Aesthetic Things to Draw

Aesthetic Things to Draw – Learn How to Draw Aesthetic Images

Aesthetic art can simply be described as being an approach to art that produces something pleasant to look at. There are many beautiful objects or ideas that you can draw, from landscapes and birds to flowers and animals. To help you decide on what aesthetic things to draw, we have supplied a comprehensive list. Look out for the links to our step-by-step tutorials for many of these drawing ideas below!



Aesthetic Drawing Ideas

Aesthetic drawings are considered something beautiful to look at and can contain traditional drawing styles along with the artist’s unique style to create a form of self-expression. If you are only beginning your drawing adventure, simply consider what you enjoy drawing and go from there. Get yourself some drawing tools like a notepad, pencils, and pens. Start easily by creating a pencil sketch, and once you are satisfied, you can then add ink pens or markers. Simply erase the pencil marks to finish off the drawing.

There are also other means of drawing, digital drawing has become quite popular and requires a good tablet, drawing program, and stylus to start with. Achieving aesthetic drawings can be challenging and going for some drawing classes or following a few tutorials can help.

You need to consider things like composition and the arrangement of the various elements within the drawing, as well as things like shading techniques. All of which influence the final results. Let us now move forward and discover a variety of wonderful aesthetic things to draw.


Drawing Animals

Some of the easiest and more difficult things to draw are animals. You can draw simple cat and dog outlines, or if you want something more challenging, why not learn how to draw a black panther? Beautiful and sleek kings of the jungle. There is just something beautiful about a horse in motion, so why not try and capture this by learning how to draw a horse? You can even get more imaginative and draw an animal that is purely your own creation.

There are numerous ideas out there to choose from, consider some of these aesthetic drawing ideas. Go to the links highlighted below, which will take you through the step-by-step tutorials.

  • How to draw a dog: Looking for an easy guide for beginners, have a look at this tutorial.
  • How to draw a fish: Fish and other sea life can also be interesting aesthetic drawing ideas, consider dolphins, whales, a shark, jellyfish, octopuses, sea turtles, and even beautiful shells.
  • How to draw a chicken: Maybe you are interested in farm life, which has plenty of ideas you can draw. There are cows, sheep, pigs, and many more.
  • How to draw birds: There are many beautiful birds to draw, and all you have to do is visit your back garden or go for a walk in your local park. Consider a drawing of a parrot, dove, tiny hummingbird, peacock, or pink flamingo.
  • How to draw a feather: Something as simple as a feather can be beautiful and interesting.
  • How to draw a hedgehog: There are the cutest forest creatures to draw, from a fox or rabbit to an adorable raccoon.
  • How to draw a tiger: How about some more exotic animals including llamas or koala bears?

How to Draw Aesthetic


Drawing Body Parts

How to draw aesthetic body parts? This can be quite a challenge, and these types of drawings will have to be practiced a lot to get just right. Is there an easy part of the body to draw? This is a difficult question, as each body part has some challenges when trying to draw them. So, it is best to practice each one. Here are a few tutorials that can help with improving your skills. Discover how to draw feet, which are quite complex. Next, learning how to draw hands is another challenge for many artists, but it can be made simpler by following the tutorial. Another unique body part is the eyes, the windows to the soul. Discover how to draw realistic eyes. Next, is learning how to draw a nose, which is the defining feature of the face. Another feature you might be interested in is how to draw hair, which is not as difficult as you might think. 

There are also other styles of drawing you might want to try out, for example, anime characters that have more distinctive features. You can also play around with ideas, for example, visualize the end of a bed and take this as a frame to focus on a pair of feet sticking out. How about focusing on holding hands?


Drawing Books

This is one of the easier aesthetic drawing ideas, and everybody has some book laying around anyway. You can pile books on top of each other and draw from a side angle or choose a single book that is open to draw. When drawing, you can make the pages appear to be turning. Enhance the drawing by adding whimsical images like butterflies between the pages. Here is a tutorial on how to draw a book to make it easier and more fun.

Aesthetic Drawings for Adults


Drawing Buildings or Structures

This can be a more technical drawing experience, but it will still have that aesthetic appeal. There are many different buildings you can try from your own house to the Taj Mahal. Of course, you must have a reference for this. There are also many structures like bridges or lighthouses you can also choose to draw. Each has its own aesthetic appeal.

Click and go to an easy tutorial on how to draw a house and if you are looking for something a little different, here is how to draw a lighthouse. 


Drawing Cartoon Characters

Take one of your favorite cartoon characters and add your own artistic style to the mix. You can easily use a reference image to get the drawing just right. From Mickey Mouse to The Little Mermaid, there is a character for everybody to draw. There are also many other characters suited more for adults to draw, like the anime characters.

Different Ideas for Aesthetic Things to Draw


Drawing Clothing Items

Some people enjoy drawing and creating their own clothing line. Learning to draw clothing items is also a great way to visualize and communicate some technical elements within a design, for example, the length of an outfit. If you simply love clothes, you can pick from stylish hats to shoes and dresses. Clothing items can help to define a drawing and can often place a framework for the type of drawing you are doing.

You can also consider ideas from the movies, for example, why not draw the sorting hat from Harry Potter? For fun, have a look at this tutorial on how to draw hats. 


Drawing Doodles

This type of drawing is most probably the easiest way to go. You do not need any real skill, just a pencil, and some paper. You can create swirls and twirls, and any shape you want, let your mind move freely when placing pen to paper. There is also what is known as zen-doodling, which can be mesmerizing. This technique uses structured patterns and intricate designs that are done in small areas until the page is filled. This is a great way to focus and de-stress, but also create a visually appealing piece of art in the process. Here are a few easy doodle ideas to get you started.

Learn How to Draw Aesthetic Drawings


Drawing Fancy Lettering

There is something appealing about beautiful lettering that is aesthetically pleasing. Maybe you do not consider this drawing, but it is definitely an art form and there are quite a few lettering styles out there. There are many ways to do this, and you might need to learn a few tricks before trying it out.

One idea is to mix letters with other elements, such as flowers. One of the easier and more fun styles is to learn how to draw graffiti bubble letters. 


Drawing Fantasy Creatures

This can be an exciting way to use your imagination. There are all kinds of aesthetic drawings in this category. The one that sits on top of the list must be the mighty dragon, which can come in different shapes and sizes. Other creatures you can consider drawing include unicorns, mermaids, werewolves, or how about the majestic phoenix. If you are undecided on what to draw, there are a few tutorials you will want to try. If you want to do something fun with the kids, why not teach them how to draw a mermaid or a beautiful unicorn? If you are looking for something a bit more dramatic, you can try your hand at learning how to draw a dragon.

Create Aesthetic Drawings


Drawing Flowers and Plants

Flowers and plants will always have an aesthetic appeal, and there are many ideas and ways to draw them. Going simple can mean trying your hand at botanical line art, a minimalistic drawing that is quite popular in logos. Below are a handful of ideas for flowers and plants.

  • Roses
  • Sunflowers
  • Lilies
  • Poppies
  • Wild Flowers
  • Mushrooms
  • Palm trees
  • Fern leaves
  • Dandelions
  • Olive leaves
  • Lavender fields
  • Cactus and succulents

You can simply draw these as they are or add them to a scene. Consider adding a frame as another element to a flower drawing. Try your hand at learning how to create a beautiful rose drawing. If you want something a little out of the ordinary, try learning how to draw mushrooms. Trees are a great choice to draw as they are beautiful and majestic and represent growth as well as life. There are all kinds of trees to choose from, so you will have plenty of time to see if you can draw them all. However, trees can be a challenging subject to draw, so check out our tutorial on how to draw a tree.

Learn How to Draw Aesthetic Images


Drawing Food and Drinks

You might have a bowl of fruit sitting on your dining table, the perfect aesthetic still-life picture you can draw. However, you can also draw other types of food from pumpkins and pineapples to a stack of donuts or cupcakes. How about capturing the perfect cup of coffee as the steam rises off its surface? Check out this tutorial on how you can draw an amazing pumpkin or try something completely different like drawing delicious tacos. Food might be one of the more trendy drawing ideas, because of the way it can make your mouth water just by looking at it. Check out a few more ideas below.

  • Sushi
  • Different breads
  • Cakes
  • Ice-cream
  • Watermelons
  • Avocados

Aesthetic Drawing Ideas for Adults


Drawing Household Items

If you find yourself at home and are wondering what to draw, have a look around you. You will be astonished by what you can find that is interesting to draw. The clock on the wall or the hat stand in the corner by the door, or the comfy sofa in the living room.

How about drawing the bicycle standing against the wall? 


Drawing Insects

Insects are amazing creatures and many of them are beautiful from butterflies to moths and snails. You might even want to try and capture the intricacies of a spider web in a drawing. The world of insects is fascinating, and there are many ideas or options to choose from. Butterflies are always a popular drawing subject, so here is a tutorial on how to draw a monarch butterfly.

Ideas for Aesthetic Drawings


Drawing Landscapes

Landscapes must be one of the top aesthetic things to draw from mountain views to forests and even the sky. There are also amazing cityscapes to consider. Other ideas include cloudy skies, an umbrella on the beach, or ocean waves.

You can search for a photo online or simply look outside the window and use this as your frame for the landscape you can see outside. If you are a beginner, here is a simple tutorial on how to draw landscapes. 


Drawing the Moon and Stars

The moon and the stars can be something easy and fascinating to draw. You can think about doing all the stars in the sky or focus on a falling star. You can draw a full moon or go for a crescent moon and create a drawing of just these images or add in other elements, such as a cloud-covered moon or a moon rising behind a tree. To learn how to capture the mystery and to create a realistic moon, check out the how to draw the Moon tutorial.

How to Draw Aesthetic Images


Drawing in Perspective

In most drawings, you will need to draw images in perspective, meaning that you draw a realistic three-dimensional image onto a two-dimensional surface. This creates the idea and appearance of depth within a drawing. One of the easiest ways you can practice this is to draw railway tracks or a road that stretches into the distance.

You can then include other elements like trees on the side of the road or a setting sun. There are also other optical illusions you can draw, which you can use in various ways in art. 


Drawing Portraits

Portraits are another challenging subject choice when it comes to drawing. You will need to practice drawing faces and other details to achieve a realistic look. You can use a reference photograph to start with, create lines and map out the facial features and then add in the details. Try and get a photo that has a person at eye level, looking straight at the camera, otherwise, you might have angles you cannot get right. You can also start with something easier like silhouettes or profiles. Check out this guide on how to draw a girl. The tutorial breaks down the drawing process into manageable and understandable steps. When you are done with this tutorial, you will have more confidence in trying out other portrait ideas.

Aesthetic Drawing Ideas


Drawing Rocks and Stones

You might think that this is not appealing. However, rocks are common features in many landscape drawings and paintings. Including rocks can add a dynamic focal point, and they can help to create texture and add structure. Rocks are also perfect for practicing shapes, planes, and angles.

Have a look at this guide on how to draw rocks to help improve your drawing skills. 


Drawing Shapes

As a beginner, you can start drawing with these ideas and practicing with the basic shapes. This means drawing shapes like spheres, triangles, squares, or cubes. You can move on to three-dimensional shapes, such as prisms or cones, and pyramids. You can then try basic shapes that are actual items, like a beach ball or a baseball. Other ideas include balloons, basketballs, hot-air balloons, and odd shapes like crystals. Try this tutorial on how to do an aesthetic crystal drawing.

Aesthetic Drawings


Drawing Trains and Cars

If you love all things that move on wheels, then you should choose some of these ideas for your next drawing project. You can include anything from all the different cars available to trucks, trains, caravans, and even boats or airplanes.

To start, check out this fun tutorial on how to draw a car and how to draw a train. 


Drawing Weather Scenes

Have you ever caught yourself staring at the rain falling outside? Well, then here are some perfect aesthetic things to draw. You can draw a scene with rain, or even snow. This is where you can combine ideas, for example, cloudy skies with the sun or figures with an umbrella in the rain. Instead of a scene, think about a single snowflake. Other ideas can include lightning, rainbows, a tornado, or a snowman.

Aesthetic Drawing Ideas for Kids



Tips on Improving Drawing Skills

It can be quite frustrating to have an idea for an aesthetic drawing, but you cannot seem to bring it to life. The best way to solve this is to improve your drawing skills and learn how to apply various drawing techniques to create an appealing art piece. To help you with your drawing skills, here are some tips for you to consider.

  • Begin by practicing basic shapes and then progress to what these shapes can create. Develop an eye for seeing shapes in different things, even if you are simply paging through a magazine.
  • Help develop your motor skills by practicing repeating patterns. This is an extension of practicing shapes, looking for patterns in nature or whatever environment you are in.
  • Get yourself a sketchbook and decide on a daily drawing challenge for yourself that can last for a week or longer. There are even challenges you can join online that also involve a community of other artists.
  • Search for inspiration, which you can do by simply stepping outside, going to a museum, listening to music, or joining an art class.
  • When you are finished with your drawing, keep it, and catalog all your drawings so you can come back to them. You can then see what progress you are making.


We hope that you have found some inspiration so you can start creating amazing aesthetic drawings. As there are so many ideas to choose from, you should easily be able to find one of your favorites to begin with. You also do not have to be a skilled artist to achieve this; simply draw what you find interesting, practice, and continue to improve your drawing skills. 




Frequently Asked Questions


What Are the Easiest Things to Draw?

If you are a beginner, the easiest things to start with include various shapes like circles or squares. Try drawing a baseball or balloons and once you develop your skill, you can choose more detailed drawings that also involve more depth and dimension.


What Is Considered Aesthetic in Art?

The basic idea of aesthetic drawings is that when someone looks at them, they elicit certain feelings and are, of course, appealing in appearance. Some top examples include beautiful landscapes or drawings of people in various settings. The beauty in drawings might also be appealing to some and not to others, so it can be subjective.


How Can I Create Aesthetic Drawings?

When looking at how to draw aesthetic art, you should take into consideration a few things. You need a good composition, and you need to understand how light and shadow can affect a scene. So, you need to consider shapes, lines, colors, and textures to create an appealing drawing and communicate meaning.


How Can I Enhance My Aesthetic Drawing Skills?

The easiest way to enhance your skills is to practice, and then practice some more. You can also study and learn about art and drawing, and gain knowledge from tutorials, videos, and books.


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