How to Draw a Black Panther

How to Draw a Black Panther – Draw a Stealthy Black Panther

Black panthers, also known as melanistic leopards or jaguars, are some of the most mysterious and elusive creatures in the animal kingdom. Their jet-black fur and piercing eyes give them an aura of power and beauty that has captivated people’s imaginations for generations. Despite being revered by many cultures, these magnificent big cats are also endangered due to habitat loss, poaching, and other threats. Nevertheless, black panthers remain a symbol of strength and resilience, inspiring awe and wonder in all who encounter them. In today’s drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw these magnificent creatures step-by-step. so grab your drawing kit and let’s get started! 



Learn How to Draw a Black Panther Step-by-Step 

Congratulations on embarking on a journey to learn how to draw a black panther! Drawing can be a deeply satisfying and rewarding creative pursuit, and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your vision come to life on paper. As you begin your tutorial, remember that practice and patience are key. Take your time, observe the panther’s unique features closely, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes – they are a natural part of the learning process. Consider using different shades of black and grey to create depth and texture, and experiment with various drawing techniques to find what works best for you.

By the end of the tutorial, you’ll have a masterpiece that you can be proud of and a new skill that you can continue to develop and refine over time. Happy drawing! Follow the steps depicted in the below collage, to achieve your realistic black panther sketch. 

Black Panther Drawing Collage


Step 1: Draw the Head of Your Black Panther Drawing 

To start your black panther drawing, draw a tilted oval shape to represent the head of the black panther.  

Black Panther Drawing 01


Step 2: Draw the Main Body

Continue to draw a large, horizontal oval shape to represent the main body of the black panther.

Black Panther Drawing 02


Step 3: Attach the Legs to Your Black Panther Sketch 

Draw the four visible legs of the black panther represented by narrow, vertical oval shapes attached to the lower end of the previously drawn oval shape. The legs should be angled at different positions to represent a realistic stance.

Complete this step by drawing the additional angle to each of the rear legs.

Black Panther Drawing 03


Step 4: Draw the Guidelines and Shape the Ears

Within the face, draw a vertical centerline at the top of the face. Continue to draw the horizontal line overlapping the vertical centerline. Above the head on each end, draw the fine, curved half moons to represent each of the ears.

Black Panther Drawing 04


Step 5: Add the Facial Features

Use the previously drawn guidelines to aid you in drawing the eye and nose of the black panther. Below the nose, draw the curved mouth line.

Black Panther Drawing 05


Step 6: Draw the Paws on Your Black Panther Drawing 

Attached to the end of each leg, draw each paw represented by an oval shape.

Black Panther Drawing 06


Step 7: Add the Tail

At the rear, with some distance from the oval shape, draw the curving tail. 

Black Panther Drawing 07


Step 8: Outline the Main Body

Connect the head to the body by drawing the top neckline, leading from the top of the head and connecting where the tail begins. Finish off by drawing the lower neckline connecting the head to the first foreleg.

Black Panther Drawing 08


Step 9: Continue to Outline the Black Panther Sketch 

In this step, outline each of the legs using the previously drawn construction lines to aid you. 

Black Panther Drawing 09


Step 10: Outline the Head

Continue to outline a more realistic head and ears for your black panther sketch. To do this, use the previously drawn construction lines to aid you.

Black Panther Drawing 10


Step 11: Outline the Facial Features   

Begin by outlining the nose and leading lines to the mouth. Continue by drawing the eye’s pupil and iris.

Finish this step by erasing any still visible construction and guidelines.

Black Panther Drawing 11


Step 12: Continue to Outline the Paws on Your Drawing 

In this step, outline each of the paws and draw the separation lines on each paw. Finish this step by erasing any construction lines that are still visible.

Black Panther Drawing 12


Step 13: Apply the First Color Coat 

Select a fine, sharp brush and a dark shade of brown paint, and evenly coat the black panther drawing.

Black Panther Drawing 13


Step 14: Shade Your Black Panther Sketch 

With a small, soft brush and black paint, apply soft shading strokes along the edges and structure lines to your drawing. Continue by using a fine, sharp brush and black paint, and add sharper shading lines within the face, neck, and between the paws.

Black Panther Drawing 14


Step 15: Highlight the Black Panther  

In this step, apply soft highlighted brushstrokes along the lower part of the body and within the ears, using a soft brush and a bright shade of brown paint. Continue by using a blending brush to soften and spread the color coats.

Black Panther Drawing 15


Step 16: Add the Pattern to Your Black Panther Sketch 

The black panther has a spotted pattern throughout its body, visible from the lower jaw area and leading throughout the neck, and spreading to the rest of the body.

Note! The pattern will mostly be added to the previously highlighted areas.

To do this, begin by using a fine, sharp brush and black paint, and start drawing the smaller abstract pattern spots along the jaw leading onto the neck. The pattern spots should be individually painted and should not connect. Draw the larger spots along the main body area and reduce them to a smaller size within the tail and legs.

Black Panther Drawing 16


Step 17: Add the Furry Texture

With a thin brush and a combination of gray, white, black, and tan paint, add fine, hairline brushstrokes within the face, neck, and top area of the main body. Continue using black paint for the lower body, legs, and paws. Complete the step by adding a furry outline surrounding the black panther. 

Black Panther Drawing 17


Step 18: Color the Facial Features 

Begin to evenly coat the iris of the eye, using a thin brush and light caramel paint. Use black paint to fill the pupil and finally, complete the eye using white paint to coat the eye shimmer spot. Continue using white paint to add soft highlights within the nostrils. Switch to tan paint, and add fine brushstrokes along the sides of the face to represent the whiskers of the black panther.

Black Panther Drawing 18


Step 19: Add a Ground Shadow

Use the same brush as previously and black paint, and shade between each paw to create a dark shadow. Follow this by using a small, soft brush, and spread the shading to create a realistic casted ground shadow.

Black Panther Drawing 19


Step 20: Finalize Your Black Panther Drawing 

You are one step closer to finishing our tutorial on how to draw a black panther! To finalize your drawing, erase any harsh visible outlines. This will create a seamless result! 

Black Panther Sketch 20


Congratulations on finishing your black panther drawing! You’ve taken an impressive step toward becoming a skilled artist. Take a moment to appreciate your creation and the hard work you’ve put into it. Your black panther drawing may be sleek, powerful, and enigmatic, capturing the beauty and grace of one of the most captivating big cats in the animal kingdom. You may have experimented with different drawing techniques and shading to create a stunning depiction of this majestic creature. Be proud of your accomplishment, and remember that this is just the beginning. As you continue to practice and hone your skills, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish. Keep up the great work!



Frequently Asked Questions 


How to Draw a Black Panther Realistically?

To draw a black panther realistically, you need to pay close attention to its unique features, anatomy, and movement. Start by studying reference images or videos of black panthers to observe their body structure, muscle tone, and movement patterns. When sketching, use light lines to map out the basic shapes and proportions of the panther’s body before moving on to the details. Focus on capturing the panther’s sleek, shiny black coat, and experiment with different shading techniques to create depth and texture. Use a range of values, from light to dark, to convey the panther’s form and the way light interacts with its fur. Remember to pay close attention to the panther’s eyes, which are intense and piercing. By combining careful observation with skillful technique, you can create a realistic and stunning drawing of a black panther.


How to Capture the Unique Posture of a Black Panther?

Capturing the unique expression and posture of a black panther in your drawing is all about studying the details. Observe how the panther holds itself, its muscles tense and ready to spring into action. Note the curve of its spine, the angle of its legs, and the position of its ears and tail. These details can bring your drawing to life and help you convey the panther’s power and grace. When it comes to expression, focus on the panther’s eyes – they are intense and piercing, full of confidence and determination. To make your black panther drawing stand out, try experimenting with different poses and expressions, using reference images to help you capture the essence of this magnificent animal. Remember, practice makes perfect, and with time and dedication, you can create stunning, realistic drawings of black panthers.


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