How to Draw a Graduation Cap

How to Draw a Graduation Cap – Hats Off to Creativity

The graduation cap: that iconic square of dreams, poised at the pinnacle of achievement. It’s more than just a cap; it’s a triumphant symbol that crowns years of dedication and hard work. With its tassel swaying like a pendulum of possibilities, the cap holds the promise of a future unlimited. Underneath its structured exterior lies a world of memories – late-night study sessions, friendships forged, and challenges conquered. As mortarboards soar through the air on graduation day, they carry not just the weight of academic success, but the hopes of generations reaching for the stars. Secure your art supplies, and learn to draw a graduation cap as we guide you through a thrilling, step-by-step tutorial on creating a drawing of a graduation cap! 



Step by Step: Mastering the Graduation Cap Drawing 

Congratulations on embarking on this artistic journey on how to draw a graduation cap! Get ready to unlock your creativity and capture the essence of achievement as you delve into the tutorial on learning to draw a graduation cap. With each stroke of your pencil, you’ll be crafting more than just an image – you’ll be encapsulating years of hard work, dreams realized, and a bright future ahead. So, gather your tools and let your imagination flow, because by the end of this tutorial, you’ll have a masterpiece that symbolizes the pinnacle of success!

Here’s a clear illustration of the steps you’ll take to make your own graduation cap drawing! 

Graduation Cap Drawing Collage


Step 1: Draw the Top of Your Graduation Cap Sketch 

Begin by locating the center of your drawing area, and draw the top portion of the graduation cap.

Graduation Cap Drawing 01


Step 2: Add the Tassels String

From the center of the cap, draw a line leading to the left side of the cap. Continue to draw the vertical line which will represent the tassels on your graduation cap sketch. 

Graduation Cap Drawing 02


Step 3: Begin to Draw the Secondary Brim Layer

Beneath the top layer of the graduation cap, draw a second, thicker brim layer.

Graduation Cap Drawing 03


Step 4: Add the Cap to Your Sketch 

Continue underneath the brim and draw the curved cap portion. 

Graduation Cap Drawing 04


Step 5: Detail the Tassels

Use the previously drawn tassel construction lines to aid you in detailing the rough outline of the string. Draw the center knob on the top portion of the cap, and the lower knoc attached to the bottom of the tassels.

Graduation Cap Drawing 05


Step 6: Apply the First Color Coat  

Take a fine, sharp brush and use dark gray paint to color the upper part of the hat.

Graduation Cap Drawing 06


Step 7: Add a Secondary Color Coat 

Continuing using the same brush and switch to a lighter shade of gray paint, and color the left edge of the brim. With a darker shade of gray paint, add color to the right edge of the brim.

Graduation Cap Drawing 07


Step 8: Color the Remaining Graduation Cap Sketch 

With a thin brush and black paint, being to evenly coat the remaining portion of the graduation cap.

Graduation Cap Drawing 08


Step 9: Add Color to the Tassels

Take a finely pointed brush and apply a golden yellow shade to the tassels, utilizing brown paint for the bead.

Graduation Cap Drawing 09


Step 10: Shade and Highlight the Cap   

To start the shading process, employ a soft brush along with a lighter gray paint, and create a subtle framework of highlights. This will help you to mold the cap for a more lifelike shaded effect beneath the brim. Employ a blending brush to refine and soften the layers.

Proceed with a sharp brush and black paint to enhance the distinct shadow cast by the brim onto the cap. 

Graduation Cap Drawing 10


Step 11: Shade and Highlight the Tassels

Start by utilizing a small, gentle brush along with light gray paint, mixed with a touch of white paint, to accentuate the central knob. Switch to a fine brush and dark gray paint to introduce the texture of the rope to the tassels, then repeat the process with white paint to infuse highlights.

Finalize this step with a small, soft brush and apply black paint to shade the bead, and again with white paint to incorporate a gentle gleam. 

Graduation Cap Drawing 11


Step 12: Add a Casted Tassels Shadow

With a small brush and black paint, add the casted shadow beneath the tassels leading onto the top portion of the graduation cap and onto the side brim.

Draw a Graduation Cap 12  

Step 13: Finalizing Your Graduation Cap Drawing 

Finalize your drawing of a graduation cap by remove any remaining harsh outlines. If necessary, employ a fine, sharp brush and matching colors to delicately redefine the edges, resulting in a flawless end product! 

Graduation Cap Sketch 13


Congratulations on mastering the art of learning how to draw a graduation cap! Your dedication and effort have paid off, and now you hold the skill to encapsulate achievement on paper. Just like the cap symbolizes the culmination of hard work, your ability to recreate it illustrates your artistic growth and determination. Learning to draw a graduation cap is no easy feat, so as you gaze upon your creation, remember that every stroke represents not only the cap but also your progress as an artist. This is just the beginning of your creative journey, and the world of art eagerly awaits your next masterpiece. Keep up the fantastic work! 



Frequently Asked Questions 


What’s the Best Way to Create the Tassel Hanging from the Cap?

Drawing the tassel of a graduation cap requires attention to detail. Begin by lightly sketching a curved line at the center of the cap’s brim where the tassel will hang from. Next, draw a series of short, thin lines extending downward from the curved line, gradually increasing in length. These lines represent the strands of the tassel. To create a realistic look, add a slight curve to each strand and make sure they’re not perfectly aligned. Finally, at the end of the strands, draw a small, circular knot connecting them together. This will complete the tassel and give your graduation cap drawing an authentic touch.


How to Draw the Cap’s Fabric Texture and Folds?

Learning how to draw a graduation cap can be daunting. However, learning how to capture the fabric texture and folds of a graduation cap adds depth and realism to your drawing. Begin by outlining the basic shape of the cap and its brim. To convey the fabric’s texture, lightly sketch subtle, curved lines across the cap’s surface, following the contours of the shape. These lines simulate the gentle folds and wrinkles of the fabric. To enhance the effect, slightly darken some areas where the folds are more pronounced. Remember that fabric behaves differently in light, so consider where shadows and highlights would naturally fall. This technique will give your graduation cap drawing a lifelike appearance and make it stand out with dimension.


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