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Mahogany Color – What Colors Go With Mahogany?

What is the first thing you consider when you hear the word “mahogany”? More than likely, it will be the tree and wood. Many love mahogany wood, which is used to make all kinds of items including furniture. However, what about the mahogany color, and what are the best mahogany color combinations?



What Color Is Mahogany?

What colors make mahogany? The mahogany color should represent the color of the wood, which can vary in color. However, in general, the mahogany color is described as reddish-brown. When it comes to the web version of mahogany, it has an identifying hex code that describes the color as being a strong orange or a medium to dark orange. Of course, there are also various shades from lighter to darker versions of mahogany, and those with more of a red undertone.

Mahogany ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeMahogany Color
Mahogany#c040000, 67, 100, 25192, 64, 0 


Mahogany Color: A Brief History

The mahogany color does not necessarily have a long history, although, the color name was first documented in 1737. Besides this, the history behind the color is directly linked to the tree and the color of the wood.

mahogany wood color

Original mahogany trees, scientifically known as Swietenia macrophylla, are said to live around 350 years and can reach up to 200 feet tall. The tree has also been referred to as the “Big-Leaf Mahogany” as the leaves can grow quite large, about 20 inches long. The tree is native to the southern parts of Mexico as well as Central America and other parts of South America. There are also many varieties of mahogany around the world.

The hardwood or lumber itself that is obtained from the tree, is said to be sturdy and is quite sought after because of its strong reddish-brown appearance. Most items made from mahogany are expensive but are considered extremely luxurious. The wood is used for a variety of purposes from furniture, and wooden instruments to cabinets, and outdoor decking, and even used for building boats.

Where the name “mahogany” came from, nobody is exactly sure, however, many say that it could have come from the native people in the area, which would have mostly been the native Mayans. The word could then have been picked up by the Spanish explorers. There are also other theories on where the name came from, but none are verifiable.

Even though artists have been using a variety of red and brown shades over the years, one could mention the art piece Mahogany (1910) by the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, as it is a picture of a tree, and somewhere in there, you are sure to find a shade of the mahogany color. He is also considered one of the best artists of the 20th century, who made a name for himself globally.

The mahogany color is also very popular as a hair color for both ladies and men of all ages. The color has also made its way into the car industry, where some luxury cars like the 2019 Porche Cayenne have incorporated metallic mahogany into their design. The mahogany color is also extremely popular as a luxurious element for interior design.

mahogany hair


Meaning of the Mahogany Color

Just like the wood, the mahogany color can be associated with, strength, luxury, sturdiness, and resilience. The wood is hard-wearing and can adapt to various environments. Mahogany also conveys concepts of nature, growth, and all things organic. Other associations for the mahogany color include the following:

  • Endurance
  • Kindness and friendliness
  • Dependability
  • Reliability
  • Elegance
  • Firmness
  • Simplicity
  • Health

what colors go with mahogany



Shades of Mahogany

Just as there are many mahogany wood colors, there are many shades of mahogany that can be used for graphic design and to also create paint colors. All of the shades of mahogany below are quite similar and display the color codes necessary for web design and printing. Each of the colors also has a specific hex code, which identifies the color and makes it easy to search for them online.

mahogany paint color


Cattail Color

This color is more of a strong red or shade of reddish orange. The color comes from the perennial plants that develop from creeping rhizomes and can be found in brackish or freshwater areas. The plant forms a cigar-shaped head that resembles the color.

Mahogany ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeMahogany Color
Cattail#b649250, 60, 80, 29182, 73, 37 


Lemon Iced Tea

When thinking of this color for the first time, you might be inclined to think it is some shade of yellow. However, the color is a strong orange and is also sometimes labeled as generic brown, which makes things even more confusing.

Mahogany ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeMahogany Color
Lemon Iced Tea#bd30000, 75, 100, 26189, 48, 0 


Mahogany Red

Mahogany red as a color name was first documented in 1843 and made its way into the Crayola crayon collection in 1949, with the name “Mahogany”. Many also label the color as being a strong red.

Mahogany ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeMahogany Color
Red Mahogany#cd4a4c0, 64, 63, 20205, 74, 76 

mahogany color shades



Also considered a strong orange or orange to reddish brown. In reality, rust is an iron oxide, which is triggered by the exposure of iron to oxygen. The color seems to be trending in areas of interior design for the warm and cozy shades it provides.

Mahogany ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeMahogany Color
Rust#b7410e0, 64, 92, 28183, 65, 14 



This is a strong orange color as displayed below in the table. However, sinopia is a reddish-brown natural pigment that was often used in paintings. The color was produced by what is known as red ferric oxide.

Mahogany ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeMahogany Color
Sinopia#cb410b0, 68, 95, 20203, 65, 11 

what color is mahogany



Mahogany Color Combinations

What colors go with mahogany? As you can see, mahogany can come in a variety of tints and shades. However, the best colors that go with mahogany tend to be shades of blue, white, gray, black, and lighter shades of beige. This means most of the neutral, as well as earth tones, can work with mahogany.

As with all colors, there are general color combinations you can use. Going into color theory and how color works will help you in this instance. You have all the colors visible on a color wheel, from your primary to tertiary and everything in between.

The web color mahogany we have chosen is described as being a strong orange. So, when you look at the color wheel, you should be able to determine the various color combinations. Of course, many online websites can easily do it for you.

mahogany color combinations


Complementary Color Combinations

These color combinations are quite easy to find, as all you need to do is look directly opposite your chosen color. When placed alongside one another, these colors stand out and can compete for your attention, which means they create contrast. In the case of our chosen mahogany color, it is a strong blue.  If you place the orange over the blue, it will seem to pop out at you.

Mahogany ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeMahogany Color
Mahogany#c040000, 67, 100, 25192, 64, 0 
Strong Blue#0080c0100, 33, 0, 250, 128, 192 


Analogous Color Combinations

Analogous colors are all colors that are similar and are found in close proximity on the color wheel, for example, red and yellow or orange. One good example is burgundy, which is often mistaken for dark red mahogany and vice versa. However, looking more closely, there is a difference. Both can be described as reddish-brown, however, burgundy has more of a purple undertone and is compared to wine. The mahogany is more of an earthy tone without the purple undertone, which resembles wood. In general, you can say burgundy is more a shade of red, while mahogany is a shade of brown.

Mahogany ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeMahogany Color
Dark Red Mahogany#4e06060, 92, 92, 6978, 6, 6 
Burgundy#8000200, 100, 75, 50128, 0, 32 
Dark Orange#bc442419, 82, 92, 9188, 68, 36 


Monochromatic Color Combinations

These colors are different tints and shades of one color, so you will have combinations of lighter and darker versions of mahogany. The colors are harmonious and pleasing to look at as there is no fight for gaining your attention. Lighter and darker shades of color can add more depth to a design.

Mahogany ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeMahogany Color
Mahogany#c040000, 67, 100, 25192, 64, 0 
Light Mahogany#ffc8ac0, 22, 33, 0255, 200, 172 
Dark Mahogany#3712000, 67, 100, 7855, 18, 0 


Triadic Color Combinations

The more colors in a combination, the more challenging it becomes to create a balanced look. Triadic colors are another example of colors that provide contrast and should be used carefully in designs. The best option for this and four- or more-color combinations is to use the base color and then add accent colors. The three triadic colors on the color wheel can be described as an equal-sided triangle shape.

Mahogany ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeMahogany Color
Mahogany#c040000, 67, 100, 25192, 64, 0 
Violet#4000c067, 100, 0, 2564, 0, 192 
Green#00c040100, 0, 67, 250, 192, 64 



How to Create Mahogany Paint Colors

When mixing paint and pigments, having a basic understanding of color theory is important as it is different than when working with light. When mixing a mahogany paint color, the first option is to take red and mix some green into the red. Since green is made from blue and yellow, by adding red, you are mixing all three primary hues. This will then produce a brown or something close to mahogany.

mahogany red

You can experiment using different proportions of color paint to see what happens. You can then also add in more blue to create a darker color or to lighten it, you can add white. Another option is, to begin with, a shade of red, then add in some burnt umber, which should darken the red. To get a bit closer to mahogany, you then include some Van Dyke Brown. If you do not feel like mixing colors yourself, consider purchasing mahogany paint.



Using a Mahogany Wood Color in the Home

Adding a mahogany color to the home can be done by using mahogany wood, which can be mahogany floors, ceilings, balustrades, or it can be furniture, cabinets, a desk, or even in smaller items like picture frames, lamp stands, or plant stands. Depending on your budget, the wood can create a more sophisticated space in any room of the home. You can also buy wood in different tones and finishes.

If the wood is a bit too expensive, there is also the option of using mahogany paint colors. There are also wallpaper options and laminates that look like mahogany. You can use the paint for ceilings or paint doors. A beautiful dark mahogany would also look nice on the outside of the house.

mahogany home design

When painting walls, it is recommended that you do not paint all the walls, as it could create a feeling that is a bit too warm. A beautiful accent wall will make a statement and provide just the right amount of warmth when paired with creamy or crisp white colors. Mahogany and white is a classic combination that you cannot go wrong with. Besides accent walls, mahogany colors can be brought with cushions, side tables, throws, and other accessories.

Blue is another great color to pair with mahogany, and you can use any shade you prefer from light blue to blue-gray. The two colors provide a nice contrast, and the blue can bring a more calming feel to the room, while the mahogany keeps the warmth in. You can layer colors like blue, mahogany, and white, to create a more harmonious look.

For example, try using a darker shade of blue on the walls in the bedroom. You can then bring in a white bed, curtains, and cupboards. Add blue cushions onto the white bed and mahogany hardwood floors and maybe a side table, and you have some beautiful contrast.




As we have learned, mahogany is not only a reference to the wood, but there are also many different shades of mahogany color. If mahogany wood is just too expensive to bring into the home, you can easily explore the various paint colors available.

wcolors make mahogany



Frequently Asked Questions


What Color Is Mahogany?

What colors make mahogany? Or if you are going for a general description of the mahogany color, it can be described as a reddish-brown that resembles wood. However, there are many variations of this color online, and it is closely related to brown, red, and even tones of yellow.


What Colors Go With Mahogany?

The best colors that go with mahogany are white and various shades of blue. However, when used carefully, various shades of red can also go with mahogany. Gray-green and more olive tones can also pair nicely with mahogany.


Is Mahogany Light or Dark?

As there are a variety of mahogany tree species, which can vary in color, there are just as many lighter and darker versions of the mahogany color. However, a dark reddish-brown is the more familiar color.


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