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Salmon Color – All You Need to Know, Including All Shades

Let’s talk about salmon, the color that’s taking both the fashion and interior design worlds by storm. From its subtle whispers to vibrant shouts, we’ll explore every shade and what it can do for your mood and style. Dive in as we uncover the full spectrum of salmon, its rich color psychology, and the best ways to incorporate it into your life.



What Is the Salmon Color?

The color salmon can be described as a range of colors from salmon pink or light pink to more pinkish orange. The different shades can all be found somewhere between pink and orange. The colors in the table represent some web color options for salmon and coral, a color that closely resembles salmon. However, coral is more orange-pink and a little brighter than salmon. However, there are many shades and tones of each color.

Each hue has a color hex code that helps identify it, and color codes for web design and printing.

What Color Goes With Salmon

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Salmon#ff8c690, 45, 59, 0255, 140, 105 



Salmon Color Meaning

Salmon is often associated with the warmth and vibrancy of a beautiful sunset. It carries with it a sense of joy, health, and playfulness, making it a color that symbolizes a positive outlook on life.

Salmon’s gentle yet lively character can evoke feelings of happiness and encouragement, and in color psychology, it’s thought to foster sociability and an inviting atmosphere. Its inherent brightness and softness make it a versatile color that can inspire hope and a sense of adventure, whether in fashion, design, or art.

AspectSalmon Color Associations
SymbolsFemininity, Approachability, Playfulness, Warmth
EffectsEnergizing, Comforting, Stimulating, Welcoming
Color PsychologyPromotes Sociability, Encourages Friendliness, Stimulates Appetite
PositiveUplifting, Flattering, Versatile, Youthful
NegativeCan Be Overwhelming if Overused, May Not Resonate in More Conservative Settings

Salmon is a welcoming color that also symbolizes compassion and has a supporting and inspirational effect.

Color Salmon



Salmon Color Palette Shades

As with all colors, you have various shades and tones of salmon. These colors can each be identified with a hex code, and you can see the difference in each color code. Each color code will show the different percentages or values that make up an individual color. Below you will find all salmon shades.

Color Shade NameHex CodeRGBCMYK (%)Color Visualization
Baked Salmon#DF9876223, 152, 1180, 32, 47, 13 
Bright Salmon#FF9E85255, 158, 1330, 38, 48, 0 
Burnt Salmon#B85265184, 82, 1010, 55, 45, 28 
Buttery Salmon#FFB19A255, 177, 1540, 31, 40, 0 
Chinook Salmon#C8987E200, 152, 1260, 24, 37, 22 
Coral#FF7F50255, 127, 800, 50, 69, 0 
Coral Pink#F88379248, 131, 1210, 47, 51, 3 
Coral Red#FF4040255, 64, 640, 75, 75, 0 
Coral Reef#FD7C6E253, 124, 1100, 51, 57, 1 
Dark salmon#E9967A233, 150, 1220, 36, 48, 9 
Deep Salmon#C66264198, 98, 1000, 51, 49, 22 
Fading Salmon#FAC0AC250, 192, 1720, 23, 31, 2 
Flamingo Pink#FC8EAC252, 142, 1720, 44, 32, 1 
Fresh Salmon#FF7F6A255, 127, 1060, 50, 58, 0 
Frozen Salmon#FEA993254, 169, 1470, 33, 42, 0 
Hipster Salmon#FD7C6E253, 124, 1100, 51, 57, 1 
Light Apricot#FDD5B1253, 213, 1770, 16, 30, 1 
Light Coral#F08080240, 128, 1280, 47, 47, 6 
Light salmon#FFA07A255, 160, 1220, 37, 52, 0 
Light Salmon Pink#FF9999255, 153, 1530, 40, 40, 0 
Melon#FDBCB4253, 188, 1800, 26, 29, 1 
Natural Salmon#DE8B66222, 139, 1020, 37, 54, 13 
Neon Salmon#FF7799255, 119, 1530, 53, 40, 0 
Pale Salmon#FFB19A255, 177, 1540, 31, 40, 0 
Pastel Salmon#F6C1B2246, 193, 1780, 22, 28, 4 
Peach#FFE5B4255, 229, 1800, 10, 29, 0 
Peach Puff#FFDAB9255, 218, 1850, 15, 27, 0 
Pickled Salmon#FF6655255, 102, 850, 60, 67, 0 
Salmon#FA8072250, 128, 1140, 49, 54, 2 
Salmon Blush#F4C1B6244, 193, 1820, 21, 25, 4 
Salmon Buff#FEAA7B254, 170, 1230, 33, 52, 0 
Salmon Carpaccio#EE867D238, 134, 1250, 44, 47, 7 
Salmon Cream#E9CFCF233, 207, 2070, 11, 11, 9 
Salmon Grey#E3B6AA227, 182, 1700, 20, 25, 11 
Salmon Meat#EC8E5E236, 142, 940, 40, 60, 7 
Salmon Nigiri#F9906F249, 144, 1110, 42, 55, 2 
Salmon Orange#D5654D213, 101, 770, 53, 64, 16 
Salmon Pate#D5847E213, 132, 1260, 38, 41, 16 
Salmon Peach#FDC5B5253, 197, 1810, 22, 28, 1 
Salmon pink#FF91A4255, 145, 1640, 43, 36, 0 
Salmon Red#EC6C5B236, 108, 910, 54, 61, 7 
Salmon Rose#FF8D94255, 141, 1480, 45, 42, 0 
Salmon Salt#E7968B231, 150, 1390, 35, 40, 9 
Salmon Tartare#FF9BAA255, 155, 1700, 39, 33, 0 
Salmon Upstream#FFA8A6255, 168, 1660, 34, 35, 0 
Smoked salmon#F7AB9A247, 171, 1540, 31, 38, 3 
Soft Salmon#F4A999244, 169, 1530, 31, 37, 4 
Terra cotta#E2725B226, 114, 910, 50, 60, 11 
Tomato#FF6347255, 99, 710, 61, 72, 0 
Vintage Salmon#CD8566205, 133, 1020, 35, 50, 20 
Wild Salmon#E8AF96232, 175, 1500, 25, 35, 9 



Salmon Color Combinations

As a color enthusiast, I’ve seen salmon paired in many stunning ways, but here are five of the most popular and personally tested color combinations:

  • Salmon and Navy Blue: This is a classic and sophisticated pairing. The deep, rich navy brings out the softness of salmon without overpowering it. I’ve found this combo works exceptionally well in both fashion—think a salmon dress with navy accessories—and interior design, where navy furniture against salmon walls can look both modern and timeless.
  • Salmon and Gray: Gray is the perfect neutral to pair with the warmth of salmon. It creates a balanced, modern look that’s soothing to the eyes. In my own home, I’ve enjoyed the subtlety of salmon decorative cushions on a sleek gray sofa. It’s a combo that feels both cozy and chic.

salmon in interior design

  • Salmon and Mint Green: For a fresh and springy vibe, salmon and mint green are delightful together. They bring out a playful yet elegant side in each other. I’ve recommended this palette for spring weddings and garden parties, and it never fails to impress with its airy charm.
  • Salmon and White: You can never go wrong with salmon and white—it’s clean, crisp, and allows the salmon to shine. Whether it’s a crisp white shirt paired with salmon-colored pants or a white room with salmon accents, this combination feels always refreshing. It’s a go-to for a reason, and in my experience, it’s perfect for creating a space that feels open and bright.
  • Salmon and Teal: This vibrant pairing is for the bold at heart. Teal’s coolness juxtaposed with the warmth of salmon creates an energetic and contemporary feel. I’ve used this combination in statement pieces or bold stripes in attire, as well as in artwork to add a pop of color to a room. It’s a surefire way to make a statement and bring a sense of fun and creativity to a space.



Salmon Color in Fashion

Salmon is such a fun color to play with in fashion—it’s not pink, not orange, but this perfect in-between that adds a fresh, warm pop to your outfit. I find it really flattering for all skin tones, and it’s a great way to brighten up your look without going too bold.

salmon color in fashion

Whether it’s a salmon-colored top paired with jeans for a casual day out or a chic dress for an evening event, this color brings a happy, summery vibe any time of the year. Plus, it’s super easy to mix with neutrals or even with contrasting colors like teal for a bit more of a statement.



A Brief History

As mentioned, the salmon color comes from the flesh of the fish with the same name. The colors of the fish can also range between light orange and almost white hue. This will depend on the fish’s diet and the levels of astaxanthin, a reddish-orange pigment, also known as a carotenoid. This is obtained from the shrimp and krill the fish consumes.

If you search A Dictionary of Color (1930) by Maerz and Paul, you might find a color sample of salmon. In 1949, salmon pink also came into the spotlight, when Crayola introduced it as part of their range.

Salmon Pink


The salmon color can be a wonderful addition to your home’s interior. Making use of it with perfect color combinations can produce salmon color palettes that are suited for both retro and modern style ideas.




Frequently Asked Questions


What Color Goes With Salmon?

Numerous colors can work with salmon, like beige, and white. Gray is also a good choice to pair with salmon. Shades of yellow and orange can also work, but various shades of green and blue work best as contrasting colors.


What Color Is Salmon?

The color salmon can be described as a pinkish orange, as it contains a little of both. The color can be lighter or darker than a coral color, depending on the shade, but both are separate hues. The salmon color is similar to that of the fish with the same name.


Is Salmon a Warm or Cool Color?

Salmon is a combination of red and orange, so it is a warm color. This means it will pair well with contrasting cooler colors, such as green and blue.


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