Types of Crafts

Types of Crafts – Different Crafts for You to Try

What comes to mind when considering the word “crafts”? It may be your grandmother who loves crocheting or knitting, or the popular craft of scrapbooking. These are only two simple examples of the different crafts available, but you are sure to find a huge variety of craft styles and crafting types if you go searching. To make things a little easier for you, we have created a collection of some of our favorite examples of crafts, along with a few others that you might not be so familiar with. So, get comfortable, because we are about to learn about all these wonderful crafting ideas!



What Are the Different Types of Crafts?

The different types of crafts encompass a variety of techniques, ideas, and materials. Crafting is something that can be used as a form of expression that can be a piece of art. However, crafts can also be something more functional and decorative, and usually what you make, can be used around the home. Whether you are an avid crafter or simply wish to know more about crafting, this guide is here to help you learn and discover old and new craft styles so you can get inspired to create some amazing craft projects. Below, you will see a craft categories list, where you will hopefully find something that attracts your attention.



Visual Crafting Types

So, what are visual craft styles? There is sometimes a fine line between arts and crafts, and these are great examples. Many of these craft types can also fit elsewhere in this craft categories list. Visual arts are pieces that are created for the sole purpose of appreciation and conveying certain emotions and ideas.

Most of these ideas are not functional but can still be considered a craft style. Let us now consider a few of these ideas.


Drawings and Paintings

This is a vast subject and encompasses a variety of techniques and different media. Drawings or sketching usually involve capturing an image with a pencil, pen, or other drawing tools like pastels or charcoal. Drawing can easily be made into a fun craft idea that can be done by young and old alike. There are many easy drawing ideas you try, from doodling to drawing your favorite cartoon character. There are also other more unconventional methods of drawing, for example, pyrography, which uses a heated tool to burn designs into wood and leather.

Calligraphy is also a skill that can be used to create beautiful handwriting for invitations and cards and can be done on paper or other materials like wood.

Examples of Crafts

Paintings can be done in a variety of ways, again, professional artists will consider this more of an art form. However, painting can also be a fun craft that can be done by everyone. For example, splatter painting or painting with easy tools like sponges or Q-tips. There are also various mediums you can use including watercolor paints, acrylic paints, and oil paints. Besides the medium, there is also a variety of surfaces you can paint on. For example, paper, canvas, glass, plastic, wood, and you can even paint on rocks.



You can consider photography a craft style that can be used to create art. Without getting into the visual art side that includes fine and commercial art, for this article, we are focusing more on having fun with photography and maybe using it in unique ways. For example, creating personalized fridge magnets or transferring a photo onto a pillow or T-shirt. These require skill and creativity to make something more functional than a simple photograph on the wall.

If you go searching, there are many ideas where you can incorporate photography into a fun crafting idea. 

Craft Categories List



The method of transferring an image onto a particular surface, which could be paper or even fabric and other materials. Traditional printmaking uses techniques like etching, engraving, and lithography. Today, there is also screen printing. There are also many fun printmaking ideas that everyone can get involved with.

For example, making prints with foam boards or using the old carved potato trick to create prints, among many other ideas.



Studio Crafts

These can also fall under the visual arts category but are done in a craft or artist studio as there is usually equipment, tools, and space needed to create items. These types of crafts are more for the serious crafter, artists, or hobbyist, as they require a little more dedication, and some ideas need tools and equipment.

Craft Styles



Metalwork requires quite a few tools and includes methods like casting, welding, and jewelry making. There are many ideas for this craft type, such as making your own knives, cutlery, or even custom making your own car parts.



Many schools used to offer and still do offer woodworking classes, where students learn to work with wood and create all manner of items. Anybody can learn woodworking, and there are many easy craft ideas. For example, making birdhouses, jewelry boxes, furniture, and many other useful wooden items. Woodworking uses all kinds of techniques from carving and shaping to drilling, sawing, gluing, and wood planing.

Crafting Types


Glass Blowing

This might be a more skilled craft type that requires study and practice as it involves super-heated molten glass that is shaped into different forms. Some of the ideas for glassblowing include making decorative bowls, vases, and other items. If you are searching for something a little easier, consider glass art.

This can be done by painting glass to create a stained-glass effect or using colored glass pieces to create a suncatcher.


Pottery and Ceramics

This is a popular and fun craft type that can be done by both professionals and beginners. For creating pottery and ceramics, you will need some equipment, such as a kiln to create various pottery items. Thankfully, some places rent out their kiln, so you only need to make the items. There is also the option of using various types of clay that you can either bake in the oven at home, or the clay can simply air dry for a few days.

Easy Types of Crafts



This type of craft requires skill and tools and uses leather to make all kinds of items. Some of the techniques include stamping, carving, and tooling, which need to be done with precision. Some of the items you can create include bags, wallets, belts, hats, book covers, keyrings, and more.



Sculptures can be done in many ways, using different materials. You can make sculptures from clay, wood, and even metal. An easy way to make sculptures is to use the paper mâché method, which is paper pulp that has been layered to create a sculpted form.

Creative Types of Crafts


Model Making

Creating miniature models can involve many different ideas and can include entire landscapes, people, or objects like ships, cars, or even dollhouses. You will need tools and maybe some equipment for this, such as a paint spray gun. Most of all, you will need a lot of patience.

However, many find this type of craft relaxing and can spend hours creating models.



Textile Crafting Types

When creating textile crafts, it uses mainly fabrics and yarn. These materials can be used to create some amazing items that can be used as home décor, accessories, or clothing. You can also make kids’ toys or use fabrics more uniquely. For example, creating a photo frame with fabric or a flower vase wrap made out of fabric or twine. Some of the main techniques to consider in this category include the following.



Embroidery is more of a decorative art that uses a needle and thread to create beautiful designs that can be images or letters. These designs can be added to cushions, clothing, and shoes. It can also be used to make pieces of jewelry or to create bookmarks, and cards, among many other ideas.

Difficult Types of Crafts



Sewing also uses a needle and thread, but in this case, it is to make pillows and a variety of other items, such as bags, clothing, toys, doorstops, and fabric napkins. There are tons of sewing ideas that you can either do by hand or make use of a sewing machine.



Knitting is an old favorite crafting style that uses needles and yarn to create a variety of items from jerseys and other clothing items to home décor ideas. Other ideas include knitting throws, scarves, socks, hats, slippers, baby clothes, pillow covers, tops, and toys.

Easy Craft Styles



You also use yarn to crochet with, but instead of using two knitting needles, you use a single crochet hook. Similar to knitting, you can create a variety of items, for example, clothing items, home décor items, face cloths, and coasters, among many other ideas.



The art of quilting has been around for many years and involves sewing layers of fabric together with padding to create bed covers, wall hangings, table mats, runners, coasters, bookmarks, tote bags, and even clothing items.

Creative Craft Styles



The art of knotting chords or string into decorative items. Macrame can be done by anybody who is willing to have patience and takes the time to practice. Some of the more common macrame ideas are plant holders, wall hangings, hammocks, jewelry, and key rings.



You might not have heard about batik before; however, it has been used in many different cultures around the world. The technique involved dyeing fabric using plant dyes and wax. You draw your design onto the fabric with the wax-resist, after which, the fabric is dyed. The dye does not reach wherever the wax-resist was placed, which usually forms the pattern on the fabric. This method can be applied to create different items like bags, T-shirts, tablecloths, and wall hangings. Today, many use glue instead of wax.

Tie-dye is a similar method using dye and elastic bands to create patterns in the fabric.

Difficult Craft Styles


Fabric Scrap Craft Ideas

If you use fabric a lot for certain projects, you are bound to end up with quite a lot of fabric scraps. Instead of throwing this away, you can create any number of items with the leftover fabric. You can make headbands and fabric bracelet wraps, and with a little Mod Podge and a balloon, you can create fabric bowls.



For this craft, you can either use the raw felt wool or you can purchase the felt that comes in rolls or felt mats. If you use raw felt, you will need a few tools like a felting needle. You can then create cute animals and all kinds of objects. With the felt mats, you can also cut out different shapes to use in projects.

Easy Crafting Types


Lace Making

This is also known as “tatting”, which is often used to embellish towels, sheets, and other items. You will need what is known as a “shuttle”, extra-fine thread, scissors, and a pattern to create the delicate lace. Other tools like a crochet hook and bobbin might also be necessary.


Latch Hook Rugs

This is quite an easy and fun craft idea, all you need is the rug template canvas with your chosen image, yarn, rug backing, and the latch hook. The rug template will have “holes” in it, and the yarn is attached to the rug canvas using the latch hook that goes through these “holes”. Different color yarn is used to create the final rug image, which you can then use as a rug or hang up on the wall.

Creative Crafting Types



Paper Crafting Types

There are so many things you can do with different types of paper. You can even recycle and make your own paper. There are plenty of ideas for beginners as well as for those looking for more of a challenge. Since there is such a huge number of ideas, below is a list of the more popular paper crafts.

Difficult Crafting Types

  • Origami: This is the art of paper folding or sculpting to create any number of shapes and forms.
  • Paper quilling: You can create intricate designs by curling thin strips of colored paper and positioning them to create a pattern.
  • Card making: All kinds of cards can be made for any special occasion and can include simple ideas to three-dimensional pop-up cards.
  • Paper collages: Creating collages involves using cut pieces of paper and then applying this to a design, almost like creating a paper mosaic.
  • Paper plate crafts: You can create many different items simply using paper plates. For example, paper plate hats and various paper plate animals.
  • Paper toilet roll crafts: Toilet rolls can be used to create small gift boxes or monster puppets, among many other ideas.
  • Paper flowers: You can create a variety of paper flowers, both big and small for various projects.
  • Paper beads: The paper beads can be used to make jewelry, or they can be used as embellishments. The beads can even be dipped in a water-proof varnish to increase durability.
  • Paper mâché: To create an item, you will need to use strips of paper, water, and glue or flour, which dry hard to any form or shape. So, you can create bowls or any other shape you can think of.
  • Decoupage: When decoupaging, you will be layering thin pieces of decorative paper, and using multiple layers of Mod Podge to create a decorative look on different kinds of surfaces.
  • Paper garlands: Decorative garlands can be made from colorful paper, which can then be used as décor or hung on a Christmas tree.
  • Paper weaving: Strips of paper can be used to weave with, creating decorative pieces. For example, to create interesting wrapping paper or a wall hanging.
  • Paper cutting art: Taking a normal piece of paper and some scissors, you can cut intricate and delicate patterns into the paper.
  • Paper bookmarks: A simple paper craft idea is creating bookmarks, which can be done in many different ways.
  • Bookbinding: This method is achieved by assembling paper into a book form and then binding the paper to form a book.



Decorative Crafting Types

Again, these types of crafts can fall into multiple categories, but mostly describe crafts that create decorative items that can be used around the home or have some other functional aspect.

For example, painting a coffee table or making a plant hanger.



Creating a mosaic item can also be classified as a visual art, but there are many functional items that you can make. To create a mosaic piece, you will use small pieces of glass, ceramics, or stone, which can be of various shapes. These pieces come in different colors and when glued in place, create a pattern or image. You can mosaic most surfaces, so you can create colorful vases, bowls, bottles, mirrors, flowerpots, frames, tabletops, or create wall art, among many other ideas.

Paper Types of Crafts


Candle Making

This type of craft is quite popular and can be done by both young and old. You will need to get materials and tools, such as wax, fragrance oils, and wax. There are various methods you can use to make candles, including dipping candles, pouring, or using a mold.

You can create a variety of shapes and sizes of candles, from small tea lights to pillar candles.


Flower Arranging

Arranging flowers decoratively can be considered an art and a craft. We often see these arrangements at weddings and other events. Many also enjoy having a floral arrangement in their homes. Often the color and type of flower can convey a specific meaning and feeling. Instead of fresh flowers, you can also consider creating an arrangement with dried flowers.

Wood Types of Crafts


Furniture Refurbishing

This has become quite a popular craft idea, as it is fun to take an old furniture piece and then create something new. Sometimes, it is possible to restore an item, but not others. However, in most cases, you can repaint or stain, reupholster, or you might need to do a complete overhaul.


Basket Weaving

Traditionally, basket weaving is done with plant fibers or grasses, but it can also be done with synthetic materials. Weaving these fibers creates a strong shape that can include items like bags, mats, baskets, and even furniture. Besides the weaving materials, you will also need a few other tools like scissors and needle nose pliers. You will also need patience as weaving does take some time to complete.

DIY Types of Crafts



Fashion Crafts

All the examples of crafts in this category involve fashion and dressing up and can include everything from clothes to jewelry. Many of the ideas can also be found in other categories, for example, sewing, which is considered a textile craft, leathermaking, embroidery, metalwork, and even printmaking. 


Jewelry Making

You will need to learn metalworking if you want to create proper rings, so a professional jewelry designer will have the necessary tools and equipment. However, there are many ways to make jewelry, such as handcrafted beaded jewelry, where different types of beads are used to create bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and even rings. The beads can be ceramic, wood, plastic, or glass.

Small seed beads that come in different colors can be used and weaved to form various beautiful patterns.

Jewellery Types of Crafts

Many craft stores provide jewelry-making supplies, where you can purchase anything from beads to gemstones and all kinds of jewelry findings. Another popular idea is to create polymer clay jewelry. The clay comes in a variety of colors that can be shaped and then placed in the oven to harden.



Beauty and Body Crafting Types

Going to a store to purchase body products can be expensive, so why not try to make some of the more popular products from home? You never know, it might turn into a side hustle that you can do from home. Here are a few product ideas you can try.


Bath Bombs

Out of all the body care products, bath bombs seem to be quite popular. They are relatively easy to make, and you can customize them by including any color, fragrance, and herbs. The bath bombs consist mainly of baking soda, which is what fizzes when placed into the water, releasing all the aroma and other ingredients.

Craft Styles Medium


Body Scrubs

Another easy product to make is body scrubs, which only need a few ingredients. You can either go for a salt scrub or a sugar scrub, both offer similar benefits. To this, you can then add essential oils or fragrances and body oils. There are many different recipes to try.


Soap Making

Handmade soaps are popular if you are looking for something you can sell. There are two methods that you can try. The first is to learn how to make soap from scratch, which involves cold-pressed or hot-pressed soaps. However, if you want something simpler, you can try the melt-and-pour soaps. Here you only need to melt the soap and then pour this into a mold.

There are many recipes and ideas you can try.

Paint Craft Styles


Body Creams and Lotions

You can say making body creams is a craft, as you need to know all about all the ingredients and what to use for different skin types and conditions. Today, it is quite easy to get all the raw ingredients to create your customized cream or lotion.



Gardening Crafting Types

We have made a separate category for things natural and what crafts you can make from leaves and sand. This can also include things like flower arranging, so there is again an overlap of ideas. Take a look at the following ideas, you might find something that interests you.

Indoor Craft Style



To create a terrarium, you need some plants, soil, and a glass container you can see through. The idea is to create a miniature garden within the container. Once set up, the terrarium requires little maintenance and adds a nice decorative element to a room. Succulent plants are quite popular for this idea.

You can also consider making a tiny fairy garden this way.


Shell Crafts

If you have ever visited the seaside, you have most likely picked up some shells. The shells are great to use and create various decorative items. The seashells can be used to decorate picture frames or made into a wind chime. Other ideas include shell wall art, creating shell gel candles, or you can use the shells to make jewelry.

Outdoor Craft Style


Sand Crafts

Sand is plentiful and you can use it in many creative ways. You can also use the sand you get outside your home or at the beach, or there is also colored sand you can purchase. With a little glue that is placed on some paper in a pattern, you can sprinkle the sand over the glue to create some interesting sand art. You can also use different colored sand and layer it in a glass bottle for a creative and decorative effect.

You can even layer the sand in a glass jar and place a candle in it. This is only a handful of ideas, there are many more sand craft ideas that you can explore.

Candle Craft Styles


There are so many things that are now mass-produced that we need people who can design and make individual items that require skill. Not only does this add value, but there are also many benefits to crafting. Some of these benefits include helping to relieve stress and doing something more purposeful than sitting in front of the television. Purchasing craft items in your city or town also helps the local economy grow. So, if you are looking for something more unique or you wish to try your hand at crafting, we hope we have given you some inspiring ideas to start with!




Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Some Examples of Crafts?

When it comes to crafts, they typically represent created items that are handmade using a variety of materials like paper, wood, and fabrics. Some examples of crafts include jewelry making, pottery, woodworking, paper crafts, candle making, and printmaking, to name a few.


What Can Be Considered a Modern Craft Idea?

Some craft ideas have only recently come onto the scene, for example, using polymer clay to create various items. Digital art and other graphic designs can also be considered some of the latest craft ideas. Some digital programs and tools like a Cricut machine can also be used to create craft ideas.


What Are Functional Craft Styles?

Fine art is something that offers aesthetic value, and its sole purpose is to convey a message or emotion. Functional art or crafts can also offer an aesthetic appeal, but the object or item also offers a purpose, such as furniture and jewelry.


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