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Funny Drawing Ideas – Doodles That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

If you’re looking to add a splash of laughter to your sketchbook, you’ve come to the right place! Get ready to unleash your creativity with a collection of hilarious drawing ideas that will tickle your funny bone and bring a smile to your face. From quirky characters to pun-tastic scenes, these drawing prompts will inspire you to doodle with delight. So grab your pencils, pens, and markers, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of funny drawing ideas!



Key Takeaways

  • Funny drawing ideas add humor and ease to the art-making process.
  • They serve as a playful avenue for artists to expand their creativity.
  • Humorous drawings can be an educational tool to engage students.



Getting Started With Funny Drawing Ideas

Drawing can be a serious endeavor for many artists, with a focus on realism, technique, and profound themes. However, the lighter side of art can be just as rewarding and even more engaging at times. Funny drawing ideas are perfect for artists who want to add a dash of humor to their work, as well as for those looking to break free from creative blocks. They offer an opportunity to not only entertain viewers but also to explore creativity without the pressure of perfection. When approached with an open mind, humorous sketches can become a delightful exercise in imagination and whimsy.

getting stared with funny drawing ideas

Starting with funny drawing ideas can be as simple as putting a playful twist on the everyday. Artists can draw inspiration from quirky scenarios, such as animals performing human tasks, or objects placed in unexpected situations. This method of juxtaposing the ordinary with the absurd can lead to a memorable and enjoyable artistic process. Additionally, funny drawings serve as a great icebreaker in an educational setting, helping students to relax and be more open to learning.

By incorporating humor, the process of creating art becomes more enjoyable, fostering a positive and imaginative learning environment.


Choosing Your Medium

Artists have a variety of tools at their disposal. For a start, one can opt for a pencil to make light, erasable marks that are perfect for sketching outrageous characters or scenes. This medium is forgiving and allows for corrections during the creative process. For those who prefer a bold and fluid line, an ink pen may be the right choice, adding a sense of permanence and contrast to your illustrations.

choose medium for drawing

A sketchbook is an artist’s companion, serving as a portable canvas for every spur-of-the-moment idea. It’s not only convenient but also a great way to compile your funny illustrations in one place. When moving towards a final piece, quality drawing paper compatible with your chosen medium ensures the best presentation of your humorous artwork.


Setting the Scene

The background of a drawing sets the mood and complements the main subject. To convey a funny idea:

  • Choose an environment that contrasts with the subject to amplify the humor. A polar bear in sunglasses sipping lemonade on a tropical beach, for example, sets a whimsical and amusing tone.
  • Props and imagery can greatly enhance the comedic effect. Incorporating unlikely elements, like a shark eating a rainbow-colored pizza, can turn an ordinary sketch into a laugh-inducing image.

By choosing the appropriate medium and setting, an artist paves the way for their funny drawing concepts to leap off the page and evoke laughter and joy in the viewer.



Creative Themes and Characters

When incorporating humor into artwork, illustrators often turn to whimsical creatures and scenes of everyday life infused with a comedic twist. These elements encourage a sense of playfulness and creativity that resonates with audiences.

creative themes for funny drawings


Whimsical Creatures

  • Dragons with attitude: A dragon wearing a monocle or clutching a cup of tea brings a mix of majesty and mirth.
  • Butterflies with unusual patterns: They could don smiley faces or even tiny capes, turning them into superhero characters.
  • Dinosaurs in modern times: Imagine a T-Rex trying to work a laptop or a triceratops skateboarding.
  • Giraffes with odd jobs: Picture giraffes as librarians, unable to resist the topmost shelves.
  • Pumpkin town: Create a village where pumpkins are alive, with stick limbs and expressive faces.


Everyday Humor

  • Cartoon drawing realities: A character could struggle with an eraser while trying to correct its own mistakes, highlighting the creative process.
  • Doodles come to life: Scribbles on a notepad become characters attempting to navigate the three-dimensional space of an office desk.
  • Bold choices in cartoons: A whimsical cartoon character might be seen wearing socks with sandals, or a dinosaur may be in a business suit heading to an interview.
  • Life’s little comedies: Illustrate the mild annoyances of life in an exaggerated way, such as a character wrestling with a never-ending receipt at the grocery store.

everyday humour for funny drawing ideas



Incorporating Objects and Nature

Creative drawing can often find humor in the mundane by incorporating everyday objects and elements of nature. One can juxtapose these elements in unexpected ways or give them peculiar characteristics to evoke laughter and delight.


Indoor Inspiration

When looking for funny drawing ideas indoors, an artist might take a simple ring and imagine it as a hula hoop for a penguin. They could sketch the penguin attempting to hula hoop, only to comically flop due to its round belly and short legs. Another indoor opportunity is to use leaves and flowers as outfits or wigs for household items. Picture a vase donned with a leaf as a makeshift superhero cape or a table setting where the forks and knives sport petal skirts and blossom hats, turning the dining table into a botanical ballroom.

indoor inspiration for funny drawing ideas


Outdoor Amusement

Stepping outside provides a vast canvas for creative and humorous illustrations. Artists might draw elephants with balloons tied to their trunks, floating off the ground like whimsical blimps. In the night sky, one could reimagine stars as twinkling eyes of celestial creatures, peeking out from behind the clouds. A feather might be portrayed as a quill, diligently trying to write its own adventurous story in the sand, only to be foiled by the wind erasing its efforts.

These outdoor-inspired sketches merge objects with nature to develop light-hearted and amusing scenarios.



Fun Drawing Challenges and Prompts

Exploring the comical side of art can be both enjoyable and challenging. These funny drawing ideas are great for artists looking to infuse humor into their work.

fun challenge for funny drawing ideas


Draw a Llama Surfing

Capturing the unlikely image of a llama expertly riding a wave brings a sense of whimsy. Artists can add details like sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt to enhance the comic effect.


Draw an Alien Driving a Car

An extraterrestrial behind the wheel of an Earthly vehicle is sure to elicit chuckles. One might depict the alien struggling with a GPS or honking at other intergalactic tourists.

aliens driving a car


Draw a Fish Swimming in Something Other Than Water

Illustrating a fish maneuvering through an environment like a fishbowl filled with jellybeans can offer a surreal and funny perspective.


Draw a Loaf of Bread at a Disco

A loaf of bread under a disco ball, adorned with glitter and grooving to the beat can serve as an amusing and quirky drawing subject.

loaf of bread dancing at a disco


Combine Two Animals to Create a New One

Mash together features of different animals—such as an ele-duck or a giraffe-poodle hybrid—to create a creature that is both bizarre and comical.


Draw a Pineapple Rollerblading

Conveying the difficulty a pineapple might encounter trying to balance on rollerblades, possibly with a tropical beverage in hand, satirizes the trope of beachside fun.

pineapple rollerblading


Draw a Horse Throwing a Horseshoe

A horse playing horseshoes with its own hoof gives an entertaining twist to the traditional backyard game.


Draw an Octopus With Spoons for Legs

Swap out the tentacles for cutlery to create an octopus that looks ready to stir up trouble in the kitchen or perform in a utensil orchestra.

octopus with spoon legs


Draw a Clown Sneezing Out Flowers

A visual pun that plays on the idea of spring allergies could show a clown’s sneeze resulting in a bouquet of flowers.


Draw a Person With Fruit for Hair

An individual sporting a banana-bread hairstyle or a berry-beaded look can engage viewers with a play on words and appearances.

person with fruit hair


As you wrap up your artistic adventure with these funny drawing ideas, remember that humor knows no bounds in the world of art. Whether you’ve sketched a whimsical animal, crafted a clever pun, or brought a silly scenario to life, your creations are sure to brighten anyone’s day. So keep those creative juices flowing, embrace the joy of doodling, and always remember that a good laugh is just a drawing away!




Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Some Humorous Drawing Concepts for Children’s Activities?

Children can enjoy drawing fantastical creatures with a twist, such as a dragon trying to blow out birthday candles or a penguin attending a beach party. These playful scenarios can spark both laughter and creativity.


What Are Easy-to-Draw Subjects That Will Make People Laugh?

Quick sketches of everyday items in absurd situations, like a banana hosting a talk show or a pair of socks going on a hiking adventure, offer a simple way to elicit chuckles with just a few pencil strokes.


What Comical Drawing Themes Are Suitable for Engaging Adults?

Adults may appreciate drawing prompts that depict ironic or relatable situations, such as a superhero dealing with mundane chores or a group of vegetables stuck in a traffic jam. These themes can be both humorous and subtly reflective of everyday life.


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