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How to Draw a Heart – Easy Love Token Drawing Tutorial

Nothing says love like a large red heart tied up with a bow. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to draw a beautiful big love heart, in a few easy-to-follow steps. Step-by-step, we show you how to create the perfect heart shape, add realistic coloring, and then add a final bow. Gather your drawing supplies, and let us begin our heart sketch. 



How to Draw a Perfect Heart 

On the surface, a heart is not a difficult shape to draw. But learning how to draw a perfect heart, with perfect symmetry is a little more tricky. As with all of our drawing tutorials, we use a range of simple construction shapes to lay down the foundations of the drawing, before we create the final outline. 

In the collage below, you can see an outline of the steps that you can take when drawing hearts. 

heart drawing sketch

The choice of medium for your drawing of a heart is fully yours. If you are a digital artist, you can use a graphic tablet, or you can use a more physical medium like paint or coloring pencils. 

Whichever medium you choose, gather your supplies, and let us start drawing hearts. 


Step 1: Draw an Isosceles Triangle

In this first step, you are going to lay down the basic shape of the heart sketch using a triangle with sides of equal length. Find the central point of your canvas, and draw the triangle upside-down. 

This may not look like a heart drawing at the moment, but the triangle will help you draw a perfectly symmetrical heart sketch.  

heart drawing 1


Step 2: Create the Division Line

Find the center of your triangle by locating the point at the bottom. Draw a vertical line from this point up and out the top of the triangle. This division line will separate the heart into two separate spaces. 

In later steps, this division line will help you draw the curves of your heart sketch with perfect symmetry. 

heart drawing 2


Step 3: Draw the Left Circle

In order to get a smooth curve on the top of your heart, you can use two circle shapes. This will ensure that the curve is even on both sides. 

On the left side of the triangle, draw a circle that touches the left point of the triangle, and overlaps the division line slightly. 

heart drawing 3


Step 4: Drawing the Second Circle

For this step, you are simply going to repeat the previous step on the other side of the triangle. 

heart drawing 4


Step 5: Completing the Bottom of the Heart

You are now going to create the bottom curves of the heart. On either side of the heart, create a curve from the point of the triangle to join the circle on each side. 

You should be able to see the final shape of the heart drawing coming through. 

heart drawing 5


Step 6: How to Draw a Perfect Heart Outline

This step is simple and by the end of it, you will have a perfect drawing of a heart. Use the two circles and the division line to finish drawing the curvature of the heart symmetrically on each side. 

You can now erase any of the visible construction lines. 

heart drawing 6


Step 7: Drawing the Stripe of the Ribbon

You are going to begin the ribbon of your heart drawing by outlining the horizontal stripe. These initial lines should be construction lines, as they are going to be slightly curved in the next step.

At the center of your heart drawing, simply draw two horizontal and parallel lines. 

heart drawing 7


Step 8: Adding a Curve to the Ribbon

When it comes to learning how to draw a perfect heart, three-dimensionality is very important. To highlight the three-dimensionality of this heart drawing, you can add a little curve to the ribbon strip that you just drew. This will help it look like your ribbon is wrapping around the heart. Simply bend both of the ribbon lines down slightly. 

You can then erase the initial construction lines. 

heart drawing 8


Step 9: Constructing the Bow

This step is another construction step, so if you are using a graphic tablet, create another layer. If you are using a pencil, use a light and easily erasable one. Begin by drawing a small circle with its center on the top ribbon line. On either side of this, at a slight angle, draw two larger circles. 

In the next steps, you will use these shapes to create the final shape of the bow.

heart drawing 9   

Step 10: Finishing the Bow Construction

To finish the construction of the bow, draw the two flaps that extend down from the small middle circle. 

heart drawing 10


Step 11: Outlining the Bow of Your Heart Drawing

Using the construction shapes you just drew, create the outline of the bow by adding a more realistic curve. Make the inside of the larger circles slightly narrower. Add a curve at the bottom of each, to create a three-dimensional effect. Add two little curves extending from the middle circle. Finally, add a little cut to the bottom of each flap. 

You can then erase the construction lines once again. 

heart drawing 12


Step 12: Erase the Bow Overlap

In this step, you are simply going to erase the lines of overlap within the bow of the ribbon and the heart. 

At the end of this step, your drawing of a heart should look a little like this. 

heart drawing 13


Step 13: Adding the First Coat of Color

To build up a realistic color for your heart drawing that emphasizes three-dimensionality, you need to build it up in a few steps. Using a regular brush and light red paint, fill the entirety of the heart with this color. 

The parts of the bow that are within the outline of the heart drawing can also be colored red. 

heart drawing 14


Step 14: Shading Your Drawing of a Heart

You are now going to shade the outside of the heart sketch to add more three-dimensionality. Use a touch of black paint and a soft blending brush to add shading around the edge of the heart. 

Finish the blending with a clean blending brush and lightly smear the shading towards the center of the heart. 

heart drawing 15


Step 15: Adding Color Highlights to the Heart Sketch

You are now going to use some white paint and a sharp brush to add highlights to the outline and center of your heart drawing. Trace along the outline of the left side of your heart with a white highlight, and then the left side of the right curve. 

You can then use a small soft brush with a little white paint to add curved lines within the two curves of the heart drawing. 

heart drawing 16


Step 16: Adding Color to the Bow

We are going to paint the bow pink, but you can make it any color you choose. Simply use a regular brush and your color of choice, and fill the bow with an even coat. 

In the final step, you are going to add some definition and dimension to the bow. 

heart drawing 17


Step 17: Finishing Our Heart Drawings

To finish your perfect drawing of a heart, you are simply going to add some shading and structure to your bow and ribbon. Use a darker shade of your ribbon color, and lightly paint around the edges, within the three-dimensional curve, and around the edges of the ribbon where it curves around the heart. 

Finish the heart drawing by adding a few stripes to the flaps. 

heart drawing 18


Voila! You have just learned how to draw a perfect heart. Now that you know how to perfect the dimensions of a heart sketch, you can easily begin drawing hearts for all of your loved ones. 


Take a look at our heart drawing webstory here!



Frequently Asked Questions


Can this Tutorial Show me How to Draw a Perfect Heart?

Yes! You may think that you do not need a tutorial to draw a heart, but if you want to draw a perfect heart, then you can follow our construction steps. We will then show you how to add color and dimension to your heart drawing. 


What Color Should You Use for a Drawing of a Heart?

The traditional color for hearts is red because they are associated with love. You can, however, make your heart any color you like! There is no limit to your creativity. 


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