Cornflower Color

Cornflower Color – Learn What Blues Make the Cornflower Color

Most of us will have a rough idea of what the cornflower blue color is. Maybe a pastel blue comes to mind? To help find out a bit more about this color, we will be discussing a few related topics, such as the different colors that go with cornflower blue, so that you can have a better understanding of how to use cornflower blue. Since it is quite a popular artist’s color, we will also be looking at what colors make cornflower color acrylic paint.



What Color Is Cornflower?

The cornflower color can be described as a soft or light cool blue, with a hint of green. So, it provides the calmness of blue, with a balance of green. However, the blue tone does dominate the overall effect. Below in the table, you can see the composition of the color for graphic design purposes as well as printing purposes.

The cornflower blue hex code helps to identify the color online.

What color is Cornflower

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Cornflower#9aceeb34, 12, 0, 8154, 206, 235 



Cornflower Color: A Brief History

The color name originally comes from the flower with the same name, which is also known as Cyanus, meaning blue. The flower itself is a symbol of life as well as fertility, and it finds itself in Greek mythology. The flower was believed to be used to heal some poisoned wounds that Achilles had obtained from an arrow. The cornflower was discovered in Ancient Egyptian tombs, and it also became a Christian symbol in the Middle Ages, often depicted in Christian frescos. The flower was also much loved by Marie Antoinette, and it was said to be the color of her eyes.

The color cornflower blue also became known for the coloring of the most valuable Sapphire stones, which are highly sought after.

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower blue was also used by many famous artists, for example, Johannes Vermeer, who created the color using powdered lapis lazuli. He used the cornflower color in many of his paintings including the turban in the painting Girl with a Pearl Earring (1665). The cornflower color was also used in artworks by Vincent van Gogh, for example, Vase with Cornflowers and Poppies (1887). The color was seen as quite versatile and depending on how it was used, it could appear soothing and wistful, or become more regal and elegant.


Cornflower Color Meaning

Since blue is the dominating color, cornflower has similar characteristics. This includes being a color that is calming and is associated with open spaces, creativity, freedom, and inspiration. The softer shade also produces a sense of peace and can express a sense of loyalty, trust, confidence, wisdom, sincerity, and strength.



Shades of Cornflower

As with all colors, there are different shades available, so you do not have to stick to a single color in designs. Some of the colors that are similar to cornflower include sky blue, light blue, baby blue, and periwinkle. Below you will find the cornflower blue hex code, along with the other color hex codes, so you can note the differences.

Colors That Go With Cornflower clue

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Cornflower#9aceeb34, 12, 0, 8154, 206, 235 
Sky Blue#87ceeb43, 12, 0, 8135, 206, 235 
Light Blue#add8e625, 6, 0, 10173, 216, 230 
Baby Blue#89cff043, 14, 0, 6137, 207, 240 
Periwinkle#ccccff20, 20, 0, 0204, 204, 255 



Colors That Go With Cornflower Blue

Blue, in general, is quite a versatile color, which also makes cornflower blue a relatively easy color to work with. If you are searching for a soothing color, then cornflower is perfect. However, you can also bring in colors like oranges and yellow as accents, for a more interesting color scheme. To find the most compatible colors, you must look at the color wheel. Color theory and how each hue interacts with others will help you determine the best color combinations. To help you along, below are a couple of popular color combinations for you to consider.


Complementary Cornflower Colors

All colors can be found on the color wheel, a circle of colors that helps you to visualize the color interactions. However, you can also simply look up color combinations online, which are provided for you. But to provide a starting point, consider complementary colors. When you have found cornflower blue on the color wheel, the color that lies on the opposite side will be complementary.

These colors make one another stand out, also known as creating contrast.

For this specific color, it is a soft orange. This does not mean you have to stick to this color; you can try using various shades of orange, such as burnt orange that provides a nice pop of color next to cornflower. This is a popular wedding color combination. You can also consider a muted shade of mustard yellow.

Cornflower Blue Hex Code

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Cornflower#9aceeb34, 12, 0, 8154, 206, 235 
Soft Orange#ebb79a0, 22, 34, 8235, 183, 154 
Burnt Orange#cc55000, 58, 100, 20204, 85, 0 
Muted Mustard Yellow#e0d2680, 6, 54, 12224, 210, 104 


Analogous Cornflower Colors

This color combination is less contrasting and more harmonious, as the colors involved all share certain characteristics. They are also found close together, or next to each other when referring to the color wheel. The analogous colors for cornflower include a soft cyan and blue color. However, you can also try other colors, such as mint green or a darker blue like navy. 

What Colors Make Cornflower Color

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Cornflower#9aceeb34, 12, 0, 8154, 206, 235 
Soft Cyan#9aebe034, 0, 5, 8154, 235, 224 
Soft Blue#9aa6eb34, 29, 0, 8154, 166, 235 
Turquoise#30d5c877, 0, 6, 1648, 213, 200 
Navy#000080100, 100, 0, 500, 0, 128 


Monochromatic Cornflower Colors

This is the simplest color combination, and you cannot go wrong with creating a monochromatic look. This color palette is obtained from a single color like cornflower, so you will have darker and lighter versions of the same hue.

Cornflower Blue Shades

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Cornflower#9aceeb34, 12, 0, 8154, 206, 235 
Light Cornflower#dbeef812, 4, 0, 3219, 238, 248 
Dark Cornflower#195b8080, 29, 0, 5025, 91, 128 


Triadic Cornflower Colors

Triadic color schemes form more contrast and are slightly more challenging to work with. The recommended method is to choose your main color, and then add the remaining colors as accents. This color combination can be identified as a particular triangular shape on the color wheel. So, the colors that go with cornflower blue in this case include.

Cornflower Blue Paint

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Cornflower#9aceeb34, 12, 0, 8154, 206, 235 
Soft Green#ceeb9a12, 0, 34, 8206, 235, 154 
Soft Pink#eb9ace0, 34, 12, 8235, 154, 206 
Mint Green#98ff9840, 0, 40, 0152, 255, 152 
Lavender#a6a6ed30, 30, 0, 7166, 166, 237 



What Colors Make Cornflower Color Acrylic Paint?

You can purchase a cornflower paint color in the tube; however, many artists prefer to mix paints from scratch.

. When mixing colors, it is always a good idea to create a color chart, so that you can remember what proportions of paint you used to create a particular color. Cornflower is not a pure pastel color, as you would create by simply mixing blue and white.

It has more of a hint of gray, which can be achieved by combining titanium white, mars black, and ultramarine blue.

Place equal amounts of the white and blue paint onto a palette and add a very small amount of the black. Take a palette knife and dip it into the black, it should only cover the tip. Take this and mix it into the white paint, until it creates a nice light grayish color. Take the gray paint mixture and mix all of this with the blue.

Shades of Cornflower Blue

If needed, you can then include tiny amounts of white to get to the cornflower blue color. You can also try using other paint colors to produce cornflower blue. Combine equal amounts of ultramarine blue and cobalt blue, then slowly add small amounts of titanium white until you achieve the color you want.



Cornflower Color Designs

Cornflower blue is quite a popular color in fashion as it can be worn by everyone, in many different ways. You have cornflower sweaters, trousers, tops, and dresses to try out, many of which are beautifully patterned or plain. You also get cornflower blue shoes and accessories as well as cosmetics in the color. Cornflower blue is also popular in graphic design, especially as a background color as it is striking and helps to inspire loyalty.

You can also find cornflower blue in dinnerware, linen items, upholstery, décor items, and home furnishings.


Interior Designs Using Cornflower Blue

The color used for interior design helps to produce a calming and soothing environment. It is a great color for areas like the bathroom and bedroom. However, it can also be incorporated throughout the home. You can easily add pops of color to help brighten a space, but cornflower does tend to pair well with neutral shades like white, tan, or gray. You can paint walls with cornflower, especially in the bathroom, and include white or gray tiles for a fresh, clean, and modern look.

Bedrooms can also have cornflower blue walls, which helps to create a calming environment, combined with neutral colors like white.

Tones of Cornflower Blue

You can also bring in cornflower as an accent with cornflower blue furnishings and bedding. Cornflower blue might not be your choice for painting walls. However, if you just want a hint of the color, you can bring it in through accessories and soft furnishings, like curtains, throws, cushions, and rugs. You can also consider painting the wall trims cornflower, combined with white walls, and adding pops of orange, yellow, or red throughout the room.


If blue is one of your favorite colors, then the cornflower color is something you should consider for your next design project! Providing a softer tone of blue, cornflower still retains its calming and soothing characteristics. Cornflower blue also stands out against different colors, making it quite a versatile hue to use wherever!




Frequently Asked Questions


Learn What Blues Make Cornflower Color

Cornflower blue can be described as being a light to medium, soft shade of blue that has hints of a green undertone. The color is also positioned somewhere between blue and green on the color wheel, and contains a touch of gray.


What Colors Go With Cornflower Blue?

The cornflower color works well with neutral colors like white and gray, but it also goes well with shades of orange, yellow, and red. It also works great with other shades of blue and green.


Is Cornflower Blue a Cool Color?

Yes, cornflower blue is a cool color as it is predominantly blue with hints of green. Blue, as well as green, are both considered cool colors, while orange, yellow, and red are warmer hues.


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