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Orchid Color – Using Orchid Color Palette in Design and Fashion

Orchids are lovely and sought-after flowers, and they come in a variety of colors. However, we will be dealing with the web orchid color, which is bold and beautiful. The orchid color can be challenging to work with, so we will be providing a few tips and discovering what colors go with orchid.



What Color Is Orchid?

The orchid color can be described as a soft magenta or a shade of purple that has pink, blue as well as grayish undertones. The orchid color has its own hex code, which helps designers identify the multitude of colors available.

Also, in the chart below, you can see the different color codes and how much of each color is used to make up the orchid color. The RGB color code has red, green, and blue, and is used for graphics like web designing. The CMYK color code refers to how much ink is used during printing and includes cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

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Orchid ShadeOrchid Hex CodeCMYK Orchid Color Code (%)RGB Orchid Color CodeOrchid Color
#da70d60, 49, 2, 15218, 112, 214 


Orchid Color: A Brief History

The orchid color was first used and recorded as an English color name in 1915. When web colors were developed, the orchid color formed part of the X11 color system. The flower was named after a Greek botanist, who thought the plants underground tubers looked like testicles, which in Greek is “orchis”.  The ancient Greeks believed that the orchid was closely linked to fertility, and if a woman ate a flower, they would be guaranteed to have a male child.

In general, orchids were believed to have many healing properties. The Chinese have been using the orchid as a remedy for lung conditions and helping to cure coughs. The Victorians found the orchid flowers mesmerizing, so they collected them and placed them on display. However, the plants were rare and expensive, so it was only those who could afford to do this. The orchids were also popular in Japan and were also considered symbols of wealth.

Coming back to the orchid color in more recent years, Radiant Orchid was the color chosen by Pantone for the color of the year in 2014. The color is described as a balance of purple, fuchsia, and pink.


Orchid Color Meaning

The orchid plant has always been a little mysterious, beautiful, and rare. So, the color also reflects luxury, mystery, wealth, and elegance. Orchids are also associated with love, joy, creativity, and confidence. The color can also represent fertility, power, dignity, abundance, and health. There are many different types and colors of orchids, and each of these has its own meaning.



Shades of the Color Orchid

As with all colors, you can get many different shades of the color orchid from purple orchid colors to light orchid colors. So, when considering a design, you do not have to stick to a single hue, there are many other choices available that can fit in with your ideas.

orchid color code


Orchid Pink

What color is orchid pink? This color is more of a light orchid color, or it can also be described as being a very soft pink. This color was first used on the Pantone Textile Paper (TPX) color list, which are colors used for printing. You will notice that it leans more towards pink and is softer than the original orchid color.

Orchid ShadeOrchid Hex CodeCMYK Orchid Color Code (%)RGB Orchid Color CodeOrchid Color
Orchid Color#da70d60, 49, 2, 15218, 112, 214 
Orchid Pink#f2bdcd0, 22, 15, 5242, 189, 205 


Dark Orchid

When compared to the original orchid color, this is a darker color that is more of a purple orchid color, or strong violet color. The dark orchid has more blue and less red than when compared to the orchid color.

Orchid ShadeOrchid Hex CodeCMYK Orchid Color Code (%)RGB Orchid Color CodeOrchid Color
Orchid Color#da70d60, 49, 2, 15218, 112, 214 
Dark Orchid#9932cc25, 75, 0, 20153, 50, 204 

purple orchid color


Wild Orchid

Wild orchid is more of a muted color that can be described as a desaturated pink. The wild orchid color is another hue that can be found in the Pantone Textile Paper (TPX) Color list. Wild orchid and dusty pink can also be confused with each other, as they are very close in color but are slightly different and each has its own hex code.

Orchid ShadeOrchid Hex CodeCMYK Orchid Color Code (%)RGB Orchid Color CodeOrchid Color
#da70d60, 49, 2, 15218, 112, 214 
Wild Orchid#d470a20, 47, 24, 17212, 112, 162 
Dusty Pink#c291a40, 25, 15, 24194, 145, 164 



What Colors Go With Orchid?

The web orchid color is quite bold, however, as we have seen, you also get a variety of different shades. So, what colors go with orchid? Orchid colors can work well with neutral colors like gray, white, black, or beige and taupe but let us go into the various color combinations and how you can determine them.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
#da70d60, 49, 2, 15218, 112, 214 
Gray#8080800, 0, 0, 50128, 128, 128 
Beige#f5f5dc0, 0, 10, 4245, 245, 220 
Taupe#483c320, 17, 31, 7272, 60, 50 

what colors go with orchid


Complementary Color Combinations

To determine color combinations, you have to look at the color wheel. On the color wheel, you will find all your primary, secondary as well as tertiary, or intermediate colors. How the colors are positioned, will help you find the various color combinations. For example, complementary colors are found on opposite sides and form a contrast in colors. In other words, the colors stand out. So, shades of green and yellow would work well with orchid.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Orchid Color#da70d60, 49, 2, 15218, 112, 214 
Soft Lime Green#70da7449, 0, 47, 15112, 218, 116 

orchid color meaning


Analogous Color Combinations

If you want a more harmonious combination that is easier on the eyes, you can go for an analogous color scheme. These colors all have something in common, as they can be found alongside one another on the color wheel. In this case, it is your reds, pinks, and shades of purple.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Orchid Color#da70d60, 49, 2, 15218, 112, 214 
Soft Violet#a970da22, 49, 0, 15169, 112, 218 
Soft Pink#da70a10, 49, 26, 15218, 112, 161 


Monochromatic Color Combinations

Shades and tints of orchid form a monochromatic color scheme. These involve lighter as well as darker hues of the same color. As with analogous colors, these colors are harmonious and pleasant to look at and provide depth to a design.

light orchid color

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Orchid Color#da70d60, 49, 2, 15218, 112, 214 
Magenta#c934c40, 74, 2, 21201, 52, 196 
Soft Magenta#eaade70, 26, 1, 8234, 173, 231 


Triadic Color Combinations

Forming an equal-sided triangle, these colors also create a contrasting color scheme. Blues, greens, and yellow work within this color scheme. You can also get four colors, known as square or tetradic colors. The more colors within a scheme, the more challenging it is to balance everything out. So, choose your main color and supporting color, and the others can be used as accent colors.

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Orchid Color#da70d60, 49, 2, 15218, 112, 214 
Soft Cyan#70d6da49, 2, 0, 15112, 214, 218 
Soft Yellow#d6da702, 0, 49, 15214, 218, 112 

orchid color combinations



How to Use the Orchid Color

The orchid color can be used in all types of designs from art to fashion and interior design. The color can also successfully be used in marketing, advertising, and web design for businesses, where you can use the color to express your message. The orchid color should provide a sense of luxury as well as sophistication to a design.


How to Mix Orchid Paint Colors

When mixing colors, remember that the colors in a tube can vary in tone and temperature. For example, a blue can have a warm or cold undertone. So, to get a nice purple color try mixing ultramarine blue and quinacridone red, then you can add in white to lighten it or black, or a little more blue paint to darken it. You can experiment with proportions and remember to make a color chart to document all your efforts.


Orchid Colors in the Home

The orchid color can be challenging to use, as it is quite a vibrant color. You have to be careful with how much you use and what colors you pair it with. Orchid is a shade of purple or magenta, and if used too much, can overwhelm the senses. Shades of purple can work in all rooms, but it is used best in living areas and the bedroom. So, what are a few tips you can use when working with this fun and amazing color?

  • If you are afraid to work with the orchid color, start small by incorporating it using accessories. For example, cushions, rugs, or throws.
  • Be a little more daring and consider the color for chairs, sofas, or an accent wall with neutral colors.
  • Create a less feminine look with the orchid color, by painting it with natural elements like wood, green plants, stone, or jute.
  • Think about what you want to achieve, for example, orchid and turquoise are vibrant, while orchid and gray are more subtle and subdued.
  • To create a luxurious and layered look, consider a monochromatic color scheme. For example, in the bedroom different shades with a headboard, rug, bedding, and furniture, with more neutral colors.

orchid interior design


Wearing Orchid Colors

The orchid color is a vibrant, feminine, fresh, and luxurious color that can be worn in a variety of ways. You have various dark to light orchid colors to choose from. Consider beautiful dresses, both formal and informal, jackets, skirts, tops, pants, and even shoes and other accessories. Here are a few tips if you want to choose this color for your next outfit.

  • Consider print patterns with the orchid color. If you do not want a solid color, a pattern that brings in the color can also work.
  • Wear the orchid color with white or other neutral colors, which helps to tone down the intense look of the purple color. Pair with black, white, or navy.
  • If you do want to go all out with the color, consider a monochromatic color combination for more depth and interest.
  • Another way to bring in the color more subtly is through accessories. An orchid color bag, pair of shoes, or earrings can bring a colorful and fun element into an outfit.
  • An orchid color jacket can add a bit of fun and color into the cold winter months.

orchid fashion




The orchid color is a vibrant, trendy, fresh, and fashionable choice when it comes to using it in various designs. Maybe consider it the color for your next bedroom makeover, your new hair color or go for a colorful orchid handbag to spice up your next outfit. 

orchid color



Frequently Asked Questions


What Color Is Orchid?

The orchid color can be seen as a shade of magenta or purple that contains undertones of pink, gray, and blue. You can also get shades of orchid that range from a purple orchid color to other colors with more pink or reddish undertones.


What Colors Go With Orchid?

The best colors to pair with orchid are neutral colors like white, black, brown, taupe, beige, and gray. However, colors that also work well with orchid include contrasting colors like turquoise, teal, green, and yellow.


What Does the Orchid Color Represent?

Since the orchid flowers are rare and quite pricey, the color is also associated with luxury and wealth. The orchid color meaning can also be linked to joy, fertility, health, creativity, confidence, and sophistication.

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