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Beige Color – More Than 50 Shades of Beige To Explore

The beige color may be considered a boring color by many, however, there is much more that goes into the versatile hue. Beige has become quite a popular color in home designs, as it creates a calming and welcoming atmosphere. Read further to discover the 50+ various shades of beige, including color codes and visuals.



What Color Is Beige?

There are quite a few descriptions for the beige color, from a grayish tan and pale sand color to a yellowish brown, light brown, and grayish yellow. Beige is not considered off-white or cream. Beige belongs to the neutral color family, which are hues that lack color and are not found on the color wheel. Along with beige, neutral colors include white, black, cream, and gray. Beige is also seen as a metaphor for bland things. However, the beige color can be something more than neutral, as it can also contain undertones of color, and this is what provides so many shades of beige.

shades of beige with color names and hex codes
57 shades of beige, click on the image to download a PDF with HEX codes and color names.
Beige ShadeBeige Hex CodeCMYK Beige Color Code (%)RGB Beige Color CodeBeige Color
Beige#f5f5dc0, 0, 10, 4245, 245, 220 



Shades of Beige



Beige is a classic, versatile shade that exudes warmth and simplicity, ideal for creating a calm and neutral backdrop in various design settings.

Hex: #F5F5DC
RGB: 245, 245, 220
CMYK: 0, 0, 10, 4



Almond is a light, nutty beige, reminiscent of almond nuts, offering a natural and subtle elegance, perfect for understated and soothing designs.

Hex: #EED9C4
RGB: 238, 217, 196
CMYK: 0, 9, 18, 7



Bisque is a soft, creamy beige, like the smooth soup, providing a warm and gentle hue, ideal for comforting and cozy atmospheres.

Hex: #FFE4C4
RGB: 255, 228, 196
CMYK: 0, 11, 23, 0



Buff is a medium, yellowish beige, strong and earthy, perfect for creating a robust and grounded feel in designs.

Hex: #DAA06D
RGB: 218, 160, 109
CMYK: 0, 27, 50, 15



Camel is a rich, golden beige, reminiscent of the desert animal, perfect for sophisticated and timeless designs with a touch of luxury.

Hex: #C19A6B
RGB: 193, 154, 107
CMYK: 0, 20, 45, 24


Cosmic Latte

Cosmic Latte is a very light, almost white beige, named after the average color of the universe, offering a vast and expansive feel.

Hex: #FFF8E7
RGB: 255, 248, 231
CMYK: 0, 3, 9, 0



The beige cream color can be described as being an extremely pale yellow and refers to the cream that cows produce. The yellowish tinge of the cow’s milk is from the plants they eat, which contain yellow carotenoid pigments. The beige cream color name was documented in 1590.

Hex: #FFFDD0
RGB: 255, 253, 208
CMYK: 0, 1, 18, 0


Desert Sand

This color is a soft orange color that is a deeper shade of beige that is similar to what sand looks like in the desert. The color name was first documented in 1920. In the 60s, the American telephone and telegraph company promoted their sand-colored telephones. They described the color as beige, which is why many still refer to desert sand as beige.

Hex: #EDC9AF
RGB: 237, 201, 175
CMYK: 0, 15, 26, 7



The color ecru is also known as “sand” and can be described as a slightly desaturated yellow. The color can also be grayish yellow and is a shade of beige that often refers to the linen fabric or silk when it is in its unbleached form. The word ecru is borrowed from French and means “raw” or “unbleached”. For many years, ecru was seen as the same color as beige. However, in the 20th century, the ecru color began to stand on its own as a color.

Hex: #C2B280
RGB: 194, 178, 128
CMYK: 0, 8, 34, 24


French Beige

This color is also referred to as “café au lait” as well as “Tuscan tan” and is a dark to moderate orange. French beige is also described as being what natural, fresh-shorn wool looks like. The color name was first documented in English in 1927.

Hex: #A67B5B
RGB: 166, 123, 91
CMYK: 0, 26, 45, 35


Blanched Almond

Blanched Almond is a pale, nutty beige, light and delicate, perfect for soft and subtle design elements.

RGB: 255, 235, 205
CMYK: 0, 8, 20, 0



Blond is a pale, golden beige, light and sunny, ideal for creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

Hex: #FAF0BE
RGB: 250, 240, 190
CMYK: 0, 4, 24, 2



Bone is a soft, grayish beige, like the color of bone, offering a neutral and sophisticated backdrop for various design settings.

Hex: #E3DAC9
RGB: 227, 218, 201
CMYK: 0, 4, 11, 11


Boutique Beige

Boutique Beige is a fashionable, muted beige, stylish and contemporary, perfect for modern and trendy designs.

Hex: #e1cead
RGB: 225, 206, 173
CMYK: 0, 8, 23, 12


Breezy Beige

Breezy Beige is a light, airy beige, evoking a sense of calmness and openness, ideal for spacious and tranquil designs.

Hex: #f7f2d7
RGB: 247, 242, 215
CMYK: 0, 2, 13, 3


British Tan

British Tan is a classic, medium tan beige, traditional and reliable, perfect for timeless and elegant designs.

Hex: #C2A47F
RGB: 194, 164, 127
CMYK: 0, 15, 35, 24


Candlelit Beige

Candlelit Beige is a warm, soft beige, like the glow of candlelight, ideal for creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Hex: #f1ede0
RGB: 241, 237, 224
CMYK: 0, 2, 7, 5



Champagne is a celebratory, pale beige, effervescent and luxurious, perfect for sophisticated and festive designs.

Hex: #F7E7CE
RGB: 247, 231, 206
CMYK: 0, 6, 17, 3


Chewy Caramel

Chewy Caramel is a rich, golden-brown beige, like the candy, offering a warm and indulgent hue, ideal for cozy and appetizing designs.

Hex: #977043
RGB: 151, 112, 67
CMYK: 0, 26, 56, 41


Cocoa Cupcake

Cocoa Cupcake is a warm, chocolatey beige, comforting and sweet, perfect for inviting and delightful designs.

Hex: #967859
RGB: 150, 120, 89
CMYK: 0, 20, 41, 41


Coffee Foam

Coffee Foam is a creamy, light brown-beige, reminiscent of the froth on a coffee, ideal for warm and comforting themes.

Hex: #DBC1AA
RGB: 219, 193, 170
CMYK: 0, 12, 22, 14


Dark Khaki

Dark Khaki is a deep, olive-toned beige, strong and practical, perfect for robust and functional designs.

Hex: #bdb76b
RGB: 189, 183, 107
CMYK: 0, 3, 43, 26


Dark Tan

Dark Tan is a rich, medium-dark beige, earthy and warm, ideal for creating a grounded and inviting atmosphere.

Hex: #918151
RGB: 145, 129, 81
CMYK: 0, 11, 44, 43


Death Valley Beige

Death Valley Beige is a warm, sandy beige, like the vast desert, perfect for natural and expansive designs.

Hex: #f8d77f
RGB: 248, 215, 127
CMYK: 0, 13, 49, 3


Deep Peach

Deep Peach is a warm, peachy beige, soft and inviting, ideal for gentle and comforting designs.

Hex: #FFCBA4
RGB: 255, 203, 164
CMYK: 0, 20, 36, 0



Fawn is a light, yellowish-brown beige, like the animal, offering a sense of gentleness and natural warmth.

Hex: #E5AA70
RGB: 229, 170, 112
CMYK: 0, 26, 51, 10


Fig Branches

Fig Branches is a deep, muted beige with gray undertones, like the bark of a fig tree, ideal for sophisticated and natural designs.

Hex: #7A634D
RGB: 122, 99, 77
CMYK: 0, 19, 37, 52


Gnocchi Beige

Gnocchi Beige is a light, creamy beige, like the Italian pasta, offering a warm and appetizing hue, perfect for welcoming and homely designs.

Hex: #ffeebb
RGB: 255, 238, 187
CMYK: 0, 7, 27, 0



Greige is a blend of gray and beige, modern and versatile, perfect for contemporary and minimalist designs.

Hex: #B9AFA1
RGB: 185, 175, 161
CMYK: 0, 5, 13, 27


Honey Beige

Honey Beige is a warm, golden beige, like the color of honey, ideal for sweet and inviting designs.

Hex: #f3e2c6
RGB: 243, 226, 198
CMYK: 0, 7, 19, 5



Ivory is a soft, off-white beige, elegant and refined, perfect for luxurious and sophisticated designs.

Hex: #FFFFF0
RGB: 255, 255, 240
CMYK: 0, 0, 6, 0



Khaki is a slightly desaturated orange or can also be described as a light brownish yellow. The color became popular when it was used in army uniforms as it works great for camouflage purposes. Today, khaki is also popular in mainstream fashion, especially khaki pants. The khaki color name was first documented in 1848 and was a color chosen to be added to A Dictionary of Color, which was the book of color classifications in 1930.

Hex: #c3b091
RGB: 0, 10, 26, 24
CMYK: 195, 176, 145



Light Beige

Light Beige is a very pale, soft beige, offering a subtle and gentle hue, ideal for serene and minimalist designs.

Hex: #f5efe8
RGB: 245, 239, 232
CMYK: 0, 2, 5, 4


Light Fawn

Light Fawn is a muted, light brownish-beige, soft and natural, perfect for creating a tranquil and soothing atmosphere.

Hex: #e8cbae
RGB: 232, 203, 174
CMYK: 0, 13, 25, 9


Light Taupe

Light Taupe is a soft, grayish beige, subtle and sophisticated, ideal for elegant and understated designs.

Hex: #b38b6d
RGB: 179, 139, 109
CMYK: 0, 22, 39, 30



Linen is a pale, natural beige, like the fabric, offering a sense of simplicity and comfort, perfect for clean and organic designs.

Hex: #FAF0E6
RGB: 250, 240, 230
CMYK: 0, 4, 8, 2


Malibu Beige

Malibu Beige is a muted, sandy beige, like the beaches of Malibu, perfect for relaxed and serene designs.

Hex: #c9c0b1
RGB: 201, 192, 177
CMYK: 0, 4, 12, 21


Mesa Beige

Mesa Beige is a warm, earthy beige, like the plateaus of a mesa, ideal for natural and rustic themes.

Hex: #f2ebd6
RGB: 242, 235, 214
CMYK: 0, 3, 12, 5



Moccasin is a soft, peachy beige, like the traditional footwear, perfect for warm and comfortable designs.

Hex: #FFE4B5
RGB: 255, 228, 181
CMYK: 0, 11, 29, 0



Nude is a soft, natural beige, like the color of skin, perfect for subtle and understated elegance in designs.

Hex: #E3BC9A
RGB: 227, 188, 154
CMYK: 0, 17, 32, 11



Oatmeal is a warm, grayish beige, like the breakfast cereal, ideal for cozy and comforting designs.

Hex: #F5DEB3
RGB: 245, 222, 179
CMYK: 0, 9, 27, 4


Olive Wood

Olive Wood is a deep, grayish-brown beige, like the wood of an olive tree, perfect for natural and sophisticated designs.

Hex: #756244
RGB: 117, 98, 68
CMYK: 0, 16, 42, 54


Pale Beige

Pale Beige is a very light, soft beige, offering a hint of color with a gentle and subtle presence, perfect for creating a serene and minimalist atmosphere.

Hex: #F9E4C6
RGB: 249, 228, 198
CMYK: 0, 8, 20, 2


Pale Taupe

Pale Taupe is a soft, muted beige with gray undertones, blending warmth with sophistication, ideal for elegant and understated designs.

Hex: #BC987E
RGB: 188, 152, 126
CMYK: 0, 19, 33, 26


Paper Beige

Paper Beige is a light, neutral beige, reminiscent of the color of parchment paper, perfect for clean and simple designs.

Hex: #dcbfa6
RGB: 220, 191, 166
CMYK: 0, 13, 25, 14



Peach is a warm, blush-like beige with a hint of soft pink, evoking a sense of freshness and liveliness, perfect for inviting and cheerful designs.

Hex: #FFE5B4
RGB: 255, 229, 180
CMYK: 0, 10, 29, 0



Pearl is a soft, lustrous beige with a hint of iridescence, offering an elegant and sophisticated hue, ideal for luxurious and refined designs.

Hex: #EAE0C8
RGB: 234, 224, 200
CMYK: 0, 4, 15, 8


Pearl Aqua

Pearl Aqua is a unique blend of beige and soft aqua, offering a serene and calming hue, ideal for tranquil and soothing designs.

Hex: #88D8C0
RGB: 136, 216, 192
CMYK: 37, 0, 11, 15


Royal Beige

Royal Beige is a rich, distinguished beige, evoking a sense of luxury and elegance, perfect for sophisticated and high-end designs.

Hex: #cfc8b8
RGB: 207, 200, 184
CMYK: 0, 3, 11, 19



Sandstone is a warm, earthy beige, like the sedimentary rock, ideal for natural and rustic themes.

Hex: #786D5F
RGB: 120, 109, 95
CMYK: 0, 9, 21, 53


Shoelace Beige

Shoelace Beige is a light, neutral beige, like the color of new shoelaces, perfect for clean and unobtrusive designs.

Hex: #f6ebd3
RGB: 246, 235, 211
CMYK: 0, 4, 14, 4



Stone is a solid, stable beige-gray, like natural stone, offering a sense of strength and reliability, ideal for timeless and enduring designs.

Hex: #B7B09C
RGB: 183, 176, 156
CMYK: 0, 4, 15, 28


Stonish Beige

Stonish Beige is a warm, gray-toned beige, reminiscent of stone surfaces, perfect for modern and minimalist designs.

Hex: #ccb49a
RGB: 204, 180, 154
CMYK: 0, 12, 25, 20



Taupe is a deep, grayish beige, sophisticated and versatile, ideal for creating a neutral yet impactful backdrop in various design settings.

Hex: #483c32
RGB: 72, 60, 50
CMYK: 0, 17, 31, 72


Termite Beige

Termite Beige is a warm, earthy beige, like the color of termite mounds, offering a natural and organic hue, perfect for rustic and earthy designs.

Hex: #ddbb66
RGB: 221, 187, 102
CMYK: 0, 15, 54, 13



Tumbleweed is a soft, dusty beige, like the dry plants of the desert, perfect for warm and natural designs.

Hex: #DEAA88
RGB: 222, 170, 136
CMYK: 0, 23, 39, 13



Wheat is a warm, golden beige, reminiscent of the color of wheat fields, ideal for creating a sense of abundance and warmth.

Hex: #F5DEB3
RGB: 245, 222, 179
CMYK: 0, 9, 27, 4


Woolly Beige

Woolly Beige is a soft, cozy beige, like the color of wool, offering a sense of comfort and warmth, perfect for inviting and homely designs.

Hex: #e7d5c9
RGB: 231, 213, 201
CMYK: 0, 8, 13, 9



A Brief History of Beige

The word beige is from the French language and means “natural wool” that has not been changed by dyeing or bleaching it. So, whenever you are out and you see some sheep that has not been sheared yet, it will not be white, but it will appear beige. The word beige was used to describe raw wool as far back as the mid-19th century.

what color is beige

The word also appeared in the novel La Fille Elisa (1877) by Edmond de Goncourt. However, it was only documented as a name in English a few years later in 1887. Way before this, beige was also used in prehistoric cave paintings in France. It was discovered that brown, yellow as well as gray, and white pigments were blended to create darker and lighter shades of brown.

Later, in the 21st century, with technology, many other shades of beige came into being. Beige is also synonymous with the office and computers, as many of the older computers came in beige. Today, beige is a popular color in fashion and interior design because of its neutrality, calmness, and comfort it provides.



Beige Color Meaning: A Color of Subtle Elegance and Calm

Beige is generally seen as a warm color, offering a spectrum of shades from cream to khaki. Originating from the French word for natural wool, beige has been a term used since the 19th century to describe a color that reflects the warmth and simplicity of hardwood. Known for its inherent calmness, beige is a subtle color that doesn’t seek attention but rather soothes and captivates with its understated charm.

In the realm of interior design, beige is celebrated for its warmth, attributed to brown undertones, creating a welcoming and safe ambiance. While some may perceive beige as dull or lacking excitement, its elegance lies in its diversity and quiet presence, often associated with purity and virtue.


Beige is also credited with creating cozy environments, encouraging relaxation, and promoting peace of mind. It’s a color that helps people feel at home, providing a sanctuary from overthinking and stress. Additionally, beige is often linked with cleanliness, as its neutral tone suggests pristine conditions, making it a favorite choice for designers aiming for a clean and flawless look in living spaces.

In summary, beige is more than just a color; it’s a symbol of tranquility, warmth, and understated beauty, making it a timeless choice in design and decor.



How to Mix Shades of Beige Paint

The most basic method for creating a beige paint color is to lay down some white and then slowly add small amounts of brown. To this, you can also add some light-yellow paint, in tiny amounts, until a beige color is achieved. The most common white paint you can try is titanium white and for the brown, you can try raw sienna or burnt sienna. Three parts white and then one part brown should produce a medium color beige. Always read on the paint label to see what the paint contains, which helps prevent any contamination of colors.

You can also achieve a shade of beige by only mixing some white paint and only small amounts of yellow paint or using something like yellow ochre. The yellow added to the white will create a cream or beige color. Remember to always add the color paint to the white, and only in small amounts.

mixing beige shades

You can either use brown paint from the shop, or you can try mixing your own brown. Mixing all three primary colors, yellow, red, and blue will give you a basic brown. You can then adjust the proportions, which gives you more control over the final color produced. There are also various shades of beige acrylic paints available to directly purchase.



Beige Shades for Interior Design

Beige, like all neutral colors, is versatile and easy to work with. The color is classic and calming and can be used in any room in the home. There is also more than one beige color, and you can choose from a variety of beige shades.

The most popular beige color palette includes gray and white. These colors work seamlessly together alone as beige will add a little warmth to the white, or you can add pops of accent colors to brighten up the look. Make sure to pair warmer beige colors with off-whites or if you use a cooler white, pair it with a cool beige.

Beige is a well-liked base color that can be added to walls, however, it can also successfully be used as an accent color. Beige sofas are quite popular and less stark than white and can fit into many design ideas. A beige sofa in the living room can bring about an interesting beige color palette. Many colors can work with beige in this case, think colorful pink, red, brown, or yellow cushions, and accessories.

beige color code

Otherwise, use black and other earth tones to add contrast. Beige is a warm and light color and is just right for rooms where you want to relax. So, beige will make the perfect bedroom color that will work great with a soft color palette. Below are a few ideas for using beige in your home.




The beige color has become more popular over the years for its warmth and versatility. However, some may still consider it boring. No matter what your view of beige is, it still has an important place in design.



Frequently Asked Questions


What Color Is Beige?

Beige can be described as being a shade of brown, which can be anything from a pale sandy color to a light grayish yellow, or even yellowish brown. Along with white, it is considered a neutral color.


Is Beige a Fashionable Color to Wear?

Beige is a popular color for interior design, but it is also a well-liked color in the fashion industry. The color is conservative and may even be considered a so-called timeless look. The color can easily be dressed up or down, and you can easily pair it with colors like brown or green, or blue.


How to Make Beige Paint?

A quick way to create beige paint colors is to lay down some white paint and then add int tiny amounts of brown or yellow to create a shade of beige.

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