Aquamarine Color

Aquamarine Color – The Soothing Shade Between Blue and Green

The aquamarine color most likely conjures up images of pristine beaches and clear blue water. It is a soothing yet revitalizing color that is quite popular in all areas of design. If you are searching for an ocean-themed look, then aquamarine is the go-to color. However, you might want to know what color goes with aquamarine, among other things. To answer this question, and a few others, let us discover all there is to know about the aquamarine color below!



What Color Is Aquamarine?

There are different shades of aquamarine, some leaning more toward blue, while others are more green in appearance. However, the aquamarine color is somewhere between blue and green, which also makes it a shade of cyan. The graphic color has an identifying aquamarine hex code, which you can use to search for the color online.

In many cases, other information is also provided, for example, the aquamarine color codes that show you the proportions of color used in various color models. All of this information you can see in the table below.

How to Make Aquamarine Color

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Aquamarine#7fffd450, 0, 17, 0127, 255, 212 


Aquamarine Color: A Brief History

The aquamarine color comes from the mineral with the same name, which can mainly be found in granite rocks. The aquamarine stones have been used by many cultures over many years. Aquamarine beads were found with Egyptian mummies, Roman fishermen used the stone for protection, and many cultures from the Hebrews, Sumerians, and Greeks, all prized this beautiful gemstone.

The color name “aquamarine” was first documented in English during the late 16th century, according to the book known as A Dictionary of Color that was written by Maerz and Paul.

The word was originally from the Latin “aqua”, which stands for “water” and “marinos”, which means “sea”. The bluer an aquamarine gemstone, the higher the quality is.

Aquamarine Color Code

The aquamarine color used for design purposes is a lighter shade of blue-green. The gemstone and color have been popular throughout the years, especially in the 1930s and 1950s, when the color was shortened to “aqua”. The color has recently gained popularity as a hue that can help to evoke feelings of summer and relaxation.


Meaning of the Aquamarine Color

Aquamarine contains blue and green, which makes it a cool color that evokes feelings of tranquility. The aquamarine color is also calming and peaceful. It is also associated with clarity, hope, purity, and harmony, and offers a sense of freshness. The color has a certain youthful quality that promotes a sense of happiness, trust, and patience. Aquamarine is a cheerful color that can also help improve communication and assist with self-expression.

Negatively, aquamarine can appear childish and naïve.

What Color Goes With Aquamarine

AspectAquamarine Color Associations
SymbolsSerenity, Clarity, Healing, Tranquility
EffectsCalming, Reducing Stress, Invigorating, Enhancing Communication
Color PsychologyAssociated with Relaxation, Mental Clarity, and Emotional Balance
PositiveSoothing, Inspiring, Refreshing, Peaceful
NegativeCan Be Perceived as Too Calm or Lacking in Energy in Some Contexts



Variations of the Aquamarine Color

The gemstone comes in different shades of aquamarine, however, there are many more varieties of aquamarine when you consider graphic colors. Below, you will find a few of these colors, along with individual aquamarine hex codes and both aquamarine color codes that represent the different color models.

Aquamarine Color Palette Shades

Color Shade NameHex CodeRGBCMYK (%)Color Visualization
Aquamarine#7FFFD4127, 255, 21250, 0, 17, 0 
Aquamarine (Crayola)#95E0E8149, 224, 23236, 3, 0, 9 
Aquamarine (Pantone)#9DC3D4157, 195, 21226, 8, 0, 17 
Aquamarine (RGB)#80FFC0128, 255, 19250, 0, 25, 0 
Aquamarine Blue#13B3AC19, 179, 17289, 0, 4, 30 
Blue Green#0D98BA13, 152, 18693, 18, 0, 27 
Blue Lagoon#4CB7A576, 183, 16558, 0, 10, 28 
Capri Blue#00BFFF0, 191, 255100, 25, 0, 0 
Caribbean Sea#00CCCC0, 204, 204100, 0, 0, 20 
Celeste#B2FFFF178, 255, 25530, 0, 0, 0 
Coral Reef#FD7C6E253, 124, 1100, 51, 57, 1 
Cyan#00FFFF0, 255, 255100, 0, 0, 0 
Dark Aquamarine#0173711, 115, 11399, 0, 2, 55 
Dark Turquoise#00CED10, 206, 209100, 1, 0, 18 
Deep Aquamarine#40826D64, 130, 10951, 0, 16, 49 
Electric Blue#7DF9FF125, 249, 25551, 2, 0, 0 
Electric Cyan#0FF0FC15, 240, 25294, 5, 0, 1 
Island Splash#52996F82, 153, 11146, 0, 27, 40 
Light Aquamarine#7BFDC7123, 253, 19951, 0, 21, 1 
Light Sea Green#20B2AA32, 178, 17082, 0, 4, 30 
Medium aquamarine#66DDAA102, 221, 17054, 0, 23, 13 
Medium Turquoise#48D1CC72, 209, 20466, 0, 2, 18 
Mermaid Tail#337B3551, 123, 5359, 0, 57, 52 
Ocean Breeze#D3E5EB211, 229, 23510, 3, 0, 8 
Pale Aquamarine#ACE9D4172, 233, 21226, 0, 9, 9 
Pale Turquoise#AFEEEE175, 238, 23826, 0, 0, 7 
Pastel Aquamarine#B0E9D5176, 233, 21324, 0, 9, 9 
Royal Aquamarine#38AE9056, 174, 14468, 0, 17, 32 
Seafoam#9FE2BF159, 226, 19130, 0, 15, 11 
Tidal Wave#35597853, 89, 12056, 26, 0, 53 
Turquoise Surf#00C5CD0, 197, 205100, 4, 0, 20 



What Color Goes With Aquamarine?

Since aquamarine is a combination of blue and green, it provides a cool and calming look. An aquamarine color palette can offer a look that is both elegant and refreshing. You can easily combine aquamarine with neutrals like white, black, brown, and gray. However, when it comes to other colors, you can use the following color combinations as a guide.


Complementary Aquamarine Colors

When you want contrasting colors that stand out, you need to look at complementary colors. If you go to the color wheel and you find aquamarine, the color sitting on the opposite side is its complement. In this case, it is a light pink color, but you can also try pairing aquamarine with any other shade of pink or red like the color of the year, Viva Magenta.

Aquamarine Hex Code Complimentary

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Aquamarine#7fffd450, 0, 17, 0127, 255, 212 
Light Pink#ff7faa0, 50, 33, 0255, 127, 170 
Viva Magenta#be34550, 73, 55, 25190, 52, 85 


Analogous Aquamarine Colors

These colors are all grouped on the color wheel and share certain characteristics. For example, green and blue are both recognized as cool colors. When pairing analogous colors, they also tend to be easy to look at as there is no high contrast. You can also try other shades of green and cyan or even different shades of blue, such as teal or navy.

What Color is Aquamarine

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Aquamarine#7fffd450, 0, 17, 0127, 255, 212 
Mint Green#98ff9840, 0, 40, 0152, 255, 152 
Light Cyan#7feaff50, 8, 0, 0127, 234, 255 
Teal#008080100, 0, 0, 500, 128, 128 
Navy#000080100, 100, 0, 500, 0, 128 


Monochromatic Aquamarine Colors

You cannot go wrong with pairing a specific color with different shades and tones of itself. You can create a pleasing monochromatic aquamarine color palette by using different lighter and darker versions of aquamarine.

Aquamarine Color Palette

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Aquamarine#7fffd450, 0, 17, 0127, 255, 212 
Dark Aquamarine#01737199, 0, 2, 551, 115, 113 
Light Aquamarine#7bfdc751, 0, 21, 1123, 253, 199 


Triadic Aquamarine Colors

Three colors that are spaced equally, form a triangle shape on the color wheel, and produce a contrast, are considered triadic colors. This can include various shades of orange and violet or purple, for example, coral and lavender. You might even want to consider trying darker versions like burnt orange and aubergine with aquamarine.

Triadic Aquamarine Color

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Aquamarine#7fffd450, 0, 17, 0127, 255, 212 
Coral#ff7f500, 50, 69, 0255, 127, 80 
Lavender#967bb618, 32, 0, 29150, 123, 182 
Burnt Orange#cc55000, 58, 100, 20204, 85, 0 
Aubergine#472c4c7, 42, 0, 7071, 44, 76 



How to Make Aquamarine Color Paint

There are various aqua or aquamarine color paints you can purchase. However, you can also try blending the aquamarine color from scratch. There are a few ways you can do this, for example, mixing viridian green with titanium white. You can also experiment with a blue, green, or white paint you have on hand. If you are wondering how to make aquamarine color paint using a specific shade of blue, we look at this below. Consider a cool blue when mixing the aquamarine color, such as cerulean blue. Start with your blue and add small amounts of yellow, and then add in the white until you have the color you are looking for. Just remember to keep a record of your efforts and try different paint proportions until you achieve the color you want.

Another option is to mix five parts of sky-blue paint color with one part of leaf green color paint.



Aquamarine Color Palette in the Home

Aquamarine can inject some fun and freshness into an interior design. The color can help to invigorate and inspire, but it can also impart a soothing and relaxed atmosphere. Lighter shades of aquamarine can be used as a wall color, combined with white and other neutrals to help tone it down. However, aquamarine might be better used as an accent color, providing points of color that draw the eye. Consider an accent wall, or aquamarine-colored cushions, chairs, or rugs.


Aquamarine Color in the Bathroom

If you are not too sure of what room will look best with the aquamarine, you cannot go wrong with the bathroom. White and aquamarine offer contrast and a fresh and clean look and feel. You can also use tiles in an aquamarine color to add texture, which does not have to cover the entire bathroom.

You can simply use the tiling as an accent wall in the shower or behind the bathtub.

Aquamarine Colors for Bathrooms


Aquamarine Color in the Bedroom

The aquamarine color can seem stimulating, but when used properly, it can also provide a tranquil and calming space. The color can also evoke feelings of happiness and is a color of harmony that comes in a variety of shades and tones. You can paint the bedroom walls or consider patterned wallpaper. If this is a bit too much, you can always just include aquamarine bedding, curtains, or chairs.

Create an accent aquamarine color wall or instead of the wall, consider having an aquamarine headboard as your focal point in the room.

Aquamarine Color for Bedrooms


Aquamarine Color in the Kitchen

The aquamarine color is a relaxing hue that can be a great choice for a kitchen space. Again, there are various shades of aquamarine to choose from. The most popular idea is to have the kitchen cupboards in aquamarine, with the rest of the room white or beige, together with tiled or wooden floors. There are also aquamarine-colored kitchen appliances to consider if you are simply looking to add pops of color.

This is the perfect idea for those coastal holiday beach homes.

Aquamarine Color Kitchens


If you are looking for a fresh, calming, and invigorating color, then aquamarine is one of the top colors to choose. Not only is it a popular color, but it is also versatile and can work with both vintage and modern interior design styles. The aquamarine color works best as an accent color to add some energy and pops of color in a neutral space.




Frequently Asked Questions


What Color Is Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is a bright and stimulating shade of cyan, which is a mixture of blue and green. There are also different shades of aquamarine, that range from lighter to darker versions, and some that appear more green or blue.


What Is the Difference Between Aquamarine and Turquoise?

Both of these hues form part of the cyan family. Aquamarine is a color that tends to lean more toward blue and appears lighter. Turquoise, on the other hand, leans toward green and appears slightly darker than aquamarine.


What Colors Go With Aquamarine?

The best color that goes with aquamarine is white, which offers an elegant and fresh look. However, gray, black, brown, and beige are other neutrals that also work well with aquamarine. To create more of a contrast, consider shades of orange and red like coral and pink.


Is Aquamarine a Popular Fashion Color?

Yes, aquamarine is quite a popular and fashionable color that is usually trending in the spring and summer months. The color is also popular in sports clothing, especially gym and swimwear. The aquamarine gemstone also makes lovely jewelry items that can be worn with outfits.


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