how to draw a red panda

How to Draw a Red Panda – Furry Friends on Paper

Welcome to your quick guide on drawing a red panda! In just 15 steps, you’ll learn to capture the charm of this adorable creature, from basic outlines to detailed coloring. This straightforward approach is perfect for artists of any skill level. Let’s dive in and learn how to draw a red panda!



Red Panda Sketching: A Step-by-Step Guide 

This guide serves as a comprehensive blueprint for each stage in learning how to draw a red panda. By adhering to it meticulously, you’ll not only excel in the art of depicting a red panda but also enhance your drawing abilities along the way!

Panda Collage


Step 1: Draw the Head on Your Red Panda Sketch 

Begin your easy red panda drawing by sketching a horizontally laying oval shape to represent the head. 

red panda drawing 01


Step 2: Continue Onto the Main Body

Sketch a smaller oval shape below the head, allowing it to overlap slightly.

red panda drawing 02


Step 3: Draw the Ears, Hands, and Feet on Your Red Panda Outline

Draw a small oval shape at each end of the head, slightly overlapping, to depict the ears. Then, add two oval shapes of the same size overlapping the main body for the hands, and below those, sketch two smaller ovals for the red panda’s feet.

red panda drawing 03


Step 4: Add the Necessary Facial Guidelines

Begin by drawing a vertical center line within the face of the red panda and five horizontal guidelines.

red panda drawing 04


Step 5: Draw the Eyes and Nose on Your Red Panda Outline 

Between the two larger guidelines, draw two circles to represent the eyes of the red panda. Between the two eyes, draw a small oval shape to represent the nose.

red panda drawing 05


Step 6: Outline the Face 

Using the construction lines to aid, outline the furry face of the red panda.

red panda drawing 06


Step 7: Continue to Outline Your Red Panda Sketch 

Continue using the construction lines to outline the main body, hands, and feet of the red panda.

red panda drawing 07


Step 8: Outline the Remaining Part of Your Easy Red Panda Drawing

Carry on outlining the ears, connecting them with the top outline of the head. Next, proceed to sketch the tail of the red panda. Finish this step by erasing any remaining visible construction lines.

red panda drawing 08


Step 9: Fill in the Facial Features

With a fine, sharp brush and black paint, fill in the eyes, nose, and mouth of the red panda. Then, continue with the same brush and paint to add the furry patches inside the ears and the two distinct ovals on the left foot. Also, draw the curved outline of any visible paws.

red panda drawing 09


Step 10: Begin to Paint Your Easy Red Panda Drawing 

Select a fine, sharp brush and orange paint, and evenly coat your red panda sketch.

red panda drawing 10


Step 11: Add the Secondary Coat of Paint 

Apply light off-white paint with a fine, sharp brush to create the facial pattern. Extend this application to the ears, the top of the head, the main body, and the tail, ensuring the initial color coat remains predominantly visible.

red panda drawing 11


Step 12: Color the Patterns on Your Red Panda Outline 

With a fine, sharp brush and red paint, apply the looping pattern on the red panda’s tail. Proceed to use the same brush and red paint to uniformly color the fur on the cheeks. Then, switch to dark brown paint and the same fine brush to color the feet and ears.

red panda drawing 12


Step 13: Add Shading to Your Red Panda

Using the same brush and light gray paint, add shading lines along the edges of the facial features, the face, main body, and tail.

red panda drawing 13


Step 14: Create Highlights in the Eyes and Cast Shadows Below

Start by applying white paint with a fine, sharp brush to place multiple spots in the left eye and a single spot in the right eye. Enhance the nose with fine strokes for highlights. Finish this step by shading under the red panda with gray paint.

Then use a lighter gray to broaden the shadow on the ground, repeating this process for consistency.

red panda drawing 14


Step 15: Finalize Your Easy Red Panda Drawing 

If the white eye shimmer needs more definition, use a fine, sharp brush with black paint to refine the edges around it. Then, employ the same brush and black paint to outline the entire red panda, including adding inner texture and detail lines, to complete the artwork.

red panda drawing 15


Congratulations on completing your journey to learning how to draw a red panda! Your dedication and hard work have paid off, beautifully capturing the unique charm and details of this adorable animal. This accomplishment is a testament to your growing skills and artistic dedication. Keep practicing and exploring the vast world of art; your creative potential is limitless. Well done!



Frequently Asked Questions 


How Can I Capture the Unique Characteristics of a Red Panda in My Drawing?

To capture the red panda’s uniqueness, I focus on its round face, fluffy ears, and distinctive markings. By closely observing reference images, I ensure accuracy in depicting these features, emphasizing the white muzzle and eye patches. Incorporating these details brings out the red panda’s charm in my drawing.


How Do I Draw the Fur Texture of a Red Panda Realistically?

Drawing realistic fur texture involves using short, overlapping strokes to mimic the softness of the red panda’s coat. Varying pressure and direction create depth, while layering shades of red and brown enhances realism, capturing the warmth of the fur.


How Can I Add Depth and Realism to My Red Panda Drawing?

Adding depth and realism requires careful shading and attention to detail. Establishing the light source guides shadow placement, while using a range of pencils for different values achieves dimension. Incorporating surrounding elements like foliage enhances the drawing’s realism, bringing the red panda to life.


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