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Koala Coloring Pages – 35 Cute Sheets to Color

Set off on a creative journey down under with our charming collection of koala coloring pages! We’re excited to bring you 35 new and completely free designs featuring these cuddly Australian icons. Perfect for children, animal enthusiasts, and anyone looking to add a touch of cuteness to their day, these coloring pages are a delightful way to relax and express your artistic talents. So grab your coloring tools and prepare to bring a little piece of the outback to vibrant life!



Our 35 New Koala Coloring Pages

koala coloring page 01 A charming koala sits on a log over a small body of water, surrounded by a lush landscape. Its large, round eyes and friendly expression invite colorists to bring life to the scene. The background features an assortment of trees, bushes, and foliage, with some leaves detailed with fine lines suggesting various textures. The log has a hollow, hinting at the possibility of it being a home to other creatures. This scene is ideal for those who enjoy adding their touch to natural settings.

koala coloring page 02 This page depicts a joyful koala in an animated pose, its mouth wide open as if laughing heartily, with the word “YOIHA!!” bursting out around it. It’s surrounded by a frame of leaves, giving the impression of a koala in a jovial moment in the forest. The dynamic lines around the koala suggest movement and excitement, making this a fun and energetic picture to color for all ages.

koala coloring page 03 A sweet depiction of a koala gently holding onto a branch while nibbling on eucalyptus leaves. The koala’s soft, round eyes and detailed fur texture make it the focal point, while the surrounding foliage and berries add intricacy to the image. The leaves have a smooth outline with simple patterns inside, providing an opportunity for colorists to play with shades and hues.

koala coloring page 04 This image shows a cartoonish koala with a playful design, standing upright and dressed in a smart bow tie and jacket. Its large eyes and button nose give it a child-like innocence. The simple outlines and clear spaces make it particularly suitable for younger children or those who appreciate a more whimsical approach to coloring.

koala coloring page 05 An adorable koala sits atop a rocky outcrop, surrounded by a variety of plants and rocks. The koala’s fur is textured with small, intricate lines, and its peaceful expression is calming. The surrounding environment is rich with detail, including leaves of different shapes and sizes, making for a diverse coloring experience.

koala coloring page 06 Here we see a sporty koala in mid-action, playing soccer. It’s wearing a striped jersey with the number 10, and is energetically kicking a soccer ball. The motion is captured with lines radiating from the ball and stars around the koala’s feet, adding a sense of energy and playfulness to the scene.

koala coloring page 07 This coloring page features a serene koala sleeping in a hammock, with “Zz” floating above to signify its deep slumber. The hammock is tied to two sturdy branches, and the koala’s relaxed posture and closed eyes evoke a sense of tranquility. The background is minimal, allowing the colorist to focus on the textures of the koala’s fur and the woven hammock.

koala coloring page 08 A koala is pictured with an expression of surprise and delight, its eyes wide and mouth agape. It’s sitting with its paws raised, as if it’s just been presented with a wonderful surprise. The background is simple, with a few lines indicating a possible ground or surface, making the koala the main subject for coloring.

koala coloring page 09 This coloring page captures a tender moment between a mother koala and her baby. Both koalas are nestled against a tree, surrounded by a heart-filled background, symbolizing love and affection. The detailing in their fur and the surrounding nature elements, like leaves and grass, offer a heartwarming scene to color.

koala coloring page 10 A koala is depicted in a natural pose, sitting on a tree branch with leaves around it. It has a contemplative expression, and its fur is filled with patterns for texture. The koala seems to be gazing out at the landscape, inviting colorists to fill in the background with their imagination. The surrounding leaves and branches give a good balance of simplicity and detail for an enjoyable coloring experience.

koala coloring page 11 A hip koala with a flair for fashion is captured in sunglasses, showcasing a cool demeanor. The star accents and the smooth, clean lines of the drawing make it a trendy picture for coloring enthusiasts looking to add a splash of color to a stylish scene.

koala coloring page 12 This coloring page is brimming with floral beauty, featuring a koala amidst a field of flowers, with butterflies and hearts filling the air. The detailed petals and varying sizes of the flowers offer a delightful challenge for those who enjoy bringing vibrancy to botanical illustrations.

koala coloring page 13 Overflowing with charm, this page shows a koala surrounded by a heart-shaped arrangement of butterflies and flowers. The large, expressive eyes of the koala are the centerpiece, surrounded by the intricate patterns of the flora and fauna, making for a loving and detailed coloring experience.

koala coloring page 14 Illustrating a beachside adventure, this koala is seen with an umbrella and enjoying the seaside, complete with seashells and a sunny sky. The simplicity of the shapes ensures a relaxing coloring session, perfect for bringing the warmth of a beach day to life.

koala coloring page 15 A delightful scene of four koalas snuggled together among eucalyptus branches; their expressions range from joyful to content. The dense foliage and the cuddly nature of the koalas create a heartwarming family portrait ideal for those who love to color endearing animal scenes.

koala coloring page 16 Capturing the essence of heroism, this koala is dressed as a superhero, flying across a starry backdrop. The dynamic lines and the koala’s determined expression provide an action-packed coloring opportunity for fans of comic book style artwork.

koala coloring page 17 A serene nighttime scene is depicted with a mother koala embracing her sleeping joey. The background of stars, planets, and foliage adds a whimsical and cosmic touch to the tender moment, making it a delightful piece for those who enjoy coloring tranquil and affectionate images.

koala coloring page 18 This playful koala swings high above the clouds, with a background filled with celestial bodies and fluffy clouds. The adorable expression and the carefree swing motion are captured with clarity, inviting a creative and cheerful coloring session.

koala coloring page 19 A heartwarming family moment by the sea is captured here, with two koalas embracing warmly. The city skyline and palm trees in the background provide an urban touch to the natural affection of the koalas, offering a blend of cityscape and wildlife for coloring.

koala coloring page 20 A koala chef is joyfully cooking, surrounded by a feast of various foods. The attention to detail in the steam, the texture of the food, and the koala’s chef attire make this an amusing and intricate coloring page for culinary and animal lovers alike.

koala coloring page 21 A lovable koala holds a heart-shaped object close to its chest, surrounded by smaller hearts and leafy branches. The expression of affection on its face invites a colorful display of warmth and love.

koala coloring page 22 A tender depiction of a parent koala embracing its child, both with joyful expressions. The fine details in their fur provide texture, and the surrounding eucalyptus leaves frame the pair beautifully for a comforting coloring project.

koala coloring page 23 This page features a cheerful koala holding onto a balloon amongst a cascade of hearts. The simplicity of the design, with its clear outlines, is perfect for young colorists or those looking for a sweet and uncomplicated image to color.

koala coloring page 24 Dressed as a pirate, this adventurous koala stands in shallow waters, with a classic pirate ship and palm trees in the background. The intricate details of the costume and the tropical setting make for an exciting coloring challenge.

koala coloring page 25 Capturing a moment of familial bliss, this coloring page shows a koala duo sitting amidst a detailed floral landscape. The variety of flowers and textures offers an intricate canvas for colorists to express their creativity.

koala coloring page 26 With a fierce and determined look, this koala is portrayed in a dynamic stance, ready for action. The exaggerated features and strong lines give this image a bold and cartoonish vibe, perfect for an imaginative coloring session.

koala coloring page 27 A serene koala sits on a log in a forest setting, surrounded by an abundance of flowers and leaves. The illustration’s fine lines and botanical details present a delightful challenge for those who enjoy coloring detailed nature scenes.

koala coloring page 28 This festive koala, adorned with a party hat, looks ready to celebrate. The confetti-like details and hearts around it create a jovial atmosphere that beckons a playful use of color.

koala coloring page 29 A cozy scene of a koala parent and its joey sitting by the water’s edge, with a backdrop of flora and a skyline. The detailed surroundings provide a lovely contrast to the smooth fur of the koalas, making for a varied coloring experience.

koala coloring page 30 Dressed in a detective outfit, complete with a hat and magnifying glass, this koala is surrounded by a flurry of question marks and clues. The intricate design is perfect for those who enjoy coloring detailed character scenes with a touch of mystery.

koala coloring page 31 A mystical koala wizard brews a potion in a cauldron, wearing a tall, pointed hat. The sparkling stars and magical elements around it create a whimsical atmosphere for a fantastical coloring experience.

koala coloring page 32 This page captures a koala in its natural habitat, clinging to a tree branch, with a detailed pattern of leaves surrounding it. The koala’s curious gaze adds an element of liveliness to this peaceful woodland scene.

koala coloring page 33 Featuring an endearing koala with big, expressive eyes and a wide smile. Its playful pose and the surrounding hearts make it an inviting image for those who enjoy coloring joyful and friendly animal characters.

koala coloring page 34 A koala is perched on a tree limb, surrounded by a dense thicket of eucalyptus leaves and branches. The attention to the texture of the koala’s fur and the leaves provides a detailed and engaging coloring activity.

koala coloring page 35 Illustrating a relaxed picnic scene, this coloring page shows a koala enjoying a snack outdoors with a picnic basket full of treats. The surrounding stars and butterflies add a charming touch to the leisurely day out.



What is a Koala

A koala is a marsupial native to Australia, known for its distinctive, teddy bear-like appearance. Koalas are often mistakenly called “koala bears,” but they are not bears; they are marsupials, which means that females carry and nurture their young in a pouch.

Koalas are typically found in the eucalyptus forests and woodlands of eastern and southern Australia, where they lead a mostly arboreal lifestyle, spending the majority of their time in trees. They have a specialized diet that consists almost exclusively of eucalyptus leaves, which are tough and fibrous. Koalas have a highly developed sense of smell that allows them to select the most nutritious leaves to eat.

These animals are known for their leisurely lifestyle, sleeping for up to 18-22 hours a day to conserve energy, as their diet provides them with very little nutritional value and requires a lot of energy to digest. When awake, koalas are mostly sedentary, although they can climb skillfully and leap between tree branches.

Koalas have thick, woolly fur that varies in color from light grey to brown, with white fur on the chest and inner arms. They have large, round ears and a distinctive large, spoon-shaped nose. Adult koalas are solitary animals, with a range that they mark using scent glands located on their chests.

The koala is an iconic symbol of Australia and a major draw for wildlife tourism in the country. However, koala populations are under threat due to habitat destruction, bushfires, disease, and climate change. They are listed as a vulnerable species, and conservation efforts are ongoing to protect their habitats and ensure their survival.


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