Pantone Color of the Year 2023

Color of the Year 2023 – What Is the Official Color of the Year?

Many of us do not even realize how much color plays a role in our everyday lives. Businesses take advantage of this to help with sales and advertising. Interior designers create amazing home color schemes with a variety of different palettes! Pantone has become the leader in all things color-related and as always, they have chosen the color of the year for 2023. Read on to discover more about the viva magenta color!



Who Decides on the Color of the Year?

The Pantone Institute was formed in 1962 in the United States. Their journey began by making color cards for the cosmetics industry. The company was bought not long after by one of its employees, Lawrence Herbert, who then developed the very first color-matching system. Since then, the company has been campaigning for the color of the year. The colors have only been announced through a press release since 2007. The color for that year was chili pepper, which represented passion and adventure.

There is always a meaning behind the choice, which is usually linked to global culture and what is happening in the world. The process that goes into the color selection involves many aspects.

There are many things taken into consideration from cultural events, and socioeconomic conditions, to looking at entertainment and other industries. The chosen colors for each year have a significant influence on marketing trends, purchasing decisions, product development as well as packaging, industrial designs, and even social media and politics. The notice for the color of the year has received plenty of media coverage in recent years.

Viva Magenta

You have graphic designers creating similar color templates, bloggers have written articles, and products have been made to sell. The influence of the announcement has increased every year. The first two color choices were provided in 2021, which included a bright yellow with the name Illuminating and a solid gray with the name Ultimate Gray, which represented the dual feelings that follow the times of the pandemic.

The following year in 2022, very peri, a pale purple was chosen to represent creativity as well as courage.

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Chili Pepper#9b1b300, 83, 69, 39155, 27, 48 
Illuminating#f5df4d0, 9, 69, 4245, 223, 77 
Ultimate Gray#9395973, 1, 0, 41147, 149, 151 
Very Peri#6667ab40, 40, 0, 33102, 103, 171 



What Is the Color of the Year 2023?

The Pantone color of the year 2023 is viva magenta, a vibrant shade of pinkish-purple. The color was inspired by the magenta color, which has its origins in the cochineal insect that eventually created the carmine color dye. There is also a meaning behind the choice of magenta, which is bold, confident, fun, and creative.

The color is said to be associated with the digital world, where it has created a global network that has created a deeper connection with people across the world.

What is the Color of the Year 2023

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Viva Magenta#be34550, 73, 55, 25190, 52, 85 

Some make a point to say that there is no actual magenta color since there is no visible color in the spectrum of light. However, Pantone, who are experts in the field of color, describes magenta as a shade of crimson red, which finds a balance between cool and warm. It is not as aggressive as red, as it leans more to the pink side of the spectrum.

Red is what is associated with vigor, vibrancy, and passion, while pink is more playful and romantic.

The Pantone color of the year 2023, viva magenta 18-1750, was announced in December 2022. This way they can help set the way for the new year ahead. The color represents strength and has an energy about it. Other associations and meanings behind the color include some of the following.

  • Powerful
  • Empowering
  • Fearless
  • Brave
  • Joyous
  • Optimistic

The color is meant to represent and encourage joy and self-expression without limitation, a color that makes a statement. This is what set the tone for 2023. The color is welcoming and includes everyone and is something for the more rebellious spirit. The color origins are natural, but it also has a slightly exotic feel to it.


Viva Magenta in Business and Designs

The aim of announcing a color for each year is to bring awareness and promote color. To help various companies and industries understand the influence colors can have over us. The research already done by Pantone helps companies save time on market research. Once the color is announced each year, you just need to incorporate it into the business. This does not mean you have to do a complete rebranding; it can simply mean designing ads around the color. However, some brands want to renew their look, and choosing the color of the year can help with this.

The choice of magenta aims to highlight the need for building collective strength, to stand together in all things.

The color is not chosen at random and takes into account the past difficult years of social unrest, the pandemic, wars, and other serious issues. However, through all this, we still need to try and heal and find the motivation to endure. The magenta color has the strength, power, and optimism needed to provide what we are looking for. Colors have the power to influence behavior, and function as a type of visual communication that everybody can understand, no matter where or who you are. When using magenta in designs, it can take over the look. However, if used properly, it can also provide a bold statement and works well with other design colors and elements.

Bright Viva Magenta

Magenta works perfectly for both digital and printing purposes, so graphic designers can easily work with the color in all aspects. The color helps to promote cooperation or universal harmony, compassion, and kindness. The viva magenta color is strongly associated with more intuitive thinking and spirituality. Since its association with pink and red, it does have a more feminine appeal. Since it is a color that is associated with a more intuitive personality, or thinking more with the heart, it may not be seen as practical. This might be a reason why it is not on the top of the list for corporate companies.

Magenta is more of an inspiring color that is vibrant, imaginative, and creative, and might work better aimed at a female audience.

However, there can be an exception to this, if you are looking to add some drama and color, magenta could create a stir. After all, magenta is a color associated with those who do not wish to conform to the normal way of doing things.  Motorola, one of Pantone’s brand partners, released one of their new phones, the viva magenta phone. This just shows that this particular shade of magenta is quite appealing and also versatile. The color can also be used on sports cars, or clothing items for both women and men. Have a look at some productive ideas that businesses can use.

Viva Magenta Paint

  • Makeup businesses can create a new collection around viva magenta.
  • Clothing companies can also create a new range of clothing that incorporates the magenta color.
  • Cake or dessert companies can also jump in on the trend and include color in their treats.
  • Printing and merchandising companies can create decorative prints and items that make use of color.
  • Graphic designers can offer unique graphics that stay in trend with the color of the year.


Viva Magenta in the Fashion and Beauty Industries

 All shades of magenta are very popular in the beauty and fashion industry, as it is associated with warmth, fun, happiness, and love. Many famous designers have released clothing in the viva magenta color. For example, Valentino recently released a fall and winter collection that focused on magenta. Viva magenta also works wonderfully with most skin tones.

The magenta color is also coming out in lipstick shades and other cosmetic items.

Viva Magenta Shades

Viva magenta makes a stunning lipstick color that is expressive and just subtle enough to bring a pop of color without being too loud. However, it should be used carefully, as you can overdo it but creating a look is completely up to you. You can go for an entire outfit or add subtle pops of color with lipstick, nail polish, shoes, or other accessories. Whatever your choice, it is sure to leave an impression. If you are looking to be more positive this year, and you wish to be more creative, then viva magenta is a good choice.



How to Include the Color of the Year into Your Life

We have already seen that the magenta color can be used in all areas of life from business to fashion, beauty, and more. You can also use the magenta color for interior designs. As we have learned, the color of the year 2023 viva magenta, is an energetic, bold, and creative color that is quite flexible and can be used for different interior design styles.

You can introduce the color as a focal point or wall. It works perfectly with neutral colors and is balanced between warm and cool colors, making it even more versatile.

Bring in the color through various accessories or as an accent color. Consider a vibrant couch to help shift the mood of a room toward something brighter and happier.   Simply add in pops of color by adding cushions, throws, drapes, or patterned carpets. Wallpaper is a wonderful way to insert color into a space. Different designs and options can add color, but more subtly, without overwhelming a space.

Shades of Viva Magenta

You can also go all out with viva magenta for a lively and bright room color choice. Pair it with different colors to develop a balanced color scheme. Try pairing the viva magenta with soft blues and greens, as well as neutrals like beige and white. When searching for colors to use in home designs, there are beautiful paint colors you should look out for. Various paint brands also come out with their version of the color of the year.

A nice coat of paint is a simple way to transform a room. Some of the more well-known paint manufacturers include Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.

Shade Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Raspberry Blush#d25f570, 55, 59, 18210, 95, 87 
Redend Point#ae8d7d0, 19, 28, 32174, 141, 125 
Terra Rosa#ad60630, 45, 43, 32173, 96, 99 


Benjamin Moore: Raspberry Blush

The first paint color we are going to mention is from Benjamin Moore and is called Raspberry Blush. This is their choice for the color of the year 2023. If you are searching for something new and want to make more of a statement, then this paint color is a good choice. It is a spirited and vibrant shade of reddish-orange, with hints of coral and pink.

The color is perfect if you are looking for a warm and charismatic color that can be used in any room of the home.

Tones of Viva Magenta


Sherwin Williams: Redend Point

Redend Point is the color of the year chosen for Sherwin William paints. This is a more earthy hue that is warm and welcoming and can be used as a neutral color. It can be described as a darkish orange that has brown and a slight bluish undertone. The color is versatile and can be used for any design preference. Just like the viva magenta color, this hue also invites connections as well as compassion and joy.

The color can also be used for both interior designs as well as exterior.


Dunn-Edwards: Terra Rosa

Dunn-Edwards is also a popular paint manufacturer, and we have included their color of the year choice for 2023. Terra Rosa leans more towards a softer earthy tone that combines brown as well as burgundy to produce a soft rosy pink, which can be used as a neutral base or accent color. The color is cozy and warm and also provides a sense of comfort to a bedroom space or living area.

However, you can also use it as a unique outdoor color.

Viva Magenta of the Year


The Pantone color of the year 2023, viva magenta, is a lively and fun color that is meant to foster a deeper connection and a sense of togetherness between people. it is a warm, friendly, and bold hue that is perfect for adding pops of color and excitement to any design!



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Frequently Asked Questions


What Is the Color of the Year 2023?

The color of the year 2023 is an energetic and lively color that goes by the name of viva magenta. The color was chosen because it represents confidence and fun. It is also a powerful and empowering color that promotes optimism and joy.


Is Viva Magenta a Warm Color?

The color does have an affinity with warmth; however, it also has undertones of blue, which makes it a color that represents both warm and cool aspects.


Is Viva Magenta a Shade of Red?

The color is described as a shade of crimson red and remains in the red family, but it can also be expressed as a vibrant pinkish-purple color.


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