What Color Does Pink and Yellow Make

What Color Does Pink and Yellow Make? – Create Shades of Peach

Pink and yellow are both warm and uplifting colors that are often associated with kids’ birthday parties and other happy occasions. The two colors pair well to create a playful and optimistic combination that can be used in fashion and interior design. The colors can also be used to create fun logos or graphics for websites. However, does this feeling also apply when you mix pink and yellow? What color does pink and yellow make? Keep reading to find out!



 What Color Does Pink and Yellow Make?

If you mix pink and yellow, the color produced is peach. When red and yellow are mixed, the color produced is orange. Pink is a lighter form of red, so you can say that the peach color is a lighter, more subtle shade of orange. However, you can also use darker or lighter variations of each color. Also, using different ratios of color can also produce different hues that can lean more towards red or yellow.

pink yellow mixing

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Light Pink#ffb6da0, 29, 15, 0255, 182, 218 
Light Yellow#ffff4e0, 0, 69, 0255, 255, 78 
Light Peach#ffdb940, 14, 42, 0255, 219, 148 


Color Variations Overview for Different Shades of Yellow and Pink

Pink ShadeYellow ShadeMixed Color



Mixing Pink and Yellow Paint

Continuing with the traditional color system, we have learned a little bit about pink and yellow and where these colors can be found on the color wheel. Red, which is a primary color, along with yellow, and blue are colors that you cannot create. However, you can use the primary colors to make the secondary hues. If you combine red and yellow, you will make orange, or if you combine yellow and blue, you will make green. The other secondary color is purple, which is a combination of red and blue. Since we know that pink is a lighter version of red, when you mix it with yellow, you should get a lighter version of orange. The most common name for this particular hue is peach.

Mix Pink and Yellow

When mixing paint colors, you might need to experiment with different red and yellow paint colors. Many of the paint manufacturers have different formulas, which could mean that there could be pigments included you did not expect.

Some reds are considered cool, which means that they could have a bluish undertone. So, if you decide to mix this type of red with yellow, the results might not be as expected. Since there is also blue involved, you will be mixing all three of the primary hues. When this occurs, for example, if you cool red mixed with a warm yellow, it can begin to form more of a dark brown or orange that is less vibrant, rather than a bright orange. So, just be aware of this when creating your own pink colors.

Mix Pink and Yellow Shades

So, ultimately, yellow and pink mixed can create different shades of orange and even red, depending on the particular colors chosen. To make things easier, you can simply purchase a tube of orange paint and add white to create a lighter more peachy color. You can also adjust this more by adding a little more red, to create a look that is peachy pink.


Creating Lighter and Darker Shades

The term tint is used when referring to pink, as adding white to a color will create a tint. Another term you might come across is “shade”, which creates a darker version of a color by adding back. So, you can easily lighten or darken your peach color further by adding more white or black. Remember, you should use small amounts of black as it can quickly overpower the mixture.

Consider adding some raw umber, which is a dark shade of brown, instead of black. You can also initially choose a darker shade of pink and yellow to create a darker shade of orange.

You can also tone down the orange, or make it less vibrant, by adding a little blue, which is the complementary color of orange.


Meaning of Peach

Peach is a warm, friendly, sweet, and pleasant color. Peach is also associated with youthfulness, spring, positivity, innocence, and acceptance and is a color that feels very reassuring. The color is also inviting, uplifting, and eye-catching, making it a color that loves attention. The peach color is also a symbol of good communication.

In China, peach has been associated with purity, while the fruit itself is a symbol of abundance. On the negative side, the peach can also seem immature, erratic, and unreliable.



Understanding Pink and Yellow As Colors

To appreciate the different colors and how they work, we need to look into color theory. Here you will find out how all the colors work and how they relate to one another. In the traditional color system, which is commonly used when mixing paints, red, yellow, and blue are your primary hues. The mixing system used is known as a subtractive color model, which means that certain color wavelengths are absorbed, and the color you see is what is reflected.

The color wheel was created so that you can see how all the colors are connected, which helps make it easier to create color combinations. Pink is red with a measure of white added to it. So, being a variation of red, pink is also a warm color, the same as yellow and orange.

These warm colors can be seen grouped on one side of the color wheel. The cool colors like blue and green are all located on the opposite section of the color wheel. So, blue is the opposite of orange, and this makes blue the complementary color to orange. This means that when these colors are next to each other, they form a high contrast.

Yellow and Pink Mixed

Mixing complementary colors also produces an unusual result. The colors cancel one another out to form a neutral gray or brown, depending on the ratios and shades used. All colors have a meaning behind them and can evoke certain feelings. Next, let us have a look at the meaning of pink and yellow.


Meaning of Pink

Pink is a balance between the simplicity of white and the excitement of red. The toned-down appearance of pink tends to symbolize nurturing, romance, kindness, compassion, and sympathy. Pink also provides warmth, hope, and comfort, and is often associated with femininity. For some, pink is also a symbol of health. Containing the energy of red, the pink color can be mentally stimulating; however, softer pinks can also be calming.

If pink is not your favorite color, it may seem a bit immature and lacking in confidence.


Meaning of Yellow

 Yellow is a happy, bright, and optimistic color that is full of energy. Yellow is also associated with joy, friendship, and positivity, and can be a symbol of intellect. Yellow can help to stimulate the mind and can inspire creativity. It is also a great motivating color that can help boost confidence. Always get a broader view of the meaning of colors, as they can mean something completely different in other cultures. For example, in places like Egypt, yellow is a color that is linked to death. There are also a few general negative associations with the color yellow, such as cowardice, egotism, fear, and impatience.

Yellow is also often used as a color for caution.

Combination of Pink and Yellow



Understanding Pink and Yellow in Other Color Models

Besides the traditional color model, colors can be used in different ways. The RGB color model, which uses the layering of colored lights or additive color mixing, is what you see on your television screen. The primary colors are a little different and involve red, green, and blue.

Mixing two of these primary hues will then create cyan, magenta, or yellow. So, in this case, you will be mixing a primary and secondary color when combining red and yellow.

You will hardly ever use a combination of pink and yellow. However, pink is created by using 100 percent red, 75 percent green, and 80 percent blue. Yellow 100 percent red and green, with no blue. Yellow and pink mixed light should produce something similar to peach, depending on the light brightness. Below, you can see a lighter and darker version of peach, known as coral.

Mix Pink and Yellow Paint

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Pink#ffc0cb0, 25, 20, 0255, 192, 203 
Yellow#ffff000, 0, 100, 0255, 255, 0 
Light Peach#ffdb940, 14, 42, 0255, 219, 148 
Coral#ff7f500, 50, 69, 0255, 127, 80 


Printing Color Model

 The printing model uses the CMYK system, which is also a subtractive mixing model. Cyan, magenta, and yellow are the primary hues, while red, green, and blue are the secondary hues. Many artists also prefer using this color model when painting, as it is more useful than the more restrictive traditional way. Mixing magenta and yellow you can create red, which is a primary color in the RYB color model.

A combination of pink and yellow will still create a shade of light orange in this model.



Best Uses for Pink and Yellow in Art and Design

Pink and yellow are both colors that have been used in art and design throughout the years. Using these colors together creates a fun and happy feel that is reminiscent of spring or summertime. If you mix pink and yellow, you make peach, which is just as pleasant and cheerful. Peach is another color that has been used to create different art paintings from landscapes to portraits.

Peach can also create elegant outfits and inviting interior designs.

Shades of Pink and Yellow Mixed


Graphic Design

To create a brand, logo, and website, you need to select your colors carefully. Pink and yellow are fun colors to pair and evoke warm and positive feelings. Peach provides similar feelings. When incorporating peach into a design, consider using a royal blue to add contrast and create a contemporary look and feel. Consider matching peach with cream or other neutrals like gray and white. To create a more sophisticated look, pair peach with gold and mint. Experiment with the color peach and try to use variations for different elements within a design.

pink and yellow graphic design

Peach can look great as a background and can be used in a variety of color combinations.


Fashion Design

You might be thinking that pink and yellow are not the best color combinations for an outfit. The colors do tend to stand out if you use bright colors. However, if this is not our style, consider softer shades of yellow that will work well with brighter pinks. On the other hand, bolder yellows can work nicely with soft pink pastels. Peach is a welcome touch to any outfit and comes in a variety of lighter and darker shades.

Pair with neutrals like white or black or accessorize with a pop of color like blue.

pink and yellow fashion


Interior Design

Pink and yellow can work wonderfully in a room, without looking overly childish. There are many versatile shades and hues that can be used. One of the colors can be a more saturated hue, while the other can be a more muted tone so that they do not clash. You can also simply bring in the colors into a neutral color scheme, to add more color. This can be done by adding cushions and throws with pink and yellow accents. Pink and yellow go especially well with white and beige.

The soft and warm peach color can also be used effectively in the home. Lighter shades can be used as a neutral, which can be painted on the walls. Darker shades can make a beautiful accent wall.

pink and yellow interior design

Again, similar to pink and yellow, peach goes well with other neutrals like white, brown, black, and gray. Peach is a great color to pair with metallic elements like copper, to add a warm touch to a room. Peach can be used in the bedroom and most other rooms in the home. If you do not want to go all out with the color, simply add it as an accent. For example, a soft and peachy rug or add a retro look to the kitchen by getting peachy-colored appliances.


You can have the best of both worlds when you mix pink and yellow, as peach is the perfect color to bring a little joy to your world. When mixing paints, remember to have fun experimenting with the different colors to see for yourself what pink and yellow make. You can create soft and subtle shades, or you can go bold. Whatever you do, you are sure to create something amazing!




Frequently Asked Questions


What Color Does Pink and Yellow Make?

When considering most color models, yellow and pink mixed together will create a shade of orange or peach. Peach is a warm and inviting color that also comes in a variety of shades.


What Color Is Pink?

Looking at the basic traditional color model, pink is a lighter version of red, which is a primary color. To achieve the pink color, white has been included to lighten the red. Remember that there are numerous shades of red, with many having different undertones. So, to make the shade of pink you want, always consider the type or shade of red being used.


Does Peach Go With Yellow and Pink?

The peach color can work well with both yellow and pink, creating a fresh, exciting, and summery feel. You can even create a combination of peach, yellow, and pink. Just remember to try out different shades to see what will work best. For example, softer shades of yellow and pink can create a more dreamy and inviting look when combined with peach.


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