how to draw a sun

How to Draw a Sun – Create a Sunrise in a Pencil Stroke

Join our easy 11-step tutorial to draw the Sun, a radiant and powerful force in our universe. Learn to capture its fiery essence and dynamic rays, bringing this celestial giant to life on your canvas. This straightforward guide is perfect for all skill levels, making the art of drawing the Sun accessible and enjoyable.



Capturing Sunbeams: A Simple Guide to Drawing the Sun

The following collage illustrates every step undertaken to reach the ultimate outcome. Follow along, and you too will grasp the technique of learning how to draw a sun!

sun drawing collage


Step 1: How to Draw a Realistic Sun 

Begin your sun sketch by locating the middle of your drawing area, here draw a circle. 

sun drawing 01


Step 2: Draw the Guidelines 

Draw a vertical center line and a horizontal center line to split the circle into four quarters.

sun drawing 02


Step 3: Begin to Add the Flames on Your Sun Sketch 

Surrounding the outer circle, draw individual flames spreading outwards.

sun drawing 03


Step 4: Split the Flames 

Within each of the main large visible flames, draw a split line to create two portions of each of the flames.

sun drawing 04


Step 5: Draw the Facial Features

Utilize the established guidelines as a helpful reference while placing each facial feature. Commence by sketching the eyes and eyebrows on each quadrant of the circle. Progress to outlining the sun’s nose with a gentle curve. Conclude this phase by adding several short lines on the forehead and beneath each eye.

Upon finishing, carefully remove any remaining visible guidelines to reveal the refined portrayal.

sun drawing 05


Step 6: Add the Mouth to Your Sun Drawing 

Begin by drawing two curved lines to represent the mouth. At the ends of the mouth draw two additional short curved cheek lines. Within the mouth draw four equally split vertical lines to represent the teeth and complete the step by drawing the lower curved chin line.

sun drawing 06


Step 7: Add the First Color Coat

Employ a precise, sharp brush and a deep shade of yellow paint to uniformly cover the surface of the sun’s face.

sun drawing 07


Step 8: Continue With the Secondary Color Coat

Continue with the same brush and yellow paint to evenly coat the flames on your sun sketch. 

sun drawing 08


Step 9: Color Blend the Face on Your Sun Drawing 

Start by using a small, soft brush and yellow paint to brighten the upper part of the face, followed by blending to achieve a smooth color transition. Next, employ a similar brush with orange paint to shade the lower section, blending for a seamless finish. Introduce two blush spots to the sides of the smile using a small, soft brush and orange paint.

Conclude this process by adding highlights around the face’s edges and filling in the teeth with white paint using a small, soft brush.

sun drawing 09


Step 10: Continue to Color Blend Your Sun Sketch     

Use a small soft brush and orange paint to add a secondary color coat to half of each of the main flames Finish with a blending brush to spread the color coats.

how to draw a realistic sun 10


Step 11: Finalize Your Sun Drawing 

Utilize a precise fine brush dipped in black paint to carefully outline and refine any inner details, bringing the sun artwork to its final form. Enhance the visual impact with this meticulous step, adding depth and definition to your creative masterpiece. You have just learned how to draw a sun!

sun sketch 11


Well done, artistic soul! As you lift your gaze from the completed sun on your canvas, feel the warmth of accomplishment radiating within you. You’ve transcended from a mere learner to a creator, capturing the essence of the sun’s brilliance with your own strokes of imagination. This sun, birthed from your creativity, now breathes with vibrant hues and intricate details. Embrace this moment, for it signifies not just a drawing but a journey of self-discovery through art. Your sun isn’t just a celestial body; it’s a testament to your dedication and the boundless possibilities your mind can conjure. May this newfound skill be a perpetual sunrise in your artistic endeavors, illuminating the path to even greater expressions of your unique vision. Well done, and may your creative spirit continue to shine brightly!



Frequently Asked Questions 


How to Draw a Realistic Sun? 

To draw a realistic sun, focus on creating a gradual transition of warm hues, such as yellows and oranges, radiating outward from a central point. Pay attention to shading and incorporate subtle variations in intensity to convey the sun’s luminosity, and consider adding atmospheric elements like clouds or rays for added realism.


Are There Specific Shading Techniques to Make My Sun Drawing More Three-Dimensional?

To add a three-dimensional quality to your sun drawing, focus on employing shading techniques such as gradual color transitions from a brighter center to lighter hues at the edges. Additionally, experiment with blending and varying shades to simulate the sun’s radiant glow and create a sense of depth.


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