How to Draw a Christmas Tree

How to Draw a Christmas Tree – Bringing the Holidays to Paper

Learn how to draw the perfect Christmas tree with our step-by-step tutorial. Start with a simple triangle and add whimsical branches, decorating them with baubles and tinsel details. Ideal for artists of all levels, this guide will help you create a festive masterpiece that captures the magic of the holiday season.



A Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing a Christmas Tree

The above collage shows each step taken to achieve the final result, and you, too, will be able to draw and paint a Christmas tree!

Christmas Tree Drawings Collage


Step 1: Draw the Centerline

Start by identifying the midpoint of your drawing space. Then, sketch a vertical centerline to symbolize the trunk of the tree.

Christmas Tree Drawings 01


Step 2: Draw Your Christmas Tree Sketch Shape

Draw a triangle that has its center point matching the vertical line previously drawn to split the triangle into two equal parts.

Christmas Tree Drawings 02


Step 3: Add the Top Star on Your Christmas Tree Drawing

At the top of the tree draw the five-point star using the center line and the triangle to aid you in drawing the star perfectly centered.

Christmas Tree Drawings 03


Step 4: Draw the Tree Top

Draw the top portion of the tree beneath the star and extend from a narrow spread to a wider spread. Continue to draw gentle waves to represent the tree top shape.

Christmas Tree Drawings 04


Step 5: Add the Mid-Base to Your Christmas Tree Sketch

Below the previously drawn top part of the tree, simply repeat the step and draw the middle area of the tree. This should be wider and spread with the width of the triangle.

Christmas Tree Drawings 05


Step 6: Continue onto the Lower Base

Draw the lower tree base with the widest spread along the width of the triangle. Repeat the previous step and draw gentle waves on the lower end. 

Christmas Tree Drawings 06


Step 7: Draw the Christmas Tree Ornaments

Draw several circles within the three sections of the Christmas tree to represent the ornaments on the tree. Erase any still visible construction lines.

Christmas Tree Drawings 07


Step 8: Add the Visible Trunk to Your Christmas Tree Drawing

Beneath the lower base of the tree draw the partially visible tree trunk.

Christmas Tree Drawings 08


Step 9: Color the Star in Your Christmas Tree Sketch

Utilize a fine, sharp brush and apply a uniform coat of yellow paint to cover the star evenly.

Christmas Tree Drawings 09


Step 10: Continue to Color Your Drawing of a Christmas Tree    

Continue with the same brush and begin with the brightest shade of green to color the top base. Then switch to a darker shade of green for the middle base, and finally use a dark shade of green paint for the bottom base.

Christmas Tree Drawings 10


Step 11: Color the Trunk

Employ a sharp brush along with brown paint to uniformly cover the tree trunk. 

Christmas Tree Drawings 11


Step 12: Color the Ornaments in Your Christmas Tree Sketch

Employing the same brush and a variety of your favorite colors to fill each of the ornaments evenly, here we chose to use purple, red, pink, yellow, and bright green paint.

Christmas Tree Drawings 12


Step 13: Structure the Star

With a thin brush and a light shade of orange paint, begin to apply to half of each star point. This technique will lend a realistic 3D effect, enhancing the overall structure of the star.

Christmas Tree Drawings 13


Step 14: Shade Your Christmas Tree Drawing

Use a small, soft brush and black paint to add soft shading between each of the ornaments. Continue onto each of the layers of the tree including the top, middle, and lower base areas. 

Christmas Tree Drawings 14


Step 15: Shade and Highlight the Ornaments

With the same brush and black paint, add a soft shading within the surrounding edges of each ornament. Repeat this step using a blending brush to spread and soften the shading. Complete the step by using white paint to add a soft glow or shimmer to each ornament.

Christmas Tree Drawings 15


Step 16: Texture the Bark on Your Drawing of a Christmas Tree

For a textured bark effect, employ a small, soft brush and black paint to horizontally shade the lower section of the bark. Then, with a fine, sharp brush and black paint, incorporate delicate vertical lines along the bark. Repeat the process using a brighter brown or white paint for added depth and detail.

Christmas Tree Drawings 16


Step 17: Apply a Ground Shadow

Shade beneath the Christmas tree using a small, soft brush and black paint. Complete the step by using a blending brush to spread and soften the shading.

Drawing of a Christmas Tree 17


Step 18: Finalize Your Drawing of a Christmas Tree

Where outlines are still visible, erase them; if not possible, use a fine, sharp brush and the corresponding color/s to trace the outlines, creating a final seamless result.

Christmas Tree Sketch 18


Congratulations, creative soul! You’ve officially unwrapped the gift of drawing a Christmas tree, and let me tell you, your artistic journey has added a sprinkle of festive magic to the season. Your dedication and imagination have turned a blank canvas into a holiday masterpiece. Each stroke and detail reflects not just a tree, but the warmth of your spirit and the joy you’ve poured into your creation. Remember, art is a journey, and you’ve just taken a sparkling step. Embrace the uniqueness of your artistic expression, and continue to let your creativity shine like the star atop your beautifully drawn Christmas tree. The world is brighter with your creative touch!



Frequently Asked Questions 


What Are the Basic Steps to Draw a Christmas Tree?

Drawing a Christmas tree is a joyous process. Begin with a simple triangle for the tree shape, extend branches outward, and then infuse the festive spirit by adorning it with ornaments and a gleaming star atop. How to draw a Christmas tree will be easy with our fun and exciting drawing tutorial! 


How to Add Decorations to My Drawn Christmas Tree?

Personalize your Christmas tree by drawing small circles for ornaments and adding playful tinsel with wavy lines. To complete the festive look, create a star or a unique tree topper that adds that special touch.


How to Make My Christmas Tree Drawing Look More Realistic?

Elevate the realism of your drawing by incorporating shading to the tree trunk for depth. Vary the size and shape of branches, and experiment with different shades of green to capture the nuances of a natural, vibrant tree. Our easy step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a Christmas tree will teach you everything you need to know! 


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