Heart  Drawing

how to draw a heart

On the surface, a heart is not a difficult shape to draw. But learning how to draw a perfect heart, with perfect symmetry is a little more tricky.

creating a heart drawing

STEP 1: draw an isosceles triangle

Find the central point of your canvas, and draw the triangle upside-down.

step 2: create the division line

Draw a vertical line from this point up and out the top of the triangle. This division line will separate the heart into two separate spaces.

STEP 3: draw the left circle

On the left side of the triangle, draw a circle that touches the left point of the triangle, and overlaps the division line slightly.

step 4: drawing the second circle

For this step, you are simply going to repeat the previous step on the other side of the triangle.

STEP 5: finish the bottom

On either side of the heart, create a curve from the point of the triangle to join the circle on each side. You should be able to see the final shape of the heart drawing.

step 6: complete the heart outline

Use the two circles and the division line to finish drawing the curvature of the heart symmetrically on each side.

STEP 7: drawing the ribbon stripe

At the center of your heart drawing, simply draw two horizontal and parallel lines.

step 8: add a curve to the ribbon

To highlight the three-dimensionality of this heart drawing, you can add a little curve to the ribbon strip.

STEP 9: constructing the bow

Begin by drawing a small circle with its center on the top ribbon line. On either side of this, at a slight angle, draw two larger circles.

step 10: finishing the bow

To finish the construction of the bow, draw the two flaps that extend down from the small middle circle.

STEP 11: outline the bow

Using the construction shapes you just drew, create the outline of the bow by adding a more realistic curve. Make the inside of the larger circles slightly narrower.

step 12: erase the bow overlap

In this step, you are simply going to erase the lines of overlap within the bow of the ribbon and the heart.

STEP 13: add the 1st color coat

Using a regular brush and light red paint, fill the entirety of the heart with this color. The parts of the bow that are within the outline of the heart drawing can also be colored red.

step 14: shading the heart

Use a touch of black paint and a soft blending brush to add shading around the edge of the heart.

STEP 15: adding color highlights

Trace along the outline of the left side of your heart with a white highlight, and then the left side of the right curve.

step 16: add color to the bow

We are going to paint the bow pink. Simply use a regular brush and your color of choice, and fill the bow with an even coat.

STEP 17: finish the heart drawing

To finish your perfect drawing of a heart, you are simply going to add some shading and structure to your bow and ribbon.