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Shades of Magenta Color – More Than 70+ Tones to Discover

Welcome to the vibrant world of magenta, a color that dances between the lines of pink and purple with captivating grace. In this blog, we’re thrilled to showcase a stunning array of over 70 shades of magenta, each with its own visual charm and character. From the gentle whisper of pastel tones to the deep resonance of bold hues, we’ll guide you through a visual journey, complete with insightful descriptions and practical tips. Whether you’re a creative soul searching for inspiration or a color enthusiast hungry for the details, you’ll find all the color codes you need to bring these magenta shades to life in your own creations. Get ready to embrace the warmth and versatility of magenta, a color that’s as playful as it is profound!

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What Color is Magenta?

Magenta, a color that defies conventional placement within the color spectrum, is a paradoxical hue that commands attention. I’ve always been fascinated by magenta’s origins—it’s a color that comes to life not through a specific wavelength of light, but through the additive mixing of red and blue light, with the absence of green.

This process creates a vivid and saturated color that lives between the warmth of red and the coolness of blue, a visual representation of balance and harmony. Magenta’s enigmatic presence in the world of color theory challenges the very way we perceive color, embodying the idea that the most impactful hues are often those that cannot be easily defined or categorized.

I’ve observed magenta’s unique ability to evoke a range of emotions, from the passionate vibrancy of a fuchsia to the gentle caress of a soft pink. It’s a color that doesn’t shy away from making a statement, whether it’s the focal point of a painting or the accent in a designer’s palette. In the CMYK color model, magenta is a primary color, highlighting its foundational role in the creation of countless other shades.

shades of magenta color with names and hex codes
74 shades of magenta overview, click on the image download a PDF with shade names and hex codes.



70+ Shades of Magenta to Discover



Magenta is a vivid, purplish-red color, striking and bold. It’s perfect for accentuating details in design and fashion. Tip: Use it to inject energy into creative projects.

Hex: #FF00FF
RGB: 255, 0, 255
CMYK: 0, 100, 0, 0


African Violet

African Violet is a soft, muted purple with hints of gray, reminiscent of the delicate flowers. Ideal for serene and elegant spaces. Tip: Pair it with light greens for a natural palette.

Hex: #B284BE
RGB: 178, 132, 190
CMYK: 6, 31, 0, 25



Amaranth is a rich, deep pink-red, vibrant and eye-catching. It works well in energetic, dynamic designs. Tip: Use it sparingly to create focal points.

Hex: #9F2B68
RGB: 159, 43, 104
CMYK: 0, 73, 35, 38


Amaranth Pink

Amaranth Pink is a lighter, softer version of Amaranth, exuding warmth and femininity. Great for romantic and gentle themes. Tip: Combine with whites for a delicate look.

Hex: #F19CBB
RGB: 241, 156, 187
CMYK: 0, 35, 22, 5


Amaranth Purple

Amaranth Purple is a deep, blue-toned purple, luxurious and mysterious. Suitable for sophisticated and moody atmospheres. Tip: Use with metallic accents for a luxurious feel.

Hex: #AB274F
RGB: 171, 39, 79
CMYK: 0, 77, 54, 33


Baker-Miller Pink

Baker-Miller Pink is a soft pink shade, known for its calming effect. It’s used in spaces intended for relaxation. Tip: Ideal for bedrooms or areas for meditation.

Hex: #ff91af
RGB: 255, 145, 175
CMYK: 0, 43, 31, 0



Berry is a rich, deep red-purple, reminiscent of ripe berries. It’s perfect for creating a feeling of abundance and vitality. Tip: Pair with earthy tones for a grounded look.

Hex: #990f4b
RGB: 153, 15, 75
CMYK: 0, 90, 51, 40


Blush Pink

Blush Pink is a delicate, soft pink with a hint of peach. It’s ideal for creating a light, airy, and romantic ambiance. Tip: Works well with pastels for a feminine touch.

Hex: #E8C7C8
RGB: 232, 199, 200
CMYK: 0, 14, 14, 9


Bright Magenta

Bright Magenta is a highly saturated, intense purplish-pink. It’s perfect for bold statements in art and fashion. Tip: Balance it with neutrals to avoid overpowering.

Hex: #ff08e8
RGB: 255, 8, 232
CMYK: 0, 97, 9, 0



Byzantine is a rich, medium purple with a hint of red. It exudes a sense of luxury and historic elegance. Tip: Combine with gold accents for a regal appearance.

Hex: #BD33A4
RGB: 189, 51, 164
CMYK: 0, 73, 13, 26



Carmine is a deep, vivid red with a slightly bluish undertone. It’s often used in artistic and ceremonial contexts. Tip: Use as an accent color to add depth and intensity.

Hex: #960018
RGB: 150, 0, 24
CMYK: 0, 100, 84, 41


Carnation Pink

Carnation Pink is a light, soft pink, reminiscent of the flower. It’s perfect for gentle, nurturing themes. Tip: Blend with greens for a fresh, floral look.

Hex: #FFA6C9
RGB: 255, 166, 201
CMYK: 0, 35, 21, 0



Cerise is a deep, vivid pink with a touch of red. It’s vibrant and playful, great for youthful and energetic designs. Tip: Pair with dark blues for a striking contrast.

Hex: #DE3163
RGB: 222, 49, 99
CMYK: 0, 78, 55, 13


Chinese Violet

Chinese Violet is a deep, muted purple with gray undertones. It conveys sophistication and mystery. Tip: Use in muted color schemes for an elegant backdrop.

Hex: #856088
RGB: 133, 96, 136
CMYK: 2, 29, 0, 47



Crimson is a rich, deep red, symbolizing passion and energy. It’s a classic choice for emphasis and drama. Tip: Combine with black for a powerful, intense look.

Hex: #dc143c
RGB: 220, 20, 60
CMYK: 0, 91, 73, 14


Dark Magenta

Dark Magenta is a deep, purplish-red, more subdued than bright magenta. It’s suitable for mature, sophisticated themes. Tip: Works well with dark greens for contrast.

Hex: #8B008B
RGB: 139, 0, 139
CMYK: 0, 100, 0, 45


Dark Orchid

Dark Orchid is a medium dark purple with hints of pink. It’s exotic and mysterious, ideal for unique and creative spaces. Tip: Accentuate with silver for a modern twist.

Hex: #9932CC
RGB: 153, 50, 204
CMYK: 25, 75, 0, 20


Deep Magenta

Deep Magenta is a rich, dark version of magenta, full of depth and intensity. Perfect for adding warmth and drama. Tip: Use in dimly lit spaces for a cozy atmosphere.

Hex: #CC00CC
RGB: 204, 0, 204
CMYK: 0, 100, 0, 20


Deep Pink

Deep Pink is a strong, bright pink, full of life and excitement. It’s great for playful, dynamic designs. Tip: Offset with light grays for a balanced look.

Hex: #FF1493
RGB: 255, 20, 147
CMYK: 0, 92, 42, 0


Dull Magenta

Dull Magenta is a muted, understated version of magenta, versatile and subdued. Ideal for backgrounds and subtle accents. Tip: Combine with bright colors for a pop of contrast.

Hex: #9d446e
RGB: 157, 68, 110
CMYK: 0, 57, 30, 38



Eggplant is a dark, brownish-purple, resembling the vegetable. It’s perfect for creating depth and richness in a space. Tip: Use with warm woods for an earthy, natural feel.

Hex: #483248
RGB: 72, 50, 72
CMYK: 0, 31, 0, 72


Electric Lavender

Electric Lavender is a bright, neon purple, energetic and modern. It’s great for futuristic or avant-garde themes. Tip: Best used in small, impactful doses.

Hex: #f4bbff
RGB: 244, 187, 255
CMYK: 4, 27, 0, 0


Electric Pink

Electric Pink is a vibrant, intense pink, radiating excitement and fun. Ideal for lively, spirited designs. Tip: Balance with black or white for a graphic effect.

Hex: #f62681
RGB: 246, 38, 129
CMYK: 0, 85, 48, 4


English Violet

English Violet is a dark, smoky purple, evoking a sense of traditional elegance. It’s perfect for formal or classic settings. Tip: Pair with creamy whites for a refined look.

Hex: #563C5C
RGB: 86, 60, 92
CMYK: 7, 35, 0, 64



Fandango is a bold, medium-dark purple, playful and eye-catching. Great for creative and whimsical applications. Tip: Use with lighter purples for a monochromatic scheme.

Hex: #b53389
RGB: 181, 51, 137
CMYK: 0, 72, 24, 29


Fashion Fuchsia

Fashion Fuchsia is a bright, intense pink-purple, trendy and stylish. It’s perfect for modern, fashion-forward designs. Tip: Combine with black for a chic, contemporary look.

Hex: #f400a1
RGB: 244, 0, 161
CMYK: 0, 100, 34, 4



Finn is a unique, muted purple with gray undertones, understated and sophisticated. Ideal for minimalist or modern aesthetics. Tip: Works well with metallics for a sleek finish.

Hex: #683068
RGB: 104, 48, 104
CMYK: 0, 54, 0, 59


French Fuchsia

French Fuchsia is a bright, deep pink, chic and elegant. It’s associated with luxury and sophistication. Tip: Use in accessories for a touch of glamour.

Hex: #fd3f92
RGB: 253, 63, 146
CMYK: 0, 75, 42, 1



Fuchsia is a vivid, purplish-red, striking and lively. It’s great for eye-catching accents in decor and fashion. Tip: Pair with green for a vibrant, complementary contrast.

Hex: #FF00FF
RGB: 255, 0, 255
CMYK: 0, 100, 0, 0


Fuchsia Pink

Fuchsia Pink is a lighter, more vivid pink version of fuchsia. It’s playful and feminine, perfect for youthful themes. Tip: Combine with oranges for a warm, energetic palette.

Hex: #FF77FF
RGB: 255, 119, 255
CMYK: 0, 53, 0, 0


Hot Magenta

Hot Magenta is an intense, bright purple-pink, full of energy and vibrancy. Ideal for bold, expressive designs. Tip: Use as an accent color against a neutral backdrop.

Hex: #FF1DCE
RGB: 255, 29, 206
CMYK: 0, 89, 19, 0


Hot Pink

Hot Pink is a bright, neon pink, fun and attention-grabbing. It’s great for adding a pop of color to any space. Tip: Use in small amounts to create a focal point.

Hex: #ff69b4
RGB: 255, 105, 180
CMYK: 0, 59, 29, 0


Jazzberry Jam

Jazzberry Jam is a deep, berry-like purple, rich and luxurious. Perfect for cozy, intimate spaces. Tip: Complement with soft creams for a lush look.

Hex: #a50b5e
RGB: 165, 11, 94
CMYK: 0, 93, 43, 35


Lavender Magenta

Lavender Magenta is a soft, muted blend of purple and pink. It’s calming and gentle, suitable for relaxing environments. Tip: Pair with light blues for a serene color scheme.

Hex: #EE82EE
RGB: 238, 130, 238
CMYK: 0, 45, 0, 7


Lavender Pink

Lavender Pink is a pale, soft pink with a hint of lavender. It’s delicate and dreamy, ideal for tranquil settings. Tip: Use in nurseries or restful areas.

Hex: #FBAED2
RGB: 251, 174, 210
CMYK: 0, 31, 16, 2


Light Fuchsia Pink

Light Fuchsia Pink is a softer, lighter version of fuchsia, tender and sweet. It’s perfect for subtle, feminine touches. Tip: Combine with grays for a modern, chic look.

Hex: #f984ef
RGB: 249, 132, 239
CMYK: 0, 47, 4, 2


Light Magenta

Light Magenta is a pale, less intense version of magenta, soft and versatile. Ideal for backgrounds or soft accents. Tip: Blend with pastel colors for a harmonious look.

Hex: #ff80ff
RGB: 255, 128, 255
CMYK: 0, 50, 0, 0


Magenta (CMYK)

Magenta (CMYK) is a pure, printer’s magenta, vibrant and essential for color printing. It’s a key component in full-color printing. Tip: Use in graphic designs for clean, vivid color reproduction.

Hex: #C20078
RGB: 194, 0, 120
CMYK: 0, 100, 38, 24


Magenta Rose

Magenta Rose is a deep, rosy pink with a touch of magenta, lush and romantic. Ideal for intimate, elegant settings. Tip: Use in floral designs to add a rich, vibrant touch.

Hex: #8c0048
RGB: 140, 0, 72
CMYK: 0, 100, 49, 45


Medium Lavender Magenta

Medium Lavender Magenta is a balanced blend of lavender and magenta, soft yet striking. Great for creating a calm yet colorful atmosphere.

Hex: #DDA0DD
RGB: 221, 160, 221
CMYK: 0, 28, 0, 13


Medium Violet Red

Medium Violet Red is a deep, warm purple-red, versatile and inviting. Perfect for adding depth to a color scheme without overwhelming.

Hex: #c71585
RGB: 199, 21, 133
CMYK: 0, 89, 33, 22



Mulberry is a rich, dark purple-red, reminiscent of the berry. It’s ideal for creating a sense of luxury and abundance.

Hex: #C54B8C
RGB: 197, 75, 140
CMYK: 0, 62, 29, 23


Old Magenta

Old Magenta is a muted, darker shade of magenta, conveying a sense of vintage elegance. Great for adding a sophisticated, historical touch to designs.

Hex: #953d55
RGB: 149, 61, 85
CMYK: 0, 59, 43, 42



Orchid is a soft, light purple, delicate and refined. It’s perfect for creating a serene, sophisticated ambiance. Tip: Enhance its beauty by pairing with complementary green hues.

Hex: #DA70D6
RGB: 218, 112, 214
CMYK: 0, 49, 2, 15


Orchid Pink

Orchid Pink is a light, soft pink with a hint of purple, gentle and soothing. Ideal for peaceful, calming spaces.

Hex: #F2BDCD
RGB: 242, 189, 205
CMYK: 0, 22, 15, 5


Pale Magenta

Pale Magenta is a soft, subdued version of magenta, offering a hint of color without overpowering. Perfect for subtle, understated elegance.

Hex: #F984E5
RGB: 249, 132, 229
CMYK: 0, 47, 8, 2


Pale Purple

Pale Purple is a light, muted purple, offering a sense of tranquility and softness. Ideal for creating a restful, calming environment.

Hex: #FAE6FA
RGB: 250, 230, 250
CMYK: 0, 8, 0, 2


Pastel Magenta

Pastel Magenta is a light, soft magenta, perfect for creating a playful yet sophisticated look. It’s great for spaces that require a touch of whimsy.

Hex: #F49AC2
RGB: 244, 154, 194
CMYK: 0, 37, 20, 4


Persian Rose

Persian Rose is a bright, vibrant pink with a hint of red, exotic and lively. Ideal for spaces that need a pop of vivid color. Tip: Use in small doses to energize a room.

Hex: #FE28A2
RGB: 254, 40, 162
CMYK: 0, 84, 36, 0


Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo is a bright, neon pink, fun and flamboyant. Great for spaces that aim to be bold and playful.

Hex: #FC74FD
RGB: 252, 116, 253
CMYK: 0, 54, 0, 1



Plum is a deep, rich purple, conveying a sense of depth and luxury. It’s perfect for creating a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere.

Hex: #C2938D
RGB: 194, 147, 141
CMYK: 0, 24, 27, 24


Psychedelic Purple

Psychedelic Purple is a bright, vivid purple, energetic and eye-catching. Ideal for artistic or contemporary spaces that embrace boldness.

Hex: #df00ff
RGB: 223, 0, 255
CMYK: 13, 100, 0, 0


Purple Pizzazz

Purple Pizzazz is a vibrant, lively purple, full of energy and fun. Great for spaces that require a playful, dynamic touch.

Hex: #FE4EDA
RGB: 254, 78, 218
CMYK: 0, 69, 14, 0


Quinacridone Magenta

Quinacridone Magenta is a vivid, intense pink-purple, known for its excellent colorfastness. It’s perfect for artistic endeavors that require lasting vibrancy.

Hex: #9A114F
RGB: 154, 17, 79
CMYK: 0, 89, 49, 40



Raspberry is a deep, berry red-pink, rich and inviting. Ideal for creating a sense of warmth and comfort in a space.

Hex: #E30B5C
RGB: 227, 11, 92
CMYK: 0, 95, 59, 11


Razzle Dazzle Rose

Razzle Dazzle Rose is a bright, neon pink, vibrant and lively. Great for adding an energetic, playful touch to any setting.

Hex: #FF33CC
RGB: 255, 51, 204
CMYK: 0, 80, 20, 0



Razzmatazz is a deep, vibrant pink-red, full of energy and excitement. Perfect for creating a focal point in a bold, dynamic design.

Hex: #E3256B
RGB: 227, 37, 107
CMYK: 0, 84, 53, 11


Red Violet

Red Violet is a deep, warm blend of red and purple, luxurious and intense. Ideal for adding depth and richness to a color scheme.

Hex: #c71585
RGB: 199, 21, 133
CMYK: 0, 89, 33, 22


Rich Brilliant Lavender

Rich Brilliant Lavender is a bright, vivid lavender, exuding cheerfulness and lightness. Great for uplifting and energizing spaces.

Hex: #f1a7fe
RGB: 241, 167, 254
CMYK: 5, 34, 0, 0



Rose is a classic, medium pink, conveying a sense of romance and tenderness. It’s perfect for creating a soft, nurturing atmosphere.

Hex: #FF0080
RGB: 255, 0, 128
CMYK: 0, 100, 50, 0


Rose pink

Rose Pink is a soft, delicate pink, gentle and soothing. Ideal for spaces that aim to be comforting and serene.

Hex: #ff66cc
RGB: 255, 102, 204
CMYK: 0, 60, 20, 0


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a pale, gentle pink, evoking a sense of calm and tranquility. Perfect for creating a peaceful, restful environment.

Hex: #AA98A9
RGB: 170, 152, 169
CMYK: 0, 11, 1, 33


Royal Fuchsia

Royal Fuchsia is a deep, intense pink-purple, luxurious and bold. Great for adding a touch of drama and sophistication to a space.

Hex: #ca2c92
RGB: 202, 44, 146
CMYK: 0, 78, 28, 21


Shocking Pink

Shocking Pink is a bright, vivid pink, fun and attention-grabbing. Ideal for spaces that want to make a bold statement.

Hex: #FC0FC0
RGB: 252, 15, 192
CMYK: 0, 94, 24, 1


Sky Magenta

Sky Magenta is a soft, airy pink with a hint of purple, light and ethereal. Perfect for creating a dreamy, whimsical atmosphere.

Hex: #CF71AF
RGB: 207, 113, 175
CMYK: 0, 45, 15, 19


Steel Pink

Steel Pink is a muted, metallic pink, offering a modern, industrial feel. Great for contemporary spaces that embrace a sleek, urban aesthetic.

Hex: #CC33CC
RGB: 204, 51, 204
CMYK: 0, 75, 0, 20



Telemagenta is a vibrant, purplish-pink, modern and eye-catching. Ideal for designs that aim to be fresh and lively. Tip: Use in tech or youth-oriented designs for a pop of color.

Hex: #CF3476
RGB: 207, 52, 118
CMYK: 0, 75, 43, 19


Thulian Pink

Thulian Pink is a dusky, soft pink with a hint of gray, subtle and sophisticated. Perfect for creating a refined, understated look.

Hex: #DE6FA1
RGB: 222, 111, 161
CMYK: 0, 50, 27, 13


Ultra Pink

Ultra Pink is a bright, intense pink, full of life and vibrancy. Great for spaces that require a lively, dynamic touch.

Hex: #ff6fff
RGB: 255, 111, 255
CMYK: 0, 56, 0, 0



Violet is a deep, blue-purple, conveying a sense of mystery and depth. It’s perfect for creating an ambiance of intrigue and sophistication.

Hex: #EE82EE
RGB: 238, 130, 238
CMYK: 0, 45, 0, 7


Violet Red

Violet Red is a warm, deep purple-red, rich and intense. Ideal for adding a luxurious, dramatic touch to a design.

Hex: #F75394
RGB: 247, 83, 148
CMYK: 0, 66, 40, 3


Vivid Cerise

Vivid Cerise is a bright, bold pink-red, playful and energetic. Great for spaces that want to be lively and vibrant.

Hex: #da1d81
RGB: 218, 29, 129
CMYK: 0, 87, 41, 15


Vivid Orchid

Vivid Orchid is a bright, intense purple, exuberant and striking. Perfect for creating a bold, expressive atmosphere.

Hex: #cc00ff
RGB: 204, 0, 255
CMYK: 20, 100, 0, 0



Shades of Magenta in Interior Design

In interior design, shades of magenta bring a bold and vibrant energy into any space. This dynamic hue can range from soft, muted tones ideal for creating a tranquil and cozy atmosphere, to vivid, saturated magenta that makes a strong, confident statement. Here are some ways to incorporate magenta into interiors:

  • Earthy tones for a nature-inspired palette
  • Metallics like gold or copper for a luxurious feel
  • Pastels for a playful, whimsical vibe
  • Dark hues like navy or black for a dramatic and modern aesthetic

Incorporating magenta into interior design offers a versatile range of options, from bold statements to subtle accents, allowing for personal expression and creativity to shine in any living space.



Magenta Shades in Fashion

Incorporating shades of magenta into fashion breathes life and vibrancy into any wardrobe, offering a bold statement that ranges from playfully feminine to confidently edgy. This versatile hue can be paired with a multitude of colors to create eye-catching ensembles suitable for every season and occasion. Here are six chic color combinations featuring magenta:

  • Magenta and navy blue for a sophisticated, nautical-inspired look.
  • Magenta and emerald green to evoke a luxe, jewel-toned elegance.
  • Magenta and charcoal grey for a modern, urban-chic vibe.
  • Magenta and cream for a soft, romantic palette.
  • Magenta and teal for a lively, tropical contrast.
  • Magenta and metallic gold for a touch of opulent glamour.

cream and magenta



Color Meaning of Magenta

Magenta embodies a blend of passion and serenity, representing balance, universal love, and emotional well-being. It encourages creativity and innovation, often associated with non-conformity and the breaking of traditional boundaries. This color uplifts the spirit, symbolizing optimism and change, and in design, it adds a touch of sophistication and luxury.

magenta color meaning

Magenta is a versatile hue that conveys both boldness and gentle warmth, perfect for expressing individuality and inspiring positive transformation.



Frequently Asked Questions


How Does Lighting Affect the Appearance of Magenta Shades?

Lighting can significantly affect how magenta shades appear; natural light tends to enhance the vibrancy, while artificial light can either warm up or cool down the hue.


What Considerations Should Be Taken When Choosing the Right Shade of Magenta for a Project?

Consider the size of the space, the existing color palette, the amount of natural light, and the intended psychological impact when choosing the right shade of magenta.


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