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Art Challenges – Exploring Different Drawing Challenge Ideas

As an artist, you might have moments where it is becoming difficult to think of new ideas. So, to help with getting over the proverbial bump in the road, why not try participating in some art challenge ideas? There are quite a few of these artistic challenges online, so we have compiled a list of the more popular options.



What Is an Artistic Challenge?

Before we begin, you might be wondering what art challenges are and why should you participate in them? The main aim of an art challenge is to create a community of like-minded artists who share their work. In most cases, there are prompts and a set of rules you can follow to help with consistency. Any art created must then be posted on various social media platforms. There are usually common hashtags you can use so that everyone can view the artwork. There is usually a set amount of time to complete the challenge, which can range from a few days to a 30-day art challenge, or even a year.

Drawing Challenges


Why Join Art Challenges?

One of the main reasons people join these art challenges is because of the sense of community it creates. The process is there to also help the artist improve their skills and it is simply a way to see what other people have to offer.

Another reason to join is simply for the fun of it, and it helps you to create a habit of drawing or painting and helps you stick to a specific routine. This set schedule can help with improving productivity on a personal and professional level. 

You will learn new things; it can challenge the way you think and can take you outside your comfort zone and helps you to think outside the box on many occasions.

If you are already on social media, by using the specific hashtags, you can also gain a few more followers. You might find yourself in a bit of a slump and need inspiration, participating in an art challenge can help boost your creativity and help you to find new ideas. What else can an art challenge do for you?

  • Focus on your art more
  • Allows you to practice and practice
  • Get feedback from other artists
  • Exposure to other artworks
  • Discover new possibilities



Monthly Artistic Challenges

We are going to now share with you a list of popular art challenges that range from general challenges that can be done anytime to artistic challenges that are created for a specific month. Although, you are welcome to do any of these challenges at any time.

Digital Art Challenges Media


Challenges Every Month of the Year

There are various art and drawing challenges online and sometimes they are for a set amount of time, for example, a 30-day art challenge. However, some platforms and websites offer challenges every month. 

Below are some challenges that are available all through the year.


Character Design Challenge

This character art design challenge is held on Facebook, and you get a new theme every month. During this 30-day art challenge, you will have to design a character that is centered on the theme. The design that is voted the best, will win the challenge and there are prizes involved. The new theme is given on the seventh of every month.

Character Drawing Challenges

The designs you can produce must be two-dimensional, which can be done traditionally or digitally. You can only have a single design for each theme. If you do sign up for the challenge, make sure you read all the guidelines and rules before you begin. The challenge is prepared by Character Design References (CDR), which is an independent web-based magazine that is committed to the concept and illustrative art, comics, and games.


Doodlewash Artistic Challenges

Are you a watercolor artist? Then the art challenges on Doodlewash are for you. On the website, you will find monthly artistic challenges. There is a theme and prompts you can follow for every day of the month. This makes the process both fun as well as challenging.

You do not have to begin on day one, and you can start the challenge at any time..

The idea is to provide inspiration and a way to help you paint something every day and form a habit of it. Of course, you will learn a lot about yourself and have the opportunity to see other examples. You can use a smaller sketch pad to create smaller artwork. This might be easier and quicker for you to do each day. Make sure to set time apart each day, even if you only draw for five minutes. The key is to be consistent and to practice and learn something new every day.


Kick-In the Creatives Art Challenges

Here you will find different art and drawing challenge ideas, and there are brand new ideas every month. There are even different challenges available for the same month. For example, an ink drawing, line drawing, or abstract art challenge.

Digital Art Challenges

The kick-in creative art challenges can be found month by month and you can get notifications if you subscribe to their newsletter. Each month’s challenge is done ahead, so you can easily plan what you want to do. They also provide you with tutorials, tips, and products you might be interested in.


Tinkerlab Art Challenges

The Tinkerlab art challenges are for anybody but are specifically aimed at kids to help stimulate their curiosity and creativity, and to help them improve their art skills. They also have tools and resources that can help you teach kids art. The challenge is also aimed at helping a child create an art journal and their 30-day art journal experience can be downloaded for free. 

When posting your artwork, you can use the tag: #tinkersketch.


January Art Challenges

All of the above art challenges begin in January, so you can participate in them during this month as well. The one challenge we found for January specifically is the Creatuanary art challenge. The word is made from “creature” and “January”. The aim is to produce a drawing of creatures, one for every day of the month. You do get a prompt list, which is provided by the creators Joshua Cairós, Rafater, and Dibujante Nocturno, who began this challenge back in 2017. You can find the prompt list on their Instagram social pages.

January Art Challenge Ideas


February Art Challenges

February has a few challenges you can choose from, the process of following them is quite easy and you need to do is use the hashtags provided when you post to social media platforms. 

Many have prompts that are provided, but others are open to using your own ideas.


Fairyary Art Challenge

This word is simply a combination of the word “fairy” and “February”, and the aim is to draw a type of fairy every day of the month. There is a prompt list to help you out, which provides you with a theme and keywords for each day. You can also use your own list or use ideas from other artists. You can use any medium, so you can paint, draw, or even sculpt if you want. Make sure to use the specific hashtags when you post to social media, which would be #fairyary or add the year like #fairyary2021. Other challenges in February include the following.

Fairy Art Challenge Ideas



This is similar to Inktober, which we discuss a little further down as it occurs in October. The challenge is simple and all you have to do is draw birds, one for each day of the month. 

You can then post the drawing onto social media and remember to tag the image with #febirdary.

You can complete the challenge using traditional media or you can go digital, there are no restrictions. There is also a December challenge, called the decembird challenge.



This is a simple challenge and involves drawing or being creative each day of the month. You can do anything for the 28 drawings later challenge, which means it can be painting, drawing, photography, poetry, or anything creative. Then you simply post onto the Facebook page or other social media platforms with the #28DrawingsLater hashtag.

Drawing Challenge Ideas



This challenge involves figure drawing, where artists worldwide practice drawing the human form. The challenge was developed by Love Life Drawing and the Croquis Café. On the website Love Life Drawing, you will also have access to resources and tutorials. The Croquis Café also offers live recorded drawing classes. 

Remember to use the hashtags: #figuary, #FigureDrawingMonth, or #figuary22.


March Art Challenges

During this month, you have two popular selections. So, if you have missed any of the previous challenges, there is always more to find for the next month so you can be inspired to create more amazing work.

March Artistic Challenges


Magical March Art Challenge

This challenge involves artists creating or drawing a magical girl or anything that is related during the month. Every year, artists post a prompt list and others must then draw a character related to a magical girl. For example, consider Card Captor Sakura or Sailor Moon, which are both Japanese manga and anime series.

The drawing should relate to the prompt that is provided each day.

You can also add or change the prompts and draw as you want but sticking to the theme is what makes the challenge. You can also use any medium from traditional to digital. Once your artwork is done, you can share it on social media, using the hashtags: #MagicalMarch, #MagicalGirl, or #magicalmarch2022.


March of Robots

If you love robots and all things mechanical, then this art challenge is for you. There are prompts provided for the challenge, that cover something new for each day. However, the prompt list is not compulsory, and you can bring in your own ideas as well.

Robot Drawing Challenges

The main objective is to create a drawing that has a robot or other mechanical features. Both traditional mediums and digital artworks can be done by artists. To make sure your art is seen, use the hashtags: #marchoftherobots or #marchofrobots2022. For more designs, you can go to the official website, Chocolate Soop Studio.


April Art Challenges

April art challenges are up next. The first challenge for this month is a bit different in that it lasts a bit longer than a month but begins in April and you can use a variety of ways to express yourself. 

The second challenge is perfect if you are a Harry Potter fan.


100-Day Project

The 100-day project begins in April and was started by Lindsay Jean Mason, who just wants people to be creative and once they have started with something, they must stick to it. The project runs over 100 days, and you can do anything creative. This means you can do anything from drawing, painting, and writing, to music, sewing, or dancing. You can participate in the challenge through Instagram, using the hashtag: #the100dayproject. Every year, the challenge begins on the seventh of the month.

Artistic Challenges


Wizard April

Those of you who love all things magical and related to wizards, fantastic beasts, or the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland, will enjoy this challenge. The challenge was created by a Brazilian Illustrator, Nathanna Erica. You can find more information on the wizardapril Instagram page, or you can follow the YouTube wizardapril page

When posting, make sure to use the hashtag: #wizardapril.


May Art Challenges

The Kick-In the Creatives Website, again offers May art challenges. The MerMay art challenge is only in May and is a challenge for those who love mermaids. The challenge aims to draw a mermaid every day of the month, with no restrictions on what materials or mediums you can use. There is the official Mermay website, where you can find more information.

May Art Challenges


June Art Challenges

We are halfway through the year, and you should already have some inspiration from the previous challenges. But just in case you want even more, here are some more fun and exciting art challenges you can try.


Junicorn Artistic Challenge

You can most likely guess what you have to draw for this challenge, and if you thought unicorns, you are correct. Each day for June, you must draw anything involving a unicorn from the prompt list provided. However, you can also set up your own design ideas, as there are no restrictions for this challenge. You can use any medium you want as long as you include unicorns as the subject matter. 

The hashtags for this challenge are #Junicornchallenge, #Junicorn, and #Junicorn2022.


Junebug Art Challenge

This challenge encourages you to create all kinds of bug or insect themes, hence the name Junebug. You can paint, draw, take photos, or use any other medium, as long as it involves bugs. The style of the art you produce is up to you. Many previous works are often abstract, without focusing too much on the insect itself.

Bug Drawing Challenges

The challenge is very flexible and there are no prizes involved, so if you only want to participate for only seven days, you can do that too. The challenge is more about having fun. When you post, use the hashtags: #junebugs, #junebugartchallenge, #junebugchallenge, or #junebugartchallenge22.


30-Day Art Challenge: Kaijune

The word originates from the Japanese word “kaiju”, which means monster, and is combined with June for the month. This 30-day art challenge involves artists having to create creatures and monsters for each day of the month. You can follow this popular Instagram link for some ideas. Artists can use a prompt list that is provided by other artists, or you can create your own, as there is no official list. 

Again, for this challenge, you can use the hashtags: #Kaiju, #Kaijune2022, #kaijunechallenge, or #Kaijune. 


JuneFae Art Challenge

This is another art challenge that involves drawing faeries, similar to the challenge in February. There is a prompt list, but you can also use your own list. There are no rules to the challenge, except to draw faeries, otherwise, you can use whatever medium you like. You can search for examples and a prompt list by using the following hashtags: #JuneFae, and #junefaechallenge.

Fairy Drawing Challenges


July Art Challenges

When it comes to art challenge ideas for July, there are two that are quite popular. Just like the kaijune, there is a kaijuly. This is for those artists who missed the June challenge. Sticking with the monster theme, you also have the Julycanthropy art challenge. Many of you will know this has everything to do with werewolves. For this challenge, you have to produce artwork that features these creatures. The artwork can be any size, shape, or style, and done with any medium of choice. The challenge was started by the Deviant Art Community, which provides prompts for you to follow. 

Post your artwork with the hashtag: #julycanthropy.


August Art Challenges

The month of August has two popular art challenges, both themes sticking to animals, be it fictional or real. Again, the goal for most of these challenges is to have fun and practice your artwork in more unique ways.

August Art Challenges



You must be a Lord of the Rings follower to know what or who Smaug is. You will then know that the challenge involves the theme of dragons. You can draw, paint, or digitally design your artwork for each day of August. You do not have to strictly keep to every day, as some artists only post a few for the month. There is a variety of prompt lists you can find online to give you ideas, however, you can also use your own ideas and prompt list. 

Use these hashtags when posting your work: #Smaugust, #smaugustchallenge, or #smaugust2021



This challenge has everything to do with dogs. In August, you must draw anything to do with dogs for each day of the month. The challenge was created by @Elizardc_Arts. The prompt list usually provided, includes various breeds of dog, one for each day of the month. There is also an official Instagram page you can visit to check out some ideas.

Dog Artistic Challenges

However, there are many other prompt lists, and you can also create your own. The method you use to create the artwork can be anything, so you can use any medium. The hashtags to use for this challenge are as follows: #Doggust, #Doggustprompts, #Doggus2021, or #DogsinAugust.


September Art Challenges

Some of the art challenges are very specific in theme, however, there are a few that can be more open in subject matter but have to stick to a prompt. 

Below is a great example of this kind of artistic challenge.



The rule for the sketchtember challenge is to capture an idea and then share it with everyone. Most of the time the sketches completed are uncomplicated, with very little detail. The challenge encourages you to do quick sketches from the prompt provided. The drawings do not have to be wonderful, and in most cases, some are not even finished. The results are more organic and unrefined. There are daily prompts, which include a single word and an idiom, for example, bite the bullet. You can use #sketchtember when posting for this challenge.

Sketch Drawing Challenges



This art challenge involves creating and drawing a sword. The challenge was created by Faith Scheffer, quite recently in 2020. You can also bring in an element of fantasy if you want, instead of only focusing on the sword. There is a prompt list, which you can find on the creator’s website. You can also use other artists’ prompts, but just use their hashtags when you post, or you can come up with your own list. You can use whatever medium you wish, including writing and three-dimensional modeling, as long as the theme is built around a sword. 

The hashtags to use are #Swordtember, or #Swordtember followed by the year.


October Art Challenges

This month has quite a few challenges going, most of them following a similar theme, as it is the month of Halloween. However, there are also some cute and cuddly challenges alongside all the horror themes.

October Art Challenge Ideas



 This art challenge was created specifically for Halloween, where a group of artists create a prompt list and share it on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. 

You can then follow the prompts and use the hashtags: #drawtober or #drawtober2022.



This is a popular challenge and if you are searching online for drawing groups or elsewhere, you might find the Inktober hashtag pop up quite often. During October, you are required to create a drawing for each day. There is a prompt list, which you can find on the official Inktober website. You can use ink pens, markers, or even stamps, and there is always an interesting list of topics provided. The objective is to create a drawing habit and to improve your skills. The community it inspires is also the best way to learn from one another. The best hashtag to use is #inktober, but you can also use #inktober2021.

30 Day Art Challenge



Another Halloween challenge involves prompts that are centered around Halloween topics. There is something a bit different with the prompts, as the color of the text is what you need to use to interpret the design. For example, if the text is green, you can then draw a witch, or if the color is blue, you can focus on monsters and ghosts. You can either use ink or create digital artwork for this challenge. 

The hashtags are as follows: #Spooktober, #Spooktober2021, or #spooktoberDCA.



Another Halloween-inspired challenge, where you follow the prompts to create your artwork. You can use any medium, as long as you are creative and stick with the Halloween theme. You can tag your completed art with #drawlloween or #drawlloween2022.

Halloween Artistic Challenges


Flufftober and Catober

Flufftober is prompt-based and can involve any subject, be it a family member, friends, or anything, as long as it has the theme of happiness (fluff). The hashtags to look out for are #flufftober and #flufftober2022. Catober is more of the actual fluffy kind, and you have to draw cats or any feline animal for each day of the month. The challenge is quite open, and you can follow prompts or make up your own. 

The hashtags to use include #catober and #catober2022.


November Art Challenges

We are nearing the end of the year for challenges and October is quite a busy month for challenges. Can November follow with similar amazing art challenges? Maybe not as many, but November still has a few great challenges you could try if you missed any of the ones before this month.

November Art Challenges



This huevember challenge is a little different from most and requires you to use a different hue or color as the dominant color in your theme. You can include other hues, but the one prompted for the day must take center stage. You can use any medium and style, and you can draw anything you want. The color saturation can also be adjusted, the color must just remain itself. 

Tag your work with #huevember or #huevember2022.



This can be a great challenge to do with the kids, as it involves using dinosaur toys and placing them in creative poses, drawing dinosaurs, or any other creative idea with dinosaurs every day of November. You can be at any skill level to join, and the dinovember challenge is there to simply enjoy yourself. The official tags are #dinovember and #dinovember2022.

Dino Artistic Challenges



As the name suggests, this challenge is about taking things slow and focusing more on a single piece of art. As you progress, you can showcase your artwork, and you can have a look at what other artists are working on. The challenge was created by Jake Parker, the same person who founded Inktober. 

You can use #slovember when posting your work.


December Art Challenges

Finally, the last day of the month. By now you should have more than enough ideas to get started. However, if you need a bit more inspiration, below are a few more fun and interesting art challenges for December.

December Digital Art Challenges



This challenge is about telling tales and involves world-building. The challenge takes place on the Reddit forum and other social media pages. The aim is to build a world or universe from the prompts you are given for each day. You can do whatever you want from drawing to writing, music, and more. 

The tags you can use include: #talecember and #talecember2022, or #worldbuildingchallenge.



This is a drawing challenge and mostly involves a Christmas theme or winter theme for this time of year. There is an official prompt list you can follow, however, there is a Reddit community page, or you can come up with your own ideas. You can also use any medium you want, and once done, tag your work with #Drawcember or #Drawcember2022.

Christmas Art Challenge Ideas



Everyday Art Challenges

The above art challenges are best done in the month they are meant for. This way, it is easier to join the community and follow up on posts. However, there are also other art and digital art challenges that are designed to be done any day of the year.

Kids Art Challenge Ideas


Art vs. Artist

The art vs. art artist challenge became popular quite quickly and if you have a look on various social media platforms, you will see an image with nine boxes. Inside eight of these boxes are various artworks, while the final box has an image of the artist in the middle. This is a fun way to make yourself known as an artist. You can paint, draw, or produce digital artwork, there are no restrictions and there is no set time limit. 

If you want to post, many artists prefer to do this in November. You can use the tags: #artvsartist and #artvsartist2022.


Art Challenge: #Stylechallenge

This challenge will have you drawing a character or even yourself in as many styles as you can. The challenge was first introduced by an artist on Instagram called @beautifulness87. The challenge is also known as the “draw thin in your style challenge”. There is no limit to the number of styles you create, and how you complete the challenge is completely up to you. A similar challenge is the 20 art styles challenge, which has you following the same process, but with a set number of styles to complete. This challenge is tagged with the following: #20styles or #20stylechallenge.

Style Art Challenges Ideas


Art Challenge: ToonMe

This art challenge has artists drawing and painting using traditional or digital methods, to create a self-portrait. Half the image is a photo of the person, while the other half of the face is the artwork, usually a cartoon-style effect. You can have a look at some great examples on Instagram. This is another amazing way you can introduce yourself to other artists and showcase your work at the same time. 

The idea was created by René Córdova, an illustrator based in Mexico. 


Drawing Challenge: 100 Heads

This challenge is self-explanatory, you have to draw one hundred heads in ten days. The challenge was first created by Ahmed Aldoori, and you can watch and see how he does it on his YouTube page. The best method to use for this challenge is to draw ten heads every day.

Head Drawing Challenges


Fauna Focus

The fauna focus challenge focuses on bringing a new animal onto the list each month, and you have to then create artwork about the chosen animal. You can use whatever medium you choose, and anybody can participate.  This challenge helps you to improve on certain skills and you can get feedback from others if you post on social media. 

To post, you can tag your work with #faunafocus.


Sketch Dailies

This is a twitter-based challenge that has prompts for every day, which you then have to interpret in your own daily sketch. You can check the Twitter feed daily for prompts and post sketches using the hashtag: #Sketch_Dailies or @Sketch_Dailies2022.

Floral Drawing Challenges


If you have read through this article, you should have found some inspiration and have a few favorite art challenge ideas in mind, whether it is drawing, painting, or digital art challenges. The next step is to join a challenge to see what you can do, but most important of all, have fun.



Frequently Asked Questions


What Is an Art Challenge?

An art challenge is something you participate in online, which is usually created and set up by various artists. These artists create theme and prompt lists, which contain words that you must use to create all types of artworks. You then post your artwork online and you can also see other artists’ work, making sure you use specific hashtags. Some challenges can be done anytime, however, many of them are created for a specific month.


How to Find the Best Artistic Challenges?

Whether it is digital art challenges, drawing challenge ideas, or any other type of art challenge, you can find articles like this one to find the best challenges. You could also use specific hashtags to find the challenge you are looking for.


Why Join an Art Challenge?

An art challenge is there to help you improve your skills, but it also creates an art community and is a great way to showcase your own work and to see the work of other artists. The challenges are also another way to help increase your followers online.


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