paint. Color the stem evenly.

magnolia flower drawing 07


Step 8: Apply Your Second Coat of Color to Your Magnolia Flower

As your first coat of paint will have dried by now, we can add our second coat of color! With a soft paintbrush and some white paint, apply a coat of white to the edges of your magnolia petals and tepals. To complete this step, take another soft paintbrush to lightly blend and smooth the white paint from the edges into the purple coat.

As a result, you will be left with a soft finish of light purple that blends into the white edges.

magnolia flower drawing 08


Step 9: Color the Bottom Half of Your Magnolia Flower Drawing

While your second coat of paint dries, we can move on to the bottom half of our magnolia flower. Using a small paintbrush and some brown paint, gently paint strokes from the bottom of the flower (by the stem) towards the top of the petals. This will create a faded look.

magnolia flower drawing 09


Step 10: Add Some Texture Along Your Magnolia Outline

At this step of our magnolia flower drawing tutorial, we can add some texture to our flower! With a sharp paintbrush and bright purple paint, apply fine brushstrokes within each petal from the bottom up. This will help create a more textured look.

To complete the step, use a soft paintbrush and some purple paint to lightly shade the texture that was just added. 

magnolia flower drawing 10


Step 11: Blend the Colors of the Magnolia Flower

We can now blend all of the color coats and texture lines that have been added. With a soft paintbrush, blend over all of the painted areas to create a smooth finish. Do not forget to blend within the petals and tepals of your magnolia flower drawing!

magnolia flower drawing 11


Step 12: Create Stem Detailing in Your Magnolia Illustration

Moving onto the stem in your magnolia outline, we will now add some detailing to make it come to life! With a soft paintbrush and brown paint, color over the edges of the stem and along the curving lines to help create a separation effect. 

Continue this step by using a soft paintbrush and a bright olive color to apply a second coat, which will act as a highlight. 

magnolia outline


Step 13: Apply Some Texture to the Stem of Your Magnolia Flower

Now that the detailing has been added to the stem, we can apply some texture to make it look as realistic as possible. With a small paintbrush and some brown paint, apply several finely textured lines between the edges of the stem, before switching over to white and bright green paint to continue this process. To finish up, select a fine paintbrush and white paint to apply several dots along the edge of the stem, which will enhance the texture.

magnolia illustration


Step 14: Finalize Your Magnolia Flower Sketch

In the final step, you will be tracing over your entire magnolia outline to give it a seamless effect. With a sharp paintbrush and the corresponding colors for each area, trace over the whole flower. Be sure to repeat this step for the texture lines and dark outlines inside the flower and stem as well.

Once you have finished tracing the outlines and inner texture lines, you should be left with a realistic and natural-looking magnolia flower drawing.

magnolia flower drawing


And voila, you have just learned how to draw a magnolia flower from scratch! Now that you have learned all the steps needed for drawing magnolia flowers, you can recreate this drawing at any time you wish, using any colors that you want. We hope that you enjoyed our tutorial on magnolia flower drawing today, and that you will join us again for more easy and exciting drawing guides!



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Frequently Asked Questions


Is It Difficult to Create a Magnolia Flower Drawing?

Not at all! Learning the steps required for drawing magnolia flowers is extremely straightforward, and our 14 instructions found above have been laid out in an easy-to-follow format for you. Simply complete each step and before you know it, you will be left with a beautiful magnolia illustration.


What Colors Can I Use in My Magnolia Flower Sketch?

Magnolia flowers typically come in a variety of colors, such as pink, purple, yellow, white, and cream. In today’s drawing tutorial, we will be using different shades of purple to create our drawing. However, we encourage you to be as creative as possible with our drawing tutorials, so you can select any color that you wish to use!


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