How to Draw Pikachu

How to Draw Pikachu – 14 Steps to Capturing the Playful Spirit

Explore the exciting process of drawing Pikachu with our step-by-step tutorial. Learn to sketch Pikachu’s iconic features, from its round face and pointy ears to its expressive eyes. Perfect for all skill levels, this guide ensures a fun and engaging experience, bringing the beloved electric Pokémon to life on your paper.



Step-by-Step Guide to a Pikachu Drawing 

This visual compilation illustrates each sequential step leading to the ultimate outcome. Follow the guide, and you’ll be equipped to skillfully draw and paint your very own Pikachu!

Pikachu Drawing Collage


Step 1: Draw the Head of Your Pikachu Sketch 

Begin your Pikachu Sketch by drawing a circle to represent the head.

Pikachu Drawing 01


Step 2: Draw the Main Body

Overlapping the bottom of the head, draw the main body represented by a square.

Pikachu Drawing 02


Step 3: Add the Arms and Feet

Within the top area of the main body, draw two angled oval shapes to represent the arms. Beneath the main body, draw two horizontal laying oval shapes to represent the feet.

Pikachu Drawing 03


Step 4: Draw the Ears on Your Pikachu Drawing

Above the head, draw two angled oval shapes to represent the ears of Pikachu.

Pikachu Drawing 04


Step 5: Include the Facial Guidelines and Eyes

Within the face, begin by drawing a center vertical line and three horizontal guidelines. Between the two top horizontal guidelines, draw two circles to represent the eyes.

Pikachu Drawing 05


Step 6: Outline the Main Body on Your Pikachu Sketch 

Utilize the construction lines drawn earlier as a guide for outlining Pikachu’s overall shape. Start from the lower part of the main body and follow through to define the face and head.

Pikachu Drawing 06


Step 7: Outline the Arms and Feet

Use the lines you drew before to help outline Pikachu’s arms and feet. Just follow along from the existing guide to shape the details.

Pikachu Drawing 07


Step 8: Continue to Outline the Ears and Tail

Continue to outline the ears, the top of the head, and the zig-zag-shaped tail. Finish the process by removing any remaining visible construction lines.

Pikachu Drawing 08


Step 9: Draw the Facial Features

Take a fine, sharp brush and black paint to fill in each eye, leaving a half-moon gap at the bottom and a circle at the top. Refer to the guidelines for drawing the nose and mouthline. Conclude this step by sketching the cheek spots and removing any remaining visible guidelines.

Pikachu Drawing 09


Step 10: Apply the First Color Coat

Using the same brush, cover the entire Pikachu evenly with yellow paint.

Pikachu Drawing 10


Step 11: Color the Ears and Cheeks on Your Pikachu Sketch

With a fine, sharp brush and black paint, color the tips of each ear halfway. Apply orange paint to both the cheeks and lower eye areas using a soft brush. Repeat the process with red paint. Finish this step by using a small soft brush and black paint to add gentle shading to the right cheek circle’s side.

Pikachu Drawing 11


Step 12: Shade and Highlight Your Pikachu Drawing

Apply a darker shade of golden-yellow paint with a small, soft brush to create a secondary coat along Pikachu’s ears, head, neck, main body, and tail. Repeat the process using a fine sharp brush to introduce a rougher pattern to the coat. Follow the same steps with black paint to incorporate soft shading areas. Utilize a blending brush to spread and soften the coats in the same direction as the pattern.

Finish by using a fine sharp brush and white paint to add multiple highlight spots.

Pikachu Drawing 12


Step 13: Apply a Ground Shadow to Your Pokémon

With a small, soft brush and black paint, add shading beneath Pikachu. Then, use a blending brush to effortlessly spread and soften the shading in a circular motion, extending outwards.

Pikachu Sketch 13


Step 14: Finalizing Your Pokémon Drawing

Utilize a fine, sharp brush and black paint to follow all the discernible outlines, inner texture, or detail lines, bringing your Pikachu artwork to completion. You have just completed our tutorial on how to draw Pikachu! 

Pokemon 14


Congratulations on completing your Pikachu drawing journey! Your dedication and creativity have brought this beloved Pokémon to life on your canvas. Remember, each stroke tells a story, and yours is a tale of artistic triumph. Embrace the unique character you’ve infused into your Pikachu—it’s a reflection of your style and passion. This is just the beginning of your artistic adventure, and your talent is boundless. Keep exploring, keep creating, and let your imagination run wild. Pikachu would undoubtedly be proud of the masterpiece you’ve crafted. Cheers to your artistic prowess, and may your future drawings be as electrifying as this one!



Frequently Asked Questions 


What Are the Basic Steps to Draw Pikachu?

Learning how to draw Pikachu is fun and easy! Begin by sketching a large oval for the head and a smaller circle for the body. Connect them with curved lines to form Pikachu’s distinctive shape. Add the ears, ensuring they have a slight tilt, and then sketch in the facial features, including the eyes, nose, and mouth. Pikachu’s eyes are particularly expressive, so pay attention to their size and shape. Complete the drawing by adding the arms, legs, and the iconic lightning bolt-shaped tail.


Which Features Should You Focus on First When Drawing Pikachu?

Start by outlining Pikachu’s head and body, establishing the basic structure. Pay close attention to the placement and proportions of the ears, ensuring they have that characteristic point. Once the overall shape is defined, move on to the facial features – Pikachu’s eyes are a key element, and capturing their size and shape accurately is crucial. From there, proceed to sketch the arms, legs, and tail, ensuring they complement Pikachu’s playful and dynamic appearance. Remember to have fun with it, as Pikachu’s charm lies in its cheerful demeanor!


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