What Color Does Brown and Red Make

What Color Does Brown and Red Make? – With Mixing Chart

Red is a color that attracts attention, while brown is a color that is a little bit more understated. These colors can work together on most designs, however, red and brown mixed can offer you something slightly different. Mixing colors is an art in itself and can take some experimentation, but to get a better grasp on the subject, we will be discussing what color brown and red makes in more detail below. Let us start with a short outline of what happens when red and brown are mixed!



What Color Does Brown and Red Make?

Mixing red and brown will create a deeper shade of red that has an earthy tone. The exact color will depend on the ratios in the mixture and the type of colors used. For example, if you use a lighter shade of brown that has reddish undertones, the resulting color will be brownish-red.

If you use darker browns and reds in the mixture, it can produce something close to maroon, which is more of a reddish-brown.

Red and Brown Mixed

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Saddle Brown#8b45130, 50, 86, 45139, 69, 19 
Red#ff00000, 100, 100, 0255, 0, 0 
Maroon#8000000, 100, 100, 50128, 0, 0 



Understanding Brown and Red As Colors

In the RYB color version, red is a primary hue, alongside blue and yellow. This color system is frequently used by artists when mixing colors for painting. In color theory, if you blend the primary colors, it will result in secondary colors like orange, green, and purple. Other colors can be created by blending a primary and secondary color, which will then form a tertiary or intermediate color like red-orange. All of these colors are located on the color wheel.

Brown, on the other hand, does not appear on the color wheel as it is a neutral. The theory is that if you mix all of the primary hues in this color model, you will create black.

But since there are very few pure single paint colors, blending all the primary colors can also create gray or brown. You can do this by mixing complementary colors. These are colors on opposing sides of the color wheel. So, red and green should also create some form of brown. This is because it is a mixture of red, blue, and yellow since green is a blend of yellow and blue. 

Brown and Red Make What Color

If you mix small quantities of green with red, the green will mute or tone the red down, until it eventually becomes a brown tone. However, the results also depend on the color bias. Brown is a warm color, along with red, so using a warm green with a warm red should produce a nice brown. If you use a cool green, the results might lean more toward a grayish-brown neutral. Blue and orange are also complementary colors, and mixed, will create a brown. Experiment with the ratios of paint until you achieve the correct brown.


Creating Lighter and Darker Shades

You can also adjust the maroon color to produce lighter and darker varieties. Maroon is already a darker color, but by adding black, you can create a darker shade. You can also consider using a darker brown and red instead of using black. Some artists may also use a little black, which they add to the red to produce a dark brown.

To create a lighter version of maroon, which is also known as a tint, you can add white to the mixture. You might have to add a lot of white to the maroon, if you are looking for a much lighter color, consider adding the maroon to some white instead.

Brown ShadeRed ShadeMixed Color


Meaning of Brown

Brown may seem like a boring color to some, but when used properly, it can also evoke many positive feelings or associations. The color brown is an earthy color that provides stability and security. It is also warm and comforting and brings to mind the strength that the earth provides. Brown can also be associated with honesty, stability, and dependability.

Even though brown has many positive associations, in some Eastern cultures, brown is related to mourning.

Red and Brown Mixed Meaning


Meaning of Red

Red is a vibrant passionate color that is confident, energizing, and attention-grabbing. Red is a color that often has a connection with strength and is related to sacrifice and courage. The red color is most well-known for its association with love, but it is also a color that is often used to warn of danger. Red is also often the color that represents anger and aggression.

A deeper red, such as maroon, is also associated with passion and most other red meanings but with less intensity. However, it is a color that offers more mystery, sophistication, and depth.

Red and Brown Mixed Tones

Color psychology also links maroon to responsibility, thoughtfulness, and control. Maroon is often associated with spirituality, as some Buddhist monks wear maroon robes. The dark red is also associated with the fall season when you see the leaves changing color. 



Understanding Brown and Red in Other Color Models

Besides the RYB color model, there are other color systems. The color model that is used on computer screens, takes colored lights and layers them to produce the color you see on the screen. This is also recognized as additive color mixing. In the visible light spectrum, you can see all the colors of the rainbow, but you will not find brown.

Red is a primary color in the RGB color system, which also includes green, and blue. In this color model, you also have secondary colors that encompass cyan, magenta, and yellow.

Again, brown is not a part of this color model.  What we see as brown on the computer screen is actually a shade of orange. Depending on how the color is used, which places it in context, our brain then interprets or perceives the brown as a color. As you can see below, the brown in the table is a dark orange.

Brown and Red Mixed Color Models

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Saddle Brown#8b45130, 50, 86, 45139, 69, 19 



Best Uses for Maroon in Art and Design

Maroon has been used in art for many years, to help provide backgrounds, add contrast, and evoke certain emotions. Ultimately, the artist must decide what they wish to convey when using dark shades of red. The same applies to all other forms of design when using maroon in graphics designs, fashion outfits, and interior home designs.


Graphic Design

Maroon is quite a versatile color that can provide a bold statement, or it can provide a certain amount of sophistication to a design. Maroon has an energy and passion that can be used in a design without it becoming too overwhelming, as it is a more subdued and calmer shade of red.

The maroon color also has depth and an earthy appeal that is often associated with wisdom, which is often used in school or university logos.

Brown and Red Mixed Graphics


Fashion Design

Again, maroon is a popular choice in fashion as it provides sophistication and versatility. You can easily pair maroon with neutrals like white, beige, and brown. Metallics like silver and gold also go with maroon in an outfit. You can use maroon as the color of choice for formal wear, however, it can also be included in more casual outfits.

For example, maroon sweaters and shirts or other accessories like scarves and shoes.

Brown and Red Mixed Fashion


Interior Design

Maroon can be used to produce a warm, comfortable, and sophisticated space. Some might like the encompassing maroon look on the walls, but if this is too much, simply create an accent wall or use it as an accent color. Maroon will pair well with white and other earthy hues, such as brown and beige. As an accent color, maroon can be incorporated through upholstery, drapes, cushions, and other accessories. The color is often used in living areas, bedrooms, and dining areas. To create a look that is not overwhelming, consider adding different textures, patterns, and colors.

You can pair maroon with many colors to create a variety of looks and styles.

Brown and Red Mixed Decor


Red and brown mixed create a surprising and elegant shade of dark red, such as maroon. This color can easily create a sophisticated and appealing look, which can be used to develop unique interior designs, outfits, or logos. Maroon is effective in evoking different feelings, making it a fashionable option for a wide range of uses.



Frequently Asked Questions


What Color Does Brown and Red Make?

Mixing red and brown paint colors creates something unique. What you will observe is a deeper shade of red, which is known as maroon. Depending on the different paint colors used and the ratios added, the color can have more of a reddish look, or you can produce more of an earthy dark brown.


Do Brown and Red Make Burgundy?

Burgundy can be described as a deep reddish-brown with purple undertones, which can be created by blending brown, red, and blue. The proportions of red and blue can vary, creating different shades of burgundy.


Can Brown and Red Make Burnt Sienna?

Burnt sienna is a deep reddish-brown, so mixing the proper proportions of brown and red can produce a color that is close to burnt sienna. Other similar colors that you can experiment with blending include mahogany, Venetian red, and sepia.


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