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The Periwinkle Blue Color


Is periwinkle blue or purple? You can view the periwinkle color as both blue as well as purple. If you want to get technical, it is considered more lavender purple and less of an indigo color.


Periwinkle has always been a plant first, whose flowers inspired the color. The plant itself is poisonous and due to its uses in the past, it is also known as the “flower of death”.


Today, the periwinkle color is a representation of calmness, peace, relaxation, comfort, love, and honesty. The color has a strong link to friendship and is seen as a childish hue that embodies innocence.

different shades of periwinkle


Dark Periwinkle


Periwinkle Gray

creating shades

If you are using acrylic, oil, or watercolor paints, there is usually a periwinkle color you can purchase without having to worry about blending your own.

color combinations

Periwinkle is not a color option that naturally springs to mind like many others, but it does provide a gentler color when compared to vibrant purples and blues.

green and periwinkle

Periwinkle can blend nicely with nature-inspired colors like various shades of green, which helps to bring in a feeling of harmony and wellness.

analogous colors

Analogous colors can be found alongside one another on the color wheel. So, your blues and purples will always work well with periwinkle colors.

periwinkle and design

Periwinkle has more feminine qualities and is often used in wedding color schemes and other events that require a feminine touch that is not overwhelming.


Periwinkle has so many variations, with some being slightly bluer and others pinker, so you have a great variety to choose from.