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Ninjago Coloring Pages – 40 New and Free Ninjago Printables

If you are a fan of Ninjago or have a child who loves the adventures of the ninjas, then you have come to the right place. We’ve created 40 brand-new, free Coloring Pages for young and old to help you unleash your creativity. Whether you are an experienced artist or a beginner, these Coloring Pages are a great way to improve your skills and unleash your imagination. So let’s dive into the world of Ninjago together and explore these exciting new Coloring Pages!



How to Use These Ninjago Printables

Preview each coloring sheet. Each sheet has a unique Ninjago theme and design. Decide which ones you’d like to print. You can choose to print them all or select your favorites.

Click on the link for the coloring sheet you want to print. It will open in a new tab as a PDF. Use your browser’s print function (usually found under “File” > “Print” or by pressing CTRL + P on Windows or CMD + P on Mac).

Ensure your printer settings are correct (select either color or black-and-white depending on your preference). Print the coloring sheet.

Once printed, gather your coloring materials. You can use crayons, markers, or colored pencils based on what you enjoy the most.



Our Newly Drawn Ninjago Coloring Pages for You

ninjago coloring sheet 01 Ninja practicing martial arts in a dojo, honing skills

ninjago coloring sheet 02 Ninja on a stealthy underwater mission, surrounded by sea life

ninjago coloring sheet 03 Ninjago hero leaping between tall buildings in a bustling city

ninjago coloring sheet 04 Ninjago warrior practicing martial arts in a peaceful dojo

ninjago coloring sheet 05 Ninjago ninja sneaking through a moonlit garden on a secret mission

ninjago coloring sheet 06 Ninjago hero exploring an enchanted forest with mysterious creatures

ninjago coloring sheet 07 Ninjago warrior fighting villains on a stormy, adventurous sea

ninjago coloring sheet 08 Ninjago hero adventuring among stars and planets in outer space

ninjago coloring sheet 09 Ninjago discovering a hidden oasis in the vast, sandy desert

ninjago coloring sheet 10 Ninjago on a pirate ship, looking out over the open sea

ninjago coloring sheet 11 Ninjago exploring ancient ruins and mysteries in a mysterious temple

ninjago coloring sheet 12 Ninjago standing in a high-tech, futuristic city full of wonders

ninjago coloring sheet 13 Ninjago hero exploring the ocean depths, amidst colorful coral and fish

ninjago coloring sheet 14 Ninjago bravely exploring a spooky, haunted castle filled with ghosts

ninjago coloring sheet 15 Ninjago bravely exploring a spooky, haunted castle filled with ghosts

ninjago coloring sheet 16 Ninjago adventuring through a dense jungle with exotic animals around

ninjago coloring sheet 17 Ninjago at a remote arctic base, surrounded by ice and snow

ninjago coloring sheet 18 Ninjago exploring the grand corridors of an ancient medieval castle

ninjago coloring sheet 19 Ninjago inside a high-tech space station orbiting a distant planet

ninjago coloring sheet 20 Ninjago in a magical garden filled with enchanting flowers and creatures

ninjago coloring sheet 21 Ninjago standing triumphantly on a high mountain peak among the clouds

ninjago coloring sheet 22 Ninjago navigating through the lush, green canopy of a rainforest




ninjago characters coloring page


ninjago acronix coloring page


ninjago whiplash coloring page


ninjago samurai coloring page


ninjago morro coloring page


ninjago master acronix coloring page


ninjago master wu coloring page


ninjago dragon coloring page


ninjago dragon coloring page


ninjago coloring sheet


ninjago coloring page 07


ninjago coloring page 08


ninjago coloring page 06


ninjago coloring page 04


ninjago coloring page 05


ninjago coloring page 03


ninjago coloring page 01


ninjago coloring page 02



What is Ninjago?

Ninjago was developed by the LEGO company. The story revolves around a group of ninjas who live in a fictional world called Ninjago and fight against various enemies to defend their home.

In addition to the LEGO toys, there is also an animated television series called “LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu” based on the Ninjago franchise. The series follows the adventures of the ninjas and first aired in 2011.



What’s the Fascination of Ninjago Coloring Pages?

Some like the characters and the concept of Ninjago in general, which motivates them to color the pictures to connect with their favorite characters and create their own stories.

Others may enjoy the challenge of coloring itself, especially if the Coloring Pages are detailed and complex and require fine motor skills. Coloring can increase their concentration and creativity and help them relax.

For some children, it can also just be fun to create colorful pictures and try out their color combinations.

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