meaning of the color maroon

Meaning of the Color Maroon – Exploring Its Significance

Colors are not merely something pleasing to look at; they can also evoke a variety of emotions. Each color has its own personality and meaning, and maroon is no exception. Maroon is a color that can add warmth, sophistication, and interest to a design. To find out more about the meaning of the maroon color, make sure to read further where we will be discussing this mysterious color in more detail!



The Meaning of the Maroon Color

Shade  Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Maroon#8000000, 100, 100, 50128, 0, 0 

The easiest way to describe the color maroon is to say that it is a dark shade of red, which can even appear more brown to some. Maroon shares its nature of passion with red but offers a more mature outlook and is a great color that can add depth to any design. The color maroon can appear quite intense and is often associated with love, comfort, energy, strength, stability, ambition, power, and spirituality. Maroon is also often associated with luxury, sophistication, and status.

maroon color meaning Maroon color meaning infographic. Click on the image to download a printable PDF.

Maroon provides a more muted look that does not attract as much attention as brighter versions of red. The color maroon is also often associated with the fall season and can be associated with beauty, creativity, and relaxation. Below, you will see a list and summary of the symbolism of maroon.


Positive Associations of the Maroon Color

  • Stimulating
  • Sophisticated
  • Strong
  • Confident
  • Comforting
  • Stable
  • Mature
  • Spiritual
  • Creative
  • Represents love
  • Passion
  • Power
  • Ambition


Negative Associations of the Maroon Color

  • Arrogant
  • Unpredictable
  • Moody
  • Opinionated
  • Agitating



Psychological Meaning of the Maroon Color

Colors have a powerful effect on our minds and even our bodies, for example, helping to recall memories or helping us to concentrate better. As with every color, maroon has its own influence on our emotions and bodies. Maroon is a very distinct and strong color, and it offers many traits, such as being ambitious, responsible, inspiring, mature, and in control. Do not forget, that there is also a negative side, if overused, it can seem arrogant, overbearing, moody, and may even come across as being indecisive. Let us take a closer look at some of the more positive psychological traits.

maroon symbolism psychology


Maroon Is Passionate

Maroon is a shade of red and so retains some of the passion that red is so well known for. The color maroon is energetic and has an upbeat feeling about it. However, unlike a vibrant red, it offers a slightly more subdued effect. Its darker color also offers more depth, intensity, and enthusiasm.


Maroon Is Confident

The maroon color is not shy and projects a sense of confidence. The symbolism of maroon also includes being ambitious and is a color that is often used for uniforms and as a representative color for various academic institutions and sporting clubs. Maroon represents the pursuit of knowledge and is a color that relates to wisdom. The color maroon is also a symbol of strength and courage. Many professionals use maroon because it helps develop the perception of authority and productivity. When wearing maroon, it also helps to enhance feelings of self-esteem and encourages feelings of being organized and in control.

maroon symbolism confidence


Maroon Is Comforting and Loving

Again, being a shade of red, maroon is a representation of love and acceptance. It is also a warm and uplifting hue that welcomes everyone. Maroon can also be seen as a romantic color, which can be associated with Valentine’s Day.

Other traits that come across include associations with thoughtfulness and compassion.


Maroon Is Sophisticated

Being a more mature version of red, maroon comes across as being mature and offers a sense of luxury and sophistication. Maroon can also be seen as a prestigious color that is associated with high status. It is a capable and strong color that can add a touch of finesse to all designs. The maroon color may be more popular among the older generation than children, so its range is slightly limited.

maroon symbolism sophistication



Physical Effects of Maroon

Colors not only have an emotional impact, but they can also have a direct effect on the physical body. Since red and maroon are both stimulating colors, they can help to raise the heart rate and blood pressure. Maroon may also help to boost energy levels and can boost adrenaline. Maroon is also used to help stimulate the appetite, which is why many restaurants use the color in their logos.

However, the misuse of maroon can also evoke negative emotions like anger and irritation.



The Maroon Color in Different Cultures    

Colors are viewed differently, depending on individual experiences and cultural influences. Colors can also be seen differently, depending on the context or how they are used, which can elicit varying emotional responses. In the past, maroon was often a color that represented deities. For example, Ancient Egyptians used maroon to represent Osiris, the god of the underworld, death, and resurrection. In Ancient Greece, maroon was used to represent Dionysus, the god of fertility, fruitfulness, and wine.

maroon symbolism different cultures

The maroon color was used to dye clothing and other items. Even today, maroon is closely connected to spirituality and wisdom, and is the color used in association with Buddhism. Maroon is also a color that represents the goddess Durga in the Hindu culture and is associated with courage and strength. In Western cultures, maroon is mostly associated with sophistication, while in some African cultures, maroon is seen as a powerful hue that is linked to royalty.



Meaning of the Shades of Maroon

Shade  Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Maroon#8000000, 100, 100, 50128, 0, 0 
Dark Red#8b00000, 100, 100, 45139, 0, 0 
Firebrick#b222220, 81, 81, 30178, 34, 34 
Burgundy#8000200, 100, 75, 50128, 0, 32 

When it comes to colors, each color, like maroon, can have a variety of different shades and tones. This could mean that a shade of maroon can be lighter or darker, or it can contain slightly different undertones. The different maroon shades can lean toward redder, more pink, or even purple undertones. Below are some of the more popular shades of maroon.


Dark Red

Dark red is also a color that is strong and takes command, but it is also a color that represents courage and determination. Too much dark red can become domineering and aggressive, so it is a good idea to use it wisely. The intense and rich hue can also represent sophistication and luxury.

The color depicted above is dark red which represents the web color.



The firebrick color is another variation of dark red that offers a vibrant and intense look. The color will attract attention and can easily evoke some strong emotions. Firebrick is a bold color that can add drama to any design and is strongly associated with passion and love.



Burgundy and maroon are often mistaken for being the same color. However, there are notable differences. Maroon has more of a red undertone that can often be seen as brownish-red, while burgundy has a purplish undertone and is slightly brighter than maroon.

maroon symbolism



Is Maroon a Chakra Color?

The various chakras represent the energy centers that run throughout the body. There are several major chakras, each one represented by a specific color. For example, the root chakra is also the red chakra, which can be found near the base of the spine. A healthy root chakra supports a grounded and stable feeling that is balanced. Other colors related to this chakra include maroon and burgundy.

The rest of the chakras follow the spine up to the top or crown of the head.

If any of the chakras are blocked or out of balance, it can have a negative effect on both the mind and emotions, as well as the body and organs. Experts in chakras also say that there are more chakras, and that maroon can be associated with the eighth chakra that surrounds the body. There are various things you can do to help clear the chakras, for example, you can try meditation, visualization, or yoga.



Interesting Idioms and Famous Quotes About the Maroon Color

Over the years, people have come up with some interesting idioms and famous quotes concerning various colors. When it comes to idioms or phrases, red stands out more than maroon specifically. For example, when somebody says they are going to “paint the town red”, they mean that they are going to have a big party and have loads of fun. There are many more idioms for red, but none specifically for maroon.

maroon symbolism quotes

The same applies to famous quotes, as you can get quite a few that mention red, but very few that directly include the maroon color. However, we did come across this one by the famous actress, Drew Barrymore, “This dramatic, hearty flower with its deep maroon made me so happy. I was so in love with its color, and it taught me that beauty could live in a seedy area. Not only live but also be strong!”.


While red is bright and announces its presence quite effectively, maroon also makes itself known but in a more confident, sophisticated, and refined way. Maroon not only attracts the eye, but it also speaks to the soul, providing both excitement and wisdom. Maroon is a complex color that embodies the fire of red but also encompasses a more subtle quality that is elegant and comforting.




Frequently Asked Questions


What Is the Symbolism of Maroon?

Maroon is a more mature and sophisticated shade of red that is associated with authority, power, control, passion, courage, and confidence, among other attributes. Maroon can also be a warm and comforting color that helps with improving creativity. 


Can the Maroon Color Be Seen As Arrogant?

Colors can have both positive and negative traits. While maroon is a confident and intense color, it can also be seen as moody and arrogant. So, when using this color in designs, it is always a good idea to get an overall idea of the meaning of maroon.


Is Maroon a Stylish Color?

Maroon is a trendy hue, especially in the fashion industry. The maroon color is versatile and timeless, and provides a certain elegance to a fashion outfit. Maroon is also a sophisticated color that can be added to interior designs.


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