How to draw a Daisy

How to Draw a Daisy Flower – A Realistic Daisy Drawing Tutorial

Daisy flowers are bright and cheerful, a beautiful signal of the blooming of spring. In this easy daisy drawing tutorial, we show you how to create a realistic daisy flower sketch. We begin our daisy sketch with some construction steps, before creating the outline of our daisy flower drawing and adding realistic coloring. Once you know how to create a simple daisy sketch, you can create beautiful daisy chains or fields of blooms. 



Step-by-Step Easy Daisy Drawing Tutorial for All Artists

In order to help you create a realistic daisy drawing, we need to begin by getting the proportions and perspectives spot on. To do this, we start our daisy sketch with a few construction steps. We then use these base construction shapes to create a detailed outline of our daisy flower drawing. Then, we start to add color, using shading and highlights to create dimension and realistic depth. You can see an outline of the daisy flower sketch steps in the collage below. 

realistic daisy drawing

For the coloring steps, you are welcome to use any medium that you choose. When it comes to drawing new subjects, it is best to work with the tools that you feel most comfortable with, whether that is coloring pencils, acrylic paint, or a digital drawing tablet. 

Once you have chosen your medium, and have found somewhere comfortable to sit, let us begin our daisy sketch!


Step 1: Begin With the Center of Your Daisy Sketch 

We start constructing our daisy flower sketch by drawing the center of the flower, where the pollen is held. Find the very center of your drawing canvas, and draw a small oval shape here. If you are using a digital drawing tablet, we suggest using a separate layer for the construction steps so that you can easily remove them later. For physical mediums, choose a very light pencil that can be easily erased. 

daisy flower drawing 01


Step 2: Constructing the Petal Outline Shape

Now that we have the central part of our daisy flower sketch down, we can begin to focus on the daisy petals. In order to ensure that all of our petals are the same length and in the correct shape, we are going to draw a larger oval around the first construction shape. 

In the next step, we are going to fill up this large oval with the petals of our daisy sketch. 

daisy flower drawing 02


Step 3: Shaping the Petals of Your Daisy Sketch

Now that we have the base shape of the petals for our daisy flower sketch, we can begin to shape them individually. Extending from the central oval from the first step, begin drawing long oval-shaped petals that extend out to the outer shape from the previous step. Each of these daisy petals does not need to be identical. Some can be longer than others, others can have more rounded or more squared-off ends. In order to create a realistic daisy drawing, some variation is essential. 

daisy flower drawing 03


Step 4: Draw the Stem of Your Daisy Flower Sketch 

We are now going to draw the stem of our daisy sketch. Attached to one of the bottom petals, draw two angled stem lines that extend down to the bottom right corner of your page. 

daisy flower drawing 04


Step 5: Adding Color to the Center of Your Daisy Sketch

This is our first coloring step, and we begin by adding a base color coat to the center of our daisy flower drawing. Use a regular painting brush and a shade of golden yellow paint. Fill the entire center shape with an even coat.                                                     

daisy flower drawing 05


Step 6: Coloring the Petals

Using a clean regular brush and some light gray paint, you can now apply the base color coat to the petals of your easy daisy drawing. Fill each petal carefully, creating an even coat without any blotches. 

daisy flower drawing 06


Step 7: Applying Color to the Daisy Sketch Stem

You are again going to use a small regular paintbrush to apply a base coat of color to the stem. Find a dark green shade of paint, and fill the stem of your daisy sketch completely. 

Once you have finished this step, you can now erase the visible construction lines.  

daisy flower drawing 07


Step 8: Creating Texture in Your Daisy Flower Drawing

Now that we have the base color down, we can begin to add some texture with different colors. Find a small blending brush and a slightly darker shade of gray paint. Carefully paint fine lines within each petal, adding some light texture. 

daisy flower drawing 08


Step 9: Emphasizing the Texture

With the same small blending brush, apply a second coat of darker gray paint to the texture lines from the previous step. You want to darken the texture and also add some shading between each of the petals. 

The shading between the petals will add a more three-dimensional effect to your realistic daisy drawing, separating the layers of petals. 

daisy flower drawing 09


Step 10: Highlighting Your Daisy Petals

When we add three dimensions to a painting, we always pair shading with highlighting. Find a clean blending brush and use a little white paint to add fine hairline brushstrokes within each petal. These highlight strokes should sit between the texture streaks. 

daisy flower drawing 10


Step 11: Shading Around the Yellow Center

We continue to add dimensions to our realistic daisy drawing in this step. Use a small and clean blending brush and a mixture of light green and gray paint to apply a light coat of shading around the outer edge of the yellow center of your daisy sketch. The purpose of this step is to raise up the yellow center and create a differentiation between it and the petals. 

daisy flower drawing 11


Step 12: Adding Pollen Texture

We are now going to add pollen detail to the center of our easy daisy drawing. Find a very fine and sharp paintbrush and use a combination of three colors, including yellow, light brown, and orange. Using these colors, create a pattern of dots within the yellow center. 

You can add these dots in layers of each of the colors, creating a detailed texture.  

daisy flower drawing 12


Step 13: Continue Adding Pollen Texture

We are going to continue adding small dots within the yellow center of our daisy sketch. For further detail, use some gray and brown paint to add some fine dots right in the center of the pollen orb. You can then finish the step by adding a few dots around the outer edge of the yellow center. 

daisy flower drawing 13


Step 14: Shading the Pollen Orb of Your Daisy Flower Drawing

We are now going to make the pollen orb seem a little more three-dimensional by adding some gentle shading. Use a small blending brush and only a touch of black paint, and lightly shade the edges of the pollen orb. 

When using black for shading, always begin very lightly and add more if necessary. Too much black is very difficult to remove once it has been applied. 

daisy flower sketch


Step 15: Highlighting Your Pollen Orb

In order to add more realistic highlights to the central pollen orb, we are going to use a very sharp brush and some yellow paint to add an additional layer of bright dots. Apply another layer of dots with a slightly darker shade of yellow to blend all of your shades together. 

daisy sketch


Step 16: Applying Color Texture to the Stem

As we are coming to the end of our daisy flower drawing tutorial, we are now going to add some texture to the stem of our daisy sketch. Use a small blending brush and a touch of black paint to apply some shadows along the edges and inner area of the stem. Repeat this process using a darker shade of green to blend the shading and base color together. 

You can finish this step by using a clean blending brush and some white paint to add a touch of highlight to the center of the stem. 

easy daisy drawing


Step 17: Finishing Your Daisy Flower Sketch 

To create a seamlessly finished realistic daisy drawing, we are now going to erase the outlines. Use a very fine brush and the corresponding color at each point of the outline to trace over the outline. 

daisy flower drawing


Well done on completing our tutorial on how to draw a daisy flower! We hope that you have thoroughly enjoyed the drawing process, and mostly that you are happy with your final daisy flower drawing. We have many other beautiful flower drawing tutorials, so try them out and you can create your very own bouquet!



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Frequently Asked Questions


Is It Difficult to Learn How to Draw a Daisy Flower?

Although it may appear tricky to create a realistic daisy drawing, it really is not that difficult when you follow some simple steps. Our tutorial shows you exactly how to draw a daisy flower in 17 easy steps. From constructing a realistic shape to adding texture and definition with color, we cover everything that you need to know to create your own realistic daisy drawing. 


How to Add Texture to a Daisy Sketch?

In our easy daisy drawing tutorial, we use color to add texture and dimension to our daisy flower sketch. With a variety of brushes and different markings, we can create a very realistic daisy drawing in only a few steps!


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