Demon Slayer Drawing

How to Draw a Demon Slayer – An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

In a world overrun by bloodthirsty demons, one warrior stands above the rest as the ultimate slayer. Armed with a keen sword and unyielding determination, this hero has spent countless battles vanquishing the darkest creatures of the underworld. His name strikes fear in the hearts of demons and brings hope to humanity. With every swing of his blade, he becomes more legendary, more feared, and more unstoppable. He is the demon slayer, and his legend will never die. So, grab your pens, pencils, and brushes, and begin our exciting tutorial on how to draw a demon slayer step-by-step! 

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Create a Fearless Demon Slayer Sketch

If you’re about to draw a demon slayer, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, pay attention to the character’s unique design, including his outfit, hairstyle, and facial features. Tanjiro Kamado, for example, wears a distinctive green and black outfit with a white pattern on his coat. His hair is styled in a traditional Japanese fashion, and his scarred face adds to his tough, battle-hardened appearance. Additionally, consider the character’s personality and demeanor. Tanjiro is a brave and determined warrior who fights to protect his loved ones and avenge his family. Try to capture his spirit and energy in your drawing by incorporating dynamic poses or action scenes. Finally, don’t be afraid to add your personal touch to the character. Whether you’re creating a traditional sketch or a digital illustration, let your creativity shine through, and have fun with the process! 

Check out the below collage which demonstrates each step you will take to draw a realistic demon slayer! 

Demon Slayer Sketch Collage


Step 1: Draw the Head   

Begin your easy Tanjiro Kamado drawing, draw the oval shape to represent the head.

Demon Slayer Sketch 01


Step 2: Draw the Main Body 

Below the head, draw the main body represented by a slightly slanted rectangle shape.

Demon Slayer Sketch 02


Step 3: Add the Lower Body to Your Demon Slayer Sketch 

Attached to the previously drawn main body, draw the lower body. This should look somewhat like a dress shape.

Demon Slayer Sketch 03


Step 4: Draw the Legs 

Beneath the previously drawn shape, draw the two short ends representing each visible leg.

Demon Slayer Sketch 04


Step 5: Add Shoes to Your Demon Slayer Drawing 

Attached to the bottom of each leg, draw the shoes. The left leg should have more of a side view of the shoe and the right leg should have more of a front view.

Demon Slayer Sketch 05


Step 6: Draw the Arms

Attach the head to the main body, by drawing the necklines leading onto the shoulders and crossed arms. 

Demon Slayer Sketch 06


Step 7: Add the Facial Guidelines to Your Demon Slayer Drawing 

Within the face, draw a center vertical line and three horizontal crossing guidelines to aid in the placement of the facial features. 

Demon Slayer Sketch 07


Step 8: Draw the Facial Features 

Use the guidelines previously drawn to aid you in drawing two eyes and a nose at a realistic angle. Complete the step by drawing the ear represented by an oval shape.

Demon Slayer Sketch 08


Step 9: Shade the Face of Your Demon Slayer Sketch 

Using the construction and guidelines to aid you, draw the face outline within the head but around the facial guidelines.

Demon Slayer Sketch 09


Step 10: Draw the Hair 

In this step, draw the hair shape by drawing two hairline splits, leading down the face from the top of the head. Follow this, by drawing the rest of the hair spikes. 

You are starting to create a realistic Tanjiro Kamado Drawing! 

Demon Slayer Sketch 10


Step 11: Add the Collar to Your Tanjiro Kamado Drawing                             

Surrounding the neckline, draw the shirt collar, enhancing the shoulder line.

Demon Slayer Sketch 11


Step 12: Outline the Sleeves

Use the arms construction lines drawn in step six to aid you in outlining the baggy-looking sleeves on your demon slayer sketch.

Demon Slayer Sketch 12


Step 13: Outline the Arms 

In this step, outline the visible portions of the arms and hands, using the previously drawn construction lines. 

Demon Slayer Sketch 13


Step 14: Begin to Outline the Skirt  

Surrounding the lower body’s construction lines, outline the demon slayer skirt. Draw the tied belt to wrap around the body using fine hairlines curving around the lower body.

Demon Slayer Sketch 14


Step 15: Outline the Legs and Shoes  

Outline the legs and shoes using the previously drawn construction lines to aid you.

Demon Slayer Sketch 15


Step 16: Draw the Armor Plates

Down the center area of the demon slayer skirt, draw the rectangle armor plate layers. On the top half of the body, draw two lines separating the shirt and draw oval shapes to represent the buttons.

Demon Slayer Sketch 16


Step 17: Draw the Headhand on Your Demon Slayer Sketch  

On the side of the head, draw the visible headband. Complete the step by adding seam lines to each shoe.

Once you have completed this step, you may now erase any construction lines and guidelines that are still visible.

Demon Slayer Sketch 17


Step 18: Detail the Facial Features 

Use the facial feature construction lines to aid you in outlining the eyes, nostrils, mouth, and ear. Begin by outlining the outer eye outlines and draw an inner oval shape within each eye. Above each eye, draw an eyebrow. Continue by outlining the nose and mouth lines. Draw the inner earlobe and outline the ear. Complete the step by drawing the wrist bracelets.  

Demon Slayer Sketch 18


Step 19: Apply the First Color Coat

Select a fine, sharp brush and a shade of light peach paint, and evenly coat the face, arms, hand, and visible leg areas.

Demon Slayer Sketch 19


Step 20: Add Color to the Outfit 

Use the same brush as previously and switch to green paint, and evenly coat the sleeves, and skirt including the buttons and collar.

Demon Slayer Sketch 20


Step 21: Color the Armor of Your Demon Slayer Sketch 

In this step, evenly coat the armor and the inner collar area, using a thin brush and dark gray paint. 

Demon Slayer Sketch 21


Step 22: Apply the Second Coat on the Armor  

Continue using the same brush and switch to a lighter gray paint, and begin to coat the top half of the outfit and separate the armor plates. 

Demon Slayer Sketch 22


Step 23: Color the Hair    

With a thin brush and maroon paint, evenly coat the hair on your demon slayer drawing.

Demon Slayer Sketch 23


Step 24: Add Color to the Shoes  

Begin this step by evenly coating the shoes on your drawing, with a thin brush and a dark shade of green paint. Continue using light brown paint to evenly coat the belt. Paint the bracelets and hair band with a shade of gray paint. 

Demon Slayer Sketch 24


Step 25: Color the Eyes of Your Demon Slayer Drawing 

With a fine, sharp brush and white paint, color around the iris. Continue using bright green paint to color the iris. Finish off using black paint to color the eyebrows and top eyelids. 

Demon Slayer Sketch 25


Step 26: Shade the Skin  

Begin to apply contouring along the edges of the visible skin areas such as the face, arms, hand, and legs, using a small, soft brush and maroon paint. Switch to a blending brush to soften and spread the shading. Complete this step, using a fine, sharp brush and white paint to add several highlight spots along the facial features.

Demon Slayer Sketch 26


Step 27: Add Shading to the Outfit of Your Tanjiro Kamado Drawing 

Add fine brushstrokes to enhance the structure and texture lines of your demon slayer’s outfit, using a fine, sharp brush and black paint. Mainly focus on enhancing the crease lines between the shoulders and arms.

Continue by using a small, soft brush and black paint, and apply soft shading within the outfit and on the outer areas.

Demon Slayer Sketch 27


Step 28: Highlight the Armor  

In this step, select a fine, sharp brush and white paint, and apply soft brushstrokes along the collar and lower armor. The first gray color coat should still be visible as a casted shadow.

Demon Slayer Sketch 28


Step 29: Texture the Hair on Your Demon Slayer Drawing  

Use the same brush as previously and switch to black paint, and add fine brushstrokes leading with the curvature of the hairlines. Repeat using a small, soft brush and add shading to enhance the structure of the hair. With white paint, add subtle highlights to the demon slayer’s hair. 

Demon Slayer Sketch 29


Step 30: Shade the Shoes 

Begin to evenly add a second color coat to the shoes, using a thin brush and white paint. Repeat once more using a small, soft brush and black paint to softly apply shading to each shoe.

Continue using black paint to apply shading to the belt, and add fine streak lines within the belt. Switch to a small, soft brush, and softly shade each of the wrist bracelets.

With a soft brush and black paint, and shading to the hair band. Repeat using a fine, sharp brush and white paint to apply dots as the highlights.

Demon Slayer Sketch 30


Step 31: Detail the Eyes 

Select a thin brush and black paint, and begin to color the pupil and around the iris. Using a small soft brush, apply soft shading to the left side of each eye. Finish this step using white paint to add a shimmer near the pupil. 

Demon Slayer Sketch 31


Step 32: Add a Ground Shadow 

Apply shading beneath each shoe, using a soft brush and black paint. Continue using a blending brush to spread and soften the edges of the shading. 

Demon Slayer Sketch 32


Step 33: Finalize Your Demon Slayer Drawing 

You have reached the last step of our tutorial. To finalize your drawing, erase any harsh outlines that are still visible. Where this is not possible, simply select a fine, sharp brush and the corresponding colors to trace those areas to achieve a final seamless result!

Tanjiro Kamado Drawing 33


Congratulations on finishing your demon slayer drawing! Your hard work has paid off, and you should be proud of the results. Take a moment to admire the details you’ve included, such as the character’s outfit, weapon, and expression. You’ve captured the essence of a brave and determined warrior, ready to face any challenge that comes his way. As you look at your drawing, consider adding some finishing touches to make it even more impressive. Perhaps you could add shading or highlights to create a sense of depth and dimension, or add some additional details to the background to give your artwork more context. Remember, this is your creation, and you have the freedom to make it your own. Keep practicing, and you’ll continue to improve your skills and create even more impressive artwork in the future! 



Frequently Asked Questions 


What Are Some Tips for Shading My Demon Slayer Drawing?

Shading is a crucial element in any drawing, and it can make your demon slayer artwork look more dynamic and realistic. To shade your demon slayer drawing effectively, there are several tips that you should keep in mind. Start by choosing a light source and consider where the shadows and highlights should be in your drawing. Begin with light shading and gradually build up your shading by adding more layers to create contrast and depth. Pay attention to the texture of the materials in your drawing and use shading to create the illusion of texture. Blend your shading with a blending tool to create a smoother transition between light and dark areas. Lastly, remember that shading takes time and practice to master, so keep practicing and experimenting with different techniques and materials! 


How Do You Capture the Character’s Unique Design in a Demon Slayer Drawing?

Capturing the character’s unique design in a demon slayer drawing requires a few key considerations. Firstly, take the time to study the character’s appearance carefully, paying attention to their distinctive features such as their hairstyle, outfit, and weapon. Secondly, focus on the proportions of the character’s body, paying close attention to their height and build. The demon slayer character designs tend to be highly stylized, so it’s important to capture these unique features in your drawing. Thirdly, think about the character’s personality and try to convey this through their expression and posture. Finally, don’t be afraid to put your spin on the character’s design, adding your personal touches while staying true to the overall look and feel of the character. 


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