How to Draw a Koala

How to Draw a Koala – A Cute Koala Bear Drawing

Koalas are thought to be cute and cuddly animals, and we don’t see anyone who would disagree! Interestingly, “koala bears” are not bears at all; they are actually defined as marsupials. Koalas can also sleep for up to 18 hours a day! Luckily, today’s drawing tutorial won’t put you to sleep! Let’s pull up our sleeves and get going with our “how to draw a koala” drawing tutorial.



A Step-by-Step Guide to a Koala Bear Drawing 

Today’s drawing tutorial is full of fun and exciting new skills! We will be taking you through the entire construction process, to the more intricate and detailing steps which include shading, contouring, and coloring. By the end of our “how to draw a koala” drawing tutorial, you will be a pro at creating a very cute and cuddly koala drawing! For an overview of the drawing steps, you can take a lot at the koala drawing collage below. 

Koala Drawing Collage


Step 1: Draw the Body of Your Koala Sketch 

To begin your koala sketch, draw a large titled oval shape. This will become the body of your koala bear drawing.

At the top of the oval shape, slightly overlap a small circle to represent the head of the koala.  

Draw smaller circles on either side of the head. These will represent the ears of your koala drawing, and should also slightly overlap the head. 

Koala Drawing 01


Step 2: Outline the Main Body 

Make use of the previously drawn construction lines to aid you in outlining a more realistic body and head for your koala bear drawing. Begin by drawing fine spikey lines around the head and ears to create a more realistic outline.

Complete this step by leading these lines into the main body and neckline.

Koala Drawing 02


Step 3:  Draw the Arms of Your Koala Bear Drawing 

Draw a fully visible arm reaching out from the main body. Overlapping the bottom of the main body, draw a fully visible foot. Finish the step by adding a final neckline. 

Koala Drawing 03


Step 4: Add in the Branch 

Draw a slightly curved branch underneath the koala. The branch should be drawn as if the koala’s hand and foot were resting on it. Draw a partially visible hand and foot at the bottom of the branch. 

Start to add details to the koala’s face, by drawing the eyes, nostrils, and mouth outline. Erase any visible construction lines.

Koala Drawing 04


Step 5: Add the First Coat of Color to Your Koala Sketch 

Make use of a normal paintbrush and brown paint, and color the entire body of the koala drawing. Complete the step using a fine, sharp brush and pink paint, and color the inside of the ears. 

Koala Drawing 05


Step 6: Color the Branch 

Use a regular brush and brown paint, and evenly color the branch. 

Koala Drawing 06


Step 7: Color the Eyes of Your Koala Bear Drawing 

Make use of a fine sharp brush and brown paint, and fill in the eyes of the koala. 

You are on your way to creating a cute and cuddly koala! 

Koala Drawing 07


Step 8: Contour the Koala Drawing 

Make use of a small, soft brush and dark brown paint, and apply contoured patches along the body, face, and arms of the koala. Continue now with a fine, sharp brush, and add streaks along the body to emphasize your contouring. 

Use a soft brush and white paint, and apply a light second coat to the face of the koala. 

Following this, use light pink paint, and softly color the mouth, nostrils, and eye area. 

Koala Drawing 08


Step 9: Texture the Head 

Begin by selecting a fine brush and dark brown paint, and paint fine, short hairline strokes along the entire face of your koala. Repeat this step with the ears and lower neck area. 

Complete the step using white and gray paint to create a well-textured face, ears, and neck. 

Koala Drawing 09


Step 10: Add a Secondary Color Coat to You Koala Sketch 

Using the same procedure as before, grab a fine brush and brown paint, and paint fine, short hairline strokes along the entire body of the koala. Repeat this step switching to white and gray paint, and paint a well-textured body. 

Note! Most of the koala’s body should be white. 

Koala Drawing 10


Step 11: Add a Pattern to the Body 

Make use of a fine brush and brown paint, and add pattern lines across the entire body. Repeat this process with light brown and gray paint. 

Koala Drawing 11


Step 12: Define the Facial Features of Your Koala Bear Drawing 

Begin to define the nostrils and mouth of the koala, using a fine brush and brown paint. Switch to white paint and apply a light color coat around the eyes. 

Complete the step with a soft brush and black paint, and light shading within the right ear. 

Koala Drawing 12


Step 13: Define the Eyes 

Make use of a fine, sharp brush and black paint, and add a surrounding circle to the eye. Add in a pupil in the middle of the eye. Switch to white paint and add a shimmer to the pupil. 

Koala Drawing 13


Step 14: Add Surrounding Fur to Your Koala Sketch 

Using the same brush, combine light and dark gray paint, and apply a fine, furry outline to the entire koala bear drawing. 

You are now creating a realistic and cute koala! 

Koala Drawing 14


Step 15: Add Texture to the Branch 

Make use of a soft brush and combine dark brown and black paint, and paint soft brush strokes along the branch. This should create a color fade on the branch. Follow this step with a fine brush, and add fine texture lines to the branch. 

Complete the step with light green, white, and dark brown paint, and add patches of spots along the branch. 

Koala Bear Drawing 15


Step 16: Finalize Your Koala Bear Drawing 

You have almost completed your koala drawing! Complete the step with a fine brush and the previously used colors, and outline the entire koala bear drawing. This will ensure a more seamless look! 

Koala Sketch 16


Well done! You have just created your very first cute koala bear drawing! We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the drawing process, and have even picked up a few skills! Remember, skilled or not, anyone can be an artist. If you would like to draw any other animals, please take a look at our other drawing tutorials! 



Frequently Asked Questions 


How to Draw a Koala With Colored Pencils? 

Our drawing tutorial works mainly with paint, however, if you wish to color in your koala drawing with pencils, it can easily be done! You can still follow our drawing tutorial steps and replace the coloring process with pencils. Just remember, it is important to consider the koala’s coloration in real life. 


How to Draw a Koala Realistically? 

For animal drawings, creating correct proportions is the most important thing. Our drawing tutorial will take you step-by-step through the construction process and show you what proportions the various parts of the koala should be. 


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