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Lime Green Color – What Colors Go With Lime Green?

Do you need a fresh and energizing color for your next creative venture? Then lime green might be an excellent choice. Bright, appealing, and refreshing, it can help create something more distinctive and unique. The lime green color can also add an attractive, fresh look to any interior design. Before making a decision, let us delve a little deeper into shades of lime green.




What Is a Lime Green Color?

Lime green is a strong and bright shade of green that comes from the citrus lime fruit, which has a similar color to its skin or peel. The color can also be described as lime green-yellow. What colors make lime green?

The lime green color can be found on the color wheel, sitting between yellow and green. So, it consists of both these hues. However, many of the different shades of lime green can either lean more towards green or yellow. Other names for lime green include bitter lime, lemon-lime or yellow-green.

The RGB color code is used mostly in graphic designs and involves the blending of colors and light. In this case, you will notice that it contains decimal values of 50 for red, 205 for green, and 50 for blue. The CMYK color model is applied when printing and involves the use of ink.

lime green yellow

When creating lime green, it will use 76 percent cyan, zero magenta, 76 percent yellow, and 20 percent black. In web design, you can also find two varieties of the lime green color. You will notice that one is a little darker, and the other is brighter and can be described as being more of a pure lime green.

Lime Green ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeLime Green Color
Lime Green#32cd3276, 0, 76, 2050, 205, 50 
Pure Lime Green#00ff00100, 0, 100, 00, 255, 0 


Lime Green Color: A Brief History

The color green has a vast history, dating far back to ancient civilizations. Green was a symbol of status in years to come, usually worn by nobility, bankers, and merchants, who could afford the dyed materials.

Green pigments were often used in paintings, however, some green pigments like Scheele’s Green were highly toxic and were more than likely responsible for quite a few deaths, including that of Napoleon Bonaparte. Another green pigment known as Paris Green was also quite toxic and may be responsible for some health issues artists like Paul Cézanne suffered from. The green pigment was used to create beautiful green landscapes, for example, the Mont Sainte-Victoire and the Viaduct of the Arc River Valley (1885) by Paul Cézanne.

Getting back to lime green, the color name was first used as such in the English language in 1890. The bright lime green color became popular in the 1970s. Today, lime green has seen a comeback in popularity, particularly in web design and interior design. Lime green has also become trendy in the fashion industry, helping to brighten up a look and helping to project a sense of confidence and positivity.

lime green fashion


The Lime Green Color Meaning

As with all shades of green, the lime green color meaning is also associated with nature, growth, happiness, health, hope, and peace, and it provides more energy, freshness, creativity, excitement, and liveliness. Lime green is a lighter shade of green, which helps to promote all these energizing effects. This is something darker greens do not produce as effectively. However, too much of the vibrant color can become annoying and produce feelings of restlessness. The color can also be overwhelming and associated with sickly feelings.

what colors make lime green



Shades of Lime Green

You might be confused about some colors that might look similar. The shades of lime green, all vary slightly in the amounts of a color present. For example, a softer lime green, or seafoam green, will have different values in the color codes when compared to lime green. Seafoam is a soft green-blue shade that is often mistaken for mint. Below this, are a few more different hues of lime green.

Lime Green ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeLime Green Color
Lime Green#32cd3276, 0, 76, 2050, 205, 50 
Seafoam Green#93e9be37, 0, 18, 9147, 233, 190 

Analogous Seafoam Green Colors


Kelly Green

This is an intense, almost pure green that is located between green and blue on the color wheel. You can say it is more of a lime green yellow than a yellow-green. The name is derived from an old Irish family and is the perfect color that represents the green Irish landscape. Kelly green is also a color that is connected to St. Patrick’s Day.

Lime Green ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeLime Green Color
Lime Green#32cd3276, 0, 76, 2050, 205, 50 
Kelly Green#4cbb1759, 0, 88, 2776, 187, 23 


Neon Green

This is an extremely vibrant shade of lime green and can be found next to one another on the color wheel. You will notice that neon green is much brighter than lime green, containing 100 percent green in the RGB color model, while lime green contains a little less green and slightly more blue to balance the hue.

Lime Green ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeLime Green Color
Lime Green#32cd3276, 0, 76, 2050, 205, 50 
Neon Green#39ff1478, 0, 92, 057, 255, 20 

shades of lime green



Lime green and chartreuse are very similar, with only slight variations in the make-up of each color. Chartreuse is also a vibrant color and was named after a French liqueur that also had a yellow-green hue to it. The chartreuse color is located, along with lime green, between green and yellow on the color wheel.

Lime Green ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeLime Green Color
Lime Green#32cd3276, 0, 76, 2050, 205, 50 
Chartreuse#7fff0050, 0, 100, 0127, 255, 0 



Lime Green Color Combinations

What colors go with lime green? To discover the answer, you need to do a little research on color theory. There you will find that all colors can be seen on a color wheel, and depending on how they are all positioned, you can work out the best color combinations. Lime green does go well with neutral colors like white, black as well as gray. But let us look at some of the color combinations you can get.

what colors go with lime green


Complementary Color Combination for Lime Green

If you are looking for a color combination that offers great contrast, then complementary colors are what you need. Go to a color wheel, find a lime green, and the color opposite this is your complementary color. You will notice how, when placed next to each other, the colors stand out. When it comes to lime green, you have various shades of magenta, fuchsia, or pink and purple colors.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Lime Green#32cd3276, 0, 76, 2050, 205, 50 
Magenta#cd32cd0, 76, 0, 20205, 50, 205 
Fuchsia#ff00ff0, 100, 0, 0255, 0, 255 


Analogous Color Combination for Lime Green

These are groups of adjacent colors on the color wheel. These colors offer less contrast and are more pleasing and easier to look at. Analogous colors for lime green will have either a more pronounced undertone of yellow or green.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Lime Green#32cd3276, 0, 76, 2050, 205, 50 
Strong Green#80cd3238, 0, 76, 20128, 205, 50 
Strong Cyan#32cd8076, 0, 38, 2050, 205, 128 


Monochromatic Color Combination for Lime Green

This color combination is similar to the analogous option, as the colors are not contrasting and work harmoniously together. Using these colors usually adds more depth to a design. This color combination is a variety of darker shades as well as lighter shades of lime green.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Lime Green#32cd3276, 0, 76, 2050, 205, 50 
Dark Lime Green#23902376, 0, 76, 4435, 144, 35 
Soft Lime Green#70dc7049, 0, 49, 14112, 220, 112 


Three or More Contrasting Color Combinations

Besides the complementary colors, you also have split complementary colors, triadic colors, square, and tetradic color combinations. The split complementary colors are simply the two colors next to your main complementary color.

The other color combinations all form equal shapes on the color wheel. Triadic forms a triangle, of which the lime green color combination is seen in the below table. The square color combination is self-explanatory, while tetradic is in the form of a rectangle. Of course, the more colors involved in a design, the trickier it is to create a balanced look. So, it is always a good idea to choose one main color, while the others play more minor or accent roles.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Lime Green#32cd3276, 0, 76, 2050, 205, 50 
Strong Red#cd32320, 76, 76, 20205, 50, 50 
Strong Blue#3232cd76, 76, 0, 2050, 50, 205 



Mixing Lime Green Acrylic Paints

Primary colors include blue, yellow, as well as red. Green falls into the secondary color category. This means two of the primary colors are blended to make green. So, you will need some blue and yellow paint to start with.

When you are busy blending colors, create a color chart as you go so that you will know what colors and proportions you used for future projects. To make a basic green, mic equal amounts of blue and yellow paint. Blend the paint thoroughly to get the green color.

How to Mix Seafoam Green Paint

All you need to do to create a lime green color is to add in a little more yellow. Make sure to add only small amounts until you reach the lime green color. If you wish to lighten the color, you can then include a bit of white paint. If you wish to darken the color, include more blue, or you can also try adding a small amount of black. Of course, there is always the option of purchasing a lime green color paint tube from an art store.



Lime Green Color Interiors

Lime green can work well with both warmer yellow colors as well as cooler blues. Even though it is a bright color, lime green has become quite a trendy color in both fashion as well as interior design. Lime green can bring a vibrant and refreshing look to any room. However, painting an entire room lime green might be too intense. Lime green is energetic, so this is especially true for rooms where you wish to relax, like the bedroom.

lime green interior design

However, you can add the lime green color as an accent color to great effect. For fun and splashes of color, you can bring in the color through accessories like cushions, patterned rugs, lamps, tiles, paintings, and wallpaper. Sofas and chairs can also work in lime green. Consider a green sofa, and pairing this off with a blue rug, and off-white painted walls. An accent-painted wall can also bring in a bright color, without overwhelming the space. There are some very popular shades of lime green paint from well-known paint manufacture’s Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

Lime Green ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeLime Green Color
Cat’s Eye
(Benjamin Moore)
#2f6f4658, 0, 37, 5647, 111, 70 
Center Stage
(Sherwin Williams)
#b4c51f9, 0, 84, 23180, 197, 31 
Lime Green
(Benjamin Moore)
#a8b6008, 0, 100, 29168, 182, 0 




Lime green is a vibrant and invigorating color that is a great choice for many design ideas. If you want to attract attention and provide a bit of a fun element, lime green is the ideal color. Lime green is perfect for an eye-catching, green-toned interior, which is sure to make a visual impact.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What Colors Make Lime Green?

When creating lime green paint, you will need to use two primary colors. The primary colors that make green are yellow and blue. To produce more of a vibrant green like lime green, add a little more yellow.


What Colors Go With Lime Green?

Lime green goes with white, gray, as well as black, which are neutral colors. However, for lime green to stand out, it pairs nicely with pinks and purples. Lime green also goes with shades of blue. Shades of yellow and other shades of green are also good combinations.


Is Lime Green Warm or Cool?

Lime green, along with olive, pistachio, chartreuse, and khaki, are all warmer greens. If you wish to make a green color cooler, simply choose a green that contains more blue than yellow.

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