What Colors Go With Green

What Colors Go With Green? – 20 Perfect Pairings for Every Hue

In interior design, pairing green with complementary colors can create a harmonious and balanced aesthetic. Earthy tones such as browns and beiges can enhance the natural ambiance, while contrasting shades like coral or mustard inject a vibrant energy. Below we will be looking at our 20 color combinations which work best with different green hues when it comes to interior design. We will give you tips and tricks on how to use green color combinations in your home. 



What Colors Go with Green?

Green is an excellent choice for interiors due to its associations with freshness, boldness, cleanliness, energy, and vitality. Selecting the right shade is crucial; for instance, olive green suits bedrooms, while lime green is better suited for kitchens to emphasize vitality. The color green, linked to nature, positively impacts mental health, making spaces happier and more productive. Despite its benefits, people often overlook green in interiors, possibly due to difficulty in color matching. However, exploring various sophisticated shades and incorporating green through indoor plants can transform interiors effectively.

Colors That Go Well With Green


Emerald Green and Pink

Because pink is a very light shade of red, it is technically a complementary color of green, especially if the green you are working with is cool-toned emerald green. This combination works well because a dirty pink comes off as somewhat earthy, especially when compared with a natural color such as pink. Emerald green and pink, while potentially too feminine for some, makes a great green color scheme for home decor. Whether you want to simply add a pop of each with throw pillows on your couch, or you want a more sophisticated look with green plants and dirty pink ornaments, the combination works fantastically. 

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Emerald Green#1A8F6F82, 0, 22, 4426, 143, 111 
Dirty Cool Pink#DBA9C40, 23, 11, 14219, 169, 196 

green and pink


Olive Green and Yellow

Green and yellow is such a natural color combination. Yellow is one of the many colors that go well with olive green, specifically. When pairing these two colors, make sure to pair them with the same tones. If you are working with a green that has more of a cool tone, make sure that the yellow you are pairing it with, doesn’t have an overly warm undertone, as the two colors will then clash. For more earthy shades of green, a mustard yellow can pair up perfectly for an understated and natural look. 

Pastel yellow furniture pieces look great against olive green backdrops.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Dark Olive Green#5357245, 0, 59, 6683, 87, 36 
 Bright Mustard#E8B4460, 22, 70, 9232, 180, 70 
Pastel Yellow#F6F09C0, 2, 37, 4246, 240, 156 
Light Olive Green#9091611, 0, 33, 43144, 145, 97, 57 

green and yellow


Green and Brown

Dark green combined with chocolate brown makes for a very dramatic, natural, and earthy combination. This combination works well when wanting to achieve a cozy environment for a lounge or a bedroom area. Green and brown can give your home some lovely cool undertones and a very earthy feel. A dark green velvet cushion would go perfectly with some dark wooden furnishings. 

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Olive Green#4B553112, 0, 42, 6775, 85, 49 
Brown#5E2C040, 53, 96, 6394, 44, 4 

green and brown


Green and White

If instead of a dramatic effect like green and brown, your aim is rather to create a fresh and energetic space, the combination of stark or cream whites should work well against neutral greens, which aren’t either too warm or too cold.

This color combination is great if you already have white-painted walls and you want to add a splash of color throughout your interior by making use of green in the form of furniture, or naturally by incorporating plants.

Neutrals like white, gray, and black work exceptionally well when combined with green and they are very on-trend. It keeps the color pallet earthy, yet modern. Green paint or furniture with black hardware against white backdrops are great examples of neutral and modern interiors.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Forest Green#10471D77, 0, 59, 7216, 71, 29 
White#FFFFFF0, 0, 0, 0255, 255, 255 
Gray#5959590, 0, 0, 6589, 89, 89 
Black#0000000, 0, 0, 1000, 0, 0 

green and white


Green and Navy

Blue is a far-end analogous color to green, which makes for a very calming combination. Specifically dark blue is one of the colors that go well with green. A darker lime green paired with hints of navy in the form of floral patterns, for example, makes for a great design choice, especially in kitchens.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Lime Green#8997039, 0, 98, 41137, 151, 3 
 Navy#002060100, 67, 0, 620, 32, 96 

green and navy blue


Mint Green and Coral

This refreshing combination brings together the calmness of mint green with the vibrant warmth of coral. Ideal for spaces where a touch of playfulness is desired, the pairing creates a balanced and invigorating atmosphere, perfect for bedrooms or living areas.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Mint Green#98FF9827, 0, 27, 0152, 255, 152 
Coral#FF6F610, 73, 63, 0255, 111, 97 

Green and Pink


Sage Green and Lavender

The soft, muted tones of sage green and lavender create a soothing and sophisticated ambiance. This pairing works well in spaces intended for relaxation, such as bedrooms or reading nooks, promoting a sense of tranquility and understated elegance.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Sage Green#C1D98E28, 0, 43, 15193, 217, 142 
Lavender#967BB631, 39, 0, 29150, 123, 182 

Green and Lavender


Forest Green and Gold

The richness of forest green paired with the opulence of gold adds a touch of luxury to interiors. This combination is well-suited for formal spaces like dining rooms or home offices, where the deep green provides a sense of grounding, and gold accents bring in an element of glamour.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Forest Green#228B2285, 0, 90, 4534, 139, 34 
Gold#FFD7000, 0, 100, 0255, 215, 0 

Green and Gold


Pistachio Green and Soft Gray

Combining the subtlety of pistachio green with the neutrality of soft gray results in a versatile and contemporary palette. This pairing is perfect for modern living spaces, offering a serene backdrop that allows for easy integration of various textures and accent colors.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Pistachio Green#93C57226, 0, 55, 7147, 197, 114 
Soft Gray#D3D3D30, 0, 0, 18211, 211, 211 

Green and Gray


Hunter Green and Burgundy

The deep, bold hues of hunter green and burgundy create a sophisticated and timeless color scheme. This combination is excellent for spaces where a touch of drama is desired, such as formal dining rooms or cozy home libraries, evoking a sense of classic elegance.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Hunter Green#355E3B71, 25, 91, 1853, 94, 59 
Burgundy#8000200, 100, 75, 36128, 0, 32 

What Goes With Green


Teal Green and Mustard

The dynamic contrast between teal green and mustard brings energy and warmth to interiors. Ideal for spaces like kitchens or home offices, this combination creates a visually stimulating environment that balances boldness with a hint of retro charm.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Teal Green#008080100, 0, 33, 500, 128, 128 
Mustard#FFDB580, 10, 70, 0255, 219, 88 

Green and Mustard Yellow


Celery Green and Sky Blue

This light and airy combination of celery green and sky blue lends a fresh and uplifting feel to interiors. Suited for spaces like kitchens or bathrooms, the pairing evokes a sense of cleanliness and openness, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Celery Green#BFFF0029, 0, 80, 0191, 255, 0 
Sky Blue#87CEEB32, 3, 0, 11135, 206, 235 

Green and Sky Blue


Chartreuse Green and Charcoal Gray

The boldness of chartreuse green paired with the depth of charcoal gray creates a modern and visually striking palette. This combination is well-suited for contemporary spaces, adding a touch of vibrancy and sophistication, particularly in areas where a statement is desired, such as accent walls or furniture.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Chartreuse Green#7FFF0030, 0, 90, 0127, 255, 0 
Charcoal Gray#36454F70, 50, 50, 5054, 69, 79 

Green and Charcoal Gray


Aqua Green and Peach

The calming tones of aqua green combined with the warmth of peach create a soft and inviting color scheme. Suitable for bedrooms or living rooms, this pairing exudes a sense of serenity and comfort, making the space feel welcoming and relaxed.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Aqua Green#00FFFF100, 0, 0, 00, 255, 255 
Peach#FFDAB90, 16, 24, 0255, 218, 185 

Green and Coral


Kelly Green and Cream

The classic combination of kelly green and cream is timeless and versatile. Ideal for both traditional and contemporary interiors, this pairing brings a sense of freshness and brightness, making it suitable for spaces like family rooms or home offices.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Kelly Green#4CBB1779, 0, 100, 076, 187, 23 
Cream#FFFDD00, 0, 13, 0255, 253, 208 

Green and Cream


Seafoam Green and Terracotta

The gentle contrast between seafoam green and terracotta creates a harmonious and earthy palette. This combination is well-suited for spaces with a natural or bohemian aesthetic, bringing in a sense of warmth and connection to the outdoors.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Seafoam Green#90EE9040, 0, 40, 0144, 238, 144 
Terracotta#E2725B0, 54, 36, 11226, 114, 91 

Green and Terraccotta


Turquoise Green and Beige

The vibrant energy of turquoise green paired with the calm neutrality of beige results in a balanced and soothing color scheme. This combination is suitable for various spaces, offering a timeless and adaptable palette that accommodates different design styles.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Turquoise Green#00C78C88, 0, 62, 210, 199, 140 
Beige#F5F5DC0, 0, 14, 4245, 245, 220 

Green and Beige


Fern Green and Lilac

The combination of fern green and lilac creates a fresh and youthful palette. Ideal for bedrooms or playrooms, this pairing brings a sense of vibrancy and creativity, striking a balance between nature-inspired green and the delicate charm of lilac.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Fern Green#4F794258, 0, 80, 6979, 121, 66 
Lilac#C8A2C825, 40, 0, 20200, 162, 200 

Green and Lilac


Moss Green and Copper

The earthy tones of moss green paired with the warmth of copper create a rustic and inviting atmosphere. This combination is well-suited for spaces with a natural or industrial aesthetic, bringing in a sense of coziness and character.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Moss Green#8A9A5B38, 14, 73, 11138, 154, 91 
Copper#B8733320, 45, 73, 4184, 115, 51 

Green and Copper


Jade Green and Silver Gray

 The cool elegance of jade green combined with the sophistication of silver gray results in a modern and refined color scheme. Suitable for contemporary living spaces or home offices, this pairing exudes a sense of calmness and style, creating a sleek and polished look.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Jade Green#00A86B86, 0, 77, 330, 168, 107 
Silver Gray#C0C0C00, 0, 0, 25192, 192, 192 

Silver Colors That Go Well With Green


If you can change your mindset to start thinking of green as a neutral color, it should be easy to combine it with many different colors, and you will come to realize that depending on the shade of green, green goes with more colors than you think.  Not only is green one of the most versatile colors when it comes to finding combinations, but it is also versatile in terms of the type of rooms it can be used for. The shades of green can be adjusted to fit almost any mood and function, all while being associated with nature, and thus being great for our mental state.




Frequently Asked Questions


What Goes With Green?

What colors go with green? When looking at green color combinations it is important to consider the shade of green when asking the question of what goes with green. Bright orange pairs well with dark greens, whereas neutrals like browns or monochromatic tones that extend to blue, pair very well with light greens.


What Colors Do Not Go With Green?

Although there is a color for almost every shade of green, there are certainly some colors that are more difficult to pair with green. These colors tend to be bright primary colors, which include royal blue, bright yellow, and fire engine red.


Can You Combine Green With Other Shades of Green?

Yes, incorporating various shades of green, such as mint, emerald, or olive, can create a harmonious and nature-inspired color palette, adding depth and interest to your design.


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