Royal Blue Color

Royal Blue Color – Explore Colors That Complement Royal Blue

Royal blue is a color that can commonly be found in fashion, interior design, and cosmetics. Consider royal blue nail polish, eyeshadow, or even lipstick. In this article, we will be discovering things like what color makes royal blue, and what colors go with royal blue, and there are even a few tips on how to create amazing royal blue home interiors!



What Color Is Royal Blue?

What does royal blue look like? You can describe royal blue as a vibrant, more saturated, and deep shade of blue. If you look closely, you will see that it has a slight purplish undertone and is lighter when compared to navy blue. There is also the traditional blue, which is darker and appears a lot more purple.

Royal Blue Hex Code

You will notice all the royal blue color codes on the table. Today, the most common royal blue is the one with the royal blue hex code #4169e1. This code is what helps identify colors on the web. The other royal blue codes are mostly used by designers for creating images online, and for printing purposes.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Traditional Royal Blue#002366100, 66, 0, 600, 35, 102 
Royal Blue#4169e171, 53, 0, 1265, 105, 225 
Navy Blue#000080100, 100, 0, 500, 0, 128 


Royal Blue: A Brief History

Royal blue, as a color, was first documented in the 19th century. The name originated in England and came about due to a competition to create a dress for Queen Charlotte (1744 -1818), the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland and wife of King George III. She then became quite fond of the dress and color and incorporated royal blue into many of her other outfits. 

The color also then became quite popular among the masses during this time. You will also notice the royal blue color featured in the British flag.

The traditional royal blue is darker when compared to the current royal blue color we all know. Over the years, the color has changed slightly. During the 1950s, royal blue was seen as more of a brighter blue. So, the more vibrant royal blue came about when the web colors were developed during the late 1980s. This brighter color was given the name royal blue and is what we are all now familiar with.


Royal Blue Color Meaning

Royal blue, as its name suggests, has royal connections as we have already mentioned. This makes royal blue quite a popular color for formal outfits as well as a color for weddings. The royal blue color is also associated with reliability, and tranquility, and is an authoritative color. Royal blue is also a trustworthy color that is calming and has a sense of stability as well as confidence. Royal blue is also thought to be a color of extravagance and luxury.

What Color Is Royal Blue

Blue can be associated with depression; however, royal blue is a more lively color that is less likely to have this impression. However, too much royal blue can become domineering and may create a more restless atmosphere. Used correctly, royal blue is mostly reassuring and offers a beautiful, calming, and confident aspect to designs.



Shades of Royal Blue

Every color can produce a different shade, tint, or tone. So, when deciding on a color, you have quite a variety to choose from. Again, you will notice the royal blue color codes, which sets each color apart. Let us now go through a few of the lesser-known shades of royal blue.

What Does Royal Blue Looks Like


Queen Blue

This version of royal blue is a dark moderate shade of blue. The name in English first came about in 1926, but it was also known as Queen’s blue before this. 

You can see that the queen blue is not as bright as the royal blue color.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Royal Blue#4169e171, 53, 0, 1265, 105, 225 
Queen Blue#436b9555, 28, 0, 4267, 107, 149 


Imperial Blue

Imperial blue has been known to be a version of royal blue, but as you can see, it is a darker shade that is much closer to navy blue. You can also find this particular color and name included in the Pantone color collection. 

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Royal Blue#4169e171, 53, 0, 1265, 105, 225 
Imperial Blue#005a92100, 38, 0, 430, 90, 146 

Colors that Compliment Royal Blue


Sapphire Blue

This is a strong and saturated blue that gets its name from the precious gemstone of the same color. This makes the color part of the jewel-tone family. The sapphire blue color is associated with love, loyalty, and happiness. 

You can also find many alternative shades of sapphire blue.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Royal Blue#4169e171, 53, 0, 1265, 105, 225 
Sapphire Blue#0f52ba92, 56, 0, 2715, 82, 186 



What Colors Go With Royal Blue?

Royal blue is a bright and attractive color that can go with many colors from green, to orange, and various shades of yellow. The color works particularly well with white and other neutral colors like gray, brown, beige, and black. Using color theory, you can uncover some of the top color combinations for royal blue.

What Colors go with Royal Blue


Complementary Royal Blue Colors

Using the royal blue hex code, you can determine the various color codes online quite easily. There are numerous websites and tools you can try out. When looking at a color wheel, complementary colors face each other or are on opposing sides. When you pair these colors, they will provide a nice contrast and the colors stand out. 

Colors that compliment royal blue include shades of orange and yellow, like gold for a more elegant look.

If you mix complementary colors, they will produce a muddy gray-scale color as they neutralize each other. Since both royal blue and yellow are vibrant colors when used in designs, it is best to choose your main color, and then use the other as an accent color to avoid overpowering the look.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Royal Blue#4169e171, 53, 0, 1265, 105, 225 
Bright Yellow#e1b9410, 18, 71, 12225, 185, 65 
Gold#ffd7000, 16, 100, 0255, 215, 0 
Orange#ffa5000, 35, 100, 0255, 165, 0 


Analogous Royal Blue Colors

On the color wheel, colors that are found next to one another create an analogous color palette. These colors work seamlessly when paired and are pleasing to look at. These colors also have similar characteristics. Consider other colors in this range like purple or navy blue.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Royal Blue#4169e171, 53, 0, 1265, 105, 225 
Bright Blue#41b9e171, 18, 0, 1265, 185, 225 
Bright Violet#6941e153, 71, 0, 12105, 65, 225 
Purple#8000800, 100, 0, 50128, 0, 128 

What Color Is Royal Blue Purple


Monochromatic Royal Blue Colors

This color scheme ranges in color tones and shades of a single color. So, you will have a collection of darker and lighter shades of royal blue. This is another color combination that works well, without having to worry if the colors coordinate. 

Used correctly, this color combination also produces more depth in a design. 

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Royal Blue#4169e171, 53, 0, 1265, 105, 225 
Strong Blue#1d44b884, 63, 0, 2829, 68, 184 
Soft Blue#839deb44, 33, 0, 8131, 157, 235 


Triadic Royal Blue Colors

This color combination creates a visual contrast with three colors. These colors can be found on the color wheel, and you will notice it as a triangular form, with colors that are evenly spaced. Other colors that compliment royal blue, include using shades of red and green, such as teal or pink. Remember, these are all vibrant colors, so use them wisely to create a balanced and harmonious look.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Royal Blue#4169e171, 53, 0, 1265, 105, 225 
Bright Green#69e14153, 0, 71, 12105, 225, 65 
Bright Red#e141690, 71, 53, 12225, 65, 105 
Teal#008080100, 0, 0, 500, 128, 128 
Pink#fe828c0, 49, 45, 0254, 130, 140 

Royal Blue Color Code



How to Mix Royal Blue Acrylic Paint

Blue is a primary color, which means that you cannot mix any colors to achieve a primary blue. However, there is a variety of different types of blue, with differing undertones. So, what color makes royal blue? To mix a royal blue color paint, you can combine blue and purple.

To mix purple, you will need to combine equal amounts of blue and red. You can then combine equal amounts of purple and blue, or you can slowly add more purple to the blue until you achieve a royal blue color. You can also use magenta and blue paint, again, slowly adding a small amount of magenta to the blue.

There are also different types of blues like ultramarine blue or phthalo blue, which can affect the color outcome.

This is because some paint colors have a color bias, and you could mix all three primary colors without meaning to. Consider ultramarine blue, which has a reddish undertone or bias. Phthalo is a cool blue, with a green bias, meaning you are bringing yellow into the mix. This will not provide the bright royal blue you are looking for.

You can always simply purchase royal blue paint in the tube. However, if you are adventurous enough to mix your own colors, remember to keep a color chart so that you can keep a record of all the paint proportions you use.



Royal Blue Interior Designs

Royal blue is a bold and bright color that can bring some color into a plain room. You can use the vibrant color as an accent color if you want to bring in the color more subtly. However, if you are more adventurous, you can paint all the walls, but balance it out with a white ceiling and white trim.

What Color Makes Royal Blue

The royal blue color can also be toned down by using other neutral colors like ivory, brown, champagne, beige, and tan. You can also brighten things up by pairing royal blue with shades of orange,  or green. To create a more elegant look, pair royal blue with natural elements like wood, together with white and other shades of blue. Here are some more ideas when using royal blue in designs.

  • Since royal blue catches your attention, consider using it in smaller spaces to create something of a sensation.
  • Instead of the more traditional colors, royal blue will make a great addition to bathroom and kitchen cabinets.
  • Try not to use royal blue as your main kitchen or dining room color, as blue tends to suppress the appetite.
  • Royal blue is perfect as an accent color using cushions, throws, and furniture items. Royal blue will also make an eye-catching accent wall.
  • Remember to include patterns and different textures to create more interest.


If you are looking for a bold color that can also provide a feeling of calm, then royal blue can provide both. As a bright color that pairs well with most colors, royal blue is a trusted color that will stay in fashion all year round.




Frequently Asked Questions


What Color Is Royal Blue?

When compared to other blues, what does royal blue look like? There are many shades of blue, but royal blue stands out as being a bright, saturated, and deep blue that has purplish undertones.


Can You Wear Royal Blue Clothing?

Yes, royal blue can add a touch of color to any outfit and will work with all skin tones. Some might feel it is too bright, but it can add a more energetic look to an outfit. You can wear royal blue as a dress, a skirt, or a sweater, as well as blue blazer or pants, or even paired with some eye-catching boots.


What Colors Go With Royal Blue?

The classic colors that go with royal blue include white, and all other neutral colors like brown, black, and tan. To create contrast, try combining royal blue with various shades of orange, yellow, or pink. Royal blue will always work perfectly with other shades of blue. 


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