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Maroon Color – 26 Maroonish Shades and Everything Else to Know

The maroon color is probably the most recognized color for school uniforms, and is the main color for many educational institutions. Unlike most shades of blue that the majority of people love, maroon is a color you either love or hate. So, to get a clearer understanding of the maroon color, we will be looking into things like the 26+ shades of maroon, what colors make maroon, and if maroon is a popular décor option.



What Color Is Maroon?

What does maroon look like? Most of us would most probably describe the maroon color as some type of brownish red. This is a close description, as maroon is a combination of brown and red. What colors make maroon? There are quite a few descriptions available from various dictionaries, and they might be described slightly differently in other parts of the world. The list below includes a few of these descriptions.

  • Dark, brownish red, or simply a dark red
  • Dark-reddish purple
  • Brownish crimson
  • Burgundy purple or wine color

shades of maroon color with hex codes

Even though burgundy has been mentioned, these are two separate colors. If you are looking for colors online, you will notice the differences in the burgundy and maroon color codes. Each color has a separate identifying hex code, and the other color codes available will show the variations in composition. These two colors are often mistaken for each other, however, as we have mentioned, maroon is a blend of red and brown, and is darker than burgundy. 

The colors that make up burgundy are red and purple, which makes burgundy a little brighter, with a purplish undertone. 

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Maroon#8000000, 100, 100, 50128, 0, 0 
Burgundy#8000200, 100, 75, 50128, 0, 32 



26 Most Popular Shades of Maroon

Maroon can often be mistaken for other colors, such as burgundy and even brown. However, the maroon color codes are all different when compared to these colors. You can find many similar colors, some of which are displayed below.



Maroon, with its deep red-brown hue, resembles the color of chestnuts and autumn leaves. It’s a rich, sophisticated color often used in formal clothing and design.

Hex: #800000
RGB: 128, 0, 0
CMYK: 0, 100, 100, 50


Bright Maroon

Bright Maroon is a vibrant, lively shade that combines the intensity of red with a hint of pink, making it stand out in fashion and decor.

Hex: #c32148
RGB: 195, 33, 72
CMYK: 0, 83, 63, 24


Dark Maroon

Dark Maroon is a profoundly deep and intense color, almost bordering on black, offering a sense of mystery and elegance.

Hex: #510400
RGB: 81, 4, 0
CMYK: 0, 95, 100, 68


Deep Maroon

Deep Maroon is a robust and dark shade, reminiscent of red wine, evoking a sense of warmth and depth.

Hex: #5D100A
RGB: 93, 16, 10
CMYK: 0, 83, 89, 64


Falu Red

Falu Red, a traditional Swedish color, has a rustic, earthy quality, often used in exterior paint for its natural, historic appearance.

Hex: #801818
RGB: 128, 24, 24
CMYK: 0, 81, 81, 50


Light Maroon

Light Maroon is a softer, more subdued version of maroon, blending red with pink and purple undertones for a gentle yet sophisticated hue.

Hex: #D03D56
RGB: 208, 61, 86
CMYK: 0, 71, 59, 18


Maroon Pink

Maroon Pink is a unique blend that softens the intensity of maroon with the gentleness of pink, creating a romantic and delicate color.

Hex: #b03060
RGB: 176, 48, 96
CMYK: 0, 73, 45, 31


Pastel Maroon

Pastel Maroon offers a muted, softer approach to maroon, blending in elements of grey for a more understated elegance.

Hex: #944547
RGB: 148, 69, 71
CMYK: 0, 53, 52, 42


Rich Maroon

Rich Maroon is a full-bodied, intense color that exudes luxury and depth, often associated with power and sophistication.

Hex: #B03060
RGB: 176, 48, 96
CMYK: 0, 73, 45, 31


Royal Maroon

Royal Maroon is a dark, almost majestic shade, suggesting opulence and regal elegance, often used in formal settings.

Hex: #670E10
RGB: 103, 14, 16
CMYK: 0, 86, 84, 60


Aesthetic Maroon

Aesthetic Maroon is a stylish and contemporary shade, blending red and brown tones for a chic, modern look.

Hex: #78081C
RGB: 120, 8, 28
CMYK: 0, 93, 77, 53


Antique Ruby

Antique Ruby is a deep, vintage red, reminiscent of precious gemstones and rich historical tapestries.

Hex: #841B2D
RGB: 132, 27, 45
CMYK: 0, 80, 66, 48


Athletic Maroon

Athletic Maroon is a strong, dynamic color, often associated with sports and team uniforms for its energetic and powerful vibe.

Hex: #551825
RGB: 85, 24, 37
CMYK: 0, 72, 56, 67



Auburn is a warm blend of red and brown, resembling the autumnal shades of fallen leaves and often associated with hair color.

Hex: #A52A2A
RGB: 165, 42, 42
CMYK: 0, 75, 75, 35


Blood Red

Blood Red is a vivid, striking color, symbolizing passion and intensity, often used in art and fashion for its bold impact.

Hex: #8a0303
RGB: 138, 3, 3
CMYK: 0, 98, 98, 46


Burnt Maroon

Burnt Maroon is a darkened, almost charred shade of maroon, suggesting a rustic and weathered aesthetic.

Hex: #420303
RGB: 66, 3, 3
CMYK: 0, 95, 95, 74


Caput Mortuum

Caput Mortuum, Latin for “dead head,” is a rich, earthy brown with hints of red, historically used in art and pigments.

Hex: #592720
RGB: 89, 39, 32
CMYK: 0, 56, 64, 65



Chestnut is a warm, medium brown with reddish undertones, reminiscent of the nut it’s named after, conveying a natural and comforting feel.

Hex: #954535
RGB: 149, 69, 53
CMYK: 0, 54, 64, 42


Chinese Maroon

Chinese Maroon is a distinctive, deep red-brown, inspired by traditional Chinese lacquerware and textiles.

Hex: #8B2614
RGB: 139, 38, 20
CMYK: 0, 73, 86, 45


Classic Maroon

Classic Maroon is a timeless, deep red shade that balances sophistication with a touch of warmth, suitable for a variety of applications.

Hex: #6F100F
RGB: 111, 16, 15
CMYK: 0, 86, 86, 56



Cordovan is a rich, shoe-leather inspired color, blending deep red and brown tones, known for its luxurious and durable quality.

Hex: #893F45
RGB: 137, 63, 69
CMYK: 0, 54, 50, 46


Crimson Maroon

Crimson Maroon is a deep, vivid red with a hint of blue, making it a more intense and dramatic version of classic maroon.

Hex: #7b1113
RGB: 123, 17, 19
CMYK: 0, 86, 85, 52


Dark Byzantium

Dark Byzantium is a complex, deep purple with red undertones, reminiscent of historic Byzantine tapestries and art.

Hex: #5D3954
RGB: 93, 57, 84
CMYK: 0, 39, 10, 64


Dark Raspberry

Dark Raspberry is a rich, berry-like shade, combining the vibrancy of red with the depth of purple for a luscious, ripe tone.

Hex: #872657
RGB: 135, 38, 87
CMYK: 0, 72, 36, 47


Dark Red

Dark Red is a bold, intense color, evoking feelings of strength and passion, often used to make a strong visual statement.

Hex: #8B0000
RGB: 139, 0, 0
CMYK: 0, 100, 100, 45



A much darker version of maroon, with brown as well as purplish undertones. You can most probably guess where the name comes from. Blood from an ox will be a shade of red that darkens as it is exposed to the air over time. 

Hex: #b22222
RGB: 0, 81, 81, 30
CMYK: 178, 34, 34



Maroon Color: A Brief History

The name maroon we know today originated from the French term marron, which stands for chestnut. The chestnut has the appearance and similar color of a dark reddish brown. The French word is also most often used to describe anything brown in color.

Not only has maroon been a popular school uniform color, but it has also featured in a few sporting teams. For example, The Chicago Maroons, a team that represents the University of Chicago, not only use the color but are named after the maroon color. Maroon is also the color of the Vajrayana Buddhist monks, which includes the Dalai Lama. Passports and other official documents around the world also come in different colors, for example, maroon or reddish passports are used by those who belong to the European Union.

Maroon Color Code


Maroon Color Meaning

 As maroon is more of a shade of red, it can be associated with love, passion, energy, as well as danger, and anger. Although, maroon is not as intense as red, so would not have quite the same effect. The maroon color is also part of fall colors when the leaves on the trees change to a myriad of hues. Many restaurants also use maroon, as it can help to stimulate the appetite. Used inside the home, it can be a color that offers warmth and a touch of sophistication. Since maroon is also the color some Buddhist monks wear, it can also be associated with spirituality. 

Maroon can also be linked to the following. 

  • Thoughtfulness
  • Responsibility
  • Control
  • Wisdom
  • Warmth
  • Confidence
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Excitement
  • Power Creativity



What Colors Make Maroon?

You can blend a maroon color by using all three primary colors. This means using blue, red, and then a little yellow. The proportions of each color might be different, so try various options to see what works. You can start with a 5:1 ratio of blue and red paint respectively and then add in small amounts of yellow to get that brownish undertone maroon has.

what colors make maroon

You should consider using single pigment paints or primary color paints so that you know what exact colors you are mixing. This is because some red and blue paints might contain other pigments. So, you could inadvertently be mixing more than simply blue and red, which can then create a color that you are not looking for. If you are going to choose a certain type of paint color, always read what it contains on the label. Also, experiment first and create a color chart with all the proportions you are using. You can determine the paint hue by taking a small amount of the maroon and adding a little white. If the white mixture is more violet than red, consider adding a little more yellow. 

mixing maroon paint

Once you have created the maroon color you want, then you can move on and begin painting.



How to Use Maroon?

Maroon, a rich red hue, is known for its ability to stimulate appetite, increase adrenaline levels, and elevate blood pressure. This makes it a favored choice in the restaurant industry, where it frequently appears in branding, decor, and menu designs.

Beyond its culinary associations, maroon is a highly adaptable color. It’s a staple in academic regalia and school uniforms, reflecting tradition and formality. In the fashion world, maroon exudes a sense of deep sensuality and passion, making it a popular choice for clothing.

Maroon also conveys a sense of practicality and is often used in official items such as passports, signifying its association with professionalism and seriousness.



Maroon Colors for Interior Design

Maroon is a well-known color and can be used in a variety of ways from clothing to interior design. If you like dark moody colors, then painting your walls maroon can provide this. However, maroon can also work great as an accent color that provides some warmth. An easy way to add maroon is to bring in elements like artwork, cushions, or patterned rugs. This provides warmth and color without becoming too much. You could also add a maroon accent wall together with a lighter more neutral color palette. This creates a focal point, without overpowering the space.

Maroon Color Meaning

A good maroon color palette includes white and cream, which is both stylish and easy to use. The maroon color can also be the focal point within this color scheme. If you are looking for something with more color, pair maroon with vibrant colors like navy or shades of green. Maroon also pairs beautifully with gold, which adds a more sophisticated and luxurious feel to a space.  Brown and maroon go well when paired, so naturally wooden elements can also elevate the whole look.


Now that you have more insight into the maroon color, you can try it out for yourself. Maroon can help to provide depth and passion, and can be used in many different ways. Maroon is a luxurious and warm color that can be used in fashion, interior design, or product branding to help build a sense of refinement and sophistication.




Frequently Asked Questions


What Colors Make Maroon?

Maroon is from the red family of colors. So, what does maroon look like? The maroon color can easily look like brown, but you can describe it as being more of a dark reddish brown. Instead of being brown or red, it is a combination of both colors.


What Is the Meaning of Maroon?

Since maroon is a dark shade of red, it symbolizes passion, energy, and depth. As it is associated with Buddhist monks, it is also considered a color associated with wisdom and spirituality. It is also associated with warmth, courage, and power.


What Colors Go With Maroon?

Maroon works perfectly with white and other lighter, more neutral colors such as cream, brown, and gray. However, maroon also can work with various shades of yellow and red. To add contrast, shades of green and blue should work nicely.


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