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Shades of Gold Color – 120+ Gold Color Tones To Know

Dive into the opulent world of gold, a hue synonymous with luxury and timeless elegance! Our treasure trove of 124 mesmerizing shades of gold awaits your exploration, each one presented with a stunning visual, an evocative description, and precise color codes for designers and color enthusiasts alike. Embark on a golden journey that will enrich your projects and ignite your creativity with every shade from the softest champagne to the deepest amber!

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What Color is Gold?

Gold is a warm and rich color that evokes the glow of the precious metal it’s named after. It’s a hue that shines with a spectrum of yellow to brown undertones, often associated with affluence, radiance, and a touch of tradition. Gold’s lustrous sheen adds a touch of sophistication and splendor to any palette, making it a timeless favorite in design and fashion.

shades of gold color with hex codes and names
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Our 124 Curated Shades of Gold



Gold is the quintessential symbol of luxury and opulence, its bright yellow hue shimmering with richness and history. It’s often associated with wealth, grandeur, and high status.

Hex: #FFD700
RGB: 255, 215, 0
CMYK: 0, 16, 100, 0


Metallic gold

Metallic Gold offers a deeper and more intense interpretation of classic gold, resembling the luster of polished metal, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and glamour.

Hex: #D4AF37
RGB: 212, 175, 55
CMYK: 0, 17, 74, 17


Golden yellow

Golden Yellow is a bright and cheerful hue, radiating warmth and vitality, reminiscent of sunlight and summer days.

Hex: #FFDF00
RGB: 255, 223, 0
CMYK: 0, 13, 100, 0


Old gold

Old Gold has a deeper, more subdued hue, evoking a sense of antiquity and timelessness, often used in classical and vintage designs.

Hex: #CFB53B
RGB: 207, 181, 59
CMYK: 0, 13, 71, 19


Rose Gold

Rose Gold combines the warmth of gold with a blush of pink, creating a romantic and trendy color, popular in jewelry and fashion.

Hex: #B76E79
RGB: 183, 110, 121
CMYK: 0, 40, 34, 28


Golden brown

Golden Brown is a warm, earthy color, reminiscent of autumn leaves and rich soil, offering a comforting and natural feel.

Hex: #996515
RGB: 153, 101, 21
CMYK: 0, 34, 86, 40



Golden is a bright, vivid representation of gold, full of life and energy, perfect for capturing attention and adding a luxurious touch.

Hex: #f5bf03
RGB: 245, 191, 3
CMYK: 0, 22, 99, 4


Honey Gold

Honey Gold is a warm, amber-like hue, evoking the natural sweetness and stickiness of honey, ideal for cozy and inviting designs.

Hex: #FFC30B
RGB: 255, 195, 11
CMYK: 0, 24, 96, 0


Light Gold

Light Gold is a softer, more subdued version of gold, offering a gentle, elegant shimmer, perfect for understated luxury.

Hex: #FDDC5C
RGB: 253, 220, 92
CMYK: 0, 13, 64, 1



Amber is a rich, golden-orange color, reminiscent of the fossilized resin, known for its natural beauty and warmth.

Hex: #FFBF00
RGB: 255, 191, 0
CMYK: 0, 25, 100, 0


California Gold

California Gold is a sunny, optimistic hue, capturing the essence of the Golden State’s bright and adventurous spirit.

Hex: #FDB515
RGB: 253, 181, 21
CMYK: 0, 28, 92, 1


Golden poppy

Golden Poppy is a vibrant, floral-inspired shade, echoing the vivid color of California’s state flower, full of life and energy.

Hex: #FCC200
RGB: 252, 194, 0
CMYK: 0, 23, 100, 1



Goldenrod is a warm, earthy yellow, like the wildflower, perfect for adding a natural, understated touch of color.

Hex: #DAA520
RGB: 218, 165, 32
CMYK: 0, 24, 85, 15


Harvest gold

Harvest Gold is reminiscent of ripe, golden fields, symbolizing abundance and prosperity, ideal for themes of growth and richness.

Hex: #DA9100
RGB: 218, 145, 0
CMYK: 0, 33, 100, 15


Pale Gold

Pale Gold is a muted, soft version of gold, exuding elegance and a subtle, refined charm, suitable for delicate and sophisticated designs.

Hex: #e6be8a
RGB: 230, 190, 138
CMYK: 0, 17, 40, 10


Satin sheen gold

Satin Sheen Gold has a soft, silky appearance, combining the warmth of gold with a subtle, elegant luster.

Hex: #CBA135
RGB: 203, 161, 53
CMYK: 0, 21, 74, 20



Sunglow is a bright, cheerful yellow, radiating warmth and happiness, perfect for lively and energetic designs.

Hex: #FFCC33
RGB: 255, 204, 51
CMYK: 0, 20, 80, 0


Vegas gold

Vegas Gold is a muted, sophisticated gold, reminiscent of the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, suitable for luxurious and high-end applications.

Hex: #C5B358
RGB: 197, 179, 88
CMYK: 0, 9, 55, 23


American Gold

American Gold is a proud, bold hue, reflecting the strength and spirit of American culture, ideal for patriotic themes.

Hex: #D3AF37
RGB: 211, 175, 55
CMYK: 0, 17, 74, 17


Antique Gold

Antique Gold has a vintage charm, with a deeper, muted tone, evoking a sense of history and time-worn elegance.

Hex: #B0903D
RGB: 176, 144, 61
CMYK: 0, 18, 65, 31


Arabian Gold

Arabian Gold is a rich, exotic shade, reminiscent of the opulence and mystery of the Arabian Nights, perfect for luxurious and ornate designs.

Hex: #F4CA3E
RGB: 244, 202, 62
CMYK: 0, 17, 75, 4


Aspen Gold

Aspen Gold captures the bright, invigorating essence of autumn, reflecting the golden leaves of the Aspen tree, ideal for warm and lively themes.

Hex: #ffd662
RGB: 255, 214, 98
CMYK: 0, 16, 62, 0


ASU Gold

ASU Gold is a vibrant, energetic hue, representing the spirit and vitality of Arizona State University.

Hex: #FFC627
RGB: 255, 198, 39
CMYK: 0, 22, 85, 0


Autumn Gold

Autumn Gold is a deep, warm hue, reminiscent of the changing leaves and cozy atmosphere of the fall season.

Hex: #BC8E19
RGB: 188, 142, 25
CMYK: 0, 24, 87, 26


Banana Mania

Banana Mania is a playful, light yellow, reminiscent of the sweet fruit, perfect for fun and youthful designs.

Hex: #fae7b5
RGB: 250, 231, 181
CMYK: 0, 8, 28, 2


Banner Gold is a robust, deep gold, suggesting stability and tradition, ideal for formal and ceremonial uses.

Hex: #a28557
RGB: 162, 133, 87
CMYK: 0, 18, 46, 36


Black Gold

Black Gold is a dark, mysterious color, often associated with oil and wealth, symbolizing depth and power.

Hex: #281C02
RGB: 40, 28, 2
CMYK: 0, 30, 95, 84



Blond is a pale, creamy yellow, reminiscent of golden hair, offering a soft and gentle color choice.

Hex: #faf0be
RGB: 250, 240, 190
CMYK: 0, 4, 24, 2



Brass is a metallic, golden-brown hue, resembling the alloy, known for its durability and timelessness.

Hex: #b5a642
RGB: 181, 166, 66
CMYK: 0, 8, 64, 29


Brushed Gold

Brushed Gold has a matte, textured appearance, offering a more contemporary and understated take on traditional gold.

Hex: #CCBA78
RGB: 204, 186, 120
CMYK: 0, 9, 41, 20



Buff is a light, sandy tan, neutral yet warm, great for creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Hex: #f0dc82
RGB: 240, 220, 130
CMYK: 0, 8, 46, 6


Bungalow Gold

Bungalow Gold is a warm, inviting shade, reminiscent of cozy, rustic homes, perfect for creating a homely and welcoming space.

Hex: #ad8047
RGB: 173, 128, 71
CMYK: 0, 26, 59, 32


Caduceus Gold

Caduceus Gold is a bright, lively yellow, symbolizing health and medicine, inspired by the medical symbol of the caduceus.

Hex: #ffee66
RGB: 255, 238, 102
CMYK: 0, 7, 60, 0


Cal Poly Pomona Gold

Cal Poly Pomona Gold is a deep, rich yellow, representing the vibrant spirit and heritage of the university.

Hex: #C6930A
RGB: 198, 147, 10
CMYK: 0, 26, 95, 22



Candlelight is a warm, glowing yellow, reminiscent of the soft light of candles, creating an intimate and serene ambiance.

Hex: #F8D810
RGB: 248, 216, 16
CMYK: 0, 13, 94, 3


Celadon Gold

Celadon Gold is a muted, green-tinged gold, offering a subtle and sophisticated color option with a hint of antiquity.

Hex: #c9c6ac
RGB: 201, 198, 172
CMYK: 0, 1, 14, 21


Champagne Gold

Champagne Gold is a luxurious and celebratory color, combining the elegance of gold with the effervescence of champagne.

Hex: #FAEEC8
RGB: 250, 238, 200
CMYK: 0, 5, 20, 2


Christmas Gold

Christmas Gold is a festive, bright hue, capturing the joy and splendor of the holiday season, perfect for celebratory designs.

Hex: #caa906
RGB: 202, 169, 6
CMYK: 0, 16, 97, 21



Citrine is a vibrant, lemon-yellow, resembling the precious gemstone, known for its bright and lively energy.

Hex: #e4d00a
RGB: 228, 208, 10
CMYK: 0, 9, 96, 11


Crayola’s Maize

Crayola’s Maize is a soft, creamy yellow, reminiscent of the corn crop, perfect for gentle and natural themes.

Hex: #F2CA46
RGB: 242, 202, 70
CMYK: 0, 17, 71, 5


Cream Gold

Cream Gold is a soft, muted version of traditional gold, exuding a delicate, creamy warmth, ideal for elegant and subtle applications.

Hex: #dec05f
RGB: 222, 192, 95
CMYK: 0, 14, 57, 13


Cyber Yellow

Cyber Yellow is a bold, bright yellow, radiating energy and modernity, perfect for eye-catching and futuristic designs.

Hex: #ffd300
RGB: 255, 211, 0
CMYK: 0, 17, 100, 0



Dandelion is a cheerful, bright yellow, reminiscent of the sunny flower, symbolizing happiness and playfulness.

Hex: #F0E130
RGB: 240, 225, 48
CMYK: 0, 6, 80, 6


Dark Champagne

Dark Champagne is a deeper, muted gold, blending the luxury of champagne with an earthy, rich depth.

Hex: #C2B280
RGB: 194, 178, 128
CMYK: 0, 8, 34, 24


Dark Gold

Dark Gold offers a profound, intense gold hue, suggesting luxury and sophistication, ideal for elegant and upscale designs.

Hex: #B59410
RGB: 181, 148, 16
CMYK: 0, 18, 91, 29


Dark Goldenrod

Dark Goldenrod is a rich, mustard-like shade, earthy and natural, ideal for rustic and autumnal themes.

Hex: #b8860b
RGB: 184, 134, 11
CMYK: 0, 27, 94, 28


Dark Yellow

Dark Yellow is a deep, amber-like hue, offering a more serious and subdued take on the brightness of yellow.

Hex: #9b870c
RGB: 155, 135, 12
CMYK: 0, 13, 92, 39


Dark Orange

Dark Orange is a rich, vibrant orange, full of life and energy, perfect for dynamic and bold designs.

Hex: #FF8C00
RGB: 255, 140, 0
CMYK: 0, 45, 100, 0


Deep Champagne

Deep Champagne is a sophisticated, golden beige, evoking the elegance of the bubbly drink, ideal for luxurious and refined applications.

Hex: #FAD6A5
RGB: 250, 214, 165
CMYK: 0, 14, 34, 2


Dull Gold

Dull Gold is a subdued, matte gold, offering an understated elegance, perfect for minimalist and contemporary designs.

Hex: #8a6f48
RGB: 138, 111, 72
CMYK: 0, 20, 48, 46


Earth Yellow

Earth Yellow is a warm, natural yellow, reminiscent of sunbaked clay and autumn fields, perfect for grounding and nature-inspired themes.

Hex: #e1a95f
RGB: 225, 169, 95
CMYK: 0, 25, 58, 12



Ecru is a soft, light beige, natural and unbleached, offering a subtle, organic feel, ideal for minimalist and clean designs.

Hex: #C2B280
RGB: 194, 178, 128
CMYK: 0, 8, 34, 24


Faint Gold

Faint Gold is a light, almost pastel version of gold, providing a delicate and subtle hint of luxury.

Hex: #b59410
RGB: 181, 148, 16
CMYK: 0, 18, 91, 29



Fawn is a soft, light brown with a natural, calming presence, akin to the animal’s gentle demeanor.

Hex: #e5aa70
RGB: 229, 170, 112
CMYK: 0, 26, 51, 10



Flavescent is a light, lemony yellow, bright and airy, perfect for adding a touch of freshness and lightness.

Hex: #f7e98e
RGB: 247, 233, 142
CMYK: 0, 6, 43, 3



Flax is a pale, muted yellow, resembling the color of flax fiber, ideal for serene and naturalistic designs.

Hex: #eedc82
RGB: 238, 220, 130
CMYK: 0, 8, 45, 7



Gamboge is a deep, rich yellow, reminiscent of the resin used in art, known for its intensity and depth.

Hex: #E49B0F
RGB: 228, 155, 15
CMYK: 0, 32, 93, 11


Gold from Crayola

Gold Crayola is a playful, bright yellow, perfect for creative and youthful designs, bringing a sense of fun and vibrancy.

Hex: #E6BE8A
RGB: 230, 190, 138
CMYK: 0, 17, 40, 10


Gold (Metallic)

Gold (Metallic) is a rich, lustrous version of gold, resembling polished metal, ideal for adding a touch of glamour and sophistication.

Hex: #d4af37
RGB: 212, 175, 55
CMYK: 0, 17, 74, 17


Gold Coin

Gold Coin is a deep, golden yellow, symbolizing wealth and history, reminiscent of ancient gold currency.

Hex: #fcd975
RGB: 252, 217, 117
CMYK: 0, 14, 54, 1


Gold Deposit

Gold Deposit is a rich, earthy gold, suggesting the natural allure of raw gold, perfect for organic and grounded designs.

Hex: #e0ce57
RGB: 224, 206, 87
CMYK: 0, 8, 61, 12


Gold Drop

Gold Drop is a warm, golden-orange, like a drop of sunshine, bright and inviting, ideal for cheerful and warm designs.

Hex: #d56c30
RGB: 213, 108, 48
CMYK: 0, 49, 77, 16


Gold Dust

Gold Dust is a subtle, shimmering gold, like fine particles of gold, perfect for adding a delicate, magical touch.

Hex: #a4803f
RGB: 164, 128, 63
CMYK: 0, 22, 62, 36


Gold Fusion

Gold Fusion is a unique blend of gold and brown, offering a warm, inviting hue, ideal for cozy and rich atmospheres.

Hex: #85754e
RGB: 133, 117, 78
CMYK: 0, 12, 41, 48


Gold Lustre

Gold Lustre is a bright, shiny gold, exuding radiance and brilliance, perfect for high-impact and luxurious designs.

Hex: #C9B25F
RGB: 201, 178, 95
CMYK: 0, 11, 53, 21


Gold Shimmer

Gold Shimmer is a soft, glowing gold, with a subtle sparkle, ideal for elegant and refined applications.

Hex: #E5C366
RGB: 229, 195, 102
CMYK: 0, 15, 55, 10


Gold Tips

Gold Tips is a light, radiant gold, like the sun’s rays, perfect for highlighting and accentuating elements in design.

Hex: #e2b227
RGB: 226, 178, 39
CMYK: 0, 21, 83, 11


Gold Tooth

Gold Tooth is a bold, metallic gold, reminiscent of gold dental adornments, symbolizing extravagance and uniqueness.

Hex: #dbb40c
RGB: 219, 180, 12
CMYK: 0, 18, 95, 14


Golden Apricot

Golden Apricot is a warm, peachy gold, combining the sweetness of apricot with the richness of gold, perfect for warm and inviting designs.

Hex: #F3D6C5
RGB: 243, 214, 197
CMYK: 0, 12, 19, 5


Golden Crest

Golden Crest is a bright, sunny gold, symbolizing achievement and excellence, ideal for celebratory and triumphant themes.

Hex: #f6ca69
RGB: 246, 202, 105
CMYK: 0, 18, 57, 4


Golden Kiwi

Golden Kiwi is a vibrant, yellow-green, reminiscent of the fruit, offering a fresh, lively twist on traditional gold.

Hex: #f3dd3e
RGB: 243, 221, 62
CMYK: 0, 9, 74, 5


Golden Nectar

Golden Nectar is a rich, honeyed gold, exuding warmth and sweetness, perfect for comforting and inviting designs.

Hex: #ffda68
RGB: 255, 218, 104
CMYK: 0, 15, 59, 0


Golden Orange

Golden Orange combines the vivacity of orange with the warmth of gold, creating a bold, energetic hue, ideal for dynamic and spirited designs.

Hex: #D7942E
RGB: 215, 148, 46
CMYK: 0, 31, 79, 16



Goldfinger is a vivid, metallic gold, reminiscent of gold-leaf and luxury, perfect for glamorous and high-end designs.

Hex: #eebb11
RGB: 238, 187, 17
CMYK: 0, 21, 93, 7


Green Gold

Green Gold is a unique blend of gold with a hint of green, offering a natural, earthy quality, ideal for organic and understated themes.

Hex: #A9AA5D
RGB: 169, 170, 93
CMYK: 1, 0, 45, 33


Hansa Yellow

Hansa Yellow is a bright, pure yellow, known for its clarity and vibrancy, perfect for bold and energetic designs.

Hex: #e9d66b
RGB: 233, 214, 107
CMYK: 0, 8, 54, 9


Inca Gold

Inca Gold is a deep, rich gold, reminiscent of ancient Incan treasures, symbolizing mystery and heritage.

Hex: #bb7a2c
RGB: 187, 122, 44
CMYK: 0, 35, 76, 27



Jonquil is a soft, pastel yellow, named after the flower, perfect for gentle, springtime themes.

Hex: #FADA5E
RGB: 250, 218, 94
CMYK: 0, 13, 62, 2


Lemon Chiffon

Lemon Chiffon is a light, airy yellow, like the delicate dessert, perfect for soft, feminine designs.

RGB: 255, 250, 205
CMYK: 0, 2, 20, 0


Lemon Curry

Lemon Curry is a spicy, deep yellow, combining the zest of lemon with the warmth of curry, ideal for exotic and flavorful designs.

Hex: #cca01d
RGB: 204, 160, 29
CMYK: 0, 22, 86, 20


Lemon Glacier

Lemon Glacier is an intensely vibrant, almost neon yellow, exuding energy and a striking presence, perfect for eye-catching and bold designs.

Hex: #FDFF00
RGB: 253, 255, 0
CMYK: 1, 0, 100, 0


Lemon Gold

Lemon Gold is a bright, citrusy yellow, combining the freshness of lemon with the richness of gold, ideal for vibrant and lively designs.

Hex: #FDE910
RGB: 253, 233, 16
CMYK: 0, 8, 94, 1


Lemon Lime

Lemon Lime is a zesty, green-yellow shade, reminiscent of the tangy fruits, perfect for fresh, energetic designs.

Hex: #E3FF00
RGB: 227, 255, 0
CMYK: 11, 0, 100, 0


Lemon Meringue

Lemon Meringue is a soft, creamy yellow, like the sweet pie, ideal for light, airy, and gentle designs.

Hex: #f6eabe
RGB: 246, 234, 190
CMYK: 0, 5, 23, 4


Light Goldenrod Yellow

Light Goldenrod Yellow is a pale, soft yellow, offering a gentle, soothing presence, perfect for serene and subtle themes.

Hex: #fafad2
RGB: 250, 250, 210
CMYK: 0, 0, 16, 2


Meat Brown

Meat Brown is a warm, rich brown, reminiscent of cooked meat, ideal for designs that evoke comfort and sustenance.

Hex: #e5b73b
RGB: 229, 183, 59
CMYK: 0, 20, 74, 10


Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow is a calm, soothing yellow, perfect for creating a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere.

Hex: #f8de7e
RGB: 248, 222, 126
CMYK: 0, 10, 49, 3


Metallic Sunburst

Metallic Sunburst is a deep, bronzed gold, resembling the last rays of a sunset, ideal for rich, warm designs.

Hex: #9c7c38
RGB: 156, 124, 56
CMYK: 0, 21, 64, 39


Mikado Yellow

Mikado Yellow is a bold, imperial yellow, commanding attention and symbolizing power and dignity.

Hex: #FFC40C
RGB: 255, 196, 12
CMYK: 0, 23, 95, 0


MU Gold

MU Gold is a vibrant, golden hue, associated with the University of Missouri, symbolizing energy and school spirit.

Hex: #F1B82D
RGB: 241, 184, 45
CMYK: 0, 24, 81, 5



Mustard is a dark, spicy yellow, reminiscent of the condiment, perfect for adding a touch of warmth and depth.

Hex: #ffdb58
RGB: 255, 219, 88
CMYK: 0, 14, 65, 0


Muted Gold

Muted Gold is a subdued, soft gold, offering a touch of elegance and refinement without being overpowering.

Hex: #D2B450
RGB: 210, 180, 80
CMYK: 0, 14, 62, 18


Mystic Gold

Mystic Gold is a deep, mystical shade of gold, suggesting mystery and depth, ideal for luxurious and enigmatic designs.

Hex: #AF983F
RGB: 175, 152, 63
CMYK: 0, 13, 64, 31


New Gold

New Gold is a fresh, bright gold, offering a modern twist on the classic hue, perfect for contemporary and lively designs.

Hex: #ead151
RGB: 234, 209, 81
CMYK: 0, 11, 65, 8



Olive is a dark, earthy green, reminiscent of the fruit, symbolizing peace and abundance, ideal for natural and tranquil themes.

Hex: #808000
RGB: 128, 128, 0
CMYK: 0, 0, 100, 50



Orange is a vibrant, energetic color, full of life and excitement, perfect for designs that need a playful and dynamic touch.

Hex: #FFA500
RGB: 255, 165, 0
CMYK: 0, 35, 100, 0


Pale Goldenrod

Pale Goldenrod is a soft, muted yellow, offering a gentle and understated alternative to brighter yellows.

Hex: #eee8aa
RGB: 238, 232, 170
CMYK: 0, 3, 29, 7



Pearl is a soft, lustrous white with a hint of warmth, evoking elegance and sophistication, ideal for luxurious and refined designs.

Hex: #eae0c8
RGB: 234, 224, 200
CMYK: 0, 4, 15, 8



Peru is a warm, earthy orange-brown, reminiscent of Andean landscapes, perfect for rustic and natural designs.

Hex: #CD853F
RGB: 205, 133, 63
CMYK: 0, 35, 69, 20


Pink Gold

Pink Gold is a soft, rosy gold, blending the romance of pink with the luxury of gold, ideal for elegant and feminine designs.

Hex: #F2C3B8
RGB: 242, 195, 184
CMYK: 0, 19, 24, 5


Pure Gold

Pure Gold is a rich, bright gold, symbolizing wealth and purity, perfect for designs that demand attention and opulence.

Hex: #E5B80B
RGB: 229, 184, 11
CMYK: 0, 20, 95, 10


Rich Gold

Rich Gold is a deep, intense gold, exuding wealth and luxury, ideal for high-end and sophisticated designs.

Hex: #ECBE07
RGB: 236, 190, 7
CMYK: 0, 19, 97, 7



Saffron is a vibrant, golden-orange, reminiscent of the spice, known for its rarity and value, perfect for exotic and luxurious designs.

Hex: #f4c430
RGB: 244, 196, 48
CMYK: 0, 20, 80, 4



Sandstorm is a warm, sandy yellow, capturing the essence of desert landscapes, ideal for earthy and adventurous designs.

Hex: #ecd540
RGB: 236, 213, 64
CMYK: 0, 10, 73, 7


Sandy Taupe

Sandy Taupe is a blend of beige and brown, reminiscent of sandy beaches, perfect for calm, neutral designs.

Hex: #967117
RGB: 150, 113, 23
CMYK: 0, 25, 85, 41


School Bus Yellow

School Bus Yellow is a bright, noticeable yellow, designed for visibility and safety, perfect for bold and functional designs.

Hex: #FFD800
RGB: 255, 216, 0
CMYK: 0, 15, 100, 0


Shiny Gold

Shiny Gold is a bright, reflective gold, capturing the light and sparkling with luxury, ideal for glamorous and eye-catching designs.

Hex: #FFDD43
RGB: 255, 221, 67
CMYK: 0, 13, 74, 0



Sienna is a rich, earthy brown-red, reminiscent of the natural clay pigment, perfect for warm, rustic designs.

Hex: #A0522D
RGB: 160, 82, 45
CMYK: 0, 49, 72, 37



Straw is a pale, yellowish-brown, like dried grass, ideal for natural, understated themes.

Hex: #e4d96f
RGB: 228, 217, 111
CMYK: 0, 5, 51, 11


Sunset Gold

Sunset Gold is a warm, glowing orange, reminiscent of the sky at sunset, perfect for romantic and serene designs.

Hex: #f7c46c
RGB: 247, 196, 108
CMYK: 0, 21, 56, 3



Topaz is a golden-yellow gemstone color, symbolizing strength and clarity, ideal for sophisticated and elegant designs.

Hex: #FFC87C
RGB: 255, 200, 124
CMYK: 0, 22, 51, 0


Traditional Gold

Traditional Gold is a classic, warm gold, representing timelessness and heritage, perfect for designs that evoke a sense of history and tradition.

Hex: #EEBC51
RGB: 238, 188, 81
CMYK: 0, 21, 66, 7



UCLA Gold is a bright, bold yellow, associated with the University of California, Los Angeles, symbolizing energy and academia.

Hex: #FFD100
RGB: 255, 209, 0
CMYK: 0, 18, 100, 0


University Of California Gold

University Of California Gold is a distinguished, golden yellow, representing the prestige and excellence of the university system.

Hex: #b78727
RGB: 183, 135, 39
CMYK: 0, 26, 79, 28



Urobilin is a deep, earthy yellow, reminiscent of the pigment found in urine, symbolizing the organic and natural.

Hex: #e1ad21
RGB: 225, 173, 33
CMYK: 0, 23, 85, 12


USC Gold

USC Gold is a rich, vibrant gold, associated with the University of Southern California, representing tradition and school spirit.

Hex: #FFCC00
RGB: 255, 204, 0
CMYK: 0, 20, 100, 0



Vanilla is a soft, creamy white, offering a gentle, soothing presence, perfect for creating a light, serene environment.

Hex: #f3e5ab
RGB: 243, 229, 171
CMYK: 0, 6, 30, 5



Wheat is a warm, natural beige, reminiscent of the grain, ideal for comforting and wholesome themes.

Hex: #f5deb3
RGB: 245, 222, 179
CMYK: 0, 9, 27, 4


White Gold

White Gold is a pale, silvery gold, offering a modern twist on traditional gold, perfect for sleek and contemporary designs.

Hex: #FFFFF4
RGB: 255, 255, 244
CMYK: 0, 0, 4, 0


Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold is a classic gold hue, bright and cheerful, perfect for designs that want to convey wealth and positivity.

Hex: #FFC000
RGB: 255, 192, 0
CMYK: 0, 25, 100, 0


Young Gold

Young Gold is a lively, vibrant shade of gold, full of youthfulness and energy, perfect for fresh and modern designs.

Hex: #DFC026
RGB: 223, 192, 38
CMYK: 0, 14, 83, 13


Yukon Gold

Yukon Gold is a rich, earthy gold, reminiscent of the famous gold rush, symbolizing adventure and discovery.

Hex: #826a21
RGB: 130, 106, 33
CMYK: 0, 18, 75, 49


Yuma Gold

Yuma Gold is a soft, sandy gold, evoking the warmth and natural beauty of the desert, ideal for serene and earthy designs.

Hex: #ffd678
RGB: 255, 214, 120
CMYK: 0, 16, 53, 0



Shades of Gold in Fashion

In the realm of fashion, gold is the quintessential statement of luxury and glamour. It’s a color that designers lavish on evening gowns, accessories, and even daywear to infuse a sense of opulence and draw the eye. Whether it’s the subtle sheen of gold thread in embroidery, the bold statement of metallic fabrics, or the elegant accessory that completes an outfit, gold transcends seasons and trends, offering a touch of sparkle and sophistication that elevates any look to a higher standard of style.

shades of gold in fashion

In fashion, certain shades of gold consistently capture the spotlight for their versatility and allure. Rose gold, with its blush-pink undertones, has become a modern favorite for its romantic and feminine appeal, often seen in jewelry and accents. Classic yellow gold remains a staple, exuding traditional elegance in everything from sequined dresses to statement jewelry. Meanwhile, champagne gold offers a muted, sophisticated alternative, popular for its understated shimmer in delicate fabrics and evening wear.

Luxury brands like Versace and Dolce & Gabbana often embrace bold, bright golds in their collections, symbolizing extravagance and flair. Michael Kors and Kate Spade are known for incorporating softer golds into accessories, creating pieces that are both chic and wearable. In haute couture, designers like Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad frequently showcase gold in their opulent, show-stopping gowns, highlighting its association with high glamour and celebration.



Gold Shades in Interior Design

In interior design, gold can add warmth, depth, and a touch of luxury to a space. When using gold, it’s important to consider the room’s natural light and existing color palette to ensure it complements rather than overwhelms.

For a classic and elegant look, combine gold with shades of green, such as emerald or forest green, which can create a rich, balanced aesthetic. Gold also pairs beautifully with dark blue, with the contrast bringing out the warmth of the gold. For a more dramatic and sophisticated atmosphere, consider pairing gold with black or charcoal, allowing the gold to stand out and give the room a focal point.

teal and gold

For a soft and serene ambiance, gold works well with neutrals like beige, cream, or taupe, giving a room a subtle sparkle without being too bold. In contemporary settings, gold can be paired with white for a crisp, clean look that still feels warm and inviting.

When incorporating gold into your interior, it can be as bold as a feature wall or as subtle as accent decor, like picture frames, light fixtures, or decorative pillows. The key is to balance it with other colors and textures to create a cohesive and harmonious space.




Frequently Asked Questions


What Are the Most Popular Shades of Gold for Home Decor?

Popular shades of gold for home decor include brushed gold, which offers a muted, sophisticated sheen perfect for modern and transitional spaces, and antique gold, which provides a deeper, vintage appeal that complements traditional and classic design aesthetics. Metallic gold accents are also a favorite, adding a touch of glamour and warmth to a room without overwhelming it.


Can You Mix Different Shades of Gold Together?

Yes, you can mix different shades of gold together in home decor and fashion. Combining various tones, such as rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold, can create a layered and rich aesthetic that adds depth and interest to your space or outfit. Mixing metals is a trend that celebrates diversity in textures and colors, allowing for a more personalized and eclectic style.

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