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Hot Pink Color – Exploring Shades of Hot Pink and Combinations

To some, hot pink might seem a bit too garish, but this particular shade of pink has become quite the trend in fashion recently. To get more closely acquainted with this color, we will be exploring various hot pink color combinations amongst other interesting facts about the color.



What Color Is Hot Pink?

The name itself says a lot about the color, hot pink, it describes a color that stands out, and is vibrant and flashy. Hot pink is a shade of pink that is positioned somewhere between dark pink and light pink. When comparing the average pink, you can see that hot pink is a lot brighter than paler pink.

Pink ShadePink Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodePink Color
Hot Pink#ff69b40, 59, 29, 0255, 105, 180 
Pink#ffc0cb0, 25, 20, 0255, 192, 203 

hot pink color code


Hot Pink Color: A Brief History

We can go back to when “pink” became known as a color in the 17th century. The color was associated with flowers of the same hue, for example, beautiful pink carnations. However, the name rather comes from the appearance of the flowers, which have jagged edges. This made people think of “pinking shears”, which are designed to cut fabrics in a zig-zag pattern edge, and this is where the word pink originates. Hot pink, as a color name, was first documented in the 1840s, in the British magazine Bentley’s Miscellany.

In general, the color pink is today associated with everything feminine, however, this was not always the case. Before World War Two, it was natural for girls to wear blue, while boys wore pink. This is because society had a different view on color. Pink was seen as more of a masculine color due to its connection with red, which was a color associated with war.

A major shift in the idea is said to have happened during World War Two when the Nazi German regime, where gay men in the camps were forced to wear labels or pink triangles pinned onto their clothes. Today, the symbol has been claimed by the LGBT community and it is now a symbol of pride.

Over the years, due to many socio-economic and other issues, pink has become a color that is mostly associated with the female gender and feminism. Fashion trends also come and go, for example, the fashion of the early 1980s and color associations with “Barbie Pink”. Later, the popularity of colors like “Millennial Pink” in the early 21st century, stirred ideas that included a variety of shades of pink.

Hot pink is bright, shocking, and contemporary, which inspired the recent “Barbiecore pink” trend. This variety of hot pink has been acclaimed by many celebrities, seen on social media, and endorsed by well-known influencers. Unfortunately, it has not been acclaimed to “color of the year” status yet, but it just might be partly responsible for Pantone choosing “Viva Magenta” as the color of the year for 2023.

shades of hot pink


Meaning of the Color Hot Pink

In most cases, pink is associated with femininity, youth, and romance, and has more of a calming effect. On the other hand, hot pink is more energizing, bold, and provocative, and has more of an aggressive or rebellious connotation. Hot pink is vibrant, almost electric, and exudes a sense of confidence and strength that makes it stand out.



Different Hot Pink Color Tones

You can find various shades of hot pink that are also classified as separate colors and are quite different in their color composition. Below are a few examples, where you will note each hex code that identifies a specific color, and color codes that help designers understand the make-up of each color. The RGB color codes are for web designers and rely on the combination of red, green, and blue to create colors. The CMYK color codes are for printing purposes, and this relies on the combination of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink to create the various colors you see on paper.



It seems that many say that fuchsia and magenta are the same color, with the same hex code. However, others say fuchsia is more of a pinkish-purple color, while magenta is more reddish. When it comes to web colors, these hues are the same, but when looking at pigments for printing and painting, they might appear different. When compared to fuchsia, hot pink may appear to be less bright. So, the main difference is that one is brighter than the other. If you are looking for a color that stands out even more than hot pink, then fuchsia is the color to choose.

hot pink color combinations

Hot Pink ShadePastel Hot Pink Hex CodeCMYK Hot Pink Color Code (%)RGB Hot Pink Color CodeHot Pink Color
Hot Pink#ff69b40, 59, 29, 0255, 105, 180 
Fuchsia#ff00ff0, 100, 0, 0255, 0, 255 


More Shades of Hot Pink

Below are a few more shades of pink with their names just in case hot pink is not enough for you. These colors range in shade and tone and can be used as alternatives to the hot pink color in any design project. From a hot dark pink to brighter shocking pink colors.

Hot Pink ShadeHot Pink Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeHot Pink Color
Barbie Pink#e0218a0, 85, 38, 12224, 33, 138 
Pink Flamingo#fc74fd0, 54, 0, 1252, 116, 253 
Shocking Pink#fc0fc00, 94, 24, 1252, 15, 192 
French Rose#f64a8a0, 70, 44, 4246, 74, 138 
Hot Dark Pink#d901660, 100, 53, 15217, 1, 102 

hot dark pink



What Color Goes With Hot Pink?

The colors that go with hot pink include other lighter shades of pink, white, and black. However, it can also work with darker blues like navy, and it can work well with shades of yellow, purple, and cyan if you want to make a statement. Color theory provides the best hot pink color combinations, which can be determined by a color wheel.

hot pink hex code


Complementary Hot Pink Colors

When you take hot pink and find it on the color wheel, the color that is across from it, is known as a complementary color. These colors are contrasting or tend to stand out when looking at them. When it comes to hot pink, a light shade of cyan complements it. You can also consider other shades of cyan like teal or mint green.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color Code Color
Hot Pink#ff69b40, 59, 29, 0255, 105, 180 
Light Cyan#69ffb459, 0, 29, 0105, 255, 180 

complementary hot pink colors


Analogous Hot Pink Color

Other shades of pink and red can produce an analogous color palette. These colors are located close to one another when you refer to the color wheel. These colors that go with hot pink are usually easier to look at and form a more harmonious combination. You can also consider various shades of purple and hot pink.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color Code Color
Hot Pink#ff69b40, 59, 29, 0255, 105, 180 
Light Magenta#ff69ff0, 59, 0, 0255, 105, 255 
Light Red#ff69690, 59, 59, 0255, 105, 105 


Monochromatic Hot Pink Colors

Taking hot pink and then producing variations of this color, from lighter to darker versions, will form a monochromatic color palette. As you can see in the table, there is a paler version as well as a more vibrant hot pink color, however, there are many variations in-between. 

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color Code Color
Hot Pink#ff69b40, 59, 29, 0255, 105, 180 
Vivid Pink#ff1d8e0, 89, 44, 0255, 29, 142 
Pale Pink#ffb6da0, 29, 15, 0255, 182, 218 

what color goes with hot pink


Triadic Hot Pink Colors

Triadic colors form a contrast, similar to complementary colors. To find this color combination, you will notice that when all three colors are joined, it forms a triangle with equal sides. You can also try combining darker shades of green and blue with hot pink. Other hot pink color combinations that are similar but include more than three colors are known as tetradic or rectangular combinations as well as square color combinations.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color Code Color
Hot Pink#ff69b40, 59, 29, 0255, 105, 180 
Light Blue#69b4ff59, 29, 0, 0105, 180, 255 
Light Green#b4ff6929, 0, 59, 0180, 255, 105 

colors that go with hot pink



Working With the Hot Pink Color

Hot pink might not be the go-to color for most paintings, but it might come into play for a sunset, flowers, or abstract art. Hot pink has also become a trendy fashion statement and can also be used for interior design color schemes.


Mixing Hot Pink Color Acrylic Paint

To mix hot pink, you can start with a red paint color, for example, alizarin crimson or quinacridone red. Take some of the red paint and place it onto your mixing surface, remember to create a color chart with your color mixing proportions. The best option when mixing paint is to use a palette knife.


Choosing a Shade of White Paint

Similar to the type of red paint, you should choose the best shade of white, which would be a brighter white like titanium white. Take only a small amount of white and mix it with your red paint. You can carry on with the mixing process, and if you have to, add more white later. You do not want to add too much white, as this will create more of a light pink, than a hot pink color. Mix both colors thoroughly, and if it seems the color is still too red, add another tiny amount of whiter.

hot pink paint

Add Some Blue or Violet Paint

After you are satisfied with the red and white mix, you should have a bright pink. To create more of a hot pink, you can add in a little blue or violet. Again, only add in tiny amounts as you go until you reach a shade of hot pink you are happy with



Can You Use Hot Pink in Designs?

In whatever way you use the hot pink color, it is sure to be a daring and exciting choice. Create eye-catching website designs that are sure to help your viewers to take action. There are also many hot pink fashion ideas or you can take your interior design to new levels. Whatever your choice, hot pink can make it happen, and you do not even need a lot of it to make an impression.


Hot Pink in Fashion

Shades of pink, including hot pink, have become quite popular over the years, and have appeared on fashion runways and been worn by celebrities. Hot pink in particular can make an outfit stand out, and creates a statement or certain impression. Hot pink matches perfectly with black, brown, white, and other neutrals to tone it down, as well as light blue in outfits. Denim is always a classic to wear with hot pink, amongst other colors. You can wear hot pink in many ways including jackets, dresses, skirts, pullovers, or accessories like handbags and shoes.

hot pink color


Hot Pink Interior Designs

Hot pink might be a bit too bright for some, so using it as an accent hue to bring in some vibrant color, might be the best option. Shades of pink like hot pink are also quite popular to use for a child’s bedroom. However, hot pink can also be used to produce a more vintage appeal when combined with white, grays, black, and other more neutral colors. Hot pink will draw attention and create a statement, even in small doses.

If you want to make a bold and bright impression, you can consider painting the walls. However, you need to be sure this is the proper color you want to use before you begin. Maybe consider an accent wall instead, or it is easier to simply bring in elements that are easier to remove if you get tired of the color. Think of cushions, rugs, throws, and even couches or chairs. You can even add touches of hot pink through art pieces.

orchid interior design


Whatever you do when using hot pink, it is sure to be the center of attention. So, try something new and purchase those hot pink shoes; you are bound to cause a stir while being in style. Hot pink just might be the next black!



Frequently Asked Questions


What Color Goes With Hot Pink?

Hot pink is a brighter shade of pink that works with quite a few colors. Hot pink works especially well with white and other more neutral colors such as black or gray. To add more vibrancy to a combination, hot pink can be used with shades of cyan and yellow.


What Is the Difference Between Hot Pink and Neon Pink?

Both hot pink and neon pink are more vibrant shades of pink. However, they are not identical colors and have separate hex codes. Neon pink is generally a brighter color when compared to hot pink.


Is Hot Pink a Popular Color?

Hot pink has become a popular color in recent years, as designers wanted a bolder and more energetic color, and hot pink fitted the brief perfectly. Hot pink has been seen on many fashion runways, among celebrities, and influencers, who have made the color even more popular.

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