How to Draw an Avocado

How to Draw an Avocado – Create a Delicious Avocado Drawing

Avocados are the ultimate superfood, loved by health enthusiasts and foodies alike! These pear-shaped fruits are packed with healthy fats, fiber, and essential nutrients like potassium and vitamin C. Whether spreading it on toast, making guacamole, or adding it to your salad, avocados add a creamy and delicious flavor to any dish. They’re incredibly versatile and can be used in sweet and savory recipes. So go ahead and indulge in some avocado goodness; your taste buds and body will thank you!



An Easy Step-by-Step Guide on How to Draw an Avocado 

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps on how to draw an avocado! Starting with the basics, we will take you through the coloring and detailing process until you have created an incredible and realistic avocado drawing. An avocado sketch collage that demonstrates the steps taken to achieve the final result is provided below, so you can easily follow along and create your unique artwork.

Get ready to unleash your creativity and let’s get started on this fun and exciting journey of an avocado drawing!

Avocado Drawing Collage


Step 1: Draw the Main Body on Your Avocado Sketch 

Begin your tutorial on how to draw an avocado, by drawing two oval shapes beside each other. This will represent both halves of the avocado, with one representing the outer view and the other will be the inner view of our avocado sketch. 

Avocado Drawing 01


Step 2: Outline the Avocado 

Use the previously drawn oval shapes to help you outline a more realistic and ridged shape for your avocado drawing.

Avocado Drawing 02


Step 3: Draw the Seed on Your Avocado Sketch 

Add a second outline to the right avocado half. Within this avocado, draw a second oval shape. This will represent the seed of the avocado.

Avocado Drawing 03


Step 4: Add a Leaf 

Attached to the top of the outer avocado half, draw a leaf and its centerline. Any visible outlines may now be erased. 

Avocado Drawing 04


Step 5: Add the First Color Coat

Select a regular paintbrush and dark brown paint, and evenly coat the entire outer avocado half. Continue by painting only the inner outline on the inside of the avocado half. 

Avocado Drawing 05


Step 6: Color the Inner Avocado 

With the same paintbrush as previously and light yellow paint, evenly coat the inner area of your avocado sketch. 

Avocado Drawing 06


Step 7: Add Color to the Seed 

Use a fine, sharp brush and light brown paint, and evenly coat the seed. 

Avocado Drawing 07


Step 8: Color the Leaf on Your Avocado Drawing 

Use the same brush as previously and switch to bright green paint, and evenly coat the leaf on your avocado drawing. 

Avocado Drawing 08


Step 9: Lighten the Avocado Skin 

Use a small, soft brush and green paint, and apply a soft lightened coat along the edge of both halves of the avocado skin. Complete the step using black paint and softly apply shading to the surrounding edges. 

Avocado Drawing 09


Step 10: Apply a Pattern to the Skin 

With a rough, textured brush apply dabs and spots of black paint to represent the pattern of the skin on the avocado. 

Avocado Drawing 10


Step 11: Add a Glossy Skin Texture

In this step, use a soft brush and white paint, and apply soft dabs and dots between the first color coat and the previously added pattern spots. Follow this with a thin brush and a combination of gray and white paint, and add an even finer glossy look between the pattern added in step 10. 

Your avocado drawing is starting to take on a more realistic look! 

Avocado Drawing 11


Step 12: Highlight the Skin on Your Avocado Drawing 

For this step, you will simply enhance the glossy skin by adding additional fine highlights with a fine brush and white paint. 

Avocado Drawing 12


Step 13: Texture the Inner Avocado 

Select a small, soft brush and white paint, and add soft highlights to the inside of the avocado. This should be painted softly so that the first color coat is still visible. Continue with a brighter shade of green paint, and paint soft coats around the edges of the inner avocado. Complete this step, by adding a soft shading around the seed.

Switch to a blending brush and blend the color coats to create a soft fade between them. 

Avocado Drawing 13


Step 14: Add Texture to the Seed 

Begin this step with a soft brush and black paint, and apply soft shading around the edge of the seed. Follow this with a bright shade of brown paint, and add the first layer of texture. Switch to tan paint, and continue adding fine texture lines on the seed. Complete this step with white and bright green paint and add a subtle highlight on the seed. 

Avocado Drawing 14


Step 15: Texture the Leaf on Your Avocado Sketch 

Use the same brush as previously and switch to black paint, and begin adding shaded patches on the leaf. Continue using white paint to add a soft highlight within the leaf. 

Avocado Drawing 15


Step 16: Add the Leaf Veins 

Select a thin, sharp brush and white paint, and trace the centerline on your leaf. On both sides of the leaf, add fine hairline brushstrokes representing the veins on the leaf. 

Avocado Drawing 16


Step 17: Add a Ground Shadow 

In this step, you are simply going to add a realistic shadow to your avocado drawing. To do this, you will need a small, soft brush and black paint, and add a casted ground shadow directly underneath each half of the avocado. Complete this step with a blending brush and gently spread out the edges of the shadow. 

Avocado Drawing 17


Step 18: Finalize Your Avocado Drawing 

You are one step closer to completing the tutorial on how to draw an avocado! To finish, select a fine brush and the corresponding colors, and trace the entire outline of your avocado drawing. This will create a seamless and flawless look for your avocado sketch! 

Avocado Sketch 18


Congratulations on completing our tutorial on how to draw an avocado! You did an amazing job and should be proud of your accomplishment. This tutorial is designed for anyone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist and hopefully, you will be walking away having gained new skills. Keep practicing and exploring your creativity, and don’t forget that with each drawing you create, you are improving your skills and developing your own unique style.



Frequently Asked Questions 


How Do I Create a Realistic Texture on the Avocado Skin?

To create a realistic texture on the avocado skin, you can use different shading techniques such as crosshatching, stippling, or blending. Start by shading the avocado skin with a light layer of color, and then gradually build up darker shades to create depth and texture. You can also use a reference image to guide your shading and observe the natural patterns and shadows on the avocado skin. By following our drawing tutorial, we will take you step-by-step through the texturing process! 


Can I Add Other Elements to My Avocado Drawing?

Absolutely! Adding other elements to your avocado drawing can enhance its overall composition and make it more interesting. You can add a background to create context and depth, or include other fruits and vegetables to create a still-life composition. Use your creativity and experiment with different ideas to create a unique and personalized avocado drawing! 


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