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Dolphin Coloring Pages – 39 Fascinating Dolphin Coloring Sheets

Dolphins have fascinated us, humans, for centuries with their elegance, intelligence and playful nature. It’s no wonder that dolphins are one of the most popular animals and are often used as motifs in the art and entertainment industry. If you are a fan of dolphins too, then you will love our latest Dolphin Coloring Pages! We have created 39 beautiful Coloring Sheets with different dolphin motifs that will take you to an underwater world full of joy and adventure. Young or old, everyone can enjoy these Coloring Pages and let their creativity run wild. In this blog article, you will learn more about the benefits of coloring and how you can best use and download these printables.



Our 39 New Dolphin Coloring Pages

dolphin coloring page 01
This coloring page displays a graceful dolphin, its body embellished with a tapestry of elaborate designs, including paisleys, florals, and intricate line work. The composition allows for a meditative coloring experience, suitable for those seeking to indulge in detailed artwork.


dolphin coloring page 02
A vibrant underwater scene with two dolphins swimming among seaweed and fish as the surface ripples. This haunting page is ideal for anyone who enjoys coloring in detailed underwater worlds.


dolphin coloring page 03
This coloring page shows a single dolphin with soft lines and a calm facial expression.


dolphin coloring page 04
A dolphin is jumping out of the rough sea.


dolphin coloring page 05
This illustration shows two dolphins engaged in playful activities, one of which is balancing a ball on its nose. A delightful scene for coloring enthusiasts of all ages.


dolphin coloring page 06
An intricately patterned dolphin is the star of this coloring page and offers a complex and creative challenge for anyone who loves details.


dolphin coloring page 07
A dolphin cuts through the waves, its dynamic movement captured in a moment of pure joy. This coloring page is something for everyone who loves action-packed scenes from the sea.


dolphin coloring page 08
A dolphin decorated with ornate patterns is surrounded by a circular frame. This mandala-style coloring page is perfect for anyone looking for a meditative coloring experience.


dolphin coloring page 09
This coloring page captures a heartwarming moment in which a mother dolphin glides through the water with her calf. Their close bond and synchronized swimming create a harmonious scene that is ideal for colouring in.


dolphin coloring page 10
Immerse yourself in an underwater scene with two patterned dolphins surrounded by a reef and sea creatures. This coloring page is perfect for anyone who enjoys intricate, nature-inspired artwork.


dolphin coloring page 11
This tender scene with a mother dolphin and her calf is full of love and care. It is ideal for anyone who values the bond between parent and child.


dolphin coloring page 12
An intricately patterned dolphin swims amidst a trail of bubbles on this complex coloring page, offering a delightful challenge for anyone who enjoys coloring in detailed artwork.


dolphin coloring sheet 01 A cheerful dolphin wearing a chef hat is depicted cooking, holding a spoon over a steaming pot, standing next to a canister with an apple logo, suggesting a playful cooking scene for coloring.

dolphin coloring sheet 02 This sheet showcases an adorable dolphin character as a wizard or magician, complete with a starry hat and a magic wand, surrounded by sparkles and stars, all set for creative coloring.

dolphin coloring sheet 03 Featuring a dolphin performing an elegant leap out of a circular pool, this page offers a dynamic scene with splashing water, clouds, and a rope fence, perfect for coloring enthusiasts.

dolphin coloring sheet 04 A regal dolphin dressed in medieval armor, wielding a sword and shield, is featured in this coloring page, surrounded by coral and fish, set in an undersea realm.

dolphin coloring sheet 05 This intricate coloring sheet presents a dolphin with elaborate paisley and floral patterns within its form, offering an artistic and complex design for experienced colorists.

dolphin coloring sheet 06 A pair of dolphins are joyfully jumping above the water, creating splashes around them, in a scene that captures their playful nature on this coloring page.

dolphin coloring sheet 07 A simple yet charming coloring sheet depicting a single dolphin with a prominent smile, leaping above the water, with splash details around, inviting a splash of color.

dolphin coloring sheet 08 An action-packed coloring page featuring a dolphin surfing a large wave, with water droplets and wave patterns providing a lively scene for coloring.

dolphin coloring sheet 09 This coloring sheet is an underwater odyssey, showcasing a dolphin amidst ancient Greek ruins, with detailed elements of marine life and antiquity waiting to be colored.

dolphin coloring sheet 10 The final sheet offers a playful scene of a dolphin swimming through a sea bed filled with coral, anemones, and bubbles, providing a whimsical underwater landscape for coloring.

dolphin coloring sheet 11 This coloring page features a friendly dolphin surrounded by bubbles, coral, and seashells, basking in the light of an overhead sun, creating a serene underwater setting.

dolphin coloring sheet 12 Depicted as a scientist, this dolphin in a lab coat is conducting experiments with test tubes and a beaker, perfect for coloring and inspiring young minds about science.

dolphin coloring sheet 13 A playful scene where a dolphin is encircled by a stylized water ripple, implying movement as it appears to be leaping out of the water, ideal for dynamic coloring.

dolphin coloring sheet 14 An adorable cartoon-style image of a dolphin’s face with large, expressive eyes and bubbles, simplistically designed for younger children’s coloring activities.

dolphin coloring sheet 15 This page shows a cute dolphin wearing a party hat, surrounded by decorative stars, creating a festive atmosphere suitable for a celebratory coloring session.

dolphin coloring sheet 16 Illustrating a dolphin gracefully leaping in front of a cityscape with the sun setting behind skyscrapers, this sheet merges urban life with the beauty of nature.

dolphin coloring sheet 17 A dynamic coloring page featuring a group of four dolphins energetically leaping together from the ocean, with detailed splashes and bubbles, capturing their playful essence.

dolphin coloring sheet 18 A powerful image of a dolphin superhero, with a prominent chest emblem and cape, stylized with strong lines suggesting strength and heroism for an imaginative coloring experience.

dolphin coloring sheet 19 An elaborate underwater scene with a detailed dolphin surrounded by a rich tapestry of marine life, including coral, fish, and seahorses, providing an intricate coloring challenge.

dolphin coloring sheet 20 A family of dolphins, including an adult and two calves, are illustrated swimming together amongst bubbles, offering a charming scene for a coloring activity.

dolphin coloring sheet 21 This magical coloring page showcases a dolphin gracefully leaping above ocean waves, with a backdrop of a large moon and stars, evoking a dreamy nightscape for coloring.

dolphin coloring sheet 22 A cartoon-style dolphin dons a pirate hat, complete with a skull and crossbones, and an eye patch, adding a swashbuckling theme to the coloring experience.

dolphin coloring sheet 23 Here, a dolphin is depicted as a detective, featuring a classic fedora and magnifying glass, ready for kids to color while imagining underwater mysteries.

dolphin coloring sheet 24 A playful dolphin sporting a headband and a swim ring around its neck is surrounded by bubbles, making for a whimsical and delightful scene to color.

dolphin coloring sheet 25 The coloring sheet features a cute dolphin in a wintry scene, wearing a scarf and hat, with snowflakes and pine trees, perfect for seasonal coloring fun.

dolphin coloring sheet 26 A dolphin pilot is illustrated in aviator glasses and a pilot cap, with a stylized airplane, set against a sky with clouds, ready for adventurous coloring.

dolphin coloring sheet 27 This cheerful scene captures a smiling dolphin playing with a beach ball in the water, surrounded by splashing waves and bubbles, inviting a fun coloring session.


Interesting Facts About Dolphins

  • Dolphins are mammals and belong to the whale family
  • They are intelligent animals and have very complex social behavior. They communicate with each other through a variety of sounds, including clicks, whistles, and grunts
  • Dolphins have an amazing ability to echolocate. They use sound waves to scan their environment and locate their prey. This ability also allows them to detect and avoid obstacles in the oceans
  • Dolphins are very social animals and live in groups of up to several hundred animals called “schools.”
  • Dolphins have a unique appearance with their characteristic curved beak and slender body that is optimized for fast swimming maneuvers
  • Some species of dolphins are capable of incredible leaps and flips out of the water, known as “bowriding” or “surfing the bow wave of boats.”
  • Dolphins can also be beneficial to human health. It has been shown that contact with dolphins can be helpful for some conditions such as depression, anxiety, and autism
  • Some species of dolphins may be able to recognize themselves in the mirror, indicating some sort of self-awareness and intelligence
  • Dolphins are also capable of complex behaviors such as playing with objects and chasing fish in groups.

dolphin coloring sheets



Why are Dolphins Fascinating for Kids?

  • Playfulness: Dolphins are known for their playful nature and their ability to make jumps and flips out of the water. Children love to imitate these movements and include them in their fantasies.
  • Intelligence: Dolphins are very intelligent and have complex social behaviors. Children often find it fascinating that animals can be so smart.
  • Unique appearance: with their smooth, curved bodies and distinctive curved beaks, dolphins have a unique appearance that appeals to children.
  • Adventure: dolphins live in an underwater world full of adventure and mystery, which can be very exciting for children.
  • Source of inspiration: dolphins are often seen as a symbol of freedom, grace and strength, which can inspire children to explore their own strengths and abilities.
  • Positive effect on health: it has been shown that contact with dolphins can be helpful for some diseases such as depression, anxiety and autism. Children who feel affected by these diseases can benefit from interacting with dolphins.

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