Best Online Art Galleries

Best Online Art Galleries – Art Appreciation in the Digital Age

Maybe you are new to the art scene and would like to purchase some artwork for your home, but you feel slightly intimidated going to an art gallery. On the other hand, you could also be an artist, looking to sell your art. Thankfully, in our modern world, we have access to many options. To make our lives easier, you can easily buy and sell art online. However, there is the problem of finding the best online art galleries. So, to help make your search less tedious, we have created a list that should make the process a little easier for you!



Best Online Art Galleries

A beautiful piece of artwork can add more personality and interest to your décor, whether it is for your home, or even a workspace. For many years, you would have had to visit an art gallery to purchase an art piece from an established or up-and-coming artist. However, today you can easily find an online art gallery, where online dealers and retailers offer the latest artworks.

Best Online Art Gallery

Online shopping for artwork can be less intimidating, and you have more opportunities to examine numerous art types and styles, from drawings and paintings to sculptures and photographs. There are also more options that will suit your budget, as there are also art prints available if you cannot afford the original art. When you buy art online, it offers a variety of benefits that you cannot find with walk-in type galleries.

  • Online art galleries are convenient and accessible
  • They are open 24 hours a day
  • Unlimited access to view artwork
  • Curated collections
  • Purchasing is easy
  • Wider variety of artwork to choose from
  • Delivered straight to your door
  • Artist information and prices available

In many cases, you also have access to a curated online gallery. This is where you can get professional knowledge on art pieces, and where these experts select and then present their curated collections. So, to jump right in, here are the top best online art galleries.



LocationEmeryville, California, United States
Art StylesVarious categories
Art Types or MediumsFine art prints and photography
Number of Artworks or ArtistsMillions of prints in different styles
ShippingGlobal. Local free shipping
GuaranteeReturn within 45 days for a full refund
Curator Availability  Not available
Commission (%)May vary

This platform is for those that are looking for more affordable options and are not too worried about getting an original art piece. There are numerous art categories to choose from, including abstract, fantasy, nature, steampunk, and graffiti, among many others. There are just as many options if you want the photography prints. There is even an option where you can frame your own photos. Simply upload your photo and select your fame type and size. This will then be shipped straight to you. Looking for some new ideas, then go to their “design inspiration” section, where you will find art ideas for each room. 

There are also art colors to choose from or different design styles to give you some ideas.


1st Dibs

LocationNew York City, New York, United States
Art StylesVariety of styles
Art Types or MediumsVariety of art types and mediums
Number of Artworks or ArtistsUndisclosed
GuaranteePrice-match guarantee
Curator Availability  Expert support
Commission (%)Commission and fees

You can shop for a variety of jewelry, fashion, furniture, and of course, art.  When you visit the site, you can easily search for the artists or use the filter to narrow down your search. Featured listings are from a network of worldwide artists and sellers, all of which have been approved by in-house experts. Shoppers can purchase directly or bid on items at the auction. This means that they can interact with the seller during the process. Many new fine-curated items are often added by a team of art experts. However, the company does have a slight problem with a few bad reviews, mainly dealing with customer service and payment issues.

Digital Online Art Gallery


Degree Art

LocationSomerset House, New Wing, Strand, London, United Kingdom
Art StylesAll art styles
Art Types or MediumsPaintings, drawings, sculptures, and photography
Number of Artworks or ArtistsUndisclosed
ShippingGlobal. Free local shipping
Guarantee14-day money-back guarantee and free returns
Curator Availability  Art advisory services
Commission (%)May vary

Degree Art is one of the best online art galleries for students and upcoming artists. The company hand-picks and promotes these promising artists on the platform, providing an opportunity for buyers to invest in emerging artists. If you live nearby or can travel there, you can arrange a viewing of the artwork. You can also apply for financing, which offers greater flexibility in payment. Besides the online platform, the company also offers an artist residency and exhibition program from the base gallery in London. They also take part in the many art fairs that happen during the year. 

You also have access to their comprehensive art consultancy and services that cover interior design, commission works, framing, and art insurance.



Location Brooklyn, New York City, United States
Art StylesVariety of styles
Art Types or MediumsVariety of art types and mediums
Number of Artworks or ArtistsMillions of active sellers
GuaranteeProduct refund guarantee
Curator Availability  Not available
Commission (%)Listing, transacting, and offsite advertising fees

Etsy is an e-commerce platform that is similar to eBay and Amazon but focuses more on artists, crafters, and home décor. Sold items fall under a range of different categories, from clothing and jewelry items to furniture, art, crafts, toys, décor, and vintage items. When it comes to art, you have everything from oil paintings to watercolors, acrylic, and mixed media. There are also sculptures and photography items available, as well as dolls, miniatures, and a collectibles section. The selection is wide, and you should be able to purchase something that is affordable and fits your taste in art. It is a great platform that supports small business owners and artists. Remember to check out their prices and fees if you are thinking about selling on Etsy.

Top Online Art Gallery


Fine Art America

LocationSanta Monica, California, United States
Art StylesVariety
Art Types or MediumsPaintings, photographs, drawings, mixed media, prints, digital art, and some art originals
Number of Artworks or ArtistsOver 100 000 independent artists
GuaranteeFull money-back guarantee and 30-day return policy
Curator Availability  Curated art collections
Commission (%)May vary

Fine Art America is a large marketplace that focuses on print-on-demand products. They have multiple manufacturing facilities around the world, which means you can order, and your product can be shipped to you globally. Artists can create their own websites using the company’s built-in technology. Artists can then sell a variety of print-on-demand products, and they will then complete the orders for you. Products range from wall art and home décor to lifestyle, stationery, and apparel items. 

Fine Art America is one of the largest social media platforms for professional artists, where sellers and buyers can interact via live chats, forums, and much more.



LocationSan Francisco, California, United States
Art StylesAll styles
Art Types or MediumsOriginal paintings, drawings, sculptures, and fine-art photography
Number of Artworks or Artists6000 artworks and over 500 artists
ShippingFree shipping in the United States. International shipping available
GuaranteeFree returns
Curator Availability  Works with you to find the perfect art piece
Commission (%)50

UGallery is an e-commerce platform for artists that helps artists connect with collectors or buyers. The platform is a convenient alternative to walk-in galleries. There is a variety of mediums available, which include paintings, drawings, photographs, and prints. You can also request a unique and original art piece by commissioning artwork. When approving new artists, the process is quite thorough, and all art pieces are reviewed by the curators. This is why only the best artists are selected, making it easy for buyers to choose their favorite artists and follow them as they grow.

Buy Art Online Easily

The paintings you find on the site are all exclusive and you cannot find these anywhere else. Customer service is on a professional level, with expert art advisors handling any of your queries. Even the shipping is custom-made, with special boxes that help to protect the art pieces during delivery. The package also comes with a card containing all the details of the art piece. You may even find a personal note from the artist themselves.



LocationPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Art StylesFine art
Art Types or MediumsPaintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, digital art, and a variety of mediums
Number of Artworks or ArtistsUndisclosed number
GuaranteeMoney-back guarantee. Return within 14-days
Curator Availability  Art consultations
Commission (%)45

Zatista is a curated online gallery that is considered one of the best, where you can purchase original art, from paintings to photographs. They represent the most talented established and up-and-coming artists around the world. 

If you are an art collector, trade professional, or simply love art, then the platform is easy to browse or contact an art advisor to help you find the perfect art piece.


20 x 200

LocationNew York City, New York, United States
Art StylesFine art, and affordable art
Art Types or MediumsPrints, paintings, photography, ceramics, and more
Number of Artworks or ArtistsOver 300 hundred artist
GuaranteeReturns within 30 days
Curator Availability  Virtual curator
Commission (%)May vary

The company is based on the belief that everyone should be able to afford and collect art. The platform provides a wide range of different art styles and prices that can fit all types of budgets. The collection of artworks is carefully curated and is limited edition and quality prints. Check out their sale section for great-priced prints. The printed artworks are only done on high-quality cotton rags, with archival pigment inks, which makes the prints museum-quality. When purchasing, you also receive a Certificate of authenticity, which is numbered and also signed by the artist themselves.

Find a Curated Online Gallery



LocationSan Francisco, California, United States
Art StylesFine art, and graphic design
Art Types or MediumsPaintings, mixed-media, sculptures, textile art, art prints, home décor, and more
Number of Artworks or ArtistsMore than 16 000 independent artists
GuaranteeFree return on prints
Curator Availability  Not available
Commission (%)6 – 10

This is more of an online marketplace, where creatives provide their artwork, which is then voted on by the public. The winning entries then have their work produced in a variety of ways, from wedding invitations and calendars to personalized stationery and wall art. You will find a large variety of affordable prints available, which include fine art prints, illustrations, and photos. There is also a fully specialized section that provides a collection of unique designs for children, known as “Little Mint”, and also an entire section catering to weddings. This might not be the number one online art gallery you are looking for, but they do offer excellent quality prints that are affordable for all. 

There is also now a “direct from artist” option, where you can purchase paintings, sculptures, and other items directly from the artists.



LocationNew York City, New York, United States
Art StylesContemporary, modern, abstract, pop, street, impressionism, post-war, and old masters
Art Types or MediumsPaintings, drawings, sculptures, mixed media, photography, prints, and NFTs
Number of Artworks or ArtistsOver one million art pieces and over three million registered artists
ShippingGlobal, depends on the seller
GuaranteeArtsy guarantee
Curator Availability  Advisors are available
Commission (%)Selling options and commissions vary

The Artsy online art gallery offers a lot of informative information and educational resources on famous artists, and where the most current art shows and fairs will be held around the world. There is also information on art institutions and museums from around the world. They offer a lot of high-end art pieces as well as those that are showcased at various art museums. However, as an individual artist, you can also sell on Artsy. They have a global reach and sales experts that will help you to find the right buyer for your work.

Top Curated Online Gallery

They offer a competitive commission structure. And there are multiple ways you can reach an interested audience. There are private sales, where sales arrangements are tailored, and there is the online marketplace, where you list your artwork on the Artsy website, which reaches millions of art lovers all over the world. There is also the option of auctions, where buyers and collectors can bid on the curated artwork. You can also download the Artsy App, making buying and selling art even more convenient.


Sebastian Foster

LocationAustin, Texas, United States
Art StylesModern, and fine art
Art Types or MediumsOriginal artworks and prints
Number of Artworks or ArtistsOver 45 artists
Guarantee15-day refund policy
Curator Availability  Not available
Commission (%)May vary

The curated online gallery has been going for over ten years and has established itself as a leading platform to buy art online. The art is a curated collection from a selection of artists that live in the United States and around the world. The artworks consist of curated original pieces as well as art prints. Easily find new arrival pieces and featured artworks. You can also easily find artists, where you will see a provided list. 

You can click on each artist’s name to learn a bit more about the person behind the art.



LocationSanta Monica, California, United States
Art StylesVariety of art styles
Art Types or MediumsVariety of art prints
Number of Artworks or ArtistsOpen to over 450,000 independent artists
GuaranteeReturn policy
Curator Availability  Not available
Commission (%)May vary

Society6 is an online retailer that allows artists to upload their work, which can then be purchased in a variety of forms, from wall art and canvas prints to tapestries, rugs, shower curtains, iPhone cases, and more. It is an open platform that provides access to thousands of artists, where they can share, sell, and inspire with their artwork. When purchasing, everything is custom-made by them and shipped to your door. They also provide a curator’s collection of the best works by new artists that have joined the community.

Curated Online Gallery


1xRun (One Time Run)

LocationDetroit, Michigan, United States
Art StylesGraffiti, and graphic design prints
Art Types or MediumsOriginal artworks and prints
Number of Artworks or ArtistsPublished over 5000 works from over 1400 artists
GuaranteeNo returns or exchanges
Curator Availability  Not available
Commission (%)May vary

One-Time-Run is one of the best online art galleries for original art and prints, with a focus on rare and one-of-a-kind artworks. Many of the artworks are graffiti and have a contemporary look and feel. They also have sets and collections of artwork if you are interested. 

All the artwork is authenticated and then packaged and shipped from their base of operation in Detroit.



LocationNew York City, New York, United States
Art StylesFine art
Art Types or MediumsVariety of art prints
Number of Artworks or ArtistsOver 160 original artists
Guarantee14-day return policy
Curator Availability  Personal art advisor
Commission (%)May vary

The ArtStar online art gallery is a great place for collectors to view limited-edition and curated art prints that include paintings, mixed-media art, and photographs. Each print is original and cannot be found in other galleries, and is signed, numbered, and authenticated. The art is framed and shipped to you, ready to be hung on the wall. High-end frames are used that are acid-free and made from archival cotton rag.

Online Art Gallery


Saatchi Art

LocationLos Angeles, California, United States
Art StylesFine art, modern, and classic
Art TypesPaintings, photography, drawings, digital art, and sculptures
Number of Artworks or Artists1.4 million original artworks
Curator Availability Art advisors and consultants are available
Commission (%)40

The Saatchi online art gallery is one of the leading art galleries that represent artworks from over 100 countries around the world. They have over one million new and original artworks that have been selected by their professional curators. The online art gallery is based in Los Angeles and provides access to a variety of art styles, from beautiful paintings and drawings to photographs and sculptures. They also offer fine art prints of various styles.

The website is easy to navigate, which makes it easy to find what you are looking for, and boasts millions of page views every month. There is a wide range of options that can fit any budget, so you are sure to find that special something. 

Saatchi provides affordable prints for most of the art they offer, which is a good option if you are looking to buy art, but do not want to commit to an original piece.

You can purchase an art piece outright, you can shop the curated collection that is released every week, or if you are looking for something more specific, you can team up with an art advisor to help create a recommended tailored collection. They also host international fairs and art shows every year if you want to get a closer look at things.

You can even meet some of the collectors, who have fallen in love and purchased artworks from Saatchi. You will also find plenty of articles, videos, and interviews and get to know who the top emerging artists are. The website offers secure payments and a safe shopping and selling experience for both the artist and the buyer. You can be confident in your purchases, as they also provide you with a seven-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you are not happy with the purchase, you can return it and find a better piece that works for you.



LocationNew York City, New York, United States
Art StylesFine art and design
Art Types or MediumsVariety of mediums, photographs, and prints
Number of Artworks or ArtistsOver 2000 active artists
Guarantee30-day returns with terms and conditions
Curator Availability  Curated collections
Commission (%)May vary

Artspace is an online art gallery that showcases contemporary art and designs. The aim of creating the marketplace was to help make art more accessible to everyone, offering high-quality fine art to a broader audience. They have been attracting museums and galleries as well as artists to sell their artworks online. The website is easy to use, you can easily find an artist in their directory. Find exclusive editions of contemporary art that you cannot find anywhere else. You can also join the Artspace magazine, where you will find the most recent art news and ideas.

Finding Online Art Gallery



LocationMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
Art StylesFine art
Art Types or MediumsPaintings, photography, and resin art
Number of Artworks or ArtistsOver 20 000 artists and over 50 000 art pieces sold
ShippingGlobal. Free local shipping
GuaranteeFree seven-day returns in Australia
Curator Availability  Art advisory
Commission (%)30

Bluethumb is the largest online art gallery and marketplace where you can purchase a variety of artworks. You have access to a variety of styles and feature both established artists as well as those up-and-coming artists. They also work with remote Aboriginal Art centers that provide access to more Local Australian artists. If you are unsure what art to choose, you can always refer to their art advisory or curators to help you select the best art pieces for your space. Buyers can also commission work, for more exclusive art pieces. 

Bluethumb also presents Australia’s best art prize, which is open to all artists.



LocationLos Angeles, California, United States
Art StylesFine art, graphic design, and affordable art
Art Types or MediumsPaintings, sculptures, and prints
Number of Artworks or ArtistsOve 80 artists
GuaranteeNo guarantee
Curator Availability  Art advisors
Commission (%)May vary

You can search the Tappan website for the latest emerging artists and affordable art on offer. Purchase original paintings and sculptures as well as get access to exclusive art print editions, and other artworks that are all available online. There are individual artist profiles as well as curated collections and editor’s picks that are meant to help you choose the best art pieces for your space. Take their art style quiz and answer a few easy questions to see what style you favor and should be shopping for. Go to the “tastemakers” section, where you can find collector profiles. Here they describe why they would recommend Tappan and why they chose the pieces for their space, which can help you learn a bit more about how to style your art.

How to Buy Art Online



LocationLondon, United Kingdom
Art StylesOriginal art, prints, and wall art
Art Types or MediumsPaintings, sculptures, drawings, photography, prints, digital art, and more
Number of Artworks or Artists15 000 new art pieces are added every month
ShippingGlobal. Artists decide on delivery options
GuaranteeReturns within 14 days
Curator Availability  Curatorial board and personal shopping
Commission (%)Tiered commission system

This is a platform that supports artist communities, where artists can join and sell their work from all over the world. The company is listed as B Corp, which means they are aware of their environmental impact, and take steps to create a more sustainable marketplace. For buyers, you can search for artworks by medium, subject, or even budget. Each art piece is displayed with all relevant information, and you can see the review rating. Artists join a global community and are provided with a platform that reaches over 500 000 art lovers. Each artist has full control over their store and is responsible for shipping their own work. 

If you are looking to sell, it is free to sign up and display your work, but there is a commission and different seller plan subscriptions.



LocationParis, France
Art StylesFine art, realism, abstract, and realism, among others
Art Types or MediumsPaintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, prints, digital, and textile design
Number of Artworks or ArtistsMore than 12000 artists
GuaranteeInsured against damage and loss. 14-day return policy
Curator Availability  Free art advisory
Commission (%)30 – 50

Singulart is an online art gallery that helps support both artists as well as designers and provides global exposure. There are over 12 000 artists from all around the world that use the website. To find your specific art or collection, you easily search by artist, price, category, medium, topic, and other specific search parameters.

Famous Online Art Gallery

They also provide framing services and shipping is easily done worldwide. Singulart works on a gender equality policy that is one of its defining principles, with 49 percent of artists being women. Any artist can apply to sell their work; however, they must be approved before being able to exhibit. They have dedicated art advisors, who curate art collections specially for you. You can reach these advisors through email, or you can also do a live chat on their site. Also, check out their art magazine, offering information on a variety of art topics.



How to Choose the Best Online Art Galleries

If you want to buy art online, there are a few things to consider, especially if it is your first time. The one thing that stands out when compared to visiting an actual art gallery is the shipping and packaging. How an artwork is shipped is important, as it can easily be damaged during transport.

Many online art galleries provide a description of their packaging as well as the shipping process. It involves a little more than simply stuffing an item into a box and mailing it. When it comes to art, the packaging must be appropriately sized and padded for ultimate protection. Some boxes might even have to be custom-made, creating a box that is slightly bigger than the item being shipped.

Everything should fit snugly and safely for that particular item. You do not want to have to deal with damaged goods and the hassle of returns, and refunds.

You might also want to consider things like eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging. Secondly, do a little research on the people behind the business. This is especially important if you wish to invest in an art piece. You want to be confident that the art you are purchasing is authentic and that the company has your best interests at heart.

Find an online art gallery that is transparent and willing to answer all of your questions. Those galleries that provide expert art advisors to help you with your purchasing choice can help you to find those pieces you would never have done yourself.

This can also provide you with more peace of mind, knowing that you have purchased a piece that you are fully satisfied with, and adds value to the purchase. Even if you have a wide knowledge of art, working with a curator or art advisor can help you discover fresh ideas that you might not have even considered.

Famous Curated Online Gallery


Choosing Online Art Galleries for Your Art

Maybe, you are an artist looking for an online art gallery to sell your art. You might even want to consider having several online galleries, where you can gain even more exposure. Some online art galleries accept most applications, while others have a rigorous selection process. Some galleries also have hundreds, if not thousands of artists, and you might get lost among them.

Some gallery sites focus on how many art listings they have, as they make more money from this than artist sales.

You should also have your own website, so you do not solely rely on a third-party site. However, they are an excellent way to grow your reach locally and globally. Do your research and make sure you understand the fees involved. Some online galleries just offer a commission, while others also include various transactional and monthly fees. So, always understand the terms and conditions before applying. What are a few other points you should consider when deciding on an online art gallery?

  • Some art galleries focus on certain types of art, so make sure they attract the proper audience for your art.
  • Do they provide a search function on the website?
  • Learn what results other artists have had on the site, their sales, and traffic.
  • What type of marketing does the company provide?
  • Discover if you can contact buyers directly, and how inquiries are dealt with.
  • Is there an actual walk-in gallery or studio connected to the online gallery?
  • Does the online art gallery offer opportunities to sell original art, or do they only provide art prints?

Best Curated Online Gallery


Advantages of Selling Art Online

There are quite a few advantages of selling original art online. You can also look into selling prints of your artwork as well. Joining an online art gallery will get you more global exposure, which provides access to a broader market. Walk-in galleries have set times, but online sites can work around the clock, which can mean more sales for you. It is also more convenient for the buyer, as they can browse and purchase items in the comfort of their home. You also do not require a physical space to showcase your art, you can set up a portfolio on the website with all your art pieces. 

Online art galleries also take lower commissions, which means more money in your pocket. However, there are a few disadvantages.


Disadvantages of Selling Art Online

When selling art online, instead of dealing with people face-to-face, it is more impersonal. The online marketplace is also very competitive, and you might feel like you are disappearing among all the other artists. You need to stand out more and develop better marketing strategies to create a more visible online presence. Most of the online galleries also take more than a commission fee, so you have to factor in other fees as well and add this to your pricing. Shipping the artwork can also be expensive and it involves risk. Damage to the artwork has to be considered when shipping items.

Buy Art Online


Finding the best art galleries, whether you are a buyer or seller, will take some time and research. Do not forget to read the reviews, as this can help you with making your decision. The best online art galleries offer personalized curation services and are highly responsive when it comes to customer care. They also have the artist’s best interests at heart. The top 20 online art galleries that we have provided are just a few of the options available, and we hope that one of these options piques your interest!




Frequently Asked Questions


Should You Invest in Art?

Art is always a good investment idea and does not rely on the stock market. Even if economies change, the value will stay the same if you choose an appropriate piece. The art investment is also great value added to a personal portfolio and can also benefit further generations.


What Is One of the Biggest Online Art Marketplaces?

If you do a bit of research online, Artsy is the site that jumps to the top of the list for the largest online art marketplace. There are millions of artworks to browse from that come from up-and-coming artists and galleries around the world. They even have a phone application where you can discover new art pieces.


How Do Online Art Galleries Make Money?

The most common approach for an art gallery to make money is by taking a certain percentage or commission on each sale. This percentage is usually stated on the site and is usually 40 to 50 percent. Others might offer a lower percentage, but then there are other fees involved, such as transaction fees, a monthly set fee, or subscription.


What Is a Profitable Form of Art?

Online art galleries usually sell all types and styles of art, but some also specialize in a specific genre. One of the more popular forms of art is canvas paintings, most commonly done in oil or acrylic paint. However, prints sell more than an original art piece, especially if it is a limited edition.


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