What Your Favorite Color Says About You

What Your Favorite Color Says About You – What Colors Mean

Most people today have a favorite color. If there is no particular color that they like, there is most likely a color that will draw their attention more than any other. You might be surprised by the color choices you make, from the clothes you wear to the interior paint colors you choose, and even when buying a car! Certain colors seem to draw your attention, and they seem to have some influence on you. In this article, we are going to explain and help you to understand what your favorite color says about you!



What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?     

A color that attracts your attention the most can have a psychological effect on you and can influence your moods, behavior, and even give insight into your character. Your favorite color says a great deal about your personality and can tell a fascinating story about who you are.  When a certain color attracts your attention, it triggers a psychological response that can change your mood and affect those around you. There are many different colors to choose from, so there should definitely be something that appeals to you, even if you say you do not have a favorite color.

What does your favorite color say about you? The color you choose can reflect your personality strengths as well as weaknesses. It can show what your deepest needs are and can reveal certain things about yourself that you may not be fully aware of.

Your favorite color may not be the color that you love to wear every day but is usually the color that excites you and makes you feel alive, it is the predominant color of your personality. You may find that you cannot relate to every single aspect of your favorite color’s meaning. This is normal, as we are all people, diverse in personality and complex in character.

Favorite Color Meaning

Some people may even have more than one favorite color and you may relate to certain aspects of all those colors. You may even find you dislike a certain color because it relates to certain areas of your life that are challenging. Understanding this can also help you to face certain things in life that you are trying to avoid.



Color Psychology    

The psychology behind favorite colors is a comparatively new field that is being studied by researchers and scientists. They have all found that different colors can influence your outlook, attitudes, feelings, and behavioral patterns. Colors have even been found to affect a person physically, by stimulating appetite or increasing the heart rate.

This means that at the moment it may not be easy to prove the relationship colors have on psychology, or how your favorite color’s meaning affects your personality, but the link is certainly there.


Color Applications

The psychology behind favorite colors also has a wide range of applications that include advertising, health, design, and a host of other fields. Researchers have discovered how different colored medications can impact how patients think about them, making them more appealing. Color can also be used to attract customers and convey certain messages.

Using colors for interior designs at home or work can also have an impact on your moods.  

Favorite Color

For example, in the marketing sector, green is used to make a connection to clean products, inner peace, and fresh air. Likewise, all colors have associations and meanings. Blue represents water and purity and is associated with loyalty and trust, making it the perfect color for banks or similar companies. Colors can positively affect our emotions, but they can also have negative associations. Take blue again, using too much of the color can become depressing or predictable.


Colors in Art

Artists use colors in their paintings, which can help to communicate moods, atmosphere, and emotions. Each color has certain emotions associated with it that can influence how the viewer sees and interprets the art.


Warm and Cool Colors

Colors are either warm or cool, which can also affect mood. Cool colors convey calm and harmonious feelings, while warm colors can increase energy, anxiety, and irritation. Cool colors like purple, green, and blue tend to be soothing and inviting, while warm colors like orange, red, and yellow are associated with stronger emotions like love and anger.

Yellow is often used in marketing because it gives the feeling of happiness and energy.


Neutral Colors

Neutral colors, such as white, gray, black, and brown also have meaning even though they are not colors. White refers to openness, cleanliness, and peace, while black gives a sense of power. Soft grays often come across as soothing and charming, while dark grays are more serious. Brown is associated with a sense of certainty and down-to-earth qualities.  

However, we need to also understand that color psychology depends largely on the context in which it is found.

Psychology Behind Favorite Colors

In most Western cultures, white is worn by brides as an indication of innocence and purity, while in other cultures, white is linked to mourning and death. In some cultures, red is the color that embodies purity. Let us now consider some individual colors and find out what your favorite color says about you.



The Psychology Behind the Color Red

If your favorite color is red, there is no question that you are a very passionate person with a fiery disposition. You will stop at nothing to accomplish your goals. You are also hot-headed, which can be daunting, but exciting as well. Red is also a color of anger, meaning you might have a short fuse. However, red personalities are overall loving and positive people. Let us now consider some of the positive personality traits and key characteristics that are associated with the color red.

Light Favorite Color

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Red#ff00000, 100, 100, 0255, 0, 0 
  • Strong-minded: A red personality shows in your strong-mindedness, confidence, determination, boldness, and willingness to get the work done.
  • Ambition: You have high energy and like to set goals, which you follow through and achieve.
  • Extrovert: The red personality is a typical extrovert who is highly sociable and likes grabbing attention.
  • Passion: Red is the color for passion, which can be negative (anger) or positive (love), and your enthusiasm shows in every area of your life.
  • Logical thinker: Your logical thinking helps you in making good decisions and complements your ambition.
  • Energy: Red is stimulating and can increase your heart rate, improve your metabolism, and elevate your blood pressure.

In color psychology, there are not only positive traits, but red personalities also have some negative traits. Let us now consider some of the negative traits and key characteristics that are associated with the color red.

Dark Favorite Color

  • Impatience: Red personalities have a hard time understanding that some things take time. So, you find it difficult to wait, and if your impatience becomes too severe, it can disturb your inner peace.
  • Aggression: You are often susceptible to spells of aggression, which can be an advantage in certain sports, but for interpersonal relationships, aggression can be destructive.
  • Impulsive: With a red personality, you often find yourself acting without first thinking, which can get you into a lot of trouble.
  • Anger: Red is normally a color that is associated with anger, so red personalities tend to have short tempers.
  • Seeking attention: Red personalities are attention seekers, which is not a bad trait to have, but too much attention-seeking can become offensive to others.


What Careers Are Best Suited for Red Personalities?  

If you are a person who has a red personality, you must try to harness most of the positive traits of your character but be careful not to base your choice on color personality alone. Some career choices that may suit a red personality are sales, lawyer, stockbroker, sports trainer, and business manager.



The Psychology Behind the Color Blue

If your favorite color is blue, you are in good company, as blue is the most popular color in the world. Generally, blue is a relaxing color that feels secure and confident. Let us now consider some of the positive personality traits and key characteristics that are associated with the color blue.  

Favorite Color Hues

 ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Blue#0000ff100, 100, 0, 00, 0, 255 
  • Compassion: Blue personalities possess deep care for others and always step in when people have a need, but they sometimes become so focused on others that they forget to focus on themselves.
  • Sincerity: You are very sincere in most fields of your life, from normal discussions to deep beliefs.
  • Strong communication skills: Blue color personalities are tactful and respectful communicators with strong opinions.
  • Leadership: Blue personalities are often introverts, but can still make strong leaders, with the combination of reliability, compassion, and sincerity.
  • Encouragement: With a blue color personality you love to support your friends, colleagues, partners, and family members, and your love language provides just the right words of encouragement.
  • Intelligence: Most blue personalities are very intelligent people, able to complete simple as well as complex creative tasks.
  • Analytical skills: You are probably a thinker who is methodical and meticulous with excellent attention to detail, and a very good and effective problem solver.
  • Honesty: Honesty is one of the blue personality core traits and is regarded by others as very trustworthy.
  • Empathy: Blue personalities are caring and peaceful people in harmony with the needs of others. They are sympathetic to other people’s feelings and can be upset by their moods.
  • Conflict management: You are very good and willing to de-escalate conflicts, as you value peace and can tactfully communicate without becoming emotional.

As with red, blue also has positive and negative traits. Just remember, that these traits are not always the same for each individual. Let us now consider some of the negative traits and key characteristics that are associated with the color blue.  

Least Favorite Color

  • Self-criticism: Blue personalities are kind people but are often critical of themselves. So, try to spend some time caring and being kind to yourself.
  • Self-righteous: Many blue personalities are self-righteous; they tend to set higher standards for themselves than for others and can also develop a sense of superiority.
  • Overthinking: You sometimes take analytical thinking too far and may find it difficult to make decisions.
  • Insecurity: You have a great need for approval, and if you do not feel appreciated, you can begin to feel apprehensive.


What Careers Are Best Suited for Blue Personalities?       

Blue personality people always have a desire to help others, which will open the door to employment in any type of helping profession. However, be careful not to base your choice on color personality alone. Some career choices that may suit a blue personality are psychologist, social worker, psychiatrist, teacher, librarian, designer, and public health educator.  



The Psychology Behind the Color Yellow 

The color yellow personality radiates delight and attraction, which makes you a light in this world. You are also a perfectionist, where your main trait is ambition, but you tend to not take yourself seriously. You have many fun-loving qualities that attract people, you are good-natured and are like a breath of fresh air.  Let us now consider some of the positive personality traits and key characteristics that are associated with the color yellow.    

Favorite Color Tones

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Yellow#ffff000, 0, 100, 0255, 255, 0 
  • Sense of humor: Yellow personalities are analytical, but still have fun. You are sociable and very popular with most people.
  • Analytical thinker: You have a critical and analytical mind, and you are excellent at solving problems and tackling complex tasks.
  • Independent: Yellow is a very bold color and stands out from all the rest, this makes you highly independent and able to work things out by yourself.
  • Ability to hide emotions: Yellow personalities are entertaining and optimistic, but they also experience negative emotions and are very good at hiding those emotions from others.
  • Optimistic: The key trait of the yellow personality is optimism and the ability to detect opportunities even in difficult times. They are always smiling and are very charismatic.
  • Confidence: They seem to have more confidence than most people and possess a sharp intellect.
  • Imagination: You may, at times, feel your mind is running away from you, which is the result of a vivid imagination and is a great asset when dealing with setbacks.
  • Curiosity: You tend to detect beauty in everything, making you a natural explorer. 

A yellow personality might be mentally active and optimistic, but this can be both helpful and hindering. Now that we have gone over the positive traits, let us now consider some of the negative traits and key characteristics that are associated with the color yellow.

Pastel Favorite Color

  • Perfectionism: The yellow personality has a fun and carefree vibe, but because of their perfectionism, they tend to set very high goals. If they or others fail to meet those expectations, they become frustrated and discouraged.
  • Anxiety: A little bit of yellow can be very uplifting, but too much yellow can result in anxiety. Therefore, overthinking can also cause anxiety.
  • Overspending: Yellow personalities can be very reliable providers, but they also tend to be impulsive and are tempted to buy things they do not need.
  • Lack of Discipline: You may have excellent intellectual skills, but you lack discipline, making you not the greatest when it comes to management responsibilities.
  • Disorganized: You are easily distracted, so do not have too many things happening at the same time. You can get caught up in one project and forget or neglect the others, this means you do not follow through with many things.
  • Criticism: Yellow personalities thrive on praise and tend to take criticism very hard and can be in danger of shutting down.


What Careers Are Best Suited for Yellow Personalities?  

Yellow personality types possess a wide range of positive traits that can assist them in succeeding in many different career fields. They are confident, perfectionists, and goal-orientated, but be careful not to base your decision on color personality alone.

Some career choices that may suit a yellow personality are scientist, marketer, designer, journalist, writer, and public relations officer.    



The Psychology Behind the Color Green   

The green personality is not fearful or troubled by being vulnerable and they do a very good job of keeping their negative thoughts controlled. They are also very supportive and loyal, making them great friends. Let us now consider some of the positive personality traits and key characteristics that are associated with the color green.

Shades of Favorite Color

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Green#008000100, 0, 100, 500, 128, 0 
  • Logical thinking: Feelings and emotions are very important to the green personality. This does not mean that they are not logical, but they temper their feelings with logic, which makes them great at debating and problem-solving.
  • Creative: The green personality has a great need for creativity, which can be seen in whatever career they choose to follow. This can offer creative solutions to many different problems they encounter.
  • Community-minded: They need to feel like they belong, they want to keep the peace and can offer support to others, but they need to be recognized for their contribution.
  • Productivity: Green personalities are hard workers and very productive. They do not like to sit idly around but need to be involved in creative projects that they can enjoy.
  • Intelligent: They are highly intelligent and love learning. They are also very observant and perceptive, but they do not read people very well.
  • Independent: Green personalities are very independent in making their own decisions without any input from others.
  • Calm: They are very calm, level-headed, and grounded, even in very stressful situations.
  • Loyal: Green personalities are very loyal to their friends, partners, and family, and they make great friends.  

Besides being a fresh and harmonious color, green can also represent greed and envy as negative associations. Let us now consider more of the negative traits and key characteristics that are associated with the color green. 

Shinny Favorite Color

  • Impatient: They have a very low tolerance for repetition and repetitive tasks irritate them, and they lose their patience.
  • Difficulty in handling emotions: Emotional communication is an issue, and when they make their feelings known, they do not like to continue that discussion, which causes friction in their relationships.
  • Envy: Green personalities are susceptible to envy when it comes to others’ success and possessions, which can become very destructive and all-consuming.
  • Critical: When they have low esteem or are over-stressed, they become highly critical and judgmental.
  • Materialistic: People with green personalities tend to be materialistic by hoarding material things and buying expensive items.
  • Possessiveness: Green personalities are usually very loyal, but sometimes they tend to go too far and want to possess other people.


What Careers Are Best Suited for Green Personalities?  

People with a green personality need to choose careers that will help to develop their intellectual abilities, which could be some form of higher education that allows them to grow. Some career choices that may suit a green personality are engineer, doctor, veterinarian, lawyer, writer, or copywriter.  



The Psychology Behind the Color Orange 

Orange is an energetic and lively color, and those who have an orange personality are regarded as inviting and warm with a desire for adventure. Instead of turning away from a challenge, you rather welcome it. However, you can be irresponsible, and even if that upsets other people, it does not stop you from enjoying your life to the fullest. Let us now consider some of the positive personality traits and key characteristics that are associated with the color orange. 

Most Favorite Color

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Orange#ffa5000, 35, 100, 0255, 165, 0 
  • Ability to multitask: Most people can only focus on one task at a time, but the orange personality can juggle multiple deadlines and move from one task to the next, completing them all.
  • Encouragers: Their energy is contagious and by combining their exuberance and friendliness, they can encourage introverts to come out of their shells.
  • Optimism: By combining the happiness of yellow with the passion of red, the orange personality can see opportunities in everything.
  • Spontaneity: The core trait of the orange personality is to be able to make spur-of-the-moment decisions, which always enriches their lives.
  • Generosity: An orange personality is naturally generous.
  • Assertiveness: The boldness of many shades of orange is noticeable, and the orange personalities are naturally determined and assertive.
  • Sociability: Orange personalities are extroverts, and they feel comfortable in the presence of other people and enjoy organizing social events.
  • Creativity: Most orange personalities are full of creative ideas and may enjoy singing, painting, playing an instrument, or writing.

A youthful and optimistic color, orange is also associated with impatience and can be very dominating. Let us now consider some of the negative traits and key characteristics that are associated with the color orange.

Worse Favorite Color

  • Impatience: As one of the warm colors, orange personalities are often impatient with others or with boring tasks they need to perform.
  • Unpredictable: Orange personalities can become a little unpredictable at times, and they also tend to take practical jokes too far.
  • Self-Centered: They are often self-centered and need to be careful to consider the feelings and thoughts of others.


What Careers Are Best Suited for Green Personalities?    

There are certain positive traits of an orange personality that can help in deciding the career that will make you happy but be careful not to base your choice on color personality alone.  Some career choices that may be suitable for orange personalities are event planners, park rangers, artists, sculptors, mechanics, and marketing specialists. 



The Psychology Behind the Color Purple

The purple personality makes you a down-to-earth person and very private, always keeping things close to your heart, reserved and secretive. It is hard for you to share your feelings and let others in. Let us now consider some of the positive personality traits and key characteristics that are associated with the color purple. 

Favorite Color Code

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Purple#8000800, 100, 0, 50128, 0, 128 
  • Spirituality: The color purple is traditionally coupled with the crown chakra, which is the energy center at the top of your head, and is associated with spiritual enlightenment, making purple a spiritual color.
  • Uniqueness: The color purple links the energy of the red personality with the quietness of the blue personality, resulting in quiet confidence that can also be a little eccentric.
  • Compassion: You are very individualistic but also have compassion and care deeply for others. You tend to get involved with many humanitarian interests.
  • Intuition: Purple personalities are naturally intuitive and may also possess some psychic abilities, but you always strive to be friendly with most people around you.
  • Artistic ability: You are very creative and artistic, which can extend beyond art where you can choose your home décor and clothing to express yourself.
  • Imagination: Purple personalities have often been described as dreamers and can easily be carried away and feel as if you are living in a fantasy world.
  • Adventurous: You love to travel and experience different people, cultures, and places.
  • Generosity: Purple personalities are very generous and want to offer their time, possessions, and money to try and make the world a better place.

Purple is the color of imagination and mystery, but it can also seem immature and emotional. Let us now consider some of the negative traits and key characteristics that are associated with the color purple.

red and purple fashion

  • Moody: Purple personalities feel deep emotions, and if those emotions become overwhelming, they become irritable and moody.
  • Impractical: Because you are a dreamer, you may find yourself living in that dream world instead of trying to make it a reality.
  • Conceited: Purple personalities make great leaders, but there is a danger in taking that leadership too far, making you arrogant and conceited.
  • Self-Indulgent: Purple personalities are linked to decadence and royalty, sometimes making them self-indulgent which can mean compulsive buying of expensive things or overeating.


What Careers Are Best Suited for Purple Personalities?

Purple personalities can use their boundless imagination to choose a career that will make them happy but be careful not to base it on color personality alone. Some careers that may suit a purple personality include becoming a musician, a performing artist, an actor, a therapist, a counselor, a writer, or a healthcare worker.



Other Favorite Colors and What They Say About You     

Many more favorite colors indicate what your personality is, but we cannot possibly cover them all in this article. These colors can include white, black, gold, silver, indigo, magenta, turquoise, aqua, and brown. For example, the black personality is always striving for power and control but is also intuitive and artistic. Negatively, they do not share well with others. So, if you have a favorite color not on our list, make sure to check it out to see what your favorite color says about you.


Color psychology is an interesting study where you can learn and understand how color meanings can provide insight into yourself, as well as others. Understanding what your favorite color says about you can assist you in improving your life choices. It can also help you understand your behavior and your emotional and mental state. We hope that you now see colors in a whole new light and their importance in our lives!



Take a look at our “What does your favorite color say about you?” webstory here!



Frequently Asked Questions    


What Does the Color White Say About You?   

If you have white as your favorite color, then your personality will reveal that you are a peacemaker, as well as a calm, patient, organized, empathetic, and meticulous person. You also hate being bossed around, avoid confrontations, and do not like people to use harsh words around you.


What Does the Color Gold Say About You?       

If you have gold as your favorite color, then your personality will reveal that you are positive, ambitious, radiant, loyal, loving, compassionate, dependable, organized, happy, caring, and love to be the center of attention.


What Does the Color Silver Say About You?     

If you have silver as your favorite color, then your personality will reveal that you are introspective, intuitive, creative, elegant, resilient, resourceful, easy to adapt to change, and overcome challenges easily. Silver also has a connection to higher spiritual guidance and allows us to see ourselves as others do.


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