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Rainbow Colors – What are the Colors of the Rainbow?

What is a rainbow and what are the colors of the rainbow? If you want to know everything about what makes a rainbow as well as rainbow colors, then this is the resource for you! We will also answer your questions about the rainbow colors in order, such as, “What is the first color of the rainbow?”



What Is a Rainbow?

Everyone has at one point seen a rainbow on a beautiful sunny day following some rain. But, in what sequence do the colors of the rainbow occur? What makes a rainbow appear? Let’s answer these questions!


What Makes the Colors of the Rainbow?

Newton experimented with light extensively and found that when white light travels into a prism, it refracts into distinct colors in a certain arrangement, or what we call a rainbow. This indicates that white light is not genuinely white, but rather a vast range of hues. The visible light spectrum is made up of these wavelengths; it is the section of the electromagnetic range that human vision can perceive. The wavelengths of all colors in the spectrum of visible light vary, with red having the longest and violet possessing the shortest wavelengths. When these wavelengths enter a prism, they curve at different angles, causing the rainbow colors to appear in the order that they do.

rainbow color wavelength


The Rainbow Colors in Nature

Newton was the one who opted to characterize the rainbow colors in order, observing seven distinct hues, but rainbows really contain over a million color variations, most of which are undetectable to human vision.  Furthermore, while other hues, such as brown and pink, are perceived by the human eye, they do not possess their own wavelengths and can only be created by mixing specific other wavelengths.

Pink, for instance, is made by blending blue, red, and green wavelengths. What makes a rainbow though? Rainbows emerge naturally when sunlight strikes droplets of water in the atmosphere, forcing the light to bend and reflect in the shape of an arc. As a result, your chances of witnessing a rainbow are greatest on sunny, yet wet days. Rainbows appear across from the area of the sky where the sun is, so if you’re looking for one, make sure the sun is behind you.

what is a rainbow


The Rainbow Colors in Order

When most people speak about the rainbow color sequence, they think of the usual seven colors. However, as previously stated, the rainbow contains many more than simply seven hues. Newton picked seven colors to describe the rainbow because he felt the number of rainbow colors ought to correspond with a number of musical notes on a scale. Obviously, this is an unscientific method of looking at the many hues in a rainbow.

Many individuals still have difficulty distinguishing indigo from the color blue! So, whereas the physical rainbow color sequence will remain the same, the manner in which people talk about it may change over time based on how individuals interpret and identify colors. The rainbow colors in order go from warm to cold, starting at red and moving through, orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo, finally ending with violet.

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The Meanings of the Rainbow Colors

Every different color represents something different to the human psyche. Color psychology is applied in many fields of art and commerce, from films to adverts. Here is a rundown of the rainbow’s seven colors and what they signify.



What is the first color of the rainbow, you ask? That distinction would fall on the fiery color of red. Not only is it the first of the rainbow colors, but it also possesses the longest wavelength of all of the displayed hues. It’s a vibrant color that evokes powerful feelings. Red represents vitality and intelligence to Christians. Red is traditionally connected in Eastern beliefs with the Muladhara chakra, which for the Hindus and Buddhists, is associated with anchoring. Even if there is no religious meaning, red is a potent hue that evokes strong emotions. It is a highly pigmented hue that is naturally associated with intense feelings and moods.

red rainbow color

The color red is never used to represent vulnerability or nuance. Rather, it is employed to denote danger or to send a signal in almost every region and culture. Red usually grabs our eye and alerts us to something essential. Red is used to depict anger, passion, and battle in classic literature.

Rainbow ShadeRainbow Hex CodeCMYK Rainbow Color Code (%)RGB Rainbow Color CodeRainbow Color
Red#ff00000, 100, 100, 0255, 0, 0 



Orange, the second hue of the rainbow, is a warming, vivid color. It is often a cheerful hue that helps people feel pleasant and at ease. Orange is actually a mix of the hues yellow and red. For example, the color orange is created by combining the cheerfulness of yellow with the vibrancy of red. Orange, based on the chakra system, signifies the energy connected with imagination, libido, and reproduction. Orange signifies innovation as well as the capacity to unwind and relish life. However, not all oranges are made equal. Dark orange signifies drive, whereas burnt orange denotes stress and aggression. Peachy orange signifies proper etiquette, whereas Golden orange symbolizes self-control. Lighter hues of orange are usually linked with good moods and feelings.

Rainbow ShadeRainbow Hex CodeCMYK Rainbow Color Code (%)RGB Rainbow Color CodeRainbow Color
Orange#ffa5000, 35, 100, 0255, 165, 0 

orange rainbow color



This sunlight color indicates vitality and warmth. It is frequently related to pleasure, clarity of thought, and interaction. Yellow is frequently associated with creativity. If you want to start a new artistic effort or venture, place something yellow somewhere you can see and enjoy it. Yellow is found in nature in the shape of sunflowers, egg yolks, lemons, and bees. It is frequently used to depict a joyful expression; in fact, it is said to be the happiest hue in the rainbow! It is the brightest color in the rainbow and is believed to draw our interest more effortlessly than any other color.

Rainbow ShadeRainbow Hex CodeCMYK Rainbow Color Code (%)RGB Rainbow Color CodeRainbow Color
Yellow#ffff00255, 255, 00, 0, 100, 0 

Yellow Rainbow Color



Green is regarded as the color of life and may be found in the center of the rainbow. It is also a hue that signifies prosperity in the Western world, which is why our currency is often green. It is a revitalizing hue that represents growth and rejuvenation. But green can also be a bit of a contradiction. Green, on the one hand, indicates vitality and development; on the other, it denotes envy.

Green Colors of the Rainbow

Perhaps the boundary between affluence and jealousy is thinner than we perceive. Because green makes up so much of our vegetation, this hue is frequently associated with wilderness and living sustainably. Recycling and utilizing natural goods are examples of “green living.” Surprisingly, the human eye can identify more variants of green than any other hue in the spectrum.

Rainbow ShadeRainbow Hex CodeCMYK Rainbow Color Code (%)RGB Rainbow Color CodeRainbow Color
Green#008000100, 0, 100, 500, 128, 0 



Blue, the hue of the skies and the water, symbolizes serenity, tranquility, and stability. This comes as no surprise. When individuals want to unwind, they frequently seek out water. Simply changing the image on a laptop background to a sea view might help in this respect. Blue is usually connected with spirituality and is utilized to represent the qualities of loyalty and trustworthiness since it is the color of our skies. It is a calming color, but it is also often used to depict sorrow though, such as in the expression “the Monday blues. The Blues is a well-known genre of music that began in the deep south and is distinguished by its soft blue tones, which can seem sorrowful. Blue is a popular hue that has numerous therapeutic and soothing characteristics.

Blue Colors of the Rainbow

Rainbow ShadeRainbow Hex CodeCMYK Rainbow Color Code (%)RGB Rainbow Color CodeRainbow Color
Blue#0000ff100, 100, 0, 00, 0, 255 



For many years, academics have discussed the topic of whether the color indigo even belonged on the list of rainbow colors at all since it is relatively hard for the eye to detect. Is indigo genuinely worthy of its own category, or are people perceiving just blue and violet? In a similar vein, people have long debated whether indigo is purple or blue. The answer is “both.” Indigo is the hue of the dead of night, a combination of blue and purple. Indigo, as a result, helps people to think more profoundly about life and has significant ties to spiritualism and introspective thought.

Violet Rainbow Colors in Order

It also symbolizes mystery. Indigo, like other hues in the rainbow, should be used sparingly. Too much indigo makes a person irritable, judgmental, and unconfident. Excessive inner pondering might lead to irritation or anguish. Indigo, when used sparingly, may be quite beneficial.

Rainbow ShadeRainbow Hex CodeCMYK Rainbow Color Code (%)RGB Rainbow Color CodeRainbow Color
Indigo#4b008242, 100, 0, 4975, 0, 130 



Violet is among the most popular rainbow hues. The color Violet has the shortest wavelength in the spectrum. Violet is the most delicate color of the range, situated on the opposing end of the spectrum from the war-like red. But don’t confuse delicacy with weakness. Violet has its own set of special qualities.

violet rainbow colors

People who are exposed to the hue violet, for instance, report feeling more compassionate and friendly. Violet is also linked to uniqueness and generosity. Violet, which is made up of blue and red, is a lighter hue of purple and hence shares a few of the same symbolic significance.

Rainbow ShadeRainbow Hex CodeCMYK Rainbow Color Code (%)RGB Rainbow Color CodeRainbow Color
Violet#ee82ee93.3, 51, 93.3238, 130, 238 



Rainbow Colors and Spirituality

We can’t discuss the meaning of the rainbow’s hues without addressing the Bible. The rainbow is seen to be a message from the Divine that we are not abandoned. It is stated in the account of Noah’s Ark; that after God spoke to Noah after the deluge, there was a stunning rainbow in the sky representing His Majesty, Strength, and Promise. It is mentioned in Genesis as a demonstration of God’s Mercy, in addition to the covenant, He forged with Noah that such a deluge would never happen again. In Revelations, the Apostle John connects the rainbow hues to God’s splendor or strength.

Angel colors are another key phrase connected to rainbow hues. Devotees utilize these to concentrate their pleas to the Lord. There are seven angel hues, just as there are seven rainbow colors. The rainbow is a stunning, intriguing, and mystical natural occurrence. Nothing truly delights or energizes us in outdoors like witnessing one crossing the sky. And understanding how much importance each color bears adds to the allure.

rainbow colors in order


Understanding the various rainbow colors and their psychological meaning is a useful tool. Knowing the rainbow color spectrum that may be used in your creations is vital if you’re a designer. It’s no revelation that various colors elicit different emotions in people. Some elicit warm, sentimental emotions, while others elicit thoughts of strength and desire. Some colors may even persuade customers to make additional purchases or revisit your business. We have also unique rainbow coloring pages to download and color.



Frequently Asked Questions


What Is a Rainbow?

Water droplets can behave very much the same as little mirrors. When a beam of sunlight reaches one of these small water droplets, the majority of it bounces off and is mirrored back. Throughout a slight drizzle, the air is filled with water droplets that function as a reflecting curtain comprised of millions of small mirrors that bounce the sunshine back at you. Although sunlight seems white to us, it contains all observable hues.


What Makes a Rainbow?

When a beam of sunlight penetrates a fine mist, it is broken down into its constituent hues, which fan out and become discernible as a color spectrum. This occurs both when the beam enters the droplets and then when it exits them. The angle of the light beam changes somewhat as it enters and exits the water droplets, a phenomenon known as refraction. Each hue is reflected back at a slightly varied angle, giving the effect of a color fan. For instance, the red light portion exits the droplet at a little wider angle than the orange element with regard to the orientation of the entering rays of light.

what are the colors of the rainbow


What Are the Colors of the Rainbow?

What is the first color of the rainbow spectrum? That would be red, then next would be other warm colors such as orange and yellow. Then it starts to head towards the cooler rainbow colors, with green and blue, as well as indigo and violet following the warm hues. Yet, although we refer to the rainbow as traditionally having seven colors, it is not really accurate, as there are millions of colors, but not all of them are visible to our eyes.


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