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Best Art Podcasts – Our Guide to the Top Art History Podcasts

Listening to art podcasts is one of the best ways to get inspired while you are making art. It also affords all artists the opportunity to listen to their role models, great exhibitions, and the rich history of art. In this article, we will share our top 10 best art podcasts. We will tell you all about our favorite podcasts about art history, podcasts that do interviews with practicing artists as well as the best podcasts for artists interested in creative lifestyle topics.



Best Podcasts for Artists

Whether you are a practicing artist or just interested in the lives and creations of artists, listening to art podcasts can open up your imagination and expose you to artistic concepts and practices you have never come across before. It is an accessible and entertaining way to dip your toes in the world of art.

Best Podcasts for Artists

Many artists feel isolated in their practice as we are often taught other artists are our competition. Listening to our top 10 best art podcasts will not only debunk the idea that artists need to compete, but will connect you to a rich and wonderful world of successful artists. 


Art History Podcasts

The history of art does not have to be dense and saturated with dates and difficult names. Artists are often eccentric, adventurous, and mysterious. This makes for fascinating and exhilarating stories. Unfortunately, most art history taught around the world only focuses on the western canon of art. However, the informative podcasts about art history listed below tell stories that you do not often hear and bring in artists from non-western countries as well. The following art history podcasts make art history fun, engaging, and easy to listen to. The hosts and writers of these podcasts are excellent researchers and incredible creatives themselves. 

You are guaranteed to learn a lot while having a great time listening to the intrigues of famous and master artists.


Art Curious

Art Curious is a marvelous podcast about art history that brings you the spicey tales of famous artists and their work. If you think history is boring and filled with dates, places, and uninteresting people, think again. Jennifer Dasal is a wonderful host and art historian that searches for the strange, mysterious, and wonderful morsels of art history.

Fun Art History Podcasts

You can expect exciting themed episodes, as she often decides on a seasonal theme and tells such unbelievable tales that it feels like you are listening to the celebrity tabloids. The themes she has covered in her podcasts include shock art, artist rivals, cursed art, and art history conspiracies. This art history podcast promises to be an enjoyable listen while you learn something completely new about old and unknown art tales.  


The Lonely Palette

Tamar Avishai, the creator of The Lonely Palette podcast makes art history accessible and exciting. She picks an art object, like a sculpture, painting, drawing, print, or photograph, and asks individuals that pass it in the gallery or museum to talk about their experience of it. This is super fun to listen to as it makes the discussion of art pieces accessible and mysterious. She breaks down the invisible line that separates the viewer from the art piece in museums. 

Her podcast exposes how anyone can talk about their experience of an art piece without having to be a critic or historian.

After this public discussion, she dives deep into the art movement, the life of the artist, the technical making of the art piece, and everything else connected to that specific artwork. What makes her podcast so special is that the question, “why is art important to the artists that made it, but also to us now, years later?” underpins the historical background she provides. This makes her episodes inspiring and affirming, and gives them a dynamic and improvised edge.


Podcasts by Practicing Artists

Artists talking about art, the role it plays in their life, and how they interpret prominent artworks is a very engaging way to get into art. Many artists start their own art podcasts to demystify the making of art while offering their skills and insights to young artists.

Best Art History Podcasts

Artists are often also interested in more than just art. Listening to what inspires artists, the people they share their work with, and how their art influences their way of thinking is very stimulating content to fill your hours with. Here are a few of the best art podcasts for artists wanting to listen to other creatives that talk about their passion for art and all the ways it can enrich one’s life.


A Piece of Work

Famous comedian and artist, Abbi Jacobson created a limited series podcast to answer all the questions you had about art but are maybe too afraid to ask. Instead of the snooty, academic way of engaging with modern and contemporary art, Jacobson takes her friends, fellow artists, curators, and other celebrities to the artwork in question and asks everything she wants to know about it.

This often-hilarious podcast makes you part of the experience of viewing some of the most famous artworks of the contemporary moment. It demystifies who can and how to talk about art, exposing the underlying truth that anyone can engage with art.

Some of the episodes are just Jacobson and her friends narrating their experience of an art piece. Whereas other episodes are more aligned with conceptual discussions of famous works by the curators and gallerists that exhibit them. This is a very entertaining art podcast and a must-listen.


Air It Podcast

South African artist, Nicolene Burger, and philosopher, Jana Vosloo, explore all the ways art can inform our understanding of politics, culture, history, current events, psychology, and more. Their raw, eclectic, and unscripted conversations with each other and their guests make apparent the role of art as a sense-making tool.

From the first season, you can expect a more academic approach to art analysis and philosophical concepts applied to the Covid-19 pandemic, political issues such as inclusion and allyship as well as the education system and creativity.

Best Podcasts About Art History

In more recent episodes the two friends talk more casually about their own art, what inspires them, body hair, social media’s influence on our society and so much more. How can art and philosophy be used to talk about and air out these topics? Listen to find out!

Different from art history, art lifestyle, or art business podcasts Air It podcast uses art as a tool to analyze current topics. Art becomes a medium by which we can understand more about complex societal issues.


Interview-Style Art Podcasts

We love to listen to artists answer questions about their practice, work, and life. Listening to artists talk about their work can also teach practicing artists the skills needed to share and communicate their art with others. These are the best art podcasts that give insight into the life of an artist and what is required to create successful exhibitions and artworks. 

These podcasts make you feel part of the art scene and take you backstage to the “making of” big names and great works.


Modern Art Notes

This podcast comes out weekly and is an hour long, so you can expect a wonderful amount of content to keep you company while you create if you are starting to listen to Modern Art Notes for the first time. Tyler Green has engaging and inspiring conversations with artists, writers, curators, historians, and conservators.

The podcast is generally studio-recorded but has also released live-audience episodes from well-known museums and galleries. The Modern Art Notes podcast has been named “one of the great archives of the art of our time” by Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic Sebastian Smee. And the BBC added the show to the world’s top 25 cultural podcasts list, stating that will “blow your mind,” and “enrich your life.”

Informative Podcasts About Art History

As this show is so popular and highly acclaimed, the guests on the show are very influential individuals in the art world, making the episodes insightful and worth a listen by any creative! From the discussion of a full exhibition to honing in on one artwork, this podcast is a masterpiece in Modern Art content.


The Great Women Artists Podcast

This podcast does amazing work in giving female artists the recognition they deserve and have often been denied throughout the history of art. Curator and art historian, Katy Hessel, does interviews with female artists, curators, gallerists, and collectors about artworks made by women. She talks about female artists from around the world and has created an empowering archive of female artists’ stories, works, and careers. Hessel is knowledgeable and very passionate about art.

You can expect a well-rounded and in-depth discussion of modern and contemporary art exhibitions and specific art pieces.

She often asks her art-lover guests which female artist’s work means the most to them and why. This brings a personal and accessible quality to her episodes as the guests are informed and involved in the artworks discussed.


Creative Lifestyle and Business Podcasts

There are so many issues that artists often struggle with that the archetype “struggling artist” exists as a well-known phenomenon. However, there are many podcasts that offer emotional, spiritual, and practical support for those that are brave enough to call themselves artists. Cover topics like taking care of your creative spirit, making money out of your art, to working successfully in collaboration with other artists, these podcasts offer a holistic view of what it means to be an artist. 

Podcasts About Art History

The art world can often separate the artist from the artwork, or create a caricature out of the artist and overlook the individual that is also an artist. That is why these podcasts can bring comfort and important insights to practicing artists. Here of the best art podcasts for artists that want to make a profession out of their passion.


TED Talks Art

These short talks about all things art are extremely inspiring and archive the greatest creative minds and ideas. The episodes are imaginative, out-of-the-box, and motivational. In the typical TED talk style, the lectures given by the speakers are short and cutting-edge. You can expect highly informative and creative concepts from the world’s leading artistic minds. 

From what it means to be creative and the benefits of art practice to artists talking about the ideas behind their work, this show covers everything you can dream of in the world of art.


Creatives Making Money Podcast

Jamie Jensen created this podcast to answer the age-old question, “how to make money out of your passion for art?” As your host, an award-winning screenplay writer, entrepreneur, and business strategist, she guides you through weekly conversations about the behind-the-scenes of having a professional art practice. 

Best Art Podcasts History

This podcast offers an informed look at how to build, grow and maintain an art business, how to get noticed, market yourself, and build a strong art brand. The guests are professional, inspiring, and insightful creatives that have made it in the world of business art.


Beyond the Studio

This podcast takes you backstage in the artist’s studio. It tells you about how artists make, produce, share and sustain their art. An insightful listen when it comes to the financial workings of a studio, the episodes are diverse and offer many different artist strategies. Nicole Mueller and Amanda Adams, the co-hosts of the Beyond the Studio podcast, are good friends and practicing creatives. 

They decided to start this show after they completed their studies and struggled to navigate the art business themselves.

They aim to fill the gap in the professional art industry that leaves artists isolated, scared, and confused. Making a business out of your art does not have to be difficult, but because so few institutions teach creative how to make a professional out of art many artists struggle post-studies. This podcast offers valuable information that is empowering to upcoming artists.


The Thriving Artist

The belief behind this insightful podcast is reflected in the title. Offering powerful, educational, and inspiring information about building an art business, the Thriving Artist podcast wants to debunk the idea that artists have to struggle. It is an interview-style podcast with guests ranging from writers, painters, curators, and art buyers, to gallerists.

Best Art Podcasts Business

Daniel DiGriz is your host and brings you a digestible and informal business art course structured around the experience of her guests. Topics covered include corporate art, visualizing your art career, and the independent artist archetype.


Whether you are on your way to delivering an art piece, in the studio making something, or looking for new inspiration, we have got you covered! The shows listed above are perfect for artists interested in art history podcasts, interview-style podcasts, or podcasts that teach you how to create a financially, emotionally, and practically sustainable art practice. Happy listening!



Frequently Asked Questions


Do I Have to Pay for a Subscription to Listen to Art Podcasts?

Most independent podcasts are available on their own website. You will often be able to access all podcasts on subscription sites like Spotify and Apple Podcast. However, if you Google the podcast name and look for the podcast’s website, most of the time you will be able to stream it straight from their site.


What Are the Best Art Business Podcasts?

To name a few, Creatives Making Money, Beyond the Studio, and The Artist Business Plan Podcast are all podcasts that want to empower creatives. Creative Pep Talk, The Thriving Artist, and The Savvy Painter are all shows that are inspiring, motivating, and educational about the ins and outs of being a professional artist.


What Are the Best Art Podcasts for Artists Interested in Contemporary Art?

Modern Art Notes are a well-known and go-to podcast on all things modern and contemporary art. A Piece of Work, hosted by Board City actor Abbi Jacobson, takes you into museums and galleries and gives you a fresh perspective on famous contemporary art pieces.


What Are the Best Art History Podcasts?

Lucky for us, art history has never been so much fun as in the Art Curious and The Lonely Palette podcasts. The stories of old masters and legendary art movements are retold in an exhibiting and interesting way. If you are looking for new and inclusive podcasts on art history, consider listening to The Great Women Artists podcast. It tells the story of amazing and often overlooked female artists.


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