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Pikachu Coloring Pages – 46 New Coloring Sheets for Fans

Get ready for our electrifying collection of 46 Pikachu coloring pages! These free-to-download sheets are perfect for Pokémon enthusiasts eager to bring the iconic electric-type Pokémon to life with their own creative twist. Whether you’re a seasoned Pokémon Trainer or just starting your journey, these coloring pages offer endless fun and a chance to connect with one of the most beloved characters from the Pokémon universe.



Our 46 Unique Pikachu Coloring Pages

Pikachu coloring page 01 A dynamic coloring page featuring Pikachu in sunglasses and Squirtle also wearing shades, styled as cool and casual Pokémon ready for a sunny day out.

Pikachu coloring page 02 This adorable coloring page showcases Pikachu with a bow tie, giving a heart sign with its hand, exuding charm and friendliness.

Pikachu coloring page 03 An energetic Pikachu stands excitedly, hands raised with a big smile, on this delightful coloring page, perfect for fans of this electrifying Pokémon.

Pikachu coloring page 04 Capturing Pikachu’s playful spirit, this coloring page has Pikachu with a cheerful expression and hands up, ready for fun.

Pikachu coloring page 05 This action-packed coloring page depicts Pikachu with stars around, mid-jump, looking thrilled and adventurous, inviting colorists to add vibrancy to the scene.

Pikachu coloring page 06 Featuring Pikachu leaping joyously, this coloring page radiates excitement and is sure to spark creativity in anyone coloring it.

Pikachu coloring page 07 Pikachu is captured in a triumphant pose with stars and a burst, highlighting its dynamic and energetic nature on this coloring page.

Pikachu coloring page 08 A playful depiction of Pikachu holding a lightning bolt, this coloring page is infused with energy and Pikachu’s iconic electricity.

Pikachu coloring page 09 This coloring page features a stunned Pikachu with electricity crackling around, perfect for adding some shockingly good colors.

Pikachu coloring page 10 Showcasing Pikachu with a surprised expression, this coloring page is a cute representation of the beloved Pokémon’s personality.

Pikachu coloring page 11 This coloring page features Pikachu looking surprised and concerned, with question marks, an open padlock, bubbles, and a spilling bottle beside it. It’s a scene that encourages creativity, as young Pokémon fans can imagine what’s perplexing this beloved character.

Pikachu coloring page 12 On this page, Pikachu is adorably dozing off on a fluffy pillow, surrounded by stars and zzz’s, indicating it’s deep in sleep. The tranquil expression provides a peaceful scene for children to color and enjoy.

Pikachu coloring page 13 Here we have Pikachu giving a cheerful wink and a thumbs-up, surrounded by sparkles, which gives off a positive and encouraging vibe. This illustration is perfect for children to color while feeling motivated and uplifted.

Pikachu coloring page 14 This image shows a content Pikachu hugging a large apple, with hearts around, symbolizing love and happiness. It’s a sweet scene that can bring out the joy of coloring and the theme of friendship in the Pokémon world.

Pikachu coloring page 15 Pikachu is captured in a playful mood, lying down with one foot kicked up, a pencil behind the ear, and stars around, suggesting a break after some creative drawing. It’s a fun and relaxing scene for kids to color.

Pikachu coloring page 16 Excitement is the theme of this coloring page, with Pikachu in a dynamic pose, stars sparkling around, and electricity crackling from its cheeks, showcasing its electric powers in a non-threatening, playful manner.

Pikachu coloring page 17 A hungry Pikachu is seen here, holding an apple with a tiny bite taken out, love in its eyes. This image evokes the simple joy of enjoying one’s favorite snack, making it a delightful scene to color.

Pikachu coloring page 18 The image shows a jubilant Pikachu with arms wide open, electricity symbols, and stars, expressing a triumphant moment. It’s a depiction of victory and happiness, suitable for children to fill in with vibrant colors.

Pikachu coloring page 19 In this coloring page, Pikachu stands with sparks of electricity and stars radiating around it, illustrating its energetic and vibrant nature. It’s a classic pose that represents Pikachu’s lively spirit and is sure to be a hit with kids coloring it in.

Pikachu coloring page 20 Featuring Pikachu with a cute baseball cap on, this coloring page offers a mix of Pikachu’s iconic look with a fun, sporty twist. It’s a playful representation that might inspire kids to think about Pikachu’s adventures outside of battles.

Pikachu coloring page 21 This coloring page depicts Pikachu as a detective, complete with a magnifying glass and a Sherlock Holmes-style cap and jacket. It encourages kids to explore a mystery-solving adventure while coloring.

Pikachu coloring page 22 Here, Pikachu is riding a wave on a surfboard, showcasing its adventurous side. The dynamic waves and Pikachu’s excited expression make it an action-packed scene for coloring.

Pikachu coloring page 23 Pikachu is featured wearing a sun hat while surfing, adding a relaxed, vacation vibe to the Pokémon’s image. This coloring page can stimulate imaginations about Pikachu’s beach adventures.

Pikachu coloring page 24 In a casual stance, Pikachu wears a baseball cap backwards, giving off a cool and laid-back aura. This simple yet charming coloring page is perfect for young fans of the Pokémon series.

Pikachu coloring page 25 Pikachu looks playful and creative, wearing a baseball cap and holding a pencil, possibly ready to draw some of its own adventures. It’s a delightful scene for those who love Pokémon and drawing.

Pikachu coloring page 26 This coloring page captures Pikachu popping out from inside a Pokéball, expressing delight and surprise. The image suggests a moment of Pikachu starting a new journey or adventure, perfect for coloring enthusiasts who enjoy action and excitement.

Pikachu coloring page 27 Here, Pikachu is making a heart shape with its hands, symbolizing love and affection. This adorable pose is sure to appeal to young hearts, making it a sweet and endearing coloring activity.

Pikachu coloring page 28 Pikachu is shown with sparkly eyes and holding a crayon, giving off a vibe of creativity and readiness to draw. This image combines the cuteness of Pikachu with the joy of creating art.

Pikachu coloring page 29 An energetic Pikachu is in a running pose, leaving a little dust cloud behind, indicating speed and enthusiasm. It’s a lively scene that could inspire children to think about Pikachu’s quick moves in the Pokémon world.

Pikachu coloring page 30 On this page, Pikachu is gleefully running with stars around it, suggesting a playful and joyful moment. This image captures the essence of Pikachu’s cheerful and spirited personality, perfect for a fun coloring experience.

Pikachu coloring page 31 Celebrate with Pikachu as it joyfully holds up a bunch of balloons, wearing a party hat, with a present and stars around it, ready for a Pokémon-themed party.

Pikachu coloring page 32 Pikachu is caught in a burst of speed, showing its dynamic energy and swift movement that is characteristic of this beloved Pokémon.

Pikachu coloring page 33 A content Pikachu is sitting down, gazing up at the sky with clouds and stars, offering a peaceful scene to inspire relaxation and imagination during coloring.

Pikachu coloring page 34 This page shows a slightly worried Pikachu under a starry night sky with a crescent moon, adding a touch of nighttime wonder to the Pokémon universe.

Pikachu coloring page 35 Pikachu is riding on the back of a Pidgeotto, showing the friendship and teamwork between Pokémon, as they soar through a cloud-filled sky.

Pikachu coloring page 36 This coloring page features Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Togepi enjoying a picnic with various fruits and a basket, under a parasol, depicting a delightful social gathering of Pokémon.

Pikachu coloring page 37 Pikachu and Psyduck stand side by side, both looking surprised and curious, surrounded by question marks, capturing a moment of shared wonder or confusion.

Pikachu coloring page 38 Pikachu and Sylveon are amidst a garden full of flowers, with a joyful sun smiling down on them, evoking a sense of friendship and harmony in nature.

Pikachu coloring page 39 Here, Pikachu gently wakes up a sleeping Snorlax with a Pokéflute, a classic scenario from the Pokémon series, offering a fun moment for children to color.

Pikachu coloring page 40 Pikachu and Squirtle are splashing around in the water, enjoying themselves, with droplets flying around, capturing the playful and fun-loving spirit of Pokémon.

Pikachu coloring page 41 Pikachu and Pichu are shown stepping out together with big smiles, representing the close bond between these electric-type Pokémon.

Pikachu coloring page 42 This spooky yet fun coloring page features Pikachu with a mischievous Gengar, celebrating Halloween with pumpkins and a haunted backdrop.

Pikachu coloring page 43 Pikachu and a surfing Pichu are catching waves together, with a tropical background setting the stage for a vibrant coloring experience.

Pikachu coloring page 44 This dynamic coloring page features Pikachu bravely facing off against the powerful Mewtwo, providing an exciting scene for Pokémon fans to color.

Pikachu coloring page 45 Pikachu is depicted flying with Charizard and Dragonair above the clouds, capturing the thrilling adventure and freedom of the Pokémon world.

Pikachu coloring page 46 A festive coloring page showcasing Pikachu and Sylveon wrapped in ribbons and surrounded by stars, embodying the joy and friendship of Pokémon.


Who is Pikachu?

Pikachu is an electric-type Pokémon, known for its yellow fur, pointy ears with black tips, and its ability to generate electricity. It is the most recognizable and iconic Pokémon in the Pokémon franchise, serving as the official mascot. Pikachu evolves from Pichu when it has reached a certain level of happiness and can evolve into Raichu with the use of a Thunder Stone.

It was first introduced in Pokémon Red and Blue (known as Pokémon Green in Japan) and is Pokémon number 25 in the National Pokédex. Pikachu is prominently featured in various Pokémon media, including the Pokémon anime, where Ash Ketchum’s Pikachu is a central character.



Why is Pikachu so Popular?

  • Pikachu’s simple and memorable design, with its bright yellow color and cute features, makes it instantly recognizable and endearing.
  • As the official mascot of the Pokémon franchise, Pikachu is consistently at the forefront of Pokémon marketing and merchandise.
  • The Pokémon anime, where Pikachu is Ash Ketchum’s main Pokémon companion, has significantly contributed to its popularity.
  • Pikachu is accessible, appearing in nearly all Pokémon games, shows, movies, and merchandise, ensuring a constant presence.
  • It has cross-generational appeal, attracting younger audiences with its cuteness and older fans with a sense of nostalgia.
  • Pikachu has become a cultural icon, representing not just Pokémon but Japanese pop culture globally.
  • Its image is versatile, used in a wide variety of products and media, from toys to airplanes, increasing its visibility and popularity.


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