How to Draw a Pineapple

How to Draw a Pineapple – Detailed Step-by-Step Tutorial

There is nothing better than a sweet piece of pineapple on a hot summer’s day! In today’s drawing tutorial, we are going to show you how to draw your very own tropical pineapple sketch, using our easy step-by-step instructions. At the end of our tutorial, you will be left with a beautiful pineapple illustration that you can frame or give to a loved one. Select the drawing supplies that you will be using today and let us get started!



How to Create a Realistic Pineapple Drawing

Have you always wanted to learn how to create an easy pineapple drawing? Join us as we go through our detailed step-by-step guide that covers how to sketch and paint a realistic pineapple drawing. In the following 15 steps, you will learn everything that you need to know when it comes to creating your own beautiful pineapple illustration.

This is a great tutorial for beginners and more experienced artists alike, as all of the basic drawing elements and full coloring process will be covered!

Pineapple Sketch The above collage shows each step that we have taken to achieve our final result and details what your drawing should look like at every stage. Follow along and you too will be able to have a pineapple drawing!


Step 1: Drawing the Main Body of the Pineapple

In order to create your pineapple sketch, you will first need to draw the main body of the pineapple. Locate the center of your drawing area and lightly draw an oval shape. Here, you can decide on the scale of your own drawing.

This oval will represent the main body of the pineapple.

Pineapple Drawing 1


Step 2: Adding the Leafy Crown

Once you have drawn the body for your pineapple, you will need to add the unmistakable sharp green leaves that are found on top. When drawing the leafy crown, be sure to sketch it with spikes and to make it quite tall, but not taller than the actual body of the pineapple.

Attach your leaves to the main body oval shape already drawn.

Pineapple Drawing 2


Step 3: Outlining the Main Body

Now that you have drawn both the body and leafy crown of your pineapple, you can begin to go over your construction lines for the main body. Use your lightly sketched oval to guide you when drawing the outline for your pineapple.

Be sure to sketch the outline with some spikes, as pineapples are known for their rough texture.

Pineapple Drawing 3


Step 4: Creating the Textured Inner Pattern

Within the main oval, you can start to draw the sloping pattern lines for the skin of the pineapple. Between each line, add the braces and spikes to create texture. Draw these lines one at a time, to slowly fill your oval with texture and fine lines.

Tip: Follow the curvature of the outline to help you in drawing the angle of the sloping lines.

Pineapple Drawing 4


Step 5: Drawing the Bottom Stem of the Leaves

Now that you have added texture to the body of your pineapple drawing, you can focus on the leaves again. Using the construction lines that were drawn in step 2, sketch the bottom stem with individual leaves, right underneath your crown.

These bottom leaves should bend downwards and the surrounding leaves should be curved towards the direction they are facing.

Pineapple Drawing 5


Step 6: Outlining the Leafy Crown

Still focusing on your leaves, return to the main part of your crown. Above the bottom stem leaves which you have just added, continue drawing larger and less curved leaves around the tall crown. Remember to make each batch of leaves slightly longer than the stems, as these are the main leaves of the pineapple.

Once you have completed this step, your crown should resemble realistic leaves found on a pineapple.

Pineapple Drawing 6


Step 7: Adding Texture to the Leafy Crown 

We will now be focusing on the texture of your leaves. Within both the crown leaves and stem leaves, start to draw several fine lines in each leaf. This should create a light leaf texture, that we will be adding color to in the next few steps.

Don’t forget any leaves at this stage!

Pineapple Drawing 7


Step 8: Applying the First Coat of Color 

Now that all of the sketching is completed, you will begin to add the first layer of color to your pineapple drawing. Making use of a regular brush, select a shade of paint that falls between the colors orange and yellow, and evenly paint the main body of your pineapple.

Using a regular brush and a shade of iguana or light green, repeat this step to evenly paint the crown leaves.

Pineapple Drawing 8


Step 9: Contouring and Shading the Entire Drawing

Once your first coat of color has been applied, we will be adding some contouring and structure to the entire pineapple sketch to make it look more realistic! Using a small soft brush, take your light green paint and lightly add some tone around each brace of your pineapple’s body. Paint each of these braces individually.

As you add the shading, you will see that each brace will resemble a groove on the pineapple’s body.

Pineapple Drawing 9


Step 10: Adding the Second Coat of Color to the Body

You will now be adding your second coat of color to your pineapple illustration. Using a small soft brush, select an orange or light brown color to lightly blend each brace that you added shading to in the previous step.

This new color should be painted around the green that was painted in step nine.

Pineapple Drawing 10


Step 11: Shading and Highlighting the Pineapple

We will now be adding some shading and highlights to the entire pineapple drawing. With a soft brush, use some white paint to fill in the spikes on the pineapple’s body. After, lightly blend several dots and lines of dark purple within these spikes. Using a small soft brush and a darker orange, paint gentle strokes within each brace while making sure that the original yellow color is still visible.

Finally, use a small soft brush and some black paint to apply a light coat of shading around each brace. Apply some shading underneath the first layer of stem leaves as well.

Pineapple Drawing 11


Step 12: Adding the Second Coat of Color to the Leafy Crown

Return to your leafy crown, where we will be adding the second coat of color. With a soft brush and some dark green paint, gently add a darker shade to the inner part of the crown’s leaves.

Where the first coat of paint is still visible towards the outer leaves, add some slight touch-ups.

Pineapple Drawing 12


Step 13: Applying the Last Coat of Color to the Leafy Crown 

Once your second coat of paint is dry, we will be applying our very last coat of color to your pineapple’s crown. Using a soft brush again, select a darker shade of green and color the leaves just enough to blend all three shades of green. This will create a more realistic-looking crown.

Make use of a clean, soft brush to blend and fade all of the green colors together!

Pineapple Drawing 13


Step 14: Shading and Highlighting the Leafy Crown

With a soft brush and black paint, apply some shading between each layer of leaves in the crown to create a realistic shadow between each leaf. You can also use a soft brush with darker green paint to create some shading lines on the leaves themselves as we have done, but this is optional.

To finish this step, use a fine sharp brush and some white paint to add line strokes across each leaf. This will create some additional highlighted texture lines.

Pineapple Drawing 14


Step 15: Finishing Up the Pineapple Drawing

In the final step, you will be using a fine sharp brush and the corresponding colors for each section to trace the outline of your entire pineapple drawing. This means that you will need the correct colors for the body of the pineapple and the leafy crown. Tracing over the outlines will give your pineapple illustration a seamless final result, as all visible lines will be removed. You can also repeat this step inside the pineapple, over the texture lines of the braces. 

Once that has been completed, there is one final touch needed. Take a soft brush and some black paint to lightly paint a casted shadow below the pineapple. You will now be left with your own realistic pineapple drawing!

Pineapple Drawing 15


Well done on finishing your very own pineapple illustration, fit for a tropical feast! We have reached the end of our step-by-step guide on pineapple drawing, where you will have learned everything you need to know to recreate these stunning drawings in the future. We hope that you have enjoyed our tutorial on how to make an easy pineapple drawing and that you will continue to practice your drawing skills with us!



Frequently Asked Questions


Is It Hard to Learn How to Draw a Pineapple?

Not at all! In the above tutorial, we have provided 15 straightforward steps for you to follow to create your very own pineapple sketch! While drawing may seem daunting at first, our guides are easy enough to follow along for both beginner artists and even experienced ones.


How Do I Create a Realistic Pineapple Drawing?

When creating your pineapple drawing, you might wonder how to make it look as realistic as possible. In our tutorial, we will guide you through specific steps needed to add some shading and highlights to areas of your drawing. Both of these techniques will help make your pineapple drawing look extremely lifelike.


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