Xanadu Color

Xanadu Color – Exploring the Uniquely Named Xanadu Green

There are many bizarre and fantastic color names out there, and Xanadu is one of them. The only color beginning with an “X”, Xanadu may be one of the most unique names yet. Whether you have heard of the Xanadu color or not, let us discover a little more about it.



What Is the Xanadu Color?

The Xanadu color is a grayish cyan-lime green hue that is also categorized as a cool color. This means it leans more toward the blue as well as the green section of the color wheel. Xanadu is therefore a part of the green color family. When looking at the CMYK color code for printing, the color ink used includes 14 percent cyan, zero magenta, 10 percent yellow, and 47 percent black. The cyan and yellow create a green, and the black darkens the color.

Xanadu ShadeXanadu Hex CodeCMYK Xanadu Color Code (%)RGB Xanadu Color CodeXanadu Color
Xanadu#73867814, 0, 10, 47115, 134, 120 

Xanadu Color Code


Xanadu Color: A Brief History

Green has quite an extensive history, however, and Xanadu green plays its part within the green family of colors. The color name comes from a plant known as a Philodendron Xanadu, which belongs to the Araceae family and has big shiny and green leaves. This specific plant originated in Australia and was originally known as Philodendron “Winterbourn”, but it was renamed Xanadu, which is now its more commonly known name. 

In turn, the name Xanadu comes from the city known as Xanadu, which is found in Inner Mongolia, China. The city was mentioned in a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge known as Kubla Khan (1797 to 1816). Xanadu, also known as Shangdu, was the summer capital of the Yuan Dynasty when Kublai Khan was Emperor in the 12th century.

There are many other references to the word Xanadu, which have nothing to do with the color itself. For example, there is a Xanadu film, where Olivia Newton-John played a major role in 1980. Later a Broadway musical, based on the film, was also made in 2007.


Meaning of the Xanadu Color

Xanadu green, or any shade of green for that matter, all share similar meanings. Green shades, including Xanadu, are symbols of rebirth, growth, spring, balance, and all things natural. The color is associated with new beginnings, wealth, and abundance. When using this color in a room, it can help to create a tranquil and relaxing space, that can positively reduce anxiety and depression.

Grey Xanadu Green



Similar Xanadu Colors

You can take any color and create a variety of shades and tints. However, there are also a few similar colors that can come in handy if you need another alternative. If you take note of the percentages of colors involved, you will notice only slight differences in certain colors. So, you can most likely use any of these as your Xanadu color.

Xanadu ShadeXanadu Hex CodeCMYK Xanadu Color Code (%)RGB Xanadu Color CodeXanadu Color
Xanadu#73867814, 0, 10, 47115, 134, 120 
Dark Grayish Cyan#73867a14, 0, 9, 47115, 134, 122 
Dark Grayish Lime Green#73867314, 0, 14, 47115, 134, 115 
Dark Grayish Green#75876E13, 0, 19, 47117, 135, 110 



Xanadu Color Combinations

You can figure out what the best color combinations are by following certain rules in color theory. These combinations can be determined and visually observed on a color wheel. Some of these color combinations can involve two to three colors, however, you can also get four or more color options.

Bright Xanadu Green


Complementary Xanadu Color Combinations 

Since Xanadu is part of the green family, you will go looking for its complementary on the opposite side. In general, these colors include shades of red. When looking at Xanadu, the complementary color is a dark shade of grayish pink. 

All complementary colors help each other stand out, which is why they should be used carefully in designs so as not to overpower the overall effect.  

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Xanadu#73867814, 0, 10, 47115, 134, 120 
Dark Grayish Pink#8673810, 14, 4, 47134, 115, 129 


Monochromatic Xanadu Color Combinations

Monochromatic colors are all variations of one particular color. So, you will notice lighter as well as darker hues below. Just like the analogous colors, these hues can work nicely together, without drawing too much attention.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Xanadu#73867814, 0, 10, 47115, 134, 120 
Grayish Lime Green#c7cfc94, 0, 3, 19199, 207, 201 
Very Dark Grayish Lime Green#505d5314, 0, 11, 6480, 93, 83 

Monochromatic Xanadu Green


Triadic Xanadu Color Combinations

Triadic and tetradic colors are again a combination of hues that stand out and catch your attention. Try to choose one main color for designs and use the rest as your accent colors, to prevent the combination from overwhelming the viewer. Triadic colors, as seen below, consists of three colors that can be seen as an even-sided triangle form on the color wheel. You will notice that one color has more of an orange undertone, while the other has a violet undertone. 

Tetradic colors have four color combinations that are either square or rectangular shapes on the wheel. 

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Xanadu#73867814, 0, 10, 47115, 134, 120 
Dark Grayish Orange#8678730, 10, 14, 47134, 120, 115 
Dark Grayish Violet#78738610, 14, 0, 47120, 115, 134 


Analogous Xanadu Color Combinations

These seamless colors are found next to one another when looking for them on the color wheel. They do not stand out all that much and form a more harmonious color combination. In this case, you have one color leaning more toward green, while the other has more of a blue undertone.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Xanadu#73867814, 0, 10, 47115, 134, 120 
Dark Grayish Cyan#73868214, 0, 3, 47115, 134, 130 
Dark Grayish Green#78867310, 0, 14, 47120, 134, 115 

Analogous Xanadu Green Colors



Creating a Xanadu-Green Paint Color

You will most likely find it difficult to purchase a tube of this specific color, so the best way to go about creating the Xanadu color is to experiment and make your own color palette. Since Xanadu is a shade of green, you can try first mixing a basic green. Try experimenting with different types of blue and yellow paint to get green. For example, you can try phthalo blue and ultramarine blue, and mix them with cadmium yellow, lemon yellow, and yellow ochre. 

When mixing the colors, use the blue carefully and in small amounts as they can be quite strong colors.

Create a color chart with the various green combination, some with more yellow and others with more blue. The Xanadu color is a darker version of green, so it will have more blue, and to this, you can also add in a little white. To deepen the colors or create even more of a gray tone, try adding very small amounts of red. You can also adjust a green paint tube color like phthalo green, by adding a small amount of red and white. When painting landscapes specifically, all of these shades of green can come in handy.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Xanadu#73867814, 0, 10, 47115, 134, 120 
Phthalo Green#12352466, 0, 32, 7918, 53, 36 
Phthalo Blue#000f89100, 89, 0, 460, 15, 137 
Ultramarine Blue#4166f573, 58, 0, 465, 102, 245 
Cadmium Yellow#fff6000, 4, 100, 0255, 246, 0 
Lemon Yellow#fff44f0, 4, 69, 0255, 244, 79 
Yellow Ochre#cc77220, 42, 83, 20204, 119, 34 



The Xanadu Color for Home Interiors

The various shades of Xanadu can add a touch of calmness and style to any room. Darker versions can work wonderfully as accent colors, while lighter shades could work as your main color or neutral. This color can be added to the home by bringing in simple things like cushions, throws, and other fabrics.

Xanadu Green Shades

Consider an accent wall for a more balanced look, which can be used in the bedroom and other living areas. The color can also be used effectively in the bathroom as well as the kitchen. Instead of paint, how about using wallpaper, which can be a solid color, or maybe try a patterned look? Combine Xanadu green with white, brown, gray, and other neutrals or earth tones for a beautiful natural look. You can enhance the look with brass, or gold metallics as well as bring in wood elements.


Xanadu green sits amongst the many shades of green you can choose from. So, if you are looking for something a little different and versatile, not only does it have a distinctive name, but the Xanadu color can also easily be used in any design project you might have in mind.



Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Xanadu Color Cool or Warm?

In color theory, you have cool or warm colors. Colors like orange as well as red or yellow are warm, while blues and greens are cool. So, since Xanadu is part of the green family, it leans toward the cool side.


What Colors Go With Xanadu?

Neutral colors like white, gray, black, and cream will go well with Xanadu green. Shades of blue will also go great with the green color. To make it stand out though, you can use shades of pink or violet.


Can You Paint Exterior Walls With the Xanadu Color?

The Xanadu color works wonderfully painted on interior walls. However, you can also use it on the exterior walls. You can combine it with gray and white, to create a charming and natural look. Of course, there are also many shades of Xanadu as well.


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