How to draw a soccer ball

How to Draw a Soccer Ball – A Step-by-Step Soccer Ball Drawing

In this tutorial, we are kicking it up a notch by learning how to draw a soccer ball! We will be learning how to create realistic drawings of a soccer ball that are three-dimensional. We begin by constructing the basic shape with a series of smaller simple lines, before using color to create a realistic perspective. Whether you are a 



An Easy Soccer Ball Drawing Tutorial for All Artists

Learning how to draw a soccer ball may seem like a difficult task, but we try our best to ensure that our tutorials are easy for artists of any level to follow. In order to create that characteristic soccer ball pattern with realistic dimensions, we use a series of construction steps. Once we have the base of our soccer ball sketch laid out, we can begin to add color details and create some three-dimensionality.

You can see an outline of the soccer ball drawing tutorial in the collage below. 

Soccerball Collage

You will see in the steps that our tutorial is written for a painting medium, but you can use whichever medium you feel most comfortable with. The construction process is going to differ slightly depending on the medium that you choose. If you are working digitally, then you should create the construction outlines on a separate layer to the coloring steps. For physical mediums, use a light pencil that you can easily erase. 

Gather together your drawing supplies, find somewhere comfortable to sit, and let us begin to create our drawings of a soccer ball. 


Step 1: Outline the Main Shape

The first step in our soccer ball drawing tutorial involves drawing the main shape of the ball. Begin by finding the center of your drawing area, and draw a large circle. If you do not feel confident in drawing a perfect circle free-hand, then you can trace around a round object or use a compass. 

Soccerball drawing 1


Step 2: Draw Some Separation Lines

When it comes to creating a realistic soccer ball pattern, symmetry is one of the most important considerations. In order to ensure that our pattern is perfect, we are going to create some structure lines. Begin by creating a vertical line that descends down through the center of the circle. 

You can then create a central horizontal line, dividing the circle into four equal quarters.  

Soccerball drawing 2


Step 3: Separate Your Soccer Ball Drawing Into Cubes

We are now going to create some additional structure lines by drawing two large rectangular shapes. Begin by drawing a vertical rectangle with the initial vertical line in the center. You can then draw a horizontal one in the same way. 

Soccerball drawing 3


Step 4: Outline the Center Pentagon

In this step, we are going to begin creating that characteristic pentagon soccer ball pattern. Let us start with the central pentagon. Use the structural lines to center the pentagon. 

Remember that we are drawing a round ball, so these pentagons are not going to be perfectly square.  

Soccerball drawing 4


Step 5: Continue Fleshing Out the Pattern

Around this central pentagon, you are now going to draw the remaining pentagons. There should be five in total, and they should be even more rounded than the center one. 

Soccerball drawing 5


Step 6: Finish the Pattern

We are now going to complete the pattern by joining the outer pentagons with the edge of the circle. Imagine that you are drawing additional pentagons that wrap around the edges of the soccer ball sketch. 

Soccerball drawing 6


Step 7: Draw the Final Outline

In this final outlining step, we are going to create a more natural outline of our soccer ball drawing. Create a slight bulge between each of the outer pentagon lines. You do not want your outline to be a perfect circle anymore, instead, you want it to capture the slight elevation of each of these pentagons. 

Once you have completed your new outline, you can erase any of the remaining construction lines.  

Soccerball drawing 7


Step 8: Begin Adding Texture and Shape

Now that the outline of our drawings of a soccer ball is complete, we can begin to add realism with texture. Using cross-hatching shading, create some rough texture in the different pentagon shapes.

Remember that a soccer ball pattern has alternating black and white pentagons, so you should adjust your shading accordingly.

We are making the center pentagon black, so you can add quite a lot of shading here, leaving a small sliver of blank space in the middle. Shade around the edges of the surrounding pentagons, and around the very edge of the soccer ball drawing. 

Soccerball drawing 8


Step 9: Apply A Base Coat of Color

We are now going to begin adding color to our soccer ball sketch. In order to build up a three-dimensional and realistic coloring, we are going to use several different layers. Begin with a regular paintbrush and some light gray paint, evenly covering the entirety of your soccer ball drawing.

The texture lines should remain somewhat visible through this layer of color. 

Soccerball drawing 9


Step 10: Fill the Dark Pentagons with Color

Now that we have the base color down, we can begin to add more detail. Use a normal paintbrush and some black paint to carefully color the middle pentagon and five alternating partially visible pentagons around the edge. 

You can make this coat of color very even, and it does not matter if the texture lines are covered.  

Soccerball drawing 10


Step 11: Begin Contouring Your Soccer Ball Sketch

In this step, we are going to start adding some three-dimensionality to our soccer ball drawing using some dark gray paint. Begin with the white pentagons, using a blending brush to emphasize the contouring around the edges where we created texture earlier.

You can then use the same tools to add a spot of highlighting to the central aspects of the dark pentagons. 

Soccerball drawing 11


Step 12: Continue Your Shading Process

Now that we have the basic pattern of shading and contouring laid out, we can begin to darken certain areas for more emphasis. Use a small blending brush and a touch of black paint to carefully enhance the outer parts of the contoured areas. 

Tip: when using black, always begin lightly and darken as needed, as black is very difficult to remove once it has been applied.  

Soccerball drawing 12


Step 13: Paint the Stitching Detail

We are now going to further enhance the detail of our soccer ball drawing by adding stitching around the edges of the pentagons. Use a fine detailing brush and some black paint to carefully apply short lines along the edges of the white pentagons. 

Soccerball drawing 13


Step 14: Continue Adding Structure 

In this step, we are going to add structure using some additional shading and some highlights. Begin with the highlights, using a small blending brush and some white paint to apply light spots along the edges of all of the pentagons.

You can then use some dark gray paint and the same blending brush to emphasize the shadows on the pentagons, contrasting the highlights. 

Soccerball drawing 14


Step 15: Highlighting Your Soccer Ball

Let us now make our highlights a little stronger. For this, you will need a fine detailing brush and some white paint. Apply some bright and sharp highlights over your softer white areas from the previous step. 

Soccerball drawing 15


Step 16: Blending Your Colors Together

Just before we finish our realistic soccer ball drawing, we are going to smooth all of our color layers together. Use a large and clean blending brush to softly blend your contouring and highlighting areas together.

This will create a more realistic and smooth surface appearance. 

Soccerball drawing 16


Step 17: Finish Your Soccer Ball Sketch

In order to complete our soccer ball drawing, we are going to remove the dark outlines. Use a fine detail brush and the corresponding color at each point to carefully trace over the black lines. If you are using a digital drawing tablet, you can simply delete the layer with all of the outlines. 

Soccerball drawing 17


We hope that you have enjoyed our soccer ball drawing tutorial and that you now know how to draw a soccer ball that is realistic and three-dimensional. We have many more drawing tutorials that break interesting subjects down into easy-to-follow steps that anyone can follow.



Frequently Asked Questions


How to Create a Realistic Soccer Ball Pattern?

The key to creating a proportional soccer ball pattern lies in the way that you set it up. We use a series of construction steps to create guidelines that help you to position the pentagons in the correct place. This makes it very easy to create that characteristic soccer ball pattern, regardless of your expertise. 


What Is the Hardest Part of a Soccer Ball Drawing?

The hardest part of learning how to draw a soccer ball is probably getting the dimensions correct. You will need to create a perfect circle, and then get the spacing and side of the pentagons correct. You can use a compass or a round object to create the overall shape, and we then create some guidelines to help you place the pentagons. 


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