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Periwinkle Color – All Shades, Color Meaning and Guide

Explore the subtleties of periwinkle, a color that balances blue’s tranquility with purple’s depth. We’ll delve into its various shades, their psychological impacts, and practical tips for incorporating them into fashion and home decor. Discover the versatility of periwinkle and how it can elevate your personal style and living space.



What Color Is Periwinkle?

You can view the periwinkle color as both blue as well as purple. However, many might refer to the color as periwinkle blue or lavender-blue, as colors can be seen differently by each person. If you want to get technical, it is considered more lavender purple and less of an indigo color. You can say periwinkle falls in the violet and is named after the flower of the same name, or it is also known as myrtle herb or Vinca minor.

Periwinkle Hex Code

There are also various shades of this color from a pale or pastel purple to a dark periwinkle. When it comes to periwinkle vs. lavender, the main difference is that lavender is less blue and more of a pale purple, while periwinkle is purple with more blue.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Periwinkle#CCCCFF20, 20, 0, 0204, 204, 255 



Meaning of Periwinkle

AspectPeriwinkle Color Associations
SymbolsSerenity, Calmness, Winter, Ice
EffectsSoothing, Calming, Promotes Contemplation, Encourages Relaxation
Color PsychologyAssociated with tranquility, peace, and gentle stimulation of creativity
PositiveReflective, Tranquil, Gentle, Inspiring
NegativeCan be perceived as overly delicate or not commanding enough in certain applications


Periwinkle has had different meanings and symbolism over the years, depending on culture and religion. Today, the periwinkle color is a representation of calmness, peace, relaxation, comfort, love, and honesty. The color has a strong link to friendship and is seen as a childish hue that embodies innocence.

The color does represent a more feminine outlook and will add a certain elegance to any environment. The color is also tenacious and innovative as well as optimistic and lighthearted, yet with a focus on things that matter. Periwinkle remains pure and loyal to convictions and beliefs.

Is Periwinkle Blue or Purple

Periwinkle can have a fresh or clean feeling, similar to green and blue, which is why combining it with a warmer color can help prevent a sterile look and feel to an environment. The color can also help with things like concentration and improve creativity and has a soothing effect on the mind. The more muted or lighter colors have more of this kind of effect. Any positive experiences related to the color should elicit feelings of safety as well as being a comforting color. 

The periwinkle color can also be associated with cold feelings, which is why it is often used in paintings of ice and winter.



Shades of Periwinkle

As with all colors, there are many variations of shades available. You can go from vibrant and energetic to subtle and neutral color effects. The periwinkle color sits between blue and purple on the color wheel and the periwinkle hex code is #cccff or some view #8e82fe as a more accurate representation.

Color Shade NameHex CodeRGBCMYK (%)Color Visualization
Azurios Periwinkle#838DB4131, 141, 18027, 22, 0, 29 
Bright Periwinkle#7085ff112, 133, 25556, 48, 0, 0 
Cloudy Periwinkle#8F94C0143, 148, 19226, 23, 0, 25 
Cosmic Periwinkle#56478686, 71, 13436, 47, 0, 47 
Dark Periwinkle#665fd1102, 95, 20951, 55, 0, 18 
Deep Periwinkle#7C83BC124, 131, 18834, 30, 0, 26 
Dreamy Periwinkle#E6E6FF230, 230, 25510, 10, 0, 0 
Dull Periwinkle#8fa4d2143, 164, 21032, 22, 0, 18 
Dusty Periwinkle#4C4B7476, 75, 11634, 35, 0, 55 
Electric Periwinkle#3F49A463, 73, 16462, 55, 0, 36 
French Periwinkle#AAA1C0170, 161, 19211, 16, 0, 25 
Iced Periwinkle#c9cfe0201, 207, 22410, 8, 0, 12 
Lavender Blue#8b88f8139, 136, 24844, 45, 0, 3 
Light Periwinkle#C5CBE1197, 203, 22512, 10, 0, 12 
Lilac Periwinkle#8251ed130, 81, 23745, 66, 0, 7 
Medium Periwinkle#7A83BF122, 131, 19136, 31, 0, 25 
Misty Periwinkle#CFC2E9207, 194, 23311, 17, 0, 9 
Muted Periwinkle#6D7E9C109, 126, 15630, 19, 0, 39 
Pale Lavender#dcd0ff220, 208, 25514, 18, 0, 0 
Pale Periwinkle#ECEBFF236, 235, 2557, 8, 0, 0 
Pastel Periwinkle#ccd9ff204, 217, 25520, 15, 0, 0 
Periwinkle#CCCCFF204, 204, 25520, 20, 0, 0 
Periwinkle (Crayola)#C3CDE6195, 205, 23015, 11, 0, 10 
Periwinkle Blue#8f99fb143, 153, 25143, 39, 0, 2 
Periwinkle Cornflower#adc1ff173, 193, 25532, 24, 0, 0 
Periwinkle Dusk#8c9db4140, 157, 18022, 13, 0, 29 
Periwinkle Fog#BABDD6186, 189, 21413, 12, 0, 16 
Periwinkle Frost#C9D3E2201, 211, 22611, 7, 0, 11 
Periwinkle Gray#C3CDE6195, 205, 23015, 11, 0, 10 
Periwinkle Heather#9C99AA156, 153, 1708, 10, 0, 33 
Periwinkle Indigo#40408064, 64, 12850, 50, 0, 50 
Periwinkle Mauve#9999CC153, 153, 20425, 25, 0, 20 
Periwinkle Night#2A2B4742, 43, 7141, 39, 0, 72 
Periwinkle Ocean#4C6A9276, 106, 14648, 27, 0, 43 
Periwinkle Orchid#E1D3E2225, 211, 2260, 7, 0, 11 
Periwinkle Pearl#E8E8FF232, 232, 2559, 9, 0, 0 
Periwinkle Pink#E9CFEC233, 207, 2361, 12, 0, 7 
Periwinkle Powder#c5cbe1197, 203, 22512, 10, 0, 12 
Periwinkle Rose#D8BFD8216, 191, 2160, 12, 0, 15 
Periwinkle Silver#C5C5DB197, 197, 21910, 10, 0, 14 
Periwinkle Sky#8cb7d7140, 183, 21535, 15, 0, 16 
Periwinkle Tint#d3ddd6211, 221, 2145, 0, 3, 13 
Periwinkle Twilight#708DAC112, 141, 17235, 18, 0, 33 
Purple Periwinkle#807aa5128, 122, 16522, 26, 0, 35 
Royal Periwinkle#42298766, 41, 13551, 70, 0, 47 
Smoky Periwinkle#71759E113, 117, 15828, 26, 0, 38 
Soft Periwinkle#A7A8D4167, 168, 21221, 21, 0, 17 
Steel Periwinkle#7B8AA2123, 138, 16224, 15, 0, 36 
True Periwinkle#8e82fe142, 130, 25444, 49, 0, 0 
Very Peri Blue#6667AB102, 103, 17140, 40, 0, 33 
Vintage Periwinkle#6386B099, 134, 17644, 24, 0, 31 
Winkle#d9aceb217, 172, 2358, 27, 0, 8 



Periwinkle Color Combinations

Periwinkle is not a color option that naturally springs to mind like many others, but it does provide a gentler color when compared to vibrant purples and blues. Periwinkle can be a color that forms the base for other more brilliant colors like orange.

The color can also work well with other colors from the same family, namely your blues. However, periwinkle can also work well with neutrals, and it can be used as a neutral itself.

Dark Periwinkle Interior


Complementary Colors

Color Name
Hex CodeCMYK Color CodeRGB Color CodeVisualization
Periwinkle#8e82fe44, 49, 0, 0142, 130, 254 
Lemon Yellow#fff44f0, 4, 69, 0255, 244, 79 
Mustard Yellow#e1ad010, 23, 100, 12225, 173, 1 
Chartreuse#dfff0013, 0, 100, 0223, 255, 0 


Green and Periwinkle

Color Name
Hex CodeCMYK Color CodeRGB Color CodeVisualization
Periwinkle#8e82fe44, 49, 0, 0142, 130, 254 
Mint Green#98ff9840, 0, 40, 0152, 255, 152 


Periwinkle and Shades of Orange

Color Name
Hex CodeCMYK Color CodeRGB Color CodeVisualization
Periwinkle#8e82fe44, 49, 0, 0142, 130, 254 
Pumpkin Orange#ff75180, 54, 91, 0255, 117, 24 


Analogous Colors

Periwinkle Color Code

Color Name
Hex CodeCMYK Color CodeRGB Color CodeVisualization
Periwinkle#8e82fe44, 49, 0, 0142, 130, 254 
Navy Blue#000080100, 100, 0, 500, 0, 128 


Pink and Periwinkle

Color Name
Hex CodeCMYK Color CodeRGB Color CodeVisualization
Periwinkle#8e82fe44, 49, 0, 0142, 130, 254 
Salmon Pink#fa80720, 49, 54, 2250, 128, 114 



Periwinkle in Fashion

Periwinkle has a magical quality in fashion, softly blending blue and lavender to create a hue that’s both calming and enchanting. It’s a color that plays well with others, especially when teamed with crisp whites or deep navies for a classic look, or even with warm tans and greys for something more earthy and understated.

periwinkle in fashion

In my closet, periwinkle is the star of the show when I want to add a touch of whimsy; it’s subtle enough not to overwhelm but still has the power to transform a simple outfit into something eye-catching.

Whether it’s a periwinkle scarf draped over a beige sweater or a dress paired with silver accessories, this color never fails to bring a little bit of that serene sky into my day-to-day style.



Using Periwinkle in Interior Design

Periwinkle is my secret ingredient for creating a serene and inviting space in my home. Its unique blend of blue and purple casts a tranquil vibe that’s just perfect for areas where you want to relax and unwind.

periwinkle in interior design

I’ve found that pairing periwinkle with soft neutrals like warm beiges or cool grays can create a soothing retreat, while combining it with bolder hues like mustard or coral adds a playful punch.

Accessories like cushions, vases, or even a throw in periwinkle can instantly lift a room with a gentle pop of color. It’s a subtle way to introduce some personality into your decor without overwhelming the senses.



A Brief History

The periwinkle color name was first mentioned in the early 20th century. However, the color has been used for many years before by various artists. The word itself comes from Old English, from the word perwince and Latin, pervinca. You also have a Russian name for the flower called pervinka. Periwinkle has always been a plant first, whose flowers inspired the color.

The flowers themselves came originally from areas of Europe and the British Isles. The plant itself is poisonous and due to its uses in the past, it is also known as the “flower of death”.

In Europe, the flowers or parts of the plant were woven into head garlands of those who were sentenced to death and heading for the gallows.

In the USA, it was planted in cemeteries and in Italy, with wreaths of the plant on the graves of children that had died. In religion, particularly Catholicism, the periwinkle was a symbol of the Virgin Mary and represents love and purity.

Many churches sometimes attach the flower to statues of the Virgin Mary and many stained glass displays and paintings also showcase the flower and color. In Europe, the flowers have been used in head adornments and bouquets for weddings, symbolizing faithfulness. 

Periwinkle Paint in Art Portrait of Madame Monet (1874) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir; Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Periwinkle is known by many other names including fairy’s paintbrush and sorcerer’s violet. Not only is it a plant, but there is also a snail known as the common periwinkle. Since the periwinkle color has been used in art for many years, many famous paintings may include this color.

  • Portrait of Madame Monet (1874) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  • Old Oaks In Surrey (1890) by Jan Toorop
  • Young Girl Braiding Her Hair (1894) by Edgar Degas
  • Water Lilies (1919) by Claude Monet

More recently in 2022, Pantone named their color for the year “Very Peri”. The color is a shade that brings in a livelier periwinkle blue that has undertones of violet red.


I used to overlook periwinkle, but learning about its subtle beauty has totally changed my perspective. It’s earned a spot in my heart and on my palette, so I’ll be reaching for it the next time I’m painting or decorating. It’s amazing how a color can grow on you!


Take a look at our periwinkle blue color webstory here!



Frequently Asked Questions


Is Periwinkle Blue or Purple?

Opinions vary on periwinkle and lavender; some consider them identical. Yet, lavender is essentially a pale purple with blue-red undertones, lightened with white. Periwinkle, while still in the purple family, skews closer to blue.


What Colors Go With Periwinkle?

Periwinkle pairs well with various shades of purple and blue, complemented by contrasting yellows and yellow-greens. It also harmonizes with neutrals like beige, vibrant oranges, and lighter reds such as pink.


What Does the Periwinkle Color Symbolize?

Periwinkle symbolizes hope and faithfulness, with a hint of romance. Its blue undertones evoke calmness and peace, offering a sense of freshness and serenity. It is also linked to honesty and comfort.


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