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Image Color Picker – Free and Easy Online Tool with Image Upload

Do you want to find out what color is on an image? We can help you with our color picker – and additionally, we show you the hex code, name and hue of the color. You can upload your own images and use this tool completely free. So, let’s start picking up some colors.


How to Use Our Color Picker from Image

Our tool is very easy to use: You can either use the default image or upload your own ones. Just hover over the image and you see directly the hex code, name, hue, intensity and similar names close to your selected color

If you click or tap on the image, this value is being locked, so the value does not change until you make any changes.



What are the Use Cases for our Color Finder?

Web Design and Development: Online color pickers are essential for web designers and developers when selecting colors for websites, ensuring consistency across different elements, such as text, backgrounds, and buttons.

Graphic Design: Graphic designers use online color pickers to choose and store colors for various design projects, maintaining a consistent color palette.

Digital Art: Digital artists use color pickers to select colors for their artwork, allowing for precise and easy color selection while working on digital illustrations or paintings.

Photo Editing: Online color pickers are handy for adjusting and modifying colors in photographs, helping users fine-tune images or apply creative filters.

Interior Design: Interior designers and homeowners use online color pickers to explore and choose paint colors for walls, furniture, and decor, facilitating the visual representation of design ideas.

Fashion and Apparel Design: Fashion designers and textile manufacturers utilize online color pickers to identify and match colors for clothing and fabric production.

Color Schemes and Palettes: Many online color pickers offer features for generating harmonious color schemes and palettes, useful for designers and artists seeking complementary colors for their projects.

User Interface (UI) Design: UI designers use online color pickers to create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for websites and mobile applications, ensuring that elements like buttons and icons have suitable colors.

Educational Tools: Online color pickers are often used in educational settings to teach color theory, demonstrate color relationships, and facilitate practical color exercises.

Content Creation: Content creators, including video editors and social media managers, use online color pickers to maintain consistent brand colors across different media content and platforms.

Digital Marketing: Marketers use online color pickers to create visually appealing marketing materials, such as banners, ads, and social media graphics, in line with brand guidelines.

Print and Packaging Design: Designers working on printed materials, labels, and packaging use online color pickers to specify colors for offset and digital printing processes.


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